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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Altreis
Character Number: 8
Character Name: Kela'vis (was Kelaen)
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (Spring 2029)
Created Age: 14
Ranking Position: Strikethird
Residence: The Flotilla
Origin: Fishing Village
Health: Healthy and fit
Fighting Wing: N/A
Strike Team: Abyssal Currents
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Apprentice Dolphineer
(Any shop abilities such as Stands Candidate, or Jack of All Trades, etc.)
Bonded Dragonkin: White-Rose Nimuevas
  • Kesyae | Aunt | Dolphineer | Alive
  • Iloran | Uncle | Dolphineer | Alive
  • Ilunyra | Great-Aunt | Dolphineer | Deceased
  • Yorlpar | Great-Uncle | Fisher | Alive
    • Korelei | Aunt | Sailor | Alive
    • Younyr | Uncle | Fisher | Alive
      • Kourei, Yorel, Youko | Cousins - Sailor | Alive
    • Ionya | Aunt | Merchant's Wife | Alive
    • Jassin | Uncle | Merchant | Alive
      • Jonin, Iassi, and Iosya | Cousins - Merchants | Alive
Lover(s): None quite yet, he's been too busy bouncing around being excited about the Pearls
Sunstone Fancy Flitt (Autumnus)
#3F0700, #862F00, #C89F00
Gregarious, Confident, Fearless
Large Sized
3 (h. Spring 2046)
Play-by: Dennis Joseph O'Neil (Dennis Oh)

Currently Kelaen stands at about 5'7" but will grow to be 6'1"...he hasn't quite hit his final growth spurt yet. Even so with his proportions he gives the appearance of being tall and lean, his muscles smoothly sculpted. He is not what one would call muscular, more...toned. Yet for the appearance he is no less strong, when strength is needed-such as swimming in the sea, or helping haul heavy loads when needed.

He sports black eyes and equally black hair, the latter of which is kept short and tends to be spiky. Beyond that he does little to style it. For now his face is clean; not so much as a hint of mustache has started. He rather likes how he looks though so when that changes Kelaen is determined to learn how to shave. For now he's gotten lucky though; if he starts sprouting hair from his face at all he's a late bloomer in that regard.

Clothing tends to be casual, with a certain love given to things that are buttoned or zipped so that he can have them open. Comes in handy for keeping comfortable, cool during the day and buttoning up at night when the temperature cools. If he looks rather hot that way, he is blissfully ignorant-for now.

His skin is medium tan with yellow tones to it, unmarred for the most part. However of note is the tattoo he sports on his right upper arm of a dolphin. Yes he loves them that much, though the tattoo is in particular his favorite, a dolphin he bonded to that was lost at sea to a storm.
Playful, Active, Inquisitive, Persistent, Good Humored

Playful - Kelaen loves to play, much preferring it to work. That's a large part of the reason he insists on being a dolphineer-he sees it as playing with the dolphins with a little bit of that yucky work thing thrown in...but worth it to play with the dolphins! Games, teasing, he will do them all, even a few pranks here and there as long as no one is hurt by them. As he matures his playful nature will also manifest in the form of flirtation.

Active - In both mind and body! Kelaen had a sharp mind that is usually thinking about one thing or another, but shines in particular when he works to get around problems. Physically he loves to be active, get his heart pumping. Running, climbing, swimming, diving...he'll even take physically demanding work. Work that isn't physical, like paperwork, is the ultimate torture as far as he's concerned. (In fact if he's ever assigned to it the paperwork will be nicely decorated, Kelaen sketching little things in the margins while he works to keep from going mad).

Inquisitive - Possibly a side effect to having an active, intelligent mind, Kelaen tends to be very curious. Something new comes up and he has endless questions about it. What is it? Why has whatever happened? What could it all mean? There are nights he has trouble slowing himself down enough to sleep!

Persistent - Whenever a problem of any sort comes up, even if it's just a slight hitch, Kelaen will tackle it with his usual gusto. And if it stymies him for a while...too bad. He'll keep trying until he finds a way around it. A classic example of this is when he was a young boy, grounded and confined to his room. That drove him mad-until he tried sketching. And of course in subsequent groundings his parents made sure he couldn't sketch...but he always finds something.

Good Humored - One could call him cheerful, friendly, but in a more subtle way than most. He usually has a smile on his face, an easy laugh-a sort of presence that is warm and comfortable.

