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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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[ 2017 S. Winter ]

Ranking Position
Pearl Candidate
[ Lord Heir ]

The Flotilla

Crom Hold >> New Atricis Weyr

Strike Team
None at Present

Physical Health
Hale and Hearty

Mental Health
Living Life to the Fullest

ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
Level of Craft
Miner (Journeyman)

This allows you to create a character that has a blood tie to a prestigious bloodline. Such as the chilld, sibling, or other relative of Lord/Lady Holders, Master Crafters, Weyrleaders, Weyrwomen and Queenriders. Tunnel Leaders and Tunnel Matriarch are included. Exception to needing this token would be if you were the player of one of those ranking characters and the new character is their child.

People with this ability have an uncanny skill at pulling off stunts that would otherwise spell danger or disaster and making it out with little or no injury. Things that are still physically impossible are still impossible, and a Daredevil might not succeed 100% of the time.

Rare Talent
[ Tattoo Artist ]
A character with this trait can have one unique or rare talent or skill not seen often or taught in Crafting. Examples of this might be fire dancing, tattooing, or other unusual skill.

[ Six Total ]

This allows you to put one tattoo, regardless of size, on your character.
Bonded Pearl
None at Present

Somewhere on the Demisexual Spectrum

Yakonen, Lord Holder [ 1997 - ]
[ Father ]

Wenjoda, Lady Holder [ 1999 - ]
[ Mother ]

Jakory, Minor Holder [ 2020 - ]
Kenjonen, Cotholder [ 2023 - ]
Anjorwen, Journeyman Miner [ 2025 - ]
Kiranoja, Apprentice Miner [ 2033 - ]
Yornennoja, Apprentice Miner [ 2033 - ]
[ Brothers ]

Wenon, Minor Holder's Wife-in-Waiting [ 2028 - ]
[ Sisters ]

None at Present
[ Children ]

River, Journeywoman Weaver [ 2025 - ]
[ Betrothed ]

Diamond Gossamer
[ Amal ]
Motherly | Gentle | Considerate

Unnamed (So Far)
Bronze Firelizard
3 feet, 1 inch
#D4882A, #FAB56C
Personality: imaginative, restless, courageous
Hatched: Mano Day 10 [ Winter ] 2047
Dam / Sire: Unknown / Unknown

Jason Momoa

Brown, light

Blue, light


[ "brick shit house" ]

A limp, right leg; normal scars; several tattoos.

Wyk isn't the individual he was in appearance when he left home. At that point in life he was thin, with long limbs that were only just gaining some of the muscle mass he now has today. There were no tattoos, no long hair, nothing that marks him as the man he has become. Anyone that sees him now wouldn't recognize him as a person of the Crom blood. But he is indeed that boy-man that he was when he left the North, he still has the marks to prove who he once was; a birthmark his mother would recognize from anywhere covering the majority of the bottom of his right foot, a telling limp from a broken leg he suffered when he was just twelve Turns old, the light, icy blue eyes that his father's bloodline are known to have.

He likes to keep his hair long, but not necessarily unruly. Long it's almost curly in places. It appears almost dark when its wet, but once dry, its light in places, more dark blonde than brownish it seems, due in no small part to how much time he's spent out in the sun since his arrival South so many Turns prior. Most of the time he wears it free, but when the work is heavy and he doesn't want it in the way, he'll tie it back. Trims come once every few months, and while he'll contemplate cutting it every so often, he has no plans to do so anytime soon. His face is full of features that can only be described as hard and masculine, there's nothing soft or even sharp about him; angles yes, but there seems to be a certain set to him that makes everything seem perfectly in place.

Clothing wise, he's never been a picky man. When he was younger and forced into fancy clothes, he was always uncomfortable, and would have preferred wearing things that he wanted to. He would have worn nicer things as his parents had wanted, but he would have liked the chance to choose things that he wanted. Ever since becoming independent from them - and Faranth help him, he has no intentions of ever going back, Heir to Crom or not - he mostly wears things that one would look at and never make the assumption that he's a Lord Holder's heir as a result. It makes him more comfortable in his own skin, and he prefers that over making an impression on people based on his appearance. He isn't even bothered by colors, and will often wear things that don't always go well together. Patterns are a different thing completely. He has something of an eye for them, but that's about as far as it goes when it comes to dressing himself.
Energetic ~ Hedonistic ~ Audacious ~ Jovial ~ Frank ~ Decisive

[ showing or involving great activity or vitality ]

“The world belongs to the energetic.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wyk needs to be going, going, going most of the waking hours of the day. He's not content to merely sit around and wait for things to happen. He needs to see things done; idle hands are his kryptonite in other words. He doesn't burn through it easily, and as a result, he'll sometimes suffer through sleepless nights (i.e. he suffers from frequent bouts of insomnia). When he does sleep, he's a light sleeper, and only crashes when he's ill; even then, he's often on his feet when he shouldn't be, much to the chagrin of the healers tending to him.

[ engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent ]

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

If ever there was a man that liked to indulge in things, that man would be Wyk. He takes his pleasures as seriously as he does his duties, though perhaps at times he finds them a little more important depending on the nature of the latter (he did take off from the one that should be at the forefront of his mind after all, that of Lord Heir of Crom). While he doesn't leave out most delights from his daily feasts - drinking, the occasional partaking of joy plant, pursuing the next adrenaline high, having a cigarette here or there just because he can - he's rather picky about partners he takes to bed, doing so only when he believes he has some sort of connection with them. Sometimes this comes back to bite him on the ass, especially when he knows there's something holding him back from making a full on commitment of any sort...

[ showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks ]

“Be as audacious
As you wish.
By all means look to the heavens.”
― Scott Hastie

Risks are what he takes, challenges are his bread and butter. He's not afraid to take the bull by the horns, and twist them to bring the beast to its knees. He likes the thrill it gives him, and he enjoys the payout that it brings in the end. He doesn't always stop to think about the consequences that come about in the end, or take into account any risks that might be involved, but when he does, he's very careful about what he does, and makes sure that no corners are cut and no stones are left unturned.

[ cheerful and friendly ]

“Cheerfulness means a contented spirit, a pure heart, a kind and loving disposition; it means humility and ~ charity, a generous appreciation of others, and a modest opinion of self.”
― William Makepeace Thackeray

It wasn't always the case, but Wyk does his best to keep his chin up, and remain as happy a man, and kind to others, as he possibly can. He's always got a smile on his face, no matter his mood in general, or how he might be feeling, and he can usually be counted on to brighten the general feeling of an atmosphere if things are poor in spirits.

[ open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters ]

“An honest man speaks truth, don't expect him to speak sweet.”
― Amit Kalantri

To be short and to the point, never ask him for an opinion on a matter if you're not prepared for the hard, brutal, and honest truth of the matter. He doesn't beat around the bush, he doesn't drag his feet, he gets straight to the point and releases what he knows, regardless of what the thought is, what the matter might be that's calling, and if it hurts feelings, then that isn't really his fault now, is it? He isn't cruel by any means, and perhaps the only time he fudges things is when it comes to speak to children. Everyone else - like adults over the age of eighteen? They should known better and if they don't, he's going to tell them exactly what's on his mind, word for word.

[ settling an issue; producing a definite result; having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively ]

“Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.”
― Brian Tracy

Making decision isn't a difficult thing for him. Once he sets his mind on something, usually it can be a trial to make him change his mind in fact. He thinks on his feet, and produces results, making him an efficient taskmaster and worker that can be depended upon to produce the results that the flotilla is going to want to see in their pearlriders and workers.
[ 2017 - 2022 ]
00 - 05 Turns of Age

― Wyk is born, the eldest son to the newly named Lord and Lady of Crom Hold. He is to be their first child, and an important fixture in the territory for the first few Turns of his life, up until the moment when he decides to leave the North as a young adult. A much wanted child, he seemed to usher in several more children along the way, each a boy, much to his mother's frustration when all she wanted was a little girl to be able to pamper and dress up.

― Even at a young age, little Wyk, as he insists on being called, shows an aptitude for being a tiny little daredevil. He decides at the age of give to journey near the dens of the whers of the Hold, despite being told countless times by his parents and minders to avoid the area completely, especially when not with one of the adults in his life. Somehow though he managed to slip away, causing a panic when his lack of appearance in the Hold was noted within a matter of moments. Eventually someone got it in their minds to check the dens, and he was found within one of a protective blue who was being entertained by the boy without complaint or issue. From that point on, blue became his favorite color - anything blue would catch his eye, from clothes to food and everything in between.

[ 2027 ]
10 Turns of Age

― He's told by his family that he's being betrothed to a rich Holder's daughter, a connection that will strengthen his leadership once he becomes Lord Holder. He doesn't quite understand, being only ten, and he goes about his usual business of running around and preparing for the craft he's being Apprenticed to, the one that everyone in his family seems to be sent to study in - mining. He asks his father why he's to become one if he's meant to be Lord, and he's told that in order to understand the main trade of the Hold, it's been established with their bloodline that the men and women that hold the title of Lord or Lady must also craft to it. He shrugs and decides it isn't really worth the trouble of arguing because really, it is kind of exciting, especially if it gets him away from his mother's fussing some.

[ 2028 ]
11 Turns of Age

― His baby sibling, and what will be his only sister, Wenon is born. She is his precious little friend always and the only member of his family that he truly misses now that he's in the South. He watches over her from the moment she's born and his family finds it utterly adorable how much he bonds to her. She follows him around from the moment she's able to toddle and he willingly lets her, save for when he has to go into the mines, and those are painful moments for him because she'll start crying as her nanny pulls her away and back to the Hold.

