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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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25 (Winter 2024)

.::.Ranking Position.::.
White Pearl Rider

The Flotilla

Ista Hold

Fit as a Fiddle

.::.Strike Team.::.
Abyssal Currents
ImageSkills & AbilitiesImage
.::.Level of Craft.::.
Apprentice Sailor

Those who have lost their dragon/pearl companion very rarely, if ever, ReImpress to another dragon. However, with this ability, a person has the chance to ReImpress to another dragon/pearl as long as they are within the ages of 12 and 26. This item will stick with your character even after ReImpression and only works one time.
This item counts as 1 point

People with this ability are natural born survivalists and will do better living Holdless than other people. They have no trouble roughing it in the wild all across Pern even during a Pass.
This ability counts as 1 point
.::.Bonded Dragonkin.::.
White-Gold Cetovas

He was abandoned as a child. The family that raised him he has personally disowned, so as far as he is concerned he has no family.

Telina - Twin daughter from Kunati (2045 - )
Kasuni - Twin daughter from Kunati (2045 - )

Garnetrider Kunati - Girlfriend

Snow Female
Lively, Cheerful, Shy


Lithe and toned

Dark Brown


Play By
Sean O'Donnell

Kisle is an unassuming looking fellow. He's not quite tall, not exactly short either, but he is on the lean side. Well, perhaps lean isn't the right word for it. He has obvious muscles, primarily in his core and arms, but he is not bulked with muscle either. The most striking trait of Kisle's appearance is his eyes. They are a very striking blue color that really pop against his pale face and dark hair. His hair he keeps short since it is much easier to take care of it that way, though the front of his hair he keeps a bit longer and likes to spike it upwards a little. His face is soft, but not so soft that he has too much of a baby face. A sharp chin and strong jaw line counter the softness he does possess.

Thanks to his poor childhood, Kisle has never really had a nice outfit. Then when he started his apprenticeship as a sailor the new clothes he got quickly became worn out. While he isn't a slob and does keep his clothes clean, there is nothing he can do beyond patch up whatever rips and tears happen. Being a rather adequate seamstress it isn't hard for him to do the patch work himself. One day Kisle would love to own a nice outfit that he can be proud to wear at gathers and feasts.
Mature | Steadfast | Brooding | Insolent | Resourceful
Mature ~ Thanks to his rough childhood, Kisle had to learn to grow up faster than what any kid should have to. Because of this he acts far more mature than his eighteen turns should allow him. He is no stranger to responsibility and being responsible. He had to learn to be if he wanted to make sure he got everything he needed to merely survive. Kisle knows how to handle situations that are difficult or complicated emotionally and mentally. While some would tell him that they are sorry he didn't have much of a childhood, but he just waves those sentiments off. While there is certainly some bitterness in him over how he grew up, he is glad that he is so mature for his age.

Steadfast ~ Like an anchor in a storm, Kisle stands strong in his morals and beliefs. He isn't the sort of person to be easily swayed by any sort of influence. He is firm in what he believes is his purpose in this life. Knowing that purpose is what keeps him grounded. The few times in his life he has not been sure about his place has been the worst moments he can remember. Not being sure of his direction is one of his deepest fears. Granted, it is a fear he has faced before so he knows how to get through it, but that doesn't make it any less scary. While it is good to be firm in one's belief, Kisle's steadfastness often falls to the side of stubbornness. He can be quite hard headed at times....okay, most of the time.

Brooding ~ Kisle has always been a little on the broody side, but since the death of Yuavas his brooding nature has become ten times worse. Growing up the way he did, ignored and not really loved, he was prone to being broody and bitter. While he does know how to have fun, it seems as if the dark rain clouds never go away for long. To be fair, there has not been a lot in his life that is good, so it's easy for all the bad memories to shadow the few good ones he does have. Kisle isn't against learning to not be so brooding, but so far there has been nothing and no one to help him learn to let go of the bad to allow all the good to show through.

Insolent ~ Thanks to the fact that he pretty much had to take care of himself growing up and really only had himself to answer to, Kisle doesn't really do well with authority. This is part of the reason why it took him so long to finally be allowed on a ship. He can be downright rude when he wants to be and even times when he doesn't mean to be. Authority simply rubs him the wrong way and he knows that this is because of the foster parents who raised him. The quickest way to get Kisle to do something is to tell him not to do it. It doesn't matter what it is either, if he's told not to do something he will turn around and do it. long as it's not something that would hurt himself or others.

