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That one that comes after 15.

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[ mel -lan -ghel ]



[ 2026 S. Winter ]

Ranking Position
[ Vintnercraft ]

The Flotilla

Fort Weyr >> Benden Vintner Hall >> Fort Weyr

Strike Team
None at Present

Physical Health
Hale and Hearty

Mental Health
Enjoying Life!

ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
Level of Craft
Vintner (Journeywoman)

[ a female pearl, please, overtone should be a surprise! <3 ]
This can be purchased as a means to request a certain color or gender of Dragon, Wher, Daywher, or Pearl. This is not a guaranteed bond of a specific color or gender, but it does increase the chances. Be sure to place this item on the desired character’s profile with what is being requested clearly stated.

This allows you to put one tattoo, regardless of size, on your character.

[ Specialty in creating mixed drinks and dealing with spirits. ]
Crafters with this skill are much more fluent in their skills and don't have to work as hard to perfect them. Often, they are great or excellent at their chosen skills, and don't always have to work as hard to get there, seeming to have a natural talent. A character with this ability is a perfectionist, and it's draw backs are that a character will always be one/two years behind in level. This item has three routes (pick one).
Specific Talent: They have a High talent level in two specialties of their craft.

[ Has a specific knowledge in crafting spirits. ]
People with this ability are very knowledgeable people. They can often be found with their noses in books and can be counted on to know the answer to many questions. Individuals with Sebell's Charm as well are even more knowledgeable than other Lore Masters, and may also receive a boost to their craft skill as well, so long as the subjects of the Sebell's Charm and Lore Master are the same subject(s).
Specific Knowledge - Their knowledge is specifically for one subject, but they know just about everything there is about it.

Unexpected Candidacy
Egg Hunt 2018
With this item, a "Male/Female Character" (non-candidate/rider/handler character) can be officially Searched and become a candidate before the one turn time limit of becoming a candidate without the need of a stands Impression.

Bonded Pearl
None at Present


M'laren, Bronzerider [ 2006 - ]
[ Father ]

Gellana, Bluerider [ 2000 - ]
[ Mother ]

L'geran, Opalrider [ 2029 - ]
[ Brothers ]

Regan "Reggie", Dragon Candidate [ 2032 - ]
[ Sisters ]

None at Present
[ Children ]

Eri'vas, Pearlrider [ 2027 - ]
[ "Friend" ]

Average Blue Firelizard
Lovable | Foolish | Trusting

Kate Upton





There's a small mole on the upper right portion of her lip. She has some scars on her hands and forearms thanks to her crafting, but the noticeable spoils of it exist in the form of staining of her skin beneath her wrists, especially on her fingertips. Has a tattoo that she gifted herself with on her ascesion to Journey status that rests on her left hip/leg.

There was a point in her life when Melly didn't bear the curves that her body now holds. She was trimmer, with a leaner look and flatter shape. She didn't hold any such hint or suggestion that she would one day mold into the woman that she would one day become, and so those that once knew her are often surprised when they see her and realize that she is who she is. It wasn't until she hit her sixteenth Turn that things started to change, with a little fullness to her hips, then a little more to her chest, and from there she continued to grow and gain weight and height until she ended where she is today. At first, it was difficult for her to accept her body as it had become, but the tattoo she got when she reached her Journey level certainly helped her in accepting that yes, she really was one hot Mama.

Image Image Image

And now here she is, a 5'10", voluptuous woman that is long in the leg and very much is aware that she is attractive to many that look her way. Not for them, but for herself, she enjoys playing up her appearance, if only because she enjoys looking and feeling pretty, and it helps that her mother is a tailor and seamstress that often sends her new and pretty designs that flatter her fuller figure to the nines. Of course, what her mother isn't aware of is the fact that Melly purchases silkier things for herself with her own marks, because she rather likes the way they feel against her skin, or underneath her clothes while she's crafting, but this is most certainly something the older woman doesn't need to know.

Playful, Vivacious, Romantic, Insatiable
Shameless, Gregarious, Diligent, Assertive

[ causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way ]

“You must learn to enjoy life and have fun doing what you love.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

She's always been of a playful personality. She likes to play games, and sometimes pull pranks that aren't meant to harm but to cause more fun. There's nothing Melly enjoys more than having a good time whether that's through a party or other such event. Nothing tickles her more than seeing people smile and enjoying themselves, though she'll never lower herself to the point of sacrificing her dignity for the sake of others.

[ attractively lively and animated ]

“If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy and colorful and lively.”
― Mel Brooks

She's all hands in expression, and her face is a sure sign of her emotions. There's very little that stays off of her when it comes to telling what she's feeling at any given time. She's a very animated and alive person that enjoys living life and tends to be a loud and out there personality. She doesn't mean to annoy, and doesn't going out of her way to disturb, but sometimes she knows that she can bother people with how out there her personality is.

