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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Tyriani
Character Number: 3
Character Name: Kasa Kasa'vas
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Spring of 2029)
Ranking Position: White Pearling
Residence: The Flotilla
Origin: Walled Hold
Health: Healthy
Strike Team: N/A
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Apprentice Fisher (Dolphineer)
Critter Lover
People with this ability tend to attract critters to them like bees to honey, and also have a higher skill in caring for a larger number of critters. There are three routes to this item (pick one).
Menolly’s Flute: These people tend to draw ‘lizard pets to them, and are better than others at caring for them and keeping track of them, as well as better at training them. There is a limit of 8 pets with this route, and a max of 3 non-’lizard pets with it.

Bonded Dragonkin: White-Rose Gwyneiravas
Saliar - Father - Journeyman Fisher - b. 2011
Nakasa - Mother - Jounrmeywoman Dolphineer - b. 2010
Obsidian-Amethyst Firelizard/Starlizard Hybrid
#332d1e, #161308, #9a86b4, #6b4799
Haughty, Elegant, Motherly
3.2 Feet
5 (2044)

Play By: Alexandra Daddario

Kasa'vas stands at five feet and eight inches. She seems to think that she is tall, but some people don't think so. She doesn't know who to believe, she just knows that she feels tall. She weighs about one hundred and thirty-four pounds, though most of it is actually muscle. Most of her muscles are hidden, except for those in her legs and arms. These muscles are more defined because of the swimming that she does. Swimming is the best way that she finds to keep herself stay fit and active. Because of her swimming habits, she seems to have a bit of a tan line that shows around where there isn't cloth covering her skin.

This doesn't seem to bug her, until she knows that she has to dress up for something nice and can't over it, then she might freak out a little bit. She has long brown hair that is naturally straight and stops just above her waist line. Her hair is normally laid down and flowing, just because when she goes to swim, it is difficult to get her hair out of the tie that holds it after the swim. She has gray eyes, that can seem blue when the light hits them a certain way, but they are in fact gray. Her skin tone, where the tan line isn't, is that of a fair skinned woman. She wears mainly pant outfits, just because she hates dresses. These outfits though are normally neutral in color, with some kind of pink design to match the color of Gwyneiravas.

Polite: She hates to be mean to people, so being polite is always her first go to. Rudeness is something that she doesn't seem to have a bone in her body for, and it gets shown every day when she talks to someone. This kind of lines with her being a respectful person, because she will do her best to always call someone by their rank. To her, it is only polite to call them by the rank that they have earned. She will call people "ma'am" and "sir" and she will always wait until someone is done talking before she speaks. She doesn't like to talk over others, for she thinks that it is rude and very impolite.

Water Lover: Ever since she was younger, she loved water. She didn't have to be in it, but that was always a bonus. She doesn't like to drink juice or alcohol really, just mainly water. She feels that the water makes you stay healthier. But she loves to swim, especially with Gwyneiravas. She can't be underwater as long as the Pearl, but she does love to test her limits to see about being able to stay under just a little bit longer each time. Needless to say though, that when she isn't doing chores or drills, she is by the water, either talking with Gwyneiravas or just floating on the surface.

Patient: She will wait forever for something that she wants. She feels like she was just the right amount of patient and that was why Gwyneiravas chose her. She doesn't want to feel rushed, and she figures that if she doesn't want to feel that way, neither does someone else. She knows that waiting patiently for someone will make her late, but she figures that it doesn't matter if the job still gets done. But, there is a limit to her patience, and if you make her wait longer than an hour, she will go and attempt to hunt you down.

Overly Cautious: She doesn't like to rush head first into things, it scares her. She wants to be sure that nothing will go wrong. She wants to be sure that there is an escape route. Frankly, she just wants to feel safe and not like she is about to walk into a trap or anything. She doesn't want anyone to get hurt, so she tends to carry more things on her to make sure that she can help. Her cautiousness will more than likely get people mad at her, just because she will constantly be asking questions. She will want to be sure that she has all of the information that she needs, to be sure that things will go as smoothly as they can.

Impulsive: Even though she tends to be overly cautious, she can be impulsive. This mainly happens with things that she knows though, unless something super shiny, as she likes to call it, shows up in front of her face. Her impulses can go toward adventures or someone new to talk to. There are moments when she will just do what she wants to do, but then her cautious nature will kick in and she will feel instantly horrible and want to reverse things.

Nervous: When it comes to talking to new people, she will be nervous. She can stutter but it depends mainly on how nervous she gets. The bigger the crowd, the more nervous she is. When she is nervous, it can be hard and easy to tell. The easiest way to tell, and hear, if she is nervous, is when she starts to stutter. But if she sin't stuttering, you can figure it out by how she starts to either fiddle with her hair, or her fingernails.

2029, 0: Kasa was born to Saliar and Nakasa at Walled Hold. Her father was a Journeyman Fisher, while her mother was a Journeyman Dolphineer. Her love for water started to show nearly right away, with her always wanting to go with one of them to their craft, just so that she could be near the water.

2037, 8: One day, she was with her mother and they saw a dolphin come to the shore. This intrigued Kasa, and it made her open up to her mother on the fact that she now wanted to become a Dolphineer just like her. After that day, she mainly went with her mother to the craft hall, just so that she could be shown more of what she was wanting to become.

2039, 10: After two turns of following her mother around, she was formally invited to become an Apprentice Dolphineer. Kasa gladly and quickly took the offer and she was able to start her first official day as an apprentice the day after her name day.