Resourceful ~ He had to grow up early and with that came the keen ability to be able to take care of himself. There isn't much that can be thrown at him that he can't in some skillful way deal with. Kisle's use to only having to care about himself, so while he is more than capable of doing that...that knowledge ends when it comes to other people. He's never really had close friends, just people he didn't mind spending time with. He realizes he isn't the easiest person to get along with, but he doesn't purposefully push people is merely hard for him to relate to others.
2024: Kisle's mother, who will likely remain nameless, gives birth to him alone. She had hidden the pregnancy from everyone for fear of her family disowning her at the young age of 15. A few minutes after his birth she debates leaving him to the wind and weather to let fate do with him as it will, but maternal instincts even in a woman that young is strong and she cannot bare to simply allow him to die. While orphanages are a rare thing in the north, she knows of a place that does foster some children of the hold and takes him there to leave on the door step. Little does she realize that the life he will live there is almost worse than little fate take its course.

2025 - 2032: The people that his mother leaves him with is not entirely thrilled to have another mouth to feed. With ten other children under their wing and old enough to contribute to the well-being of them, having to take care of a baby is not ideal. Still, they don't know what else to do with him, so they do end up taking care of him as much as they have to. Granted, there is no extra love given to him, but they do make sure he survives. The older he gets the more he realizes how much of an outcast he is. When he tries to play with the others they look at him strangely. If he tries to give his foster mother or father a hug they act as if it is a great annoyance. Even a child as young at five turns old quickly catches onto the fact that he is seen as nothing more than a burden and a nuisance, despite the fact he is well behaved and doesn't do anything to deserve such treatment. This is the beginning of him learning how to take care of himself since his foster parents do so very little to make sure that he has the bare necessities of life.

2033 - 2037: Kisle knows by the time he is nine turns old that his foster parents and siblings really don't give a damn about him. While he's harbored this notion for awhile, it is truly cemented in 2033 when he manages to break his arm and they don't even bother taking him to a healer for it. Kisle's foster mother decides that her wrapping it is all the medical attention it needs. While the arm heals alright and he has no issues with it, there is a bump that he will never be rid of. That is a turning point for him, the point where he realizes that he might as well take care of himself since it'd be better than relying on his foster parents for love and support. Kisle begins to take on odd jobs in order to obtain marks so he can buy the things he needs. This is not easy, at first, since he looks like a homeless child to most of the places he tries to get work from. Finally, a fisherman from Serafei hires him to help him clean fish. From that point on he gains an interest of fishing and the oceans. By the time he turns thirteen he decides that he wants to become a sailor. For him it is the best chance of him getting out and starting a new life for himself.

2037 - 2043: Becoming an apprentice sailor, however, turns out to be even more difficult than simply finding the odd job to take care of himself. Kisle ends up being his own worse enemy. Thanks to his disdain of authority and more impulsive young ways, most of the people he tries to become an apprentice under ends up sending him on his way. Being a sailor is a dangerous craft, so without the captains of such vessels being able to trust him to listen to them. A couple turns pass without him being able to do much more than help clean fish and mend nets. Finally, a surly old seaman named Trystan takes him under his wing in the turn 2040. He meets Trystan in a bar one night when he is fifteen. Haven fallen into a deep depression for his life going nowhere, Kisle turned to the bottle to deal with things. For whatever reason, the old man sees promise in him and offers to teach him all he knows about sailing. Trystan is no longer an acting sailor as he is too old and the fact he is missing his left leg has made it impossible for him to work on a ship, but he is still smart and he begins to teach Kisle. While it takes awhile for the two of them to begin to understand each other, neither gives up on the other and soon Kisle is learning the things that will hopefully get him his dream craft, including the skill of respect. Trystan knows that Kisle will never like authority, preferring to answer only to himself, he at least gets the lad to realize why he should at least pretend to respect them and listen to them. It is a lesson hard learned. Finally, in 2041, despite the fact he is quite late to joining his craft, Kisle becomes an apprentice sailor. For the first turn his duties remain on ships that do not go out far to sea, but stay near to the coast on trade routes that only travel as far as from Ista to Tillek and back. Kisle instantly loves the life of a sailor and quickly becomes eager to prove himself worthy to join one of the trade ships that go from north to south. For a turn he is content with the life he has, sailing from one port to another, meeting new people and seeing new places. While he is concerned for his fellow sailors thanks to the new threat of the sea serpents, the fear of himself running into one never occurs to him. The loss of ships, goods, and people is awful, but he considers it part of the risk of being a sailor. In 2043 he is finally assigned to one of the bigger trade ships. The attacks have scared away some of the sailors, so he jumped at the chance to fill in one of those spots. Let the sea monsters try to take down one of his ships, they would soon find he is not so easy a kill.

