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Olyver | Weyrfolk | Male

Postby Parker » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:56 pm


Username: Parker
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Character Name:


16 (Spring 2030)

.::.Ranking Position.::.

New Atricis Weyr


Fit as a Fiddle

.::.Guard Team.::.

ImageSkills & AbilitiesImage

.::.Level of Craft.::.
Apprentice Smith



.::.Bonded Dragonkin.::.

Father ~ Bronzerider Ol'ver, (2008 - )
Mother ~ Pyriterider Elwyn, Deceased

Half-sister: Raevin, (Autumn, 2030 - )
Half-sister: Lolena, (Summer, 2031 - )
Half-brother: Olsarin, (Autumn, 2033 - )
Half-brother: Ivarin, (Autumn, 2033 - )
Half-sister: Zolina, (Sho 14th, Spring, 2033 - )
Half-sister: Aymallin, (Sho 14th, Spring, 2033 - )
Half-sister: Olliayma, (Sho 14th, Spring, 2033 - )
Half-sister: Aivelin, (Autumn, 2037 - )
Half-sister: Verani, (Autumn, 2037 - )
Half-sister: Olivandra (Autumn, 2037 - )


Female Snow
Loving, Lazy, Finicky

Male Ember
Adventurous, Loud, Loyal

Female Shadow
Protective, Possessive, Motherly

Male Shadow
Dominant, Stubborn, Tactile



Still Growing

Dirty Blond


Play By
Colin Ford

Olyver can't deny being his father's child. He favors the bronzerider in face, especially the shape of his eyes and chin. He's been told that his has his mother's nose and smile, but he doesn't remember his mother as clearly anymore and only his father really ever talks about her to him. His eyes, being hazel, can appear more brown or green in certain lights. He likes to keep his hair a little longer on top and shorter in back. He would deny it, but he likes it that way because that is how his father normally keeps it. It is a dirty blond color in the summer thanks to the sun bleaching it out some and a light brown in the winter months. Olyver is a bit shorter than other boys his age. It bothers him to no end especially when he gets picked on, but he is sure it is only a matter of time before he hits a growth spurt and will eventually be taller.

Being a fifteen turn old boy, Olyver doesn't really concern himself with outer appearances. As long as what he is putting on is clean that is all that matters to him. For now he absolutely abhors wearing fancy Gather finery. It's too tight, too itchy, and just all around uncomfortable in his mind. He'd much rather be in his well-worn trousers and tunic, running about the weyrward barefoot than dressed to the gills for a fancy occasion. When he does clean up, he cleans up very nicely.


Focused | Blunt | Unempathetic | Social | Observant

Focused ~ Focused is perhaps the polite way to say that Olyver easily becomes obsessive over things. To his credit, he isn't obsessive over just any little thing. The things he obsesses over is the things that grab his interest. Call them hobbies, but once Olyver founds a certain subject fascinating all of his attention and foucs goes to that specific thing. He will learn all he can about whatever his interest is. For example, furflits. They have been one of his passions for turns now and as far as knowledge on how they behave, act, socialize, etc...he is quite the expert. Olyver's interests can last for a few weeks, months, and even turns.

Blunt ~ Olyver isn't the best in social situations most of the time. It's not that he doesn't try, he does....but sometimes he shouldn't. More often than not he says the first thing that pops into his mind regardless of how someone else might take what he says. He can come off down right rude and not realize what he said was rude. Things like hand gestures, body language, subtleties, and sarcasm is hard for him to grasp and catch a lot of the time. His bluntness has gotten him into trouble with his creche mother and others in the past, but so far nothing has seemed to help him learn to be a bit more tactful and a lot less crass with his speech.

Unempathetic ~ Olyver isn't the most understanding of people because of his lack of empathy. He just can't feel how others are feeling or think how they're thinking. He's been yelled at by his father enough times to know that this is a problem he has and though he has tried to do better about showing empathy, most of his efforts can be concluded with a 'well I tried'. Because of this, Olyver can't claim to have many friends as his over all attitude is more off-putting than not. This doesn't mean he doesn't care about people though. He does. He had the capacity to care very deeply for people, but those people are rare. It is even rarer still when he says something that conveys how deeply he does care.

Social ~ For all Olyver's personality tends to irritate, aggravate, or simple put-off other people he does like to be social. He isn't a loner or an introvert, though it would be fair to say that he does prefer the company of only a few very close friends and family to that of a large group. Like most teenagers, Olyver wants to fit in, it's just a bit more difficult for him than it is for others.