2041, 12: Life seemed to take a bit of a...different change. A searchrider came to Walled Hold and when Kasa was on her way to the hall for the day, she was searched for New Atricis Weyr. She knew what this meant, and she knew that the Weyr was still somewhat new, but she didn't know what to think on it. She went with the rider, with the hopes of being able to learn new things and perhaps help.

2044, 15: For some reason, while Kasa was doing her chores one day, a person came to her and gave her an egg. They said that they had too many critters as it was and couldn't handle another one, and Kasa was the first person they saw that morning who didn't have a critter. She took the egg and waited for it to hatch. From it came a Firelizard/Starlizard hybrid. She named the Obsidian-Amethyst 'lizard Prophet. She thought this was fitting, for perhaps her receiving of the 'lizard was a sign of something to come. Prophet started to love on Kasa as if Kasa was a baby of her own and Kasa adored her Obsidian-Amethyst coloring.

2046, 17: After standing for dragon and wher hatchings for five turns, she wasn't liking it. It wasn't that things were violent, no, the dragons and whers just didn't seem to appeal to her. So when she heard of a new dragonkin, Pearl, was found and it seemed to be a water dragon, it didn't take her long to make a decision. She went to the Pearl Candidate Master and petitioned to become a Pearl Candidate. She was excited when she was approved and moved to the Flotilla to start the new candidate lessons of being a Pearl Candidate.

2048, 19 Two turns of lessons had come and gone, and one Pearl hatching as well. She wasn't chosen at the first hatching, but it didn't bug her, she was patient enough to wait for her time. So when the second Pearl hatching came around, that was when she had met her match. She impressed to the young White Gwyneiravas. As she watched that hatchling bounce around happy to play, it made Kasa happy. But there was a moment that she didn't expect, and that was for the young hatchling to choose her. Would you like to play with me? I think we'd get along pretty well. I could be wrong, but I don't know...I think I'm right. The name is Gwyneiravas. Kasa is now known as Kasa'vas and she is loving her new life as a Pearling.

Give a new or existing character a Hybrid Egg or an already hatched Hybrid Lizard. Almost completely indistinguishable from a starlizard or firelizard egg, within this egg resides a hybrid lizard from the rare pairing of a starlizard and a firelizard. The color combination of the hybrid within will be randomized.
450 Marks (Using 1 Item 1,000 Marks or less)
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Name: Gwyneiravas
Color: White-Rose
Color Code: #e9c1d9 / #b25486 / #765667
Age: 1 Turn (Polent 17, 2048)
Size: 39 ft. || Slender Class
Status: Pearling
Sonar Expert
Like a number of marine creatures, Pearls partially navigate the waters through echolocation, enabling them to navigate when it’s too dark to see light or the water it too murky to see through. With this ability, a Pearl’s echolocation is stronger, enabling them to “see” through it better and faster than others.

Extra Armor
While all Pearls possess a natural armor made of hard scales, Pearls with this ability have scales that are even harder. With this ability, a Pearl’s scaled hide is even more impervious to being pierced, scratched, or harmed in any other way.

Patient: Gwyneiravas seems to be just as patient as Kasa'vas, but perhaps she is a bit more patient. She knows that everyone will show up at some point, others just need a bit more time. She doesn't always agree with Kasa'vas when she goes to hunt someone down after an hour of waiting, but there is nothing that she can really do on the matter. But she will always be the one to happily sit on the sidelines and wait for her partner or Kasa'vas, just because she doesn't want anyone to be harmed by trying to rush.

Curious: While Kasa'vas is overly cautious, Gwyneiravas is curious. She wants to learn new things all the time, and she loves to just go right up to something and ask questions. She knows that this bugs Kasa'vas, but she isn't going to go against her nature to do something. Instead, Gwyneiravas will ask the questions from the safety by Kasa'vas, but they will still be asked. Shiny new objects will always be looked at up close though, no matter what Kasa'vas wants or thinks.

Playful: She loves to play, and sometimes maybe a bit too much. She is almost like a giant kid when it comes to her playful nature. She likes to think that by playing, she is making new friends, even if the other person or dragonkin isn't playing. Sometimes, she might be a bit playful at the wrong time and get scolded, but she does know how to tone it down, most of the time.

Imaginative: Her imagination will go wild, especially when Kasa'vas tells her stories. She likes to try and think up what new things would look like before she sees them. Her imagination helps her with creating her won stories at the same time, because to her, it is the best way to think of something new. She likes to picture everything in her mind, and if she and Kasa'vas don't have pictures for them, she will create her own.

Timid: No matter the front that she puts up, she will still shy away from things that scare her. She can be easily scared by some things, especially new things that prove to not be friendly. Her curious nature can be trumped by her timidness, but it really just depends on how scary the new thing looks from afar. But her timidness also affects the courage that she wants to think that she has, or even her confidence. She tends to have neither courage or confidence and she relies a bit on Kasa'vas for those things.

When Gwyneiravas first hatched, she was all white and gray. The top of her body was pure white, while the lower part of her body was gray with little white spots all over her. This white spot pattern kind of made it look like there was a little blizzard constantly falling upon her hide. But one thing that seemed to differentiate her from her brother's and sister's was her harder scales. They weren't too hard yet at such a young age, but they were still just a bit harder than normal.

But when she started to get her undertone, they gray on her hide mostly let, except to the gray on her under belly. Most of it was replaced with a slightly dark rose color, giving her this almost purple sheen on her hide. Her scales got harder, as if she was getting extra armor from them. When things would hit against her hide, she wouldn't get scratches or injuries as fast as her brother's and sisters.

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