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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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[ FAL - eh - vas ]

[ FAL - uh - vayne ]



[ 2023 S. Summer ]

Ranking Position
White Pearl Rider

The Flotilla

High Reaches Weyr >> New Atricis Weyr


Physical Health

Mental Health
ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
of Craft

Journeywoman (Tanner)

Those who have lost their dragon companion very rarely, if ever, ReImpress to another dragon. However, with this ability, a person has the chance to ReImpress to another dragon as long as they are within the ages of 12 and 26. This item will stick with your character even after ReImpression and only works one time.

This ability gives a character more inner strength when concerning dragons/whers/firelizards/starlizards. The mental effects of Impressing to a dragon/Bonding to a wher/firelizard/starlizard do not drain them as quickly mentally/physically/emotionally nor do the typical stuggles between pairings effect their overall health as greatly as it does others lacking this ability. Restriction in it's use with Lessa's Gaze and Menolley's Flute.
Bonded Dragonkin

  • Father: R'fali ~ 46 ~ Wingsecond (2001 - )
  • Birth-Mother: Evrayne ~ 21 ~ Wingrider (2002 - 2023)
  • Step-Mother: Seravani ~ 51 ~ Wingrider (1996 - )
Foster Parents
  • Foster Mother (Half-Aunt): Sarami ~ 47 ~ Journeyman Dragonhealer (2000 - )
Siblings, In-Laws, Nieces and Nephews
  • Half-Brother: R'fael ~ 28 ~ Wingrider (2019 - )
    • Niece: Nafaela ~ 11 ~ Weyrbrat (2036 - )
    • Nephew: Faeris ~ 9 ~ Weyrbrat (2038 - )
  • Half-Sister: Finn ~ 25 ~ Wingrider (2021 - )
  • Half-Sister: Faine ~ 21 ~ Dragon Candidate (2026 - )
  • Half-Sister: Rafira ~ 19 ~ Dragon Candidate (2028 - )
  • Step-Brother: Varren ~ 17 ~ Dragon Candidate (2030 - )
  • Evarayne ~ 7 ~ Weyrbrat (2040 - )
  • None Right Now
Diamond Fancy Flitt
Average Sized
#D4DDEF, #AA6A98, #A9CAE1, #FCE2FE
Moody | Playful | Loving
(h. Autumn 2045)
Genevieve Padalecki

Brown, medium, long

Brown, medium



Nothing of Note
It’s rather clear that she’s related to her sister. There’s a faint sameness to their appearances that make it obvious the two of them share and blood. The same soft shape in the face, the same tilt of the lips, curve of the nose, line of the eyes. That’s about where the similarities end, as their blood is only halved as far as relation is considered; Falivane is taller, by far, darker in coloration, with black hair, dark brown eyes, skin that tans to a light golden brown underneath the warm Southern sun.
Despite having decent curves, she’s always been considered a slender being, but right now she’s particularly thin due to the fact that she’s dealing with the after-effects of losing her dragon. Once she’s on the mend, and learning how to process things, she’ll begin to fill out once more, and take on a healthier shape. At one point she used to consider herself attractive, and would frequently fuss with her appearance. These days she really couldn’t care about how she looks and hasn’t bothered with much concerning her hair, or what she wears.
Energetic ~ Reckless ~ Resourceful ~ Affectionate ~ Sullen
[ showing or involving great activity or vitality ]

A bouncy woman that gets back on her feet quickly, very little keeps her down when she’s thrown down. She doesn’t sleep very often, and when she does, she needs very little of it; she suffers from frequent bouts of insomnia, that range in severity, something that’s been worse since losing her dragon. Because of her level of energy, she moves quickly from point to point and can be rather difficult to keep up with. It helps her with staying as active as she is, allows her to eat whatever she wants, and keep in shape, but she also moves around so much because if she doesn’t, she feels like she might vibrate into several different pieces.

[ without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action ]

She enjoys being thrilled, chilled, and on occasion, a spill that doesn’t result in severe injury. It isn’t that she means to worry other people, and she isn’t at all stupid, but she has a difficult time with impulse control, so there are times when she acts without thinking and hindsight will later bite her in the ass. One of her favorite things to do is cliff dive into deep waters, but she hasn’t been able to do any of this - at least the way she’d like to - since arriving in the South. Again, she isn’t stupid, at least she doesn’t think she is, there’s just something about the adrenaline rush that she craves and once she gets involved in certain situation, she finds she needs more of it before it’s over and out of her system.

[ having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties ]

For the most part, she’s able to overcome most difficulties with ease; it’s only been the last couple of Turns that things haven’t worked out the way she would like, and getting out of a wet paper bag has seemed like more of a trial than a straight course. Clever, observant, and able to tend to most puzzles and solutions with very little thought, or clues presented to her, she makes a valuable member to many communities and teams.

[ readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness ]

There’s a bit of a chilled demeanor to her that goes hand in hand with her sullen nature. But most of that’s just a front, something that she clings to because it makes her think of something other than the pain of not having her dragon with her. In reality, she enjoys being held, enjoys holding, and enjoys sharing hugs and cuddles. She’ll claim that she doesn’t need love and sex in her life, and yet she would be lonely without a little bit of tenderness in a relationship. A true romantic at heart, she doesn’t like it when couples fight, and has a difficult time not acting as a mediator between them when they do - they last time she tried stepping in, it blew up in her face, and she simply has to remind herself of that moment and she steps back out again. She’s especially gentle with children, and it certainly helps that she has a little one of her own that she loves and adores above all others.

[ bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy ]

She hasn’t had a truly good, beneath it all, true-blue under the moon, mood in Turns, although it hasn’t always been apparent to those around her; meaning she’s really good about hiding her bad moods from others when the time, place, and situation calls for it. It has been worsened since the loss of her dragon, and coupled with her insomnia, there are little emotional melt-downs taking place at least once every two sevendays, mosts of them in private where no one else can see.
[ 2023 ]
  • Falivane is born not knowing that her arrival will cause the loss of her mother’s life. Not even two candlemarks later, Evrayne loses her life due to complications suffered towards the end of her pregnancy, and the birth that followed. She’s taken in by her father’s weyrmate and treated as one of Seravani’s own, and while she doesn’t learn the truth of her birth for many Turns, Falivane is never made to suffer for it; she’s always made to feel like one of the family, without hesitation.
  • She grows up close to her siblings, save for Finn, who she always gets the sense doesn’t appreciate her presence. At first she notices being ignored by Finn, and later she realizes she doesn’t get the attention that their other siblings due from the slightly older young woman. At one point in her life, Falivane stops trying to attract Finn’s favor, but it doesn’t stop hurting for a long time.
[ 2028 ]
  • As a child, she’s so energetic and rowdy that she gets into just about everything without fail. This is never quite as evident as when she’s 5 and manages to break her left wrist and hand. She isn’t able to explain how she managed to do it, other than she was climbing on some rocks and the queen was angry, and its figured she’d somehow managed to wander into the hatching grounds where a brooding gold was in the process of laying a clutch. For the longest time after, she was kept close to home, and where Falivane went, someone else usually followed.
[ 2035 - 2036 ]
  • She wants nothing more than to begin Standing, without any net behind her back. But she’s a clever little cookie, and she knows that she might not Impress right away. With this in mind, Falivane begins to consider her options, knowing there’s a slew of crafts to choose from that she could Apprentice to, or otherwise join to keep her busy until she eventually does go on to bond. Eventually she settles on the craft her mother once practiced - tanning. Her reasons are two-fold: one, it will honor her mother in some small, little way and two, it makes sense to have skills like that as a rider.
  • With her choice in hand, she finds one of her mother’s old Master’s to Apprentice two, and receives a special gift from her mother’s parents as well - her old tanning tools. Despite being so young, Falivane knows how precious they are and rarely uses them, afraid that something will happen to them if she does.
  • She doesn’t immediately begin to start standing when her birthday rolls around, if only because she wants to get her crafting feet wet first. She finds she likes the discipline it gives her, and her parents, foster and birth, find they like that it seems to be settling her rowdy and energetic tendencies down somewhat. While the work sometimes bothers her left hand and wrist - which cramps up from prolonged use due to the old brake Turns prior - she finds ways to work around it to complete her chores and duties.
  • Following her first Turn of Apprenticeship, she makes the decision that she’s still not ready for Candidacy. She tells everyone that as much as she wants to Stand, she’d actually like to make it to Journey-status before going out on the sands. That’s what feels right to her, and so she puts those plans on the back burner, knowing she will revisit them, no questions asked, they’re just going to take a little bit of time before she reaches them.
[ 2040 - 2041 ]
  • She walks the tables near the end of her sixteenth Turn and the next day, rather than wait for her first assignment outside of the Weyr, she goes to the Candidatemaster and declares she’s ready to take up her Candidate-knots. To her, it’s the right decision, and she’s proud of herself for what she’s done so far in her life.
  • A sevenday later, there’s a gold mating flight, and in the heat of the moment, she has a passionate night with a bronzerider. Months later, she discovers she’s pregnant. While she knows she could go between, she decides to keep the child, and names the little girl Evarayne, after her mother, when she’s born.
  • Once she’s cleared by the healers after the birth of her daughter, Falivane returns to Candidacy. There’s a clutch about to be laid on the Sands, and she sees this as a sign - it was meant to happen this way, in her opinon. This was the clutch she was meant to Stand at. This was the clutch she would Impress at.
  • She wasn’t the least bit surprised when the first green out of her shell, a dark, striking looking thing that called herself Ziaamyth, announced herself to Falivane. It was love at first sight and Falivane knew all the time waiting had been well worth it.
  • She didn’t know it at the time, but her sister Finn, who she’d had a tumultuous relationship with over the Turns, had been there to see her Impress. She doesn’t see her next for another three Turns.
[ 2043 - 2044 ]
  • Summer During a rather disastrous Threadfall over High Reaches Hold, Ziaamyth is critically injured. They make it back to the Weyr, but the dragonhealers are unable to save her, and she dies moments after landing, leaving her rider dragonless on the ground.
  • She survives with minimal scarring physically, but it tears her apart emotionally and mentally. More than once she tries to follow her dragon, but they all find way and reason to keep her grounded to the world. Evarayne helps, more than Falivane could have ever guessed.
  • Through contact with Finn in the South, she’s surprised to find her sister actually cares about her well being. It hurts to think about their past relationship, but their healing bond through letters helps ease some of the pain - both past and present.
[ 2045 ]
  • Autumn After trying for almost two Turns, Finn finally convinces her to travel South, saying it will do her good to get away from the North and the memories it contains. Once there, she finds she both likes, and despises it all at once. Evarayne remains in the North under Sarami’s care, and Falivane knows that once things are more stable, she’ll send for her daughter. For now though, she knows she needs to focus on healing, a process that will take her a very long time, if she’s ever able to do so completely.
  • Finn gives her a present a sevenday after her arrival - an egg, small though heavy, and she contemplates pushing it aside and giving it back. But taking care of it gives her a purpose, and two sevendays later it hatces to reveal what she learns is a diamond fancy flitt. She contemplates names, knowing it needs a grand moniker being a queen of its kind, and settles on Valeska.
  • Spring During the first pearl hatching to be witnessed by humans, a beautiful white female approaches Falivane. She proclaims that they need one another, and that her name is Nymvas. While she would never be Ziaamyth, the pearling brings back to life a part of Falivane that she never thought would see light again. Soon after the bond is made between them, Nymvas tells her that she would be called Fali'vas from that day forward, which is just fine to the young woman.
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Title: Plot Enabler
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[ nim - vas ]