Autumn 2043:
  • The trip from north to south goes fairly smoothly at first. Their ship is one of many traveling together for safety. Kisle is rather excited to hear that dragons from New Atricis will be meeting them once they are so far south and help lead them into port. Little did he know how his first true sailing job would end up. He is in awe of the large dragons that soom come to hover above and cling to the large vessels. Whatever awe he feels though is swiftly replaced by another feeling. A need and longing the likes of which he'd never known. In that moment he knows he has to get to the creature that had reached out to him, that called him to be one soul together. It doesn't occur to him that what just happened was impression, all he knows is he HAS to get to her before she is attacked by those who feel they are doing the right thing.
    On the lagging ship it is apparent that something is wrong, but it is not anything to do with sea monsters. On the deck there is a commotion and quickly those checking on the ship will be able to tell that several men are trying to hold back a young man that seems determined to throw himself over board. The captain, seeing you approach, moves to greet you and explain what is going on. "Don't be knowin' what's gotten into him. 'Tis be his first time on a ship. Th' fool be tryin' to throw himself over board. Keeps sayin' he has to be off to her." The captain scratches his scruffy beard in confusion. Yells capture his attention and you all look just in time to see the young boy break free and dive off the edge of the boat into the water.

    The young man is obviously putting all of his strength and effort into swimming towards...whatever it was he needed to get to. Another small pod of dolphins begin to head in his direction in case he needs a helping hand to not drown himself. To anyone watching from far above, it appears as if the young man is in the direct path of the sea monster now swimming even faster towards the lagging ship. Kunati, as you get closer to try and snag the man out of the water you can feel from him a certain joy and anxiousness to get to something, perhaps even the very serpent he's swimming toward. There's an intermingling sensation as well from the man, something not quite his own yet still felt strongly by him and that is an aching and pain the echoes through him as well.

    The sea serpent raced through the water towards the swimming sailor. A trail of ichor already trailed behind her, though what injury she had was unclear. She had not paid attention to the dolphins that swam around her or the creatures above her. All that mattered was one thing...him. She had come all this way, faced many dangers, had been injured, but still she believed true in her mission. Her own glint called her mad for her plan, but surely it had to work. Together she and him would change things. That was her hope.

    But hope is a fragile thing that can easily be broke and beaten.

    She moved closer to the surface of the water, hoping to speak with the creatures up there. She had done nothing wrong, perhaps some of her kind had, but she had not. Surely these creatures were intelligent as well, surely they would give her a chance, but she would find no mercy from those above her. Searing pain laced through her body as the enemies of above swooped down onto her. Talons, sharper than any man-made steal, easily tore through even her scaled hide. Why....tack? Do...n....wron. She called out to them, but they didn't seem to hear her. Could they not hear her? Perhaps they could not. She couldn't risk going above the water to try and converse with them in another way for fear of them attacking her more. The only alternative was to go deeper.

    Her attempt was thwarted as more claws sunk into her. Forcibly she was raised to the surface. She had a clear view of her attackers now, but before she could try again to communicate with them, one of the larger ones was going in for a strike. The shiny brown one's claws managed to rake across her now exposed belly. What was she left to do but defend herself? Powerful jaws snapped out at random, but caught the blue one that was holding her out of the water around its neck. Another of the creatures came out her, a green. It also attacked her belly, the softest part of her, this one went very deep...too deep. The action caused her to jerk. She didn't mean to, but the deed was done.There was an audible crack from the creature she held in her jaws and both fell back into the sea. She felt sick, she didn't want this, didn't want to kill, didn't want to be like the others of her glint, she's only wanted to make it stop, but she was no better than them. She had failed. Whatever fight was left in her oozed from her the same as ichor ran from her wounds. Pushing her thoughts out as much as she could she said to those that attacked her, I'm sorry. This isn't what I wanted. Then, she reached out to the one still swimming for her. Forgive me, dearest Kisle. I have failed my glint and my kind, but most of all I have failed you. I wanted to stop the fighting, but I was not strong enough. You, Kisle, you are strong, you can finish what I started. Please, make them understand, make them listen. For me, for your Yuavas. It doesn't always have to end this way.