Observant ~ Maybe it is because he has laser focus, but Olyver is quick to notice things. While he has no memory of the four turns of his life outside of the weyr, living as a rogue with his mother instilled in the young boy the instinct to be watchful and cautious. The older he got the more he realized how important it was to notice what is happening around you. It is hard to catch him unawares. Almost every surprise Nameday party he's gotten he knew was going to happen before it did. There have been plenty of times when him paying attention has saved him from some sort of grief...it's only a shame that his sharp eyes doesn't help with his social awkwardness.


The North:

  • Olyver is born at a brothel in the north known as Beyond the Sea. His mother is a wanted criminal, Pyriterider Elwyn, and because of that his life has to remain hidden as well. He and Elwyn are well taken care of by the women of the brothel until he is almost a turn old.
  • Elwyn takes him and leaves. He, of course, has no memory of where he and his mother went and lived, but she took care of him well.
  • When he was two turns old they return to Atricis. Olyver is placed in the creche and given to the same creche mother as his half-sisters, Raevin and Lolena. It's a rough go for the little guy at first. Only having his mother around he isn't use to strangers and Elwyn's absence makes him a very unhappy toddler. It takes a while, but soon he begins to adjust to the creche. Plus, knowing whose son he is some people look at him differently,
    this is something he picks up on even if he doesn't understand it.
  • Olyver is told he has two more brothers, Ivarin and Olsarin. He meets them, but isn't impressed.
  • His father and mother leaves on the Southern Expedition. Olyver misses him and his mother terribly, but it is nice to have his sisters to play with. While he isn't necessarily a bad child, he is a bit of a problem sometimes when it comes to sharing and interacting with the other children.
  • More siblings of his are born, three girls. Again, he isn't impressed.
  • Ol'ver comes back from the south and takes him and his two oldest sisters out for a fun day. Before he leaves them again with their creche mother, his father and Kitty pull him aside to speak with him. They tell him in a way that a four turn old can comprehend that he won't get to see his mother again. It isn't until he is older that he finds out how and why she died.
The South

  • The whole weyr moves to a new home! Olyver, along with all his siblings, move down south to the new weyr.
  • Olyver, not normally the type to be sympathetic, takes note of his sister, Lolena, home sickness and tries to make her feel better.
  • His triplet sisters are transferred over to the care of his creche mother when Ol'ver is given custody of them. He finds them rather annoying.
  • He seems to remain blissfully ignorant of the terrible things happening at the weyr and can't grasp why daddy isn't his normal happy self.
  • The absences of his father doesn't seem to be noticed too much by Olyver except when the little boy really wants his father for something. Lolena's tantrums start to become rather annoying, so he doesn't play with her as much until she finally stops throwing them.
  • For his seventh Nameday, Ol'ver gifts him with something that is beyond amazing. A little female snow furflit kit. He names her Lyera. Furflits become his new interest and he eagerly begins to learn everything about them that he can.
  • Ol'ver's lover, Avinda, gives birth to a little girl. Olyver has grown rather use to getting new siblings by this point, so he doesn't really seem to care one way or another.
  • With encouragement from his father he tries to make friends outside of his siblings, but no matter what he always seems to run them off. It hurts him, but he always has his siblings to turn to.
  • Olyver begins to become more interested in his father's craft. Though his father doesn't have much time for it much anymore, he does take the time to show Olyver some of what a smith does.
  • Lolena's mother, Aizlin, loses her queen dragon.
  • Olyver begs his father to let him have another furflit. Ol'ver tells him that if he can prove that only he can be responsible for Lyera then he can have another. It is only a few months before Ol'ver has the proof he needs and Olyver trains Lyera to be a very well behaved pet.
  • The next furflit litter, Ol'ver takes his son to pick out his next pet. He ends up with a male ember he names, Mick.
  • He begins to ask questions about his mother to Ol'ver. His father tells him a few things, but he can tell there is a lot he isn't saying.
  • Olyver begins an apprenticeship as a smith.
  • While hanging out with some of his apprentice smith friends, they stumble upon a littler of furflits. Each boy takes home a flit, but Olyver takes home two. A male and female shadow he names Tilly and Daemon. His creche mother isn't happy about him having four pets, but since he has proven to be so good with them she doesn't make him give them up.
  • Olyver over hears Lolena talking with Ol'ver about her own mother. Knowing that they have something in common, Olyver endeavors to become closer to her.
  • While he wants to continue on with his apprenticeship as a smith, Olyver decides to become a candidate. With his father being a great bronzerider and knowing his mother use to be a dragonrider, he sort of feels like he needs to stand.
  • His first hatching comes and goes and he is left standing.
2044 - Present
  • Olyver has yet to impress to a dragon despite standing for the last two turns. His interest in dragons is beginning to wane from what it once was.
  • For all puberty has hit him, Olyver remains on the short side. He is beginning to notice his feelings towards certain kids his age are different than what they once use to be, but for now he has no interest in romance or anything like that.
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