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In here, any an all characters, from humans the dragonkin, current and deceased, can be found inside this forum. Character creation guidelines and profile templates can also be found in here in the main section of the forum. In the main section of the forum in here is where you post your characters for approval.
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Over the years, the use of play-bys has become quite popular on Atricis, creating the need for an official play-by list to keep things neat, organized, and fair. For those not sure, play-bys are often actors, models, celebrities, or other people that players choose to represent their character's appearance. On Atricis, play-bys are generally regarded as an idea of the appearance of a character, though play-bys can be the literal look of the character if desired. Because it can sometimes be just a general idea though, it is always good to check character profiles for certain physical traits to be sure instead of assuming the play-by is the 100% representation of the character.

Play-by Guidelines
--+ Play-bys can only be claimed for current PC characters.
--+ Not yet created characters cannot claim play-bys
--+ WIPs cannot have play-bys claimed until the profile is complete and ready for review.
--+ If a character is NPCed, killed off, or taken out of play some other way, their claimed play-by will be removed from the list after an appropriate amount of time has passed as deemed by the staff.
--+ NPCs can have unofficial play-bys, but they will not be included in the list below
--+ More than one character may use the same play-by if all involved players are ok with it (keep in mind, the person who first claimed the play-by can choose to not want to share the play-by)

Please post your characters face claims below in the following format.Thanks!

Code: Select all

PB Last name, First name ~ Character rank & Name [i](username)[/i]
Lefevre, Rachelle ~ Goldrider Aizlin (Marvealle)
Updated 08/08/18