Color Code

[ Adult ]

42 ft.
[ Bulk Class ]

ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
Deep Breather
Pearls already have an impressive ability to hold their breath for long periods, but Pearls with this ability can hold their breath an extra 30 minutes than usual, making them very impressive breath holders.

Deep Diver
With this ability, Pearls can dive even deeper than others without it, allowing them to withstand extra pressure at deeper levels. However, there is a limit for how deep they can go as well, they can just go deeper than others without this ability.
Perceptive ~ Cautious ~ Devoted ~ Vivacious ~ Sympathetic
[ having or showing sensitive insight ]

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
― Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan

There are two sides to every mark, is there not? So why can there not be a positive to a negative, a light to a dark? Try to see on the brighter side more often than not, try to look up rather than down. That’s not to say it will be easy to do so all the time, but remember when you’re resting on your back, you’re not just looking up, but there’s stars shining down upon you.

[ careful to avoid potential problems or dangers ]

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”
― Robert Frost

Caution needs to be exercised. While you may enjoy being reckless and that rush of feeling you receive when you take certain risks, you have me now. I can’t allow you to take such chances now that we’re together. Let’s take more precautions now, shall we? Enjoy, without a doubt; I don’t want to take away your pleasures. But we must look into more measures to keep you safe. I won’t have it any other way.

[ very loving or loyal ]

“Even when I'm dead, I'll swim through the Earth, like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones.”
― Jeffrey McDaniel

With me, you will never be alone again, and you will never be given reason to doubt my loyalty to you. I am your lady of the ocean depths, your friend and companion until the end. You have someone with you forever, and you will be loved until the end of time.

[ attractively lively and animated ]

“Be vivacious.
Be outrageous.
Be you.
― Debasish Mridha

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being full of life! Be full of sun and the energy to swim, be lively with all there is in you. Enjoy what you’ve been given, never put any of it to waste. Celebrate each moment for the beauty of what it is - a gift that keeps on giving!

[ feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy ]

“Though sympathy alone can't alter facts, it can help to make them more bearable.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Give everyone a chance, they are going through something. Try to see things through their eyes, try to swim a mile with their fins. Learn to listen with the heart a little bit more and to judge a little bit less. It might might cure all ills in the world, but it will make things more bearable.
Hatched in the upper size range for a female pearl, Nymvas will end up being a well built and impressive looking pearl, even more so for the markings the cover her gleaming hide. As a whole, her overtone is a subtle and soft color, a pale seafoam green that shimmers over the stark white of her body while the darker cape on her neck and frills is a deeper shade that resemblances the shallows of the sea.
Hatching: 1st Pearl Hatching
Season: Spring
Turn: 2045
Dame: White Polyrivas
Sires: Unnamed Black Pearls
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Wherfolk, Dayfolk, & Pearlfolk
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Crafters, Weyrfolk, & Others
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