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..:: Basics ::..
Character Name:
Rey'vas [Reyzia]
Nicknames: "Rey" or "Zia" or "Zii"


22 turns
[Born turn 2028]

Ranking Position:
Pearl Candidate

The New Atricis Flotilla

Old Atricis Weyr


Strike Group:

..:: Skills & Abilities ::..
Level of Craft:
Journeywoman Weaver

People with this ability seem to be generally liked or adored by all dragons and dragonkin. Dragons will often bespeak these people willingly, though they are not HADs, so a person cannot hear the dragons unless they speak directly to that person. Restriction in its use with Menolly's Flute and Brekke's Grace.
This ability counts as 1 point

This item gives a character the ability to level up faster in their craft of choice at least one/two Turns before they should. It has does not give the user a higher talent in skill, in fact most seem to do somewhat well but no where near excellent. Restriction in it's use with Lessa's Gaze and Sebell's Charm.
This item counts as 1 point

Sport Preference
..:: Relationships ::..
Sexual & Romantic Orientation:
Demi-pansexual | Demi-panromantic

Bonded Dragonkin:

Shreya of Pewter Naseith [Mother, 2004-]
E’zian of Bronze Belenuth [Father, 1993-2034]
Aunts and Cousins from her father’s side she does not know
Gynevra [Foster Mother, 2006-2034]
Danail [Foster Father, ]
Torstein [Foster Brother, 2030-]
Therasia [Foster Sister, 2032-]


Brown Firelizard Callum
Witty | Self-conscious | Particular | Woolgatherer
The brown has an idea of the world and what he wants, and fully expects his owner to understand it. He likes things a very particular way, whether it is a certain food or a specific kind of pet. If his owner fails to interpret his intention, then this brown tends succumb to a rather sour mood, until either the matter is rectified or forgotten.
..:: Appearance ::..

Alba Galocha

Brown, thick, medium/short length


Lightly tanned


Average, Skinny



When she lived in the Weyr, Reyzia sported long dark brown hair and pale skin. When she moved to the Flotilla, she cut her hair above her shoulders and started spending more time in the sun. While she still does have a light skintone, she is developing a tan suited to someone leaving in a coastal home. In an overall sense, she is rather average with her brown hair, brown eyes and even her height. However, Reyzia is graced with a pretty face that she clearly inherited from her mother.

In detail, Reyzia has a roundish heart shaped face, giving her a lot of freedom on hair choices, which was probably why cutting it all off wasn’t a hard transition for her. She has a tapered chin but a defined jawline that gives her an almost elegant look. Her cheekbones are a little bite wider than her jaw and beautifully defined. Her forehead doesn’t taper much, but is on the smaller side, making her able to either cover or uncover her forehead without worry of how big it might look.

Below her forehead, on her brow, she has slightly slanted eyebrows that are dark above her eyes, but wonderfully shaped, even if some might think they are a little thick. Her eyes themselves are an almond shape and a brown color rather than the amber of her mother’s eyes. Her lips are a bit on the fuller side, especially her bottom lip which tapers a little, making her general lip shape seem more heart shaped and kind of cute.

Naturally, Reyzia has more pale skin, but thanks to her father’s genetics, she can tan a little better than her mother has ever been able to. Thanks to that, her time at the flotilla is giving her a light tan as she spends more time on the beach and in the sun. For now, Reyzia also sports very few scars save for a few small ones on her hands here and there from little accidents during weaver training. Her overall body is on the slender side, giving her a slender neck and shoulders, with thin arms and legs. She has an overall straight, banana body shape, but, to her dismay once upon a time, Reyzia is pretty flat chested. Most other women have larger chests than she does, and while she was in her early teens she kept her hair long because she was afraid of being mistaken for a young boy with how little her chest was developing. Now, she has learned to live with it, and doesn’t mind her flat chest.
..:: Personality ::..