A -- E
  • Ackles, Jensen ~ Quartzhandler Talen (Kate)
  • Adjani, Isabelle ~ Brownrider Inez (shai)
  • Aiko, Jhene ~ Opalrider Ari (Marvealle)
  • Andrews, Julie ~ Zultaniterider Aranrod (Ainokesshou)
  • Annabelle, Odette ~ Candidate Kyrielle (Talonflame)
  • Armitage, Richard ~ Bronzerider P'dren (Lanni)
  • Atwell, Hayley ~ Goldrider Rhianwen (Linnea)
  • Barnes, Ben ~ Bronzerider D'aen (Talonflame)
  • Bennet, Chloe ~ Pyriterider Nizhoni (Lanni)
  • Bell, Jamie ~ Green Dayhandler Esca - Deceased (Parker)
  • Belucci, Monica ~ Dragonhealer Shihei (Slasher)
  • Bomer, Matt ~ Chimera Handler Dyven (Kate)
  • Bonheur, Yannick ~ Pearlrider Elan'vis (Ainokesshou)
  • Brodie-Sangster, Thomas ~ Quartzhandler Najden (Parker)
  • Butler, Gerard ~ Bluerider Fr'an (Shiftergirl)
  • Buzolic, Nathaniel ~ Blackhandler Darrow (Parker)
  • Cavill, Henry ~ Pewterrider K'rios (Ember)
  • Claflin, Sam ~ Daywher Candidate Alastair (Ember)
  • Cohan, Lauren ~ Garnetrider Finn (Ember)
  • Cohen, Matt ~ Opalrider J'on (Ember)
  • Collins, Misha ~ Brownrider C'sian (Parker)
  • Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj ~ Bronzerider D'kellen (Ember)
  • Cumberbatch, Benedict ~ Greenrider So'cles (Parker)
  • Dancy, Hugh ~ Wraithrider Locke (Parker)
  • Daugherty, Brant ~ Wher Candidate Feraliss (Ember)
  • Dawson, Rosario ~ Greenrider Xarria (Linnea)
  • Day, Felicia ~ Bloodhandler Naia (Marvealle)
  • de Ravin, Emilie ~ Garnetrder Alassiel (Talonflame)
  • D'hoore, Valentin ~ Sportrider R'fael (Slasher)
  • Dormer, Natalie ~ Wherless Sterling (Marvealle)
  • Duchovny, David ~ Dualhandler Rhea (Linnea)
  • Elba, Idris ~ Agatehandler Kelajosidran (Ember)
  • Elthalion, Jacey ~ Bluerider K'uavaen (Kate)]
F -- J
  • Fisher, Carrie ~ Wherhandler Aeriva (Ainokesshou)
  • Ford, Harrison ~ Pearlrider Sol'vis (Ainokesshou)
  • Foy, Mackenzie ~ Apprentice Harper Rina (Linnea)
  • Gadot, Gal ~ Zultaniterider Dirce (Ember)
  • Garfield, Andrew ~ Rosehandler Inakil (Marvealle)
  • Gregg, Clark ~ Candidate Careus (Ainokesshou)
  • Hamann, Andre ~ Brownrider D'ante (Ember)
  • Hartnett, Josh ~ Grayhandler Halian (Lanni)
  • Hayek, Salma ~ Opalrider N'kili (shai)
  • Hedlund, Garrett ~ Prismhandler Corbin (Parker)
  • Hemsworth, Chris ~ Brownrider V'ric (Ember)
  • Hemsworth, Liam ~ Bronzerider A'ric (Kate)
  • Hoechlin, Tyler ~ Pewterider Var'n (Ainokesshou)
  • Hunnam, Charlie ~ Jouneyman Cataren (Ember)
  • Irons, Jeremy ~ Bronzerider L'van (Ember)
  • James, Bradley ~ Pearlrider Omri'vis (Fawkes)
  • Jordan, Michael B. ~ Candidate Tovrik (Sagittarius)
  • Jones, Shirley ~ Journeyman Harper Strimian (Ainokesshou)
K -- O
  • Kato, Ai ~ Greenrider Tovalia (Marvealle)
  • Kay, Dominic Scott ~ Zultaniterider Keetin (Altreis)
  • Kitt, Eartha ~ Greenrider Cehrazad (Ainokesshou)
  • Kovalenko, Alina ~ Pearlrider Lolena'vas (Marvealle)
  • Krasinsky, John ~ Bronzerider F'lin (Parker)
  • Kuroki, Meisa ~ Candidate Saelle (Talonflame)
  • Lawless, Lucy ~ Sporthandler Solonia (Marvealle)
  • Lohan, Lindsey ~ Greenrider Maleynova (Dragon)
  • Mensah, Peter ~ Bronzehandler Inggharudube (LdyPayne)
  • Meyer, Dina ~ Brownrider Ay'li (Fawkes)
  • Mikkelsen, Mads ~ Brownrider Mul'rec (shai)
  • Momoa, Jason ~ Pearlrider Koda'vis (Ember)
  • Muraoka, Hideo ~ Metalhandler Elias (Marvealle)
  • Murray, Devon ~ Brownrider Pellist (Ainokesshou)
  • Newman, Ryan ~ Brownrider Lerina (LdyPayne)
  • O'Donnell, Sean ~ Pearlrider Kisle'vis (Parker)
  • O'Donoghue, Colin ~ Bluerider R'mia (LdyPayne)
  • Omundson, Timothy ~ Weyr Dragonhealer Rathiran (Ember)
  • O'Neil, Dennis Joseph ~ Pearlrider Kela'vis (Altreis)
P -- T
  • Padalecki, Genevieve ~ Pearlrider Fali'vas (Ember)
  • Padalecki, Jared ~ Brownrider V'an (Fawkes)
  • Palvin, Barbara ~ Brownrider Ahimsa (Ainokesshou)
  • Park, Grace ~ Brownhandler Mahina (Lanni)
  • Pasqualino, Luke ~ Greenrider I'ent (LdyPayne)
  • Pavola, Melanie ~ Pearlrider Eri'vas (Slasher)
  • Penikett, Tahmoh ~ Bronzerider Mar'lus (Parker)
  • Peters, Bernadette ~ Bluehandler Galana (Ainokesshou)
  • Peters, Moriah ~ Goldrider Isiana (Kate)
  • Petricca, Nicholas ~ Bluerider Sid'nis (Parker)
  • Pettyfer, Alex ~ Pearlrider Zilel'vis (ldypayne)
  • Pine, Chris ~ Candidate Laikanurinato (Lanni)
  • Plaza, Aubrey ~ Garnetrider Kunati (Altreis)
  • Rae, Issa ~ Candidate Sigoryn (shai)
  • Raymonde, Tania ~ Zultaniterider Kitiara (Fawkes)
  • Redmayne, Eddie ~ Greenrider K'ten (Fawkes)
  • Reed, Crystal ~ Copperhandler Natara (Ainokesshou)
  • Renner, Jeremy ~ Dualhandler Benifran (Berry)
  • Richter, Joey ~ Greenhandler Mekirion (Lanni)
  • Rose, Ruby ~ Greenrider K'rin (Marvealle)
  • Portman, Natalie ~ Pyriterider Nali (Marvealle)
  • Santos, Bruno ~ Brownrider Rh'van (Talonflame)
  • Scott, Adam ~ Bluerider Ao'mek (Parker)
  • Sheppard, Mark ~ Sporthandler Ferghas (Parker)
  • Siwon, Choi ~ Pyriterider F'laan (Berry)
  • Smith, Lucky Blue ~ Greenrider Ed'wyn (Kyser)
  • Smallbone, Joel ~ Bluerider Lorcan (Parker)
  • Smallbone, Luke ~ Zultaniterider B'tian (Parker)
  • Stenberg, Amandla ~ Candidate Yanna (Zee)
  • Stewart, Booboo ~ Brownrider H'tai (Altreis)
  • Stewart, Kristen ~ Bluehandler Letitia (Marvealle)
  • Swinton, Tilda ~ Blurider A'rosius (shai)
  • Theler, Derek ~ Brownrider D'ret (Slasher)
  • Thompson, Tessa ~ Greenrider Solai (shai)
  • Thornburg, Tony ~ Brownrider M'ir (Marvealle)
  • Toubia, Emeraude ~ Jewelhandler Shyran (LdyPayne)
U -- Z
  • Upton, Kate ~ Journeywoman Vintner Melangell (Ember)
  • Vasi, Denise ~ Candidate Angela (shai)
  • Vasi, Denise ~ Harper Emalia (shai)
  • Watson, Emma ~ Greenrider Halimila (Lanni)
  • White, Charlie ~ Bronzerider Vin'del (Ainokesshou)
  • Williams, Maisie ~ Bluerider Elysia (Fawkes)
  • Woll, Deborah Ann ~ Goldrider Safryn (Fawkes)
  • Wright, Bonnie ~ Pearl Candidate Cecily (ShadowMoon)
  • Zegers, Kevin ~ Brownrider J'zad (Zee)
  • Zeta-Jones, Catherine ~ Journeywoman Isolde (Fawkes)
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[*] Heffron, Sakura ~ Cook Yaranavexa [i](Ember)[/i]
[*] Zhgenti, Maria ~ Dragon Candidate Sianca [i](Ember)[/i]
Dirce L'van D'kellen D'ante V'ric Na'vi K'rios J'on
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Fali'vas Koda'vis Melangell Cataren Sianca Feraliss Yaranavexa Rathiran
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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