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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Elan'vis | Pearlrider | Black-Green Panlovis

Postby Ainokesshou » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:23 pm



Username: Ainokesshou
Character Number: 3
Play-by: Yannick Bonheur
Character Name: Elan'vis (born Elannel)
Gender: male
Age: 19 turns, born summer Turn 2027, 20th turn of the 9th Pass.
Ranking Position: Fisherman
Residence: Southern Seahold
Origin: Fishing Village
Family: Father, Yannel, deceased at 42 in a storm, Mother, Elannica, deceased at 38 in a storm, sister, Yanna, 13 Turns
Lover(s): No one yet, but interested in men
Health: Robust
Pet(s): Reverse Point Brown Fancy Flit: Klah
Bubbly | Glutton | Loving
382702, C5AD93
Dragonkin: Panlovis

Standing Number: 1st Hatching


A person with this ability is really good with repairs and building just about anything if they spend long enough to learn it. They also make good tinkerers and inventors.
Restriction in its use with Perfectionist's Charm, Sebell's Charm, and Robinton's Skill
This ability counts as 1 point.

People with this ability are natural born survivalists and will do better living Holdless than other people. They have no trouble roughing it in the wild all across Pern even during a Pass.
This ability counts as 1 point


Elannel, like his mother and sister, has skin the color of milky klah. When he (rarely) smiles, the contrast with his bright white teeth is stunning. He spends much more time frowning, deep in thought, however, and his soft lips are more often pressed tight together with worry then stretched in a pleasant expression. His eyes are significantly darker than his skin, with the pupil almost indistinguishable from the iris. His hair is cut as short as possible, to keep it from tangling in his nets or rigging, but is the same color as his eyes. He is tall and muscular, with the fitness of a hard worker who must live by his labor. His clothes are threadbare, and frequently mended, and his posture and mannerisms make him likely to be unnoticed in the background.


Elannel is very businesslike. He comes in to shore every day to barter his catch away, and he is a sharp negotiator, always demanding the best possible price for his fish. Some people might even call him miserly, despite his young age, because he doesn't pay much attention to the hungry stares of people who were having worse luck, no matter how pitiable they seem. He keeps the cheapest possible lodgings, eats the cheapest possible food, choosing stale bread and hard cheese to go with his own fish, even when other merchants know he had a good day of business. He even keeps the lowest quality of his own catch for his dinner, and doesn't bother to buy anything for seasoning. He eats to live, not to enjoy it. The brown fancy flitt always on his shoulder is the only extravagance the young man seems to have ever indulged in, but he too is fed on cheap supplies, though the innards from cleaning Elannel's catch are much more appealing and nutritious for a flitter than the cheapest foods humans can eat.

If there is a time that Elannel is actually happy, it's on his little boat, out every day catching fish. As long as he is working toward his goal, he isn't worrying, and there's something really peaceful about the repetitive motions, and the almost complete solitude. He loves diving for his traps when it's the right season, setting his nets, just sitting patiently, waiting. It's during his time on land, after selling his catch, that he descends into worrying counting up each mark, and counting down each day, and refraining from growling at the people who told him that he was too young to take care of his sister, and she would be better off in an orphanage hoping for some childless family to adopt and apprentice her.


Elannel's parents were simple fishermen, and the three of them spent his first six turns almost exclusively on a small fishing boat. During the slow times when they were waiting to pull in nets or lines, he learned his basic letters and numbers, enough to make sure he was never cheated. When he had six turns, his sister was born, and the routine changed somewhat. For the first turn, he spent the days out with his father while his mother stayed home with Yanna. Then, when she was weaned, his parents took turns going out on the boat with him, and on days when they expected heavier labor, he remained home with the toddler, keeping her fed and quiet, and telling her stories of enormous fish that could swallow boats, and tiny fish that granted wishes. He taught her the old fishermen legends his father taught him over their mother's objections, and sang some of the shanties the seafolk sang when they docked in the city, and basically thought she was the best thing on land, and she followed him around everywhere as much as possible.

On one of his days on the land, a storm had been expected in the afternoon, so his parents were heading out early to pull in their traps ahead of the storm. The storm struck earlier than expected, and Elannel and Yanna waited for two days before their parents' little boat washed ashore, intact but empty. Yanna had only 8 turns, and Elannel only 14. He was old enough to take over his parents' little fishing boat, and take care of himself, but his sister was taken away from him, and put in an orphanage. He doesn't really think it's likely that she will get adopted and apprenticed to a craft, so he is working to save the money to buy her when she would be sold into slavery. He still has several turns, but he is planning carefully to be certain he will have enough marks, which is why he is so miserly.