[ 2029 ]
12 Turns of Age

― Never one to quell his adventurous spirit, he allows himself to be taken on one by the son of a visiting Lord Holder. Of course, when this son says they should inspect certain areas that Wyk has been told are off limits, he does what any boy his age would do and goes into it anyway, where he proceeds to slip and get his leg stuck. The other boy runs, not to get help, but to save his own hide, and its only when he's found without his companion that he fesses up to what took place. Wyk is found, in some measure of pain, but more perturbed than anything that he was ditched by the other boy. Because of the location of the break, and how long he ends up having to mend, he ends up with a bit of a limp that becomes more noticeable when he spends too much time on his feet. Which, in general, is always.

[ 2032 ]
15 Turns of Age

― His parents announce to him that his betrothed and her mother and father will be visiting the Hold. He tries to object, being fifteen and all, but his powers of influence are nothing compared to what his own father is able to wield over him. They arrive soon after and he's stuck entertaining a little seven year old with whom he doesn't have a thing in common and discovers she bores him to tears and she can't leave soon enough but threats from his mother (in the form of warning, murderous "mother eyes") make him behave. By the time all is said and done, and River and her parents leave, he's managed to find one nice thing to say about her: "She doesn't chew like a runner."

[ 2035 ]
18 Turns of Age

― Soon after he turns eighteen, he's given what his mother calls a "surprise nameday gift that he's sure to enjoy". He knows he's going to hate it almost immediately. Sure enough, when she shows up, the panic begins to set in, more so when the two of them are forced to sit together during a wher hatching, an event he's attended numerous times already, but now will associate with dread because of his parents. After, they're made to wander the grounds together arm in arm, no easy task given their differences in height, which leads into what he thinks must be a series of dances pulled straight out of the frozen depths of between, their parents believe it to have been an enchanting time spent between the two of them, and Wykoda can't get away, or put enough distance between himself and the situation, fast enough. By the end of the following day he has put quill and ink to paper, and written a note to his parents saying he was taking a gentleman's trip to the Southern Continent in the hopes of "sowing his Lord Heir's wild oats" and that he would keep in touch to let them know when he would return. Every so often he writes to them to let them know that he hasn't sown enough, or that the "crops are being extra fickle this season", but in reality, he has no intention of returning to Crom.

― He arrives in the South upon the back of a bronze dragon, as is befitting his status as the Heir of a major Hold. He pays well enough, having lifted funds from his father's coffers - and those of his own, since he's not stupid enough to steal completely and outright - before settling into the Weyr for as long as he feels is necessary before moving on. He knows he could apply for candidacy of one of the major dragonkin, and while that appeals to him on some level, he isn't foolish enough to do so (even if he's come South as a rebel without a cause). Instead, he choose what he believes is the next best option, and decides to Apprentice to the local tattoo artists within New Atricis, deciding he would like to learn the trade for himself.

[ 2036 - 2037 ]
19 to 20 Turns of Age

― At the age of nineteen, what will become the tattoos that will make up the pieces that now grace his body begin to be set upon his skin. The following Turn, while he is by no means a master in the art himself, he begins to do little sections himself, especially along his arms, abdomen, and chest. It is yet another self-declaration to himself that she will never truly return to the North if he can so help it. While the pieces are still being worked upon, and likely always will be in order to keep them nice and sharp and bright, he does have an end goal in mind; but only one or two individuals are aware of what that is.

[ 2045 ]
28 Turns of Age

[ Spring ]
― The grand pearls, have their hatching, the first of its kind to be witnessed by humankind. Wyk is one of the humans honored to have a chance to witness the event, and he sees some of the hatchlings bond to some of the spectators. Knowing that they're able to Impress, he makes the decision to remain with them and become a candidate himself; they're in need of people to help build a permanent home, and he believes that in helping them do so, he may very well be able to earn his keep and the trust of the pearls and their new riders. It seems to work well enough - after two Turns, he's still among them, and continues to be a trusted member of their community.

[ 2047 ]
30 Turns of Age

[ Autumn ]
― He discovers the remains of what had once been a large nest of eggs. After noticing a whole one among the empty shells, he digs through them and finds a few more. While there aren't many, considering how tiny they are, he takes what he salvages back to the Flotilla but keeps one for himself. What hatches are the tiny gossamers some of residents own, of which Wyk is now bonded to one. It takes him a few days to settle on a name for his own, but eventually he manages to come up with something that pleases him immensely: Amal.

[ Winter ]
― Has a complete and utter "oh shit" meltdown when his betrothed arrives in the South - on the day of his 30th nameday of all times. He wants to hitch it out of there, but he's kind of in the water, and she's kind of really attractive, and truthfully since becoming an adult he's realized how selfish it was of him to leave her high and dry and it suddenly dawns on him that that's why he's never been able to offer commitment to anyone else. Taking off isn't an option, so he's just going to have to do the next best thing: not develop feelings for her convince her to leave.
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