[ conducive to or characterized by the expression of love ]

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever”
― Nicholas Sparks

A true romantic at heart, she loves the idea of love, enjoys the idea of love, and wants nothing more than to be in love though she believes she is and has been since she was a teenage girl. She likes playing matchmaker and enjoys creating romantic scenarios in her mind, and tends to name her cocktails and alcohols romantic things; when she doesn't, they're at least given cute, romantic, fuzzy nicknames like "Sweetie" "Cutie" and "My Heart" among other things. (And sometimes that last one is really, honestly meant if the batch is particularly special.)

[ impossible to satisfy ]

“Now, here is the point about the self: it is insatiable. It is always, always hankering. It is what you might call rapacious to a fault. The great flaming mouth to the thing is never in this world going to be stuff full.”
― Donald Barthelme, Sixty Stories

There's little that she's satisfied with, and very often is she able to say she's had enough of something. Whether its food, drinks, pleasures, or a good swing of work, she has a difficult time pulling back. When it came to her first kisses, she had a very difficult time pulling away, and when it comes to having sex, she'll be even more difficult (she may be a hedonist, but that has yet to be seen). There's always going to be a hunger for something deep inside of her that she'll never be able to touch upon, that she'll often try to feed with the above things mentioned, but she'll never truly be able to touch upon it or feed it.

[ characterized by or showing a lack of shame ]

“You cannot disgrace a disgraceful man; you cannot make a shameless man feel ashamed; you cannot make a cockroach a cockroach, because it is already a cockroach!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Never has anyone been more shameless than this woman. She has no problem saying things in public that should be said in private (some of the time) or displaying affection when really it should be left behind closed doors. In private, she'll walk around naked and drape herself over her lover frequently enough that she'll have very little time to herself. In public, she'll either go without things under her clothes and enjoy teasing her lady with hints of this throughout the day. This is just a set of examples. She just isn't ashamed of herself, in anything, with anything, and doesn't believe she ever should be. Why? She's happy with herself, has a good life, makes good alcohol, is pleased with her body... what should she feel shame over?

[ fond of company; sociable ]

“Everyone is vulnerable who is at once gifted and gregarious.”
― Kenneth Tynan

She's a very sociable person and thrives off of her social affairs. Without them, she would honestly wither. She can't go a day without having some kind of contact with a person, and would sincerely be lost without talking to someone. She enjoys frequent enough parties, and takes quiet joy in having attention on herself during events and other social gatherings.

[ having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties ]

“Never climb the tree with the reason of plucking a fruit; only to get there and pick a leaf. Let everything you get there to do be done and let it be done well!”
― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Despite all her flaws and short comings, one thing is for certain and without a doubt - she is a hard working individual, one that will push up her sleeves before all else and work herself tirelessly and to the bone before diving into her pleasures. She takes pride in her work, in getting dirty, and in doing what needs to be done throughout the day. She enjoys crafting alcohols and making people happy with them, will willingly drop what she's doing - so long as it won't ruin a batch of her brew - to assist another, and will do other work that is't hers just because she likes keeping busy. Over all, she is good about her work, careful about it, and can always be depended on to be there when asked.

[ having or showing a confident and forceful personality ]

“We despise and abhor the bully, the brawler, the oppressor, whether in private or public life, but we despise no less the coward and the voluptuary. No man is worth calling a man who will not fight rather than submit to infamy or see those that are dear to him suffer wrong.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

She can be a bit forceful when it comes to pressing for things. She's confident, without a doubt, and has a push where other people have a give to them. There's a certain strength and power to her that is obvious when one meets her that can make her feel overwhelming if you don't know her, but really, she is a kind person, she's just someone that can be difficult to be around at first because of the strength she gives off due to the level of her personality.

[ 2026 ]
00 Turns of Age

― Melly is born to a pair of riders at Fort Weyr. She is a large baby, but her birth is surprisingly easy on her mother, who claims she barely felt a thing as the girl passed through her. Growing up, she always heard that, and the adults laughing it off like it was the funniest thing in the world. She never understood what it meant, but when she was old enough to truly understand, she realized they thought they were funny. Whenever they would tell the story when she was able to figure it out, and she was behind their backs, she would either make faces at them, or if she was brave enough - which being a shameless as she is now, was more often than not - she would make a rude gesture at them before stomping off. There was just so many times, and in so many ways, she could hear that story before it grew tiring.

[ 2029 ]
03 Turns of Age

― Her brother, Lagaren, is born. She adores him from the very starts and thinks he's the most precious baby doll in the world. When her parents try to explain that he isn't something to play with, she doesn't quite understand and begins to cry, not throwing a fit, but clearly upset that she can't have fun with the new baby. She isn't soothed until she's shown how to properly played with him, and when he smiles - her mother claims he does at least, just to please the girl - she claps in delight. Anytime she hears her brother cry from that point forward, she runs on her tiny, chubby legs to get to him before an adult so she can shake a toy at him; as it turns out, she's the only one that can calm him 85% of the time.