The people who notice the relative extravagance of his ownership of a fancy flitt would not be surprised to know he acquired Klah by accident. Elannel's one and only attempt at earning marks in a less than honest way had been smuggling a stolen fancy flitt egg to an interested Northerner who wanted to try breeding them to the Northern breeds. When the egg hatched earlier than expected, Elannel ended up with Klah, and was in a bind. He ended up using almost all of his savings to buy another egg, which those who know him assume was how he got Klah. He successfully transported that egg to the Northerner, at a significant loss. In order to make up the lost marks, he stopped drinking klah, and swore never to get involved in any attempt at being sneaky again. He just wasn't good at it, and the stress had made the klah disagree with him anyway. While those who knew his flitt's name assumed that Klah was named for his color, his name was meant as a reminder that Elannel had him instead of the energizing morning drink. While he hoped that most people assumed the purchased egg was the direct source of his own pet, after the failed attempt at egg smuggling, Elannel relocated to the Southern Seahold, hoping that he could make better profits there, and that no one would ever think about why he had a flitt.

Eventually, Elannel realized that it was the best accident he could have had, because Klah kept him from being completely lonely while he worked alone every day. Those first few sevendays when the fisherman was getting used to waking in the middle of the night without klah, though, he hadn't been so sure.

After hearing about the pearls from various other sailors, Elannel went to the Feast for Peace, where he not only met pearls, he was unexpectedly reunited with his little sister. Apparently, despite his obsessive work to save up enough money to take care of her, the orphanage sold her into slavery much younger than was legal. She was rescued by Locke before anything too terrible happened to her, and Elannel suddenly had a sister without having to spend all of his hard-earned marks to get her back.

The two of them spent as much time as possible with the glint, with Elannel quietly hoping that Yanna (and maybe even he) would be able to permanently connect to the pearls one day, completely protecting them from the poverty of his previous life as a fisherman. At the first hatching, as pearls began bonding with spectators instead of going straight out to sea, Elannel became confident that they had made the right choice. Yanna would definitely connect with a pearl, if not this time, then eventually.

Of course, he was six turns older, so it shouldn't have surprised him when one of the black pearl hatchlings chose him, while Yanna remained currently unattached. That was not a problem, she was young, she would have other chances, and he now had two people he loved enough to die for, as well as a community that valued him as a member. Elan'vis was cautiously optimistic for his and Yanna's future for the first time since their parents' deaths.
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Re: Elan'vis | Pearling | male

Postby Ainokesshou » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:16 pm

Name: Panlovis
Color: Black Pearl
Overtone: Currently unknown
Color Code: Currently unknown
Age: 1 turn old, late spring 2045
Size: Will reach 47ft at adulthood (bulk class)
Rider/Handler: Elan’vis
Status: Pearling

383838, 595959, 094009, 437846
With a Green Overtone, Panlovis looks very much like a sea dragon. The darker parts of his body have overtoned more intensely to make them a more vibrant shade of green than the rest of him, while his underbelly is only lightly touched with green overtoning. His horns, front feet, and the striping on his shoulders and hips looking lighter green than the rest.

Smooth Talker
Whers with this ability can articulate mindspeech a little better than other whers, giving them slightly longer sentences and better grammar in comparison. Pearls with this ability find it easier to bespeak others outside of their Glint.
Useable on Whers and Pearls
This ability counts as 1 point

Dragonkin with this ability have an uncanny ability to sense weather changes before they happen, so they can sense rain before it rains, or a heat wave before it hits.
Restriction in its use with Dragonkin sensor
Useable on All Dragonkin
This ability uses 1 Point

Overall, Panlovis is a mild, easy-going Pearl. He is willing to work hard and do what is necessary to support the glint, but he doesn't let possible future problems get under his hide. Even current problems get only as much attention as necessary, and Panlovis often pulls Elan'vis out of his obsessive over-planning to remember to enjoy the day he is in.

Shards happen. Eggs break, and fish get away, and things go wrong. They go wrong if you worry and plan and prepare, and if you don't. Sure, have a few supplies on hand for emergencies, but you can't predict everything. Panlovis is good at stopping Elan'vis when he is over planning, over worrying, just obsessing in general. After all, he had a detailed plan to save his sister, and spent turns miserably for no good reason because someone else saved her first. Panlovis believes in handling problems as they arise, not imagining them up ahead of time.

Panlovis thinks as much about solving others' problems as he does about his own. If asked, he would probably explain that a problem for one pearl can become a problem for the whole glint. But his willingness to help others extends beyond his glint, or perhaps redefines what he considers his glint. If he knows about something going wrong, his first thought is always what he can do to improve the situation.

Panlovis is convinced that there is no problem so big that the glint cannot solve it working together. In fact, there are not many problems so big that Panlovis and Elan'vis cannot solve them without other help. Panlovis has no doubts about his ability to be what the glint and Elan'vis need from him. He is assured of his place in the glint, Elan'vis' life and Pern in general.

