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Username: Tyriani
Character Number: 7

Character Name: Kekkea Kea'vas
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (Winter of 2026)
Ranking Position: Pearl Candidate
Residence: The Flotilla
Origin: Misty Hold
Health: Healthy
Fighting Wing: N/A
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: N/A
Abilities: None
Bonded Dragonkin: N/A
Karinish, Lord Holder, Misty Hold, Father [ 2000 - ]
Esekina, Lady Holder, Misty Hold, Mother [ 2000 - ]

Sarinik, Heir, Misty Hold, Older Brother [ 2020 - ]
Kristella, Wher or Day Wher Candidate, New Atricis Weyr, Older Sister [ 2023 - ]
Nikaris, Holder, Misty Hold, Younger Brother [ 2029 - ]
Harineta, Holder, Misty Hold, Younger Sister [ 2031 - ]

Varnila, Heir, Misty Hold, Sister-In-Law (Sarinik) [ 2019 - ]
Visha, Holder, Misty Hold, Niece (Sarinik) [ 2032 - ]
Lover(s): None
Pet(s): None
Play By: Sophie Turner

She has long, red, naturally wavy hair that falls to her waist. This hair is always pulled into different hairstyles, all of them seeming to have a small braid in it some where. Most of the time it is two small braids on either side of her head pulled back to meet at the back of her head. As if creating a head band to keep the other hair from moving so much. She seems to have a paler complexion, but one that will still burn in the sunlight.

She has blue eyes that don't seem to show any kind of emotion. Even if she wanted them too, they seem to just have a steely kind of look in them. A kind of look that will back order that she gives or any remark that she wants to stand by. Even her facial expressions seem to never give her away, unless she wills them too. She loves to wear dresses though, always being in darker colors. She feels that those colors fit her complexion better than those that are of a lighter shade.
Determined: The moment something is put into her head and she wants to do it, she will never back down. The only time that she backed down was right before she aged out of being a dragon candidate. Otherwise, she hasn't back down from any goal that she has had. She wants to show that she will hold onto her goals and that she will achieve them. She wants to show that she is the person to go to when something needs to be done, because this determination also comes with responsibility.

Loyal: No matter what, she is loyal to those whom she trusts, loves, and is an ally to. She will never betray someone who has her loyalty, instead, she will do anything to protect them. She will lie for them, and she will die for them. She might even kill for them if she was given the right reason. But her loyalty will never break, and if you betray her, well, she will still try to be loyal. Just because someone else breaks their loyalty to her, doesn't mean that she will betray their loyalty.

Compassionate: She has compassion and she feels it for the things that she loves. She will always love something that she feels she needs to love. She will always love her home and her family, even if she doesn't see them daily anymore. She will be compassionate and loving to those whom she loves that are around her as well. She will never show them a bad hand, unless they need to be shown it for a good reason. Instead of talking down to someone, she will simply just talk to them and show that her love means more than the thing that they might have done.

Ambitious: She has goals and she will achieve them. She has ambitions and she will achieve them. She knows that these ambitions can get her killed if she isn't careful, and she doesn't seem to care about that. In fact, that seems to make her want to be ambitious even more. She wants to prove that she can live through it. She wants to prove that just because she is who she is, that doesn't mean that she won't achieve the ambitions that she holds near and dear to her heart.

Arrogant: No matter what, she thinks that she is the best. She was raised to think this way, and she doesn't see it leaving her personality any time soon. Instead, she sees it helping boost herself. Her arrogance can either be her downfall or the thing that helps her rise. It all depends on the situation. But most of the time, her arrogance can and will be her downfall, just because she likes to think that she is better than everyone.

Vain: She is beautiful, and she knows this. She likes to flaunt it, which is why she always wears dresses. She feels that anything else doesn't show her beauty as much as a dress does. Now, she isn't a girly girl, for she will still get dirty to do what she wants to do, she just won't wear pants unless she absolutely has to. Even then, her clothing is fancy and accents her personality. But her vain nature goes to show that she thinks more highly of herself than she does anyone else, and she isn't scared to say it.

Manipulative: She knows that she can't always do what she wants. In the moments when she hits a road block, or she finds that the idea might be tougher than she thought, she will try to manipulate someone to do the bidding for her. She will flirt with a man and she will tell gossip about a girl. She will find the things that will hurt the person she is talking to the most, and she will try to use them against that person. She is the type of person who won't pull back her punches when it comes to her words, and this seems to make her happy.
  • 2026, 0: Misty hold is a small hold, but still a hold none the less. This is where she was born, to the Lord and Lady Holder. As the third born, she knew growing up that she would have no true claim to the hold unless her siblings weren't to be around. She just didn't know what she wanted to actually do with herself.
  • 2032, 6: The Hold's Harper started to teach her the lessons that were required of her. She was taught about etiquette and taught of Pern. She was told what her job was to be as a Lord Holder's daughter, no matter the order she was born in. Being told at a young age that she had a large chance to be married off to some other Lord Heir scared her. She didn't want to leave her family to go to some other foreign Hold and lose herself. She knew that she was going to have to change to be more like her new family, and she wasn't going to work with that.
  • 2038, 12: Six more turns had passed of her lessons and the fear of getting married off. She knew that it wasn't going to happen for a few turns still, but the suitor had been named. She was to marry a Lord Holder's son at some other small Hold, and she had been on her way to meet them when something happened. A searchrider for High Reaches Weyr found her and told her that she had to aptitude to be a rider. The rider also wanted to Search her older sister, Kristella. Her parents agreed to let Kristella go, since the older sister wasn't betrothed to anyone. But Kristella knew that Kekkea didn't want to be married off, so she debated with their parents to allow Kekkea to go as well. Kristella vowed to protect and watch over Kekkea while they were gone. After some time, her parents agreed, her engagement was off, and she was now a dragon candidate.
  • 2044, 18: Things were going well for her. She was standing for hatchings. She enjoyed watching the dragons hatch and watching them impress. It was an interesting thing to her really. But she wouldn't lie if someone would ask her if she felt disheartened by being passed up for so may turns. So, in he hopes of finding a new place, she applied for a transfer. She wanted to go south, so she applied to New Atricis. When the transfer was approved and she was asked why she transferred, she simply said that she had grown bored of the North and she wanted a new home. Some place new to try to impress. What she didn't know, was that Kristella was coming along as well, but as a candidate to become a wherhandler.
  • 2048, 22: But even at the new Weyr, she was getting no where with impressing to a dragon. But she had heard about a new dragonkin that showed themselves for them to bond to, and they had no age out date like dragon candidacy. So, after the last dragon hatching for that turn, and before she could turn twenty-three, she wanted to become a Pearl Candidate. When she expressed this new want to the Candidatemaster, she was sent to the Flotilla to become a Pearl Candidate. Of course, the first hatching, she didn't bond to anyone, which made her mad a bit, but she figured that there was going to be more, and well, she couldn't age out here.
  • 2049, 23: Here she is, still at the Flotilla. She is bored and waiting. She knows that there has to be another Pearl hatching at some time, it was just the wait. The wait is what was boring her and making things seem worse than they were. But during this down time, she is learning how to hone her abilities as a manipulative person a bit more. Perhaps something good coudl come of it, and the wait.
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