Independent | Rebellious | Unbridled | Focused
“No, I wanna do it myself,” was a common phrase from Rey when she was young, often testing the patience of adults around her with her insistence on doing anything and everything on her own. Her foster mother learned quick that it was best to let her try and do it, however long it took her, offering only as much help as she would allow. While Rey has mostly grown out of the downright stubborn independence of a young child, she no less values her independence greatly as a young adult. For her, being able to do things herself is important, and even more important is feeling like she’s made a decision for herself outside of what anyone else pressures or expects of her. She doesn’t let expectations dictate her decisions, and isn’t necessarily a crowd follower just for the sake of fitting in or avoiding conflict.

However, this independent spirit combined with the pressures put on her by her mother has birthed a rebellious individual. While she does know how to listen and do as she’s told, she’s very particular about who tells her and how they do. People with definite authority, such as someone with well defined authority over her position she is likely to listen to and obey. However, even then she will sometimes rebel against those individuals if she feels they lack respect for others or act as if their authority also means they should never be questioned. Sometimes she will outright refuse to do as she’s told, but in many situations that meet the criteria, she will do the opposite of what she’s told quite deliberately as if to spite the person. This is likely born from her relationship with her mother where she was outright pressured by her mother to become a dragonrider, so she avoided candidacy in response.

While there is a bit of passive aggressiveness in how Rey can rebel against people, she really isn’t a passive aggressive person all around. She isn’t afraid of direct confrontation, and isn’t afraid to let her feelings about something directly known by telling them outright. “What you see is what you get” is generally quite true with Rey, as she is forthright with her feelings and opinions, and generally isn’t the sort to keep facets of herself hidden. In general she has decided early on that she wanted people to know her fully and like her for all of her and not just the parts they like best, and so she is perhaps one of the least secretive people around, wearing her heart on her sleeve and often being easy to read as well due to not really being able to fully hide her emotions, even when she’s trying to.

Rebellious and Independent isn’t all there is to Rey, however. One of her strengths is her ability to focus. In fact, Rey is generally a very focused person, pouring all of her attention into whatever task is at hand until it is complete, or at the least to a point where she can easily stop to continue later if need be. This is likely what enabled her to learn so quickly in the Weaving craft, focusing on her instructions so that she understood and grasped everything fairly quick since she didn’t miss information. This focus also extends to socializing. When talking with someone or listening to them, she gives them her attention and doesn’t let her focus wander to other things. She tends to make people feel truly paid attention to because she doesn’t wander or give off the impression of disinterest by doing other things. If someone talks to her, she pays attention. However, this does make it hard for Rey to focus on multiple things at once, and she really doesn’t do well with trying to do work and talking at the same time and can easily become frustrated when people expect her to.