    The sailor had been swimming as fast as he could towards the serpent. He heard the voice of the dragon above him, but he didn't respond. He knew what he was doing, where he was going, and he didn't need their help getting there. All he needed was to get to her. He paused for only a moment to catch his breath and in that moment horror unfolded. "NO! STOP!! DON'T HURT HER!!" He screamed to no avail at the dragons that were now attacking her. He swam faster than he ever had in his life, but it was not fast enough. His heart sank as he watched her and the blue dragon fall back into the ocean. Kisle managed to get to her before another attack could be made. Facing the potential threat of dragon claws he swam on top of her and threw his arms around her neck. "No no no...don't you're going to be fine. Yuavas, you're going to be just fine." He pleaded with her as he stroked her rose and white hide. He looked up at the dragons still above them and screamed, "LEAVE HER ALONE! YOU'VE FUCKING DONE ENOUGH. JUST LEAVE...leave...leave..." The light went out of the serpents eyes and her gorgeous scales turned gray. Kisla felt half of his soul go with her, leaving behind only sorrow and despair he didn't know was possible. "NOOOO!" He cried out in anguish. "Please, Yuavas, don't leave me. Take me with you. I can't do it without you." Any more words devolved into a slur in the midst of the sobs that now shook his body as a trembling hand caressed the small scales of her face.
  • After the ordeal of losing Yuavas, Kisle is taken to New Atricis where he remained unconscious for several days. He is only now coming around again.
  • One of the riders is very determined to come and see him. He puts her off for as long as he can, but eventually she gets in to him. After several more unwanted visits he begins to get use to her. Finally he is allowed to leave the infirmary, so he says bye to Kunati and heads towards the seahold. There he is given no chance to get a job. He returns back to atricis and tries to find work there.
Winter - 2044
  • Kisle has finally had enough of the weyr and the infirmary. He makes a plan to go after the pearls on his own and so takes off. It isn't long before Kunati is sent after him. He is surprised that he can't get rid of her all that easily and eventually the two of them continue to look.
Spring - 2044
  • They have to cut their search short after Kunati begins to get very ill. Once home they find out that she is pregnant. After many heated arguments they decide to keep the baby.
  • The Pearls have been found and a giant feast is thrown in their honor.
  • Kisle goes to live with the pearls
Autumn - 2045
  • Kisle moves to be closer with the pearls and begans to learn everything he can about there. While he doesn't like being away from Kunati it is nice to be away from people.
Winter - 2045
  • Kunati gives birth to the twins. Kisle returns to the weyr for their birth and to be there for her. He stays there for awhile before he goes back to the pearls.
Spring - 2045
  • The first pearl hatching is set to begin. Kisle helps to call people in and direct them, but then suddenly there was a baby that impressed and that almost killed him. He spent his time with Kunati then, but one of the females wasn't having it. Before he knew what had happened he was impress....his life changed.
Summer - 2045
  • Life is chaotic for him, Cetovas, and the rest of the pearls and riders. Trying to figure out their place on Pern and trying to get together a more permanent residence at the beach has kept them all busy. He misses his girls and Kunati, but he can also tell that his girl isn't the happiest with him either. For now he's putting off talking about it since Cetovas is so young, but he knows it'll come up eventually. In the mean time, the pearlings get their overtones in. Kisle'vis is surprised to see the beginning of a gem growing in Cetovas's forehead, marking her as a clutcher.
2046 - 2047
  • Kunati comes to visit him at the Flotilla. They have a talk and work things out and Kisle'vis comes up with a splendid plan. He needs dragons and their riders to come help with the building of the Flotilla. He asks Kunati if she and the girls would come and live there with him. That really seems to smooth things over between them. Life is still hectic as work on the Flotilla takes longer due to the complications of building over the ocean.
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Name: Cetovas
Color: White
Overtone: Gold
Color Code: D6D6D6, BB8029, EFBC0C, FFFFFF
Age: 2 (Spring - 2045)
Size: 73 ft. Giant Class
Rider: Kisle'vis
Status: Hatchling
ImageSkills & AbilitiesImage
Legendary Size
A rare occurrence, but it has been seen, Pearls with this ability grow up to be massive in size, outsizing both Blacks and Whites of the regular sizing, even contending with the largest of Gold Dragons in sheer mass. Pearls with this ability are anywhere between 65 and 80 feet in length and are categorized under the “Giant” size class for Pearls. Can be used on creation and post-hatching/Impression. Cannot be applied to a Pearl older than 2 turns. Price reflects rarity
Restriction in its use with Deep Diver and Extra Armor
Useable on Pearls
This ability uses 1 Point

Deep Breather
Pearls already have an impressive ability to hold their breath for long periods, but Pearls with this ability can hold their breath an extra 30 minutes than usual, making them very impressive breath holders.
Restriction in its use with Sonar Expert
Useable on Pearls
This ability uses 1 Point
Faithful | Sophisticated | Resolute | Impish | Maternal
Faithful ~ Unwavering in her devotion to those she cares for and loves, Cetovas will always be there. She knows the true price of loyalty and how it can make or break a person...even an entire glint. Kisle'vis will always come first to her, but her faithfulness is not given to him solely. The good of the glint will always be a guiding point for her in all her endeavors and goals. She is loyal to her rider and to the glint, not just because she wants to, but because she truly believes in them and all the wonderful things they can do.

