Atricis Overall History

Bits of History about the Atricis Area.
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Turn 2048 of Atricis' History
(New & Strengthened Allies - Turn 41)
Autumn - (August 2018)
  • Unbeknownst to Atricis Weyrleaders, Bluerider K'uavaen with the help of Wraithrider Locke, Greenrider K'ten, and Greenrider I'ent, go to Walled Hold to break Grayhandler Isolde and Reshelde free from the Justicar's prison. While there, Locke's plan to end a circle of child slavery rings in Walled is carried out. Kent is killed in the process.
  • At Benden Weyr, the Senior Queen, Linith, rises for the leadership flight at the start of the Turn. Male Zultanite Myrath catches the queen, making Miral the second woman to ever achieve the rank Weyrleader.
  • Gold Lennoth rises and is caught by Bronze Behemoth. She lays a clutch of 18 eggs. Dragon Hatching 70th (NPC)
  • Gold Soquilith rises for another Leadership Flight. In a change of pace, she picks Bronze Mnenomth as her mate, making F'lin the new Weyrleader.
  • White-Gold Cetovas's first clutch hatches. Many of the pearlets impress to those that presented themselves as candidates. Making the Flotilla even stronger.
Winter - (September 2018)
  • Zultanite Lauruth rises for another flight and is caught by Brown Norieth
Spring - (October - November 2018)
  • Zultanite Lauruth lays a clutch of 11 eggs.
Summer - (December 2018 - January 2019 )
  • While visiting Igen Weyr. Chimerarider Daela meets Candidate Doumah. She ends up taking him with her to stand as a candidate at New Atricis. However, no proper channels are gone through for this transfer, causing a strain between Igen and Atricis. Igen candidates are disallowed from transferring for a time after this and Chimerarider Daela is assigned to Opal N'kili's wing for lessons in diplomacy.
  • Gold Soquilith rises for another Leadership flight. Bronze Zenjarth wins, making L'van Weyrleader again. He appoints Bronzerider A'ric as Weyrsecond.
  • Zultanite Lauruth's clutch hatches. 72nd PC Dragon Hatching (OOC Site History: Our first transgender male, Raevin, impresses to the only bronze in the clutch. IC wise it is a victory for all LGBTQ characters.)
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Turn 2049 of Atricis' History
(New & Strengthened Allies - Turn 42)
Autumn - (February - March 2019)
  • The 73rd Dragon Clutch (NPC) of 21 eggs hatches.
  • The 68th Dragon Weyrling Class Graduates.
  • Electrum Gask has her maiden run and is caught by Brown Inggharusk.
  • Gold Andromedath rises and is caught by Brown Elahrairath
  • Female Dominance Season begins for the Daywhers. Black Kivasila maintained her dominance as female alpha.
  • Male Dominance Season begins for the Daywhers. Copper Atumra claimed victory as the new male alpha.
  • The 11th Daywher Clutch (NPC) of 14 eggs hatches.
  • The 27th Wher Clutch (NPC) of 5 eggs hatches, one is a dud.
Winter - (April - May 2019)
  • Rose Dolcekil has her mating run and is caught by Copper Cambys.
  • Igen Weyr suffers the travesty of a devastating earthquake.
  • In a glimmer of light in the dark sorrow of so many lives lost, the remaining of Igen's clutch hatches. (Special adoption Igen Hatchlings are opened to players. New Gold Weyrling Teteakea of Gold Siveynarth)
  • In desperation, two Igen riders come to Atricis to seek help. Igen is still suffering from the quake, but now a sickness is spreading through the ranks.
  • A conclave of Weyrleaders is held at Benden to discuss what should be done with the displaced Igen riders since their own Weyrleaders have chosen to not seek help themselves. It is decided that New Atricis will take the ill and injured riders and dragons as well as any others that cannot find room in another weyr. New Atricis also agreed to take the class of Weyrlings.
  • Over the next several days, New Atricis begins to settle in the refugees from Igen Weyr.
  • The 74th Dragon Clutch (NPC) of 14 eggs hatches.
Spring - (June - July 2019)
  • Waves Song Strikegroup, led by Flotilla Second Omri'vis, find an unknown island whilst out exploring. Plans were made and an invitation was sent throughout the Flotilla and even Atricis Weyr for volunteers who would like to help explore this new island. As soon as everything was ready, the exploration group set out to see what they could find.
Summer - (August - September 2019 )
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