Note: likes to draw, particularly when forced to be inactive for extended periods of time (sick, injured, grounded, etc)
  • Born at Fishing Village
  • Is introduced to dolphins right away but not allowed alone with them until he's 7.
  • Found playing with the dolphins, in the water no less, without supervision and is grounded. Being locked in his room for a few candlemarks drives him nuts until he finds something to at least keep his active mind occupied. By the time he's let out Kelaen has made a detailed sketch of his room, revealing a newly discovered talent and passion: sketching.
  • Plays with dolphins whenever possible; learns swimming early-though almost not early enough. Is playing with the dolphins like normal when a strong undercurrent grabs hold of him and yanks him under. He's terrified of course but the pod is quick to save him, further cementing in his mind how wonderful and incredible they are and how much he wants to be a dolphineer just like his parents.
  • When he was 10, the family ship was lost in a storm. Kelaen of course was worried sick for those on-board. When the ship comes home safe of course he happily welcomes everyone back...except for one of the family's dolphin pod members. The loss of his favorite dolphin, the one he had a special bond with, hits him hard. He knows he should be happy more lives were not lost...but...
  • Joins dolphineer craft the second he's old enough - 12.
  • Not long after he is apprenticed rumors begin of sea serpents which of course he dismisses-outwardly. On the inside Kel's secretly curious and thrilled. How cool would it be if the sea serpents were real?
  • Not cool, as it turns out, or at least not as cool as he first thought. More reports come in and it seems the sea serpents are real-and really angry. They're attacking ships and even dragons! What's going on out there?
  • He can't help but think of the sea serpents. They didn't just spring into existence. Where did they come from? For countless turns ships had been crossing the sea without seeing the faintest trace of them and now they were all over. Why? And why were they so aggressive? These questions and more swirl through his head constantly.
  • A new development that excites him even as he grieves for the losses that come with the revelation. Dragonriders had taken to escorting ships to keep them safe. However a serpent still appeared. The dragons escorting the ships managed to kill it before it did any harm-only to find out it was intelligent and had not wanted to hurt anyone. It could talk like the dragons did! Unfortunately, again like dragons, it also Impressed to someone and in the scuffle, trying to defend itself, it had killed a dragon. From what he heard the serpent's chosen was in much the same condition as the dragonless rider...could the bond be that strong? Could they befriend the serpents? Or had recent events only sealed themselves as the creatures' enemies...
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Name: Nimuevas
Color: White-Rose
Color Code: C5B4B4, E7DEDE, FBB4B2
Age: 2 (Gilgat 12, Spring 2045)
Size: 38 ft. (Slender Class)
Status: Full-grown and still full of curiosity
(Any shop abilities such as Staying Power, or Early Riser, etc.)
Personality: Expressive, Dutiful, Dependable, Curious, Imaginitive

With a Rose Overtone, Nimuevas looks very much like the "classic" pearl found within most oysters. Her main body is a fairly pale gray that shimmers gently with her rose color, but ultimately shines white in the lightest spots. The white areas of her body have overtoned intensely to create a brighter, more vivid shade of pink than the rest of her body, making her "jewelry" markings look almost like rose quartz.

Marvealle wrote:
Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:33 pm
There seemed to be quite the lull in the hatching after the second pair of males to hatch. The human spectators wondered if Pearl clutches had duds, and how many per clutch, wondering if perhaps the rest of this clutch hadn't been fortunate enough to make it to the end. Just as those people began casting their doubt, another egg began to crack, one more beautiful shell falling to pieces, joining the many broken shards of the previous eggs in their safe wallow. Before the first finished its hatching though, a second right beside the first egg followed suit. Soon, two eggs wiggled and shook and cracked apart side by side.

The first shell broke away enough to show a glimpse of pale hide within, while the second egg broke off a large chunk to cause a darker pearlet to plop out onto the sand. For a moment he was left blinking in surprise, while the first egg found its pale denizen sliding out from a hole just big enough to fit her lithe body. The two pearlets, male and female, looked at each other, whiskers twitching as the sniffed one another.

Are you all right? The male asked his smaller sister.

Why of course! She answered happily, chirping at being free from her shell. A moment later though, movement caught her eye, turning her whirling gaze toward the people watching them.

Those look strange over there. Are they part of our glint?

The male looked in the direction she was and seemed to regard them all for a moment.

I would suppose so if they are here.

Let's go check them out! And then the little female started for the people watching, moving on he awkward legs as swiftly as she could manage.

I don't see the harm. The male agreed and followed, a bit curious himself about these strange glint members. The female paused a moment to wait for her brother, and then they continued forward together to greet these strange glint-mates.

Hello! I'm pretty sure you're not Pearls like us. But you are interesting. Don't you agree brother? She spoke to both her clutchmate and the people watching them, until something grabbed her attention.

Oh! There's something interesting over this way. Curiosity drove her on, and her brother continued to follow her, though he did take pauses to inspect some of these strange ones.

Oooh, I like this one. She crooned happily, pausing before the male Kalaen to nuzzle against his legs.

I can feel something amazing about you. Your name is Kalaen? I am Nimuevas.
The Lake Lady Pearling
White Pearl

-:- Impressed to -:-
Kelaen (Altreis)
-:- Personality -:-
Expressive, Dutiful, Dependable, Curious, Imaginitive
-:- Final Size -:-
38 ft.
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