..:: Biography ::..
The North
Turn 2028 - 2033
  • Reyzia is born in the summer that turn. Being the product of Flight lust between two riders, she is placed in the creche to a woman named Gynevra. Reyzia is Gynevra’s first child she is fully responsible for and she is happy and eager to do right by this little child.
  • Gynevra is put in charge of the care of a baby boy named Torstein when Reyzia is two. At two turns old, she is at first curious about the new baby, but she becomes jealous of the attention he receives and goes through a phase where she regresses in development for a short period. With Gynevra’s encouragement, she learns to accept Torstein.
  • In turn 2031, Reyzia meets Pewterrider Shreya, her birth mother, for the first time. After this first meeting, her mother visits her in the creche regularly. This turn also holds her earliest memory of her birth father, Bronzerider E’zian, though it is just a vague recollection of his bronze, as it was the first time she interacted directly with a dragon.
  • Turn 2032, Gynevra takes on Torstein’s baby sister, Therasia, after she’s born. Reyzia handles the new baby better this time, even if she does suffer from some jealousy early on. This time the phase of jealousy is over sooner and she’s more easily reasoned with about baby Therasia.
  • During her first few turns of life, many things happen to the Weyr, including the first Opal/Pyrite twins being hatched, Weyrwoman Kharua passing away, Solange becoming Weyrwoman, Pyriterider Elwyn murdering a Lord Holder and escaping execution, the transfer of Queenrider Aizlin from Benden Weyr, and even Aizlin becoming Weyrwoman. However, being just a baby and young child through all this turmoil, she isn’t aware of any of it really in the long run and lives rather normally in the creche under the care of Gynevra.
  • Reyzia’s mother leaves for the South with the Expedition. Reyzia says goodbye, but it doesn’t really sink in until later what that goodbye meant. Reyzia isn’t too upset about her mother’s lack of visiting in the creche though, mostly just asking about it once in a while.
  • Later in 2033 the hatching sands collapses fully. Reyzia wasn’t present in the sands at the time, but the sheer crashing sound that rattled the Weyr and the aftermath leaves her scared of going anywhere near the hatching sands or even going to Isil’s hatching sands when hatchings happen there. Over time her anxiety over hatching sands fades though.
Turn 2034
  • In turn 2034, shortly before Reyzia’s 6th nameday, the kitchens collapse. Reyzia and Torstein are caught in the collapse, but are saved by Greenrider T’eo, who gives his life for them. Therasia was, luckily, at the creche, but Gynevra had died in the collapse. The three children are reassigned to a new foster parent, an older man named Danail. Given his experience, he is able to handle the traumatized children well.
  • Reyzia is told her father died in the collapse. Given she is young and didn’t know him well, she isn’t sure how to feel about it while dealing with the rest of her trauma at such a young age. This is where Reyzia’s unease inside caves forms, it being a full on fear at this stage, making it hard for her to live within the Weyr.
  • Shreya visits from the South for a period to check up on Reyzia after the collapse, but her time at the Weyr is brief as she has to return to the South soon after. Reyzia suffers from separation anxiety, and her mother’s departure for the South isn’t without crying and screaming. It’s Danail that manages to calm her down enough for Shreya to leave, but for a while after, Reyzia acts out and sometimes cries for Gynevra. Danail handles her and the other two acting out against him well though, and does everything he can to help the children through this trying time.
  • Arrival of survivors from the sudden Isil Flooding doesn’t help ease Reyzia’s and her foster siblings’ anxieties about everything going on with their home. For Reyzia it’s not the wherhandlers or their whers, its what brought them to the Weyr directly. Reyzia actually has no problems with the whers, generally leaving them alone during the day, and when she does run across any, they seem to be happy, or at least accepting of her presence.
The South
Turn 2035
  • Reyzia and her siblings don’t handle the move South well, still suffering from their trauma over the kitchen collapse, it is a difficult transition for them, but Danail stays stalwart in caring for the children.
  • Like with many of the cracheworkers dealing with the adjustment period, Danail keeps as much about the murders and execution of a dragonrider from his foster children as he can, not wanting to increase their anxieties with more tragedy. Reyzia manages to go through these events without really knowing about it.
  • Reyzia attends the 36th Dragon Hatching as a spectator with her mother, Shreya. “It’s almost a shame you aren’t old enough to have stood with a Queen on the sands. You’ll stand one day though, and maybe there will be a Queen then too.” It is Reyzia’s first memory of her mother’s expectations for her.
Turn 2036-2039
  • Between turns 2036 and 2037 a lot happens politically in the Weyr. However, Reyzia is too young for much of it to really have an affect on her, as she is just at that age where she fails to understand how it really affects her personally and so puts a lot of what she hears out of her mind. It helps that she is finally settling into the South and moving on from Gynevra’s death.
  • The next few turns finds Reyzia and her mother connecting better and developing a good relationship. Reyzia enjoys her time with her mother, and looks forward to their time together.
  • Reyzia also really bonds with Danail during these turns as well, seeing him as a true father to her.
  • When Reyzia turns 11, her mother starts talking to her a lot about her future as a dragon candidate. Though Reyzia likes watching the dragon hatchings, she isn’t really sure she wants to enter dragon candidacy but doesn’t voice this to her mother, not wanting to disappoint her or hurt their relationship.
Turn 2039
  • This turn is a quieter turn for the Weyr, though there are a lot of hatchings. Reyzia is more interested in the daywher hatchings than the dragon hatchings, but she keeps this from her mother as her mother continues to show her excitement for the day Reyzia can stand for dragons.
  • A day after her nameday, Reyzia admits that she isn’t sure she wants to join dragon candidacy as soon as she’s of age. Shreya is confused, but doesn’t press it, clearly sure her daughter will come around by next turn.
  • Reyzia watches the 48th Dragon Hatching from the stands with her mother. Her mother makes several comments during the hatching that make it clear she expects Reyzia will stand eventually. Reyzia leaves feeling guilty and upset.
  • Reyzia goes to watch the 5th Daywher Hatching. When she voices her interest in maybe bonding to one, her mother snaps with, “How can you want to bond to these and not dragons?”
Turn 2040
  • ”If you keep stalling you’ll miss your chance to stand before you know it and you’ll regret it.” “How could you not want to bond to a dragon? You could even Impress a Pewter like me if you tried.” “Why don’t you just try it?” Those are some of the things Reyzia’s mother says to her during the 50th Dragon Hatching.
  • When the Walled Hold Hatching happens, the story is very much the same, with her mother being a little more direct, leaving Reyzia shrugging a lot when her mother questions why she hasn’t joined candidacy yet. This is the last hatching that Reyzia goes to with her mother.
  • Reyzia starts to sometimes avoid her mother outright, hiding around the Weyr, but finding it hard to completely hide.
Turn 2041
  • After skipping the 51st Dragon Hatching, when her mother finds her afterward and questions why she wasn’t there to watch, Reyzia just says she wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s clear her mother doesn’t understand and leaves angry, leaving Reyzia feeling angry as well.
  • After telling her mother she was sick and couldn’t watch the 52nd Dragon Hatching, she actually does attend to watch a friend stand. After the hatching, when Reyzia goes to help console her friend who was left standing, Reyzia is caught by her mother. Her mother is angry at being lied to. Reyzia and her mother argue publicly, yelling at one another until her mother storms off with her fists clenched in anger.
  • Danail finds Reyzia crying and tries to coax her to talk to him, knowing what it was about as he saw the fight with her mother. Reyzia breaks down and tells him that she doesn’t want to be a dragon candidate or a dragonrider but her mother wants her to. Danail is supportive and there for her, telling her to not do something just because her mother wants her to do it. “I didn’t want to become a dragonrider either, but my father didn’t understand. Still, I’m happy that I didn’t stand just because my father wanted me to. I’ve found my happiness with you and your foster siblings and the other creche children. This is where I’m happy. You need to find what makes you happy and pursue that.”
  • One day while hanging around the daywher complex, she catches sight of her mother’s dragon coming toward her. Afraid her mother is coming, Reyzia bolts into and hides in the crafter complex. She learns after this that the Crafter Complex is a good place to hide from her mother, and can be found there often.
  • One day Reyzia is mistaken for a Weaver apprentice and made to help with some of the cloth dying. Though it isn’t easy and it leaves her hands stained, Reyzia goes back to the crafter complex out of curiosity, going to the Weaver hall to see and learn more about the craft.
  • After going there several times over several sevendays, Reyzia finds herself an apprenticeship with some of the local Weavers, and they even give her knots to show her apprenticeship is official she she mentions her mother wouldn’t believe her.
Turn 2042
  • Reyzia starts avoiding every dragon hatching and subsequent feasts in order to stay away from her mother and her pressuring and guilt tripping.
  • Reyzia helps with some of the siimpler work fit for an apprentice for the hatching uniforms for the daywher candidates. This rekindles her interest in daywhers.
  • Reyzia later attends the 9th Daywher hatching, and considers asking the candidatemaster about joining Daywher candidacy afterwards. That is thwarted, however, when her mother confronts her during the hatching.
  • ”I don’t understand! Why are you always at these hatchings?” “I dunno, I just like the daywhers,” Reyzia answered, only to earn further ire from her mother. “How can you like these beasts when you could have a dragon?!” For some reason, Reyzia is hurt by her mother’s statement, and the two are escorted from the hatching as they begin to fight before their argument affects the hatching. Reyzia is angry at her mother for making her miss the rest of the daywher hatching, but also feels defeated enough to not seek out candidacy like she had been thinking of doing.
  • One day Reyzia’s mother shows up with her dragon and tells her to get her things together. “The Candidatemaster is expecting you, I told her you were too afraid to join yourself so we talked and she wants to meet with you.” Reyzia balks at this, and it starts another fight between them. Her mother storms off again. Reyzia is left with so much frustration and anger she doesn’t know how to handle it and winds up breaking her toe when she kicks a large rock in her anger.
  • Danail tries to give her his support, being there for Reyzia and encouraging to make the choices that will make her happy, even thoug her mother’s actions hurt her now. He promises to be there for her as much as he can.
  • Most of Reyzia’s meetings with her mother are either her mother trying to pressure her into candidacy, or arguments, or sometimes both. Reyzia starts to avoid her mother more than before.
  • Reyzia continues her apprenticeship with the local Weavers, using it as an escape from her mother and her expectations as the resident Master Weaver kicks Reyzia’s mother out of the hall when she comes to interfere with her apprenticeship.
Turn 2043
  • While the rumors and news about the sea creatures and what happened with recent Escort and Scouting missions interest Reyzia, being still somewhat young and not directly involved there isn’t much she does other than listens to the news.
  • Though not particularly talented, Reyzia does show an aptitude for learning the Weaver craft, and grasps concepts and remembers lessons well. Some of the other Weavers are impressed with her ability to learn so quickly.
  • With no Daywhers Running or Hatching that turn, Reyzia never joins Daywher Candidacy, instead focusing on her craft learning.
  • However, she can’t always avoid her mother, and their meetings never end well at this point, with the two arguing and Reyzia even sometimes outright walking away from her mother and ignoring her at this point.
  • It isn’t easy on Reyzia though, but the support she receives from Danail makes her feel closer to him. As her relationship with her mother gets more strained, her relationship with Danail gets stronger, even though she as at an age where she doesn’t really need him to be her foster father anymore.