If the glint can solve any problem by working together, what is there to worry about? Panlovis is curious, and cheerful, constantly ready for new experiences with the certainty that nothing to terrible can happen. It's easy for Elan'vis to reign him in, and warn him if something seems dangerous, but that only reinforces Panlovis' lack of worries, because clearly he can count on Elan'vis and his glint to prevent anything terrible with those warnings.

As certain as he is that he can count on Elan'vis and the rest of the glint, Panlovis is no less certain that he will do what they need as well. He does not object to any mundane task or boring duty, happy to do his part to support the welfare of the glint as a whole. He might not do his job spectacularly, but he will do it competently, and without complaint.



Panlovis’ underbelly and the lighter points of the rest of his body are a light grey, the color of river pebbles, with only the vaguest hint of his green overtone. His several claws on his front paws share that same light tone, but most of his upper body and back are a darker grey shaded with an even darker green, more like shadowed leaves in a forest at night, or perhaps underwater greenery that is too deep for most of the light to reach. The paler markings trail from his right paw up that shoulder, with a few stripes across his face, but the ridges and spines down his neck and back to his tail are a still darker shade of green, completely overpowering the grey, as is the end of his muzzle.

By the time he is full grown, his body will have bulked up. He is expected to be a little larger than the average black pearl, and will be primarily muscle. He will be built with broad shoulders, that taper to a narrow tail, essentially the opposite of a streamlined form, structured for stamina and stability rather than speed.

History: Panlovis is a few months old, and has spent the entirety of his life eating, sleeping, and growing, as is normal for babies of most species. He recently developed his green overtones, but hasn't actually done anything significant since hatching.

There seemed to be quite the lull in the hatching after the second pair of males to hatch. The human spectators wondered if Pearl clutches had duds, and how many per clutch, wondering if perhaps the rest of this clutch hadn't been fortunate enough to make it to the end. Just as those people began casting their doubt, another egg began to crack, one more beautiful shell falling to pieces, joining the many broken shards of the previous eggs in their safe wallow. Before the first finished its hatching though, a second right beside the first egg followed suit. Soon, two eggs wiggled and shook and cracked apart side by side.

The first shell broke away enough to show a glimpse of pale hide within, while the second egg broke off a large chunk to cause a darker pearlet to plop out onto the sand. For a moment he was left blinking in surprise, while the first egg found its pale denizen sliding out from a hole just big enough to fit her lithe body. The two pearlets, male and female, looked at each other, whiskers twitching as the sniffed one another.

Are you all right? The male asked his smaller sister.

Why of course! She answered happily, chirping at being free from her shell. A moment later though, movement caught her eye, turning her whirling gaze toward the people watching them.

Those look strange over there. Are they part of our glint?

The male looked in the direction she was and seemed to regard them all for a moment.

I would suppose so if they are here.

Let's go check them out! And then the little female started for the people watching, moving on he awkward legs as swiftly as she could manage.

I don't see the harm. The male agreed and followed, a bit curious himself about these strange glint members. The female paused a moment to wait for her brother, and then they continued forward together to greet these strange glint-mates.

Hello! I'm pretty sure you're not Pearls like us. But you are interesting. Don't you agree brother? She spoke to both her clutchmate and the people watching them, until something grabbed her attention.

Oh! There's something interesting over this way. Curiosity drove her on, and her brother continued to follow her, though he did take pauses to inspect some of these strange ones.

Oooh, I like this one. She crooned happily, pausing before the male Kalaen to nuzzle against his legs.

I can feel something amazing about you. Your name is Kalaen? I am Nimuevas.
The Lake Lady Pearling
White Pearl

-:- Impressed to -:-
Kelaen (Altreis)
-:- Personality -:-
Expressive, Dutiful, Dependable, Curious, Imaginitive
-:- Final Size -:-
38 ft.

Her brother couldn't agree more with his sister's opinions on these strange ones as he followed her through the crowd. He'd even stopped to inspect someone's shoes for a moment, curious about those things on their fins before moving along.

I find them all quite interesting indeed. However, I think I like this one most. He looked up to Elannel, the young man that had been standing right beside the one that his sister had chosen.

Do you agree, Elannel? He coiled himself around the lad's feet, looking up at him with eyes whirling with wonder. Something tells me we need one another. However, my sister and I need food. Will you come with us?
The Wise Ancient Pearling
Black Pearl

-:- Impressed to -:-
Elannel (Ainokesshou)
-:- Personality -:-
Relaxed, Helpful, Confident, Carefree, Reliable
-:- Final Size -:-
47 ft.
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