Sophisticated ~ Uncouth is not in Cetovas's vocabulary. It is always best to be proper and polite when interacting with others. To act brash or rudely makes one look uncivilized and uneducated. Plus, she is a firm believer that if you want to win a person over then you need to use a little charm and kindness. A part of being modest and proper is making sure to be clean. While some could say that Cetovas is vain with her looks, she would say that there is nothing wrong with cleanliness.

Resolute ~ When Cetovas sets her mind to something it is set. 'It can't be done' is not something she would ever say or want to hear. Even if it seems like something can't be done, there is generally always another way. She is determination itself when she sets her mind to getting something done or seeing something through. However, she can allow her resolute ways to go a little too far a lot of times. Those times she can be far more stubborn than what she should be.

Impish ~ While Cetovas is sophisticated and modest she is also quite a bit impish. Life is too short to take it all so seriously all of the time. It's important to let go and relax once in a while. A bit of fun can do wonders in making a person feel better. This side of her is the one that conflicts the most with her rider. Kisle is so serious all of the time, Cetovas can't resist playing with him a little to try and get him to loosen up. So far it isn't working, but she isn't about to give up on teaching him how to have fun every now and then.

Maternal ~ While she can't completely fill the void that Kisle'vis has from his poor childhood, Cetovas does what she can to mother him. To be fair she mothers everyone a little bit. It is simply in her nature to mother and worry. Kisle'vis, though, he gets doted upon, scolded, and treated as if he was one of her children and not her rider. While he says he hates it, there is a part of him that enjoys the attention.
Cetovas is a striking looking white pearl, at in Kisle's opinion...but then he thinks she is the most beautiful of all pearls. The base of her hide is a soft, pale, light gray color but that is the only bit that is plain about her. Dark stripes and dots form lines across the lower part of her body. Her front legs sports many dark spots and two white stripes across the wrists. Dark swirls start at the top of her head and go down to swirl on her shoulders. Over all she stands out with her dark markings on such a pale hide. Faranth only knows what she'll look like when her over tones come in.

With a Gold Overtone, Cetovas' overtone is fairly strong. The darker gray areas of her body mostly cast in a burnished gold color, with some of the dark gray stripes on her horns and frills cast in a brilliant gold color to make them look like golden rings or bangles affixed to her body.
With the setting in of her overtone, the beginnings of a gem have sprouted on her forehead, deep in gold color and already obvious on her head, labeling her a clutcher for the Pearls.
Spring - 2045
"Dating or not, it is your hand. And since it's you, with the Hatching taking up so much of your focus, I wanted to ask first."

Kisle gave Kunati a crooked smile. "Alright, then allow me to make something very clear as the owner of this hand," he said as he squeezed her hand. "You can hold it anytime you want." He lifted up the hand he was holding and placed a kiss on the back of it. His attention turned then to the little girl in his arms. He made faces and noises at her so she would laugh at him. It was more fun to play with his daughter than to watch other people get what was taken from him. Therefore, he didn't pay attention to what was going on with the current hatching egg.

I was joking about wanting one of you. But... I feel something about you. I do not need to go far to feel you are more Pearlkin than any other here. I think I'll take you as mine! Kisle had been blocking the babies as much as he could, but that voice reached him loud and clear. His dark head snapped up and bright blue eyes glared at first at the darkly-marked white that was now near him and his family.

"Excuse you?" He asked, not at all liking anyone declaring that he belonged to them.

I joke, but I do want to be with you, Kisle. I feel that I need to be. Perhaps you need to be with me too? The pearls voice was softer now, more genuine and not so humorous.

Kisle could only stare at her open mouthed and wide-eyed as he realized what was happening. He didn't feel his daughter being taken from his lap by Kunati. "Umm...I don' this a....mis..." He began to mumble a little. A mistake? Oh no, Kisle'vis. This is no mistake. Kisle began to say something, but she cut him off. You don't have to explain anything, dear heart. I feel the hole in you. I don't intend to replace what was once there, but I hope that perhaps....with time...I can make it feel a little less empty. Kisle pressed his lips together and nodded. "Okay." He said and then stood up. He wasn't over come with joy and he wasn't angry or upset, instead he was...accepting of this situation. "I know Kunati. I'm...okay. I better go feed her." He said and then went off with Cetovas.
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