Turn 2044
  • Reyzia is just as shocked as everyone else in the Weyr when Walled Gold Phoenith suddenly appears then betweens. Wondering what’s going on, she goes to the Yard where the Queen was and sees a Golden egg hatching. She also catches her mother’s hopeful gaze and becomes worried that the Gold is going to come for her. Luckily, the young Queen chooses one of the candidates instead, but Reyzia isn’t able to escape her mother afterwards.
  • ”I’ve barely seen you for months Reyzia! What’s going on?” “Seriously mother? Stop pretending you don’t know what’s going on. Everytime I see you you just try to convince me to become a dragonrider ‘just like you,’” she finished in a mocking tone. Unable to help herself. “Being a dragonrider is better than a dayhandler! There’s more respect for one. I don’t understand what you see in those weird whers.” “They’re more than you give them credit for. I gotta go, I’ve got to get to the Weaver hall.” Reyzia ignores her mother all the way back, but does feel bad for her mother’s dragon Naseith, who apologizes to Reyzia for his rider’s behavior.
  • Later that turn, Reyzia is one of the many that attends the feast for peace with the “new” Pearls. While she has always been well liked or at least tolerated by all dragonkin, Reyzia is completely taken with the friendly sea dragons and enjoys her time at the feast so much that she is sad when it’s over and she has to return home.
  • Reyzia steals away to the coast with the Pearls as much as she can, though that isn’t often given her age, lack of her own transportation, and her apprenticeship. The rare times she is able to get to the coast, it’s only thanks to the people currently residing on the coast with the Pearls and those going to and fro to help them.

Turn 2045
  • Despite her new interest in the Pearls, Reyzia still goes to view the 10th Daywher Hatching. She sees her mother try and enter the crowd, but some the the daywhers remember her mother causing a commotion before and don’t let her in, letting Reyzia watch the hatching without incident. She is amazed at the new colors to show in the clutch.
  • She is pretty excited about the news that comes to the Weyr about the clutch of Pearls that the Weyr has been invited to watch hatch.
  • Teh day before her 17th nameday, Reyzia is given Journeyman knots as a Weaver. She can’t believe they are giving her the opportunity so soon, but the Weavers insist she has learned fast and is more than ready to no longer be an apprentice.
  • Reyzia’s dragon candidate friend convinces her to go to the 62nd Dragon Hatching to watch them stand. After some convincing, she agrees and she goes in among a group of spectators to keep her tenacious mother from spotting her, though she’s nervous about a few ‘lizards coming to her in greeting will give her away. Luckily, the hatching goes without incident for Reyzia.
  • As expected, Reyzia is one of many to go to the Pearl hatching. She and her dragon candidate friend go to watch. There is surprise and amazement when the Pearlets begin to Impress to those watching, and Reyzia is a little disappointed when she isn’t one chosen.
  • Weyrwoman Eavan announces her transfer to Evanoria Weyrhold to give the young hold a Queen and help solidify ties between the two establishments. She is one to watch the Queens afterward, but it isn’t long until Soquilith Rises, naming Safryn the next Weyrwoman of New Atricis Weyr. She is encouraged by the change in Weyrwoman when L’van is chosen to be Weyrleader, seeing as he was already established in the role before.
  • The Evanoria Gather happens, and Reyzia attends with her foster family so she doesn’t have to go alone since she really isn’t on speaking terms with her mother right now. She has a great time.

Turn 2046
  • Reyzia has another meeting with her mother on her way to the Weaver hall. The two argue, her mother trying to “understand” why she doesn’t want to be a dragon candidate, as well as upset her daughter didn’t tell her she had made Journeyman. “It’s because you only care about what you want me to do,” she snaps at her mother.” “Because I know better. You will regret it if you don’t at least try dragon candidacy,” she insisted, causing Reyzia to throw up her hands in exasperation. “It always goes back to dragon candidacy with you, no matter how much I tell you I. Don’t. Want to!” Reyzia storms into the Weaver hall and the argument is over.
  • Through much of this turn, Reyzia watches hatchings, and works in the Weaver hall, continuing to learn as a Journeywoman as well as doing some work for the local hall as well. Reyzia particularly starts to do a lot of work on trying to design practical clothes and uniforms for the still new Pearlriders, loving how often her work takes her to the coast.
  • One day, when she’s spending a bit of time with Danail he asks her why she doesn’t just move to the coast since a settlement is being built there. She admits she doesn’t want to leave the Weyr because she doesn’t want to leave him with her mother still being so insistent. Danail tries to convince her to think about what would make her happiest and not to stick around somewhere she isn’t truly happy just because of him or her mother. Reyzia thinks about it for a while.

Turn 2047
  • Much of this turn is filled with Reyzia’s weaver work and avoiding her mother’s neverending pressures. Not much of particular interest happens for her for much of this turn and Reyzia falls into a regular routine day to day before she realizes it.
  • Things change when Reyzia has another conversation turned argument with her mother. Tired of her mother’s stubbornness and selfishness and wanting to prove to her mother just how serious she is about not becoming a dragon candidate, Reyzia leaves the Weyr a sevenday later after bidding goodbye to Danail, her foster siblings, and her friends. Her mother finds out through a message left on her apartment door the day Reyzia left and she doesn’t detail where she is going to her mother, but does say she’s going to finally enter a candidacy she has chosen for herself, rather than candidacy her mother expected of her. A braid of her cut hair is left for dramatic effect.
  • In early summer, Reyzia moves to the Flotilla, opening the next chapter of her life.
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2 Turns
[Hatched Polent 17, 2048]

47 ft. feet
[Bulk Class]



Adventurous | Efficient | Disorganized | Witty | Submissive

"Perhaps Dalfonvis wasn't the most striking of pearlings that had hatched, but no one will argue that with the arrival of his adult overtone he has swiftly become one of the most stunning and head turning pearls in the glint. It's almost as if sunlight has somehow managed to shine through the rain droplets that cover his scales to create a rainbow effect from nose to tail tip. His frills are, hands down, the most brilliant in the stunning reds, blues, and royal purples."
Hatching: 2nd Pearl Hatching
Dame: White Cetovas
Sire: Black Mohovis & Cthuvis

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