[ 2032 ]
06 Turns of Age

― The final sibling to join their family is born, a little girl her parents allow her to name since she's the oldest girl. She takes the business very seriously, and after some quiet contemplation, she names the baby Regan, and since her parents think this is a sensible choice - they were afraid it was going to be something like Cupcake, what she had called one of her kittens for the longest time - they agree to it, and thus little Reggie, as she'll later choose to be called, is named. Melly is just as protective of her as she is of her brother, whom is growing like a little weed, and she proceeds to tell her all about the world, never mind that she's only six and has barely seen any of it beyond the walls of Fort Weyr.

[ 2034 ]
08 Turns of Age

― She starts to take what she wants to do into consideration, since she is nearing that age when she'll be able to take on a craft. There is the option of simply waiting to Stand for candidacy, which she knows her baby brother is planning on doing - and he won't shut UP about it long enough to eat, let alone breathe - but that just doesn't seem right to her, and she's almost afraid to talk to her parents about it because dragonriding is a family thing. She doesn't want to let them down, and she doesn't want to do anything to upset the ancestors (that's the way it went at least, right?). Regardless, she begins to consider it, and has a few options in mind, talks to a few crafters, and even asks her parents what they think about crafts. When she finds out her parents met as vintners... well, that puts an idea in her stubborn little mind.

[ 2036 ]
10 Turns of Age

― Soon after she turns the age of ten, she makes the decision to craft, and not surprisingly, that kernel of an idea that planted itself in her head a couple of Turns ago because of her parents had taken root and was about to bear fruit. She wanted to be a vintner like them; she surmised that maybe if she did, it would make her want to be a rider like them. Then she wouldn't be a disappointment to the family. Her parents were pleased with her decision, and spoke to her frequently about it, giving her tips and helping her with preparation for entrance into the craft, and she even heard hints about sending her to the Vintner Hall at some point to study there. She didn't take them seriously at first, because as far as she was concerned, she intended to leave the craft before then to stand. That's how it was supposed to go at least!

― To congratulate her on her entry into the craft, her parents gift her with a firelizard egg. She is surprised by the present, but doesn't argue, since what ten Turn old can boast about having a pet lizard all of their own? She waits a sevenday before it finally hatches and when it does, out pops a little blue of the brightest colors ever! She gives it a few days before naming him, wanting to let some of his personality to shine a bit before giving him a moniker, and when it finally decides to display itself a little, she thinks she has the perfect one for hime: Lovebird.

[ 2038 ]
12 Turns of Age

― She's in such a hurry to take care of her crafting work and chores, to prove to her Master that she's doing the job she promised the woman she would do, that she doesn't notice a bit of sticky syrup and water on the floor that one of the other Apprentices had spilled and failed to clean up. She slips in it and falls, breaking her arm in the process and passing out from the pain. When she wakes up, she's in the infirmary, and there's another girl in the cot next to her named Erita. She too has a broken arm, this from a fall in the Weyrbowl. The two begin to chat, and they quickly become fast friends, attached at the hip the moment they're released from the infirmary. In the Turns to come, one couldn't find the other within the Weyr without finding the other - if you needed to know where Erita was, all you needed to do was look for Melly, and the other way around.

― After her arm heals, her parents come to her and ask her flat out if she wants to start standing for dragon hatchings. She hesitates, and from that response alone, they get their response. It's from that moment after, and their understanding and loving "You don't have to worry about it, love" that her confidence began to grow. Melly never worried about the pressures of needing to stand after that - she could focus on her crafting, and spending time with her best friend, Erita - and from that moment forward, she didn't worry about going to her parents about anything ever again.

[ 2042 ]
16 Turns of Age

― Her brother, Lagaren, at the age of thirteen, Impresses the most glorious little hatchling in the world. She's a pretty little opal, her twin bonding to a young woman that Lagaren had always been close with growing up. Melly is the first to run up to him after the hatching is over with and she's surprised when he's able to lift her up, and for the first time she steps back and realizes that he's gotten big and fast; not only that, but somehow he's taller than her, and at the age that he's at. She's so happy for him though, that she doesn't care, and she hugs him again, backing down only when his opal begins to demand his attention back from her. At the feast, she dances with her brother until he decides to steal away to dance with the girl that he's got a crush on, and she grins to herself before going off to celebrate with Erita for the rest of the night.

― Somehow, Melly manages to sneak a skin of wine from the feast, and she slips away with Erita to someplace more quiet. She'd never told her friend but for a little while now she'd been feeling some things for her. She'd been feeling a few things for a while now, in fact. Like that she didn't look at boys the way she looked at girls; she didn't feel anything for boys, come to think of it. As they drank, she told Erita this in confidence, needing to get it off her chest, knowing she could trust her best friend with the knowledge before she went and told her parents, and somewhere in between chatting about it, and drinking, well, it happened - they had moved closer to one another, and their lips pressed together. It was an innocent little thing at first, but it was something that Melly didn't want to stop doing when it started. It wouldn't be their last kiss together, and whenever they had a chance after that moment, the two girls would slip away together to enjoy a little kiss, a little touching, and as things progressed, that touching did too.

[ 2043 ]
17 Turns of Age

― An accident takes place during L'garen's training. His crush, the girl that he's certain he's going to end up with at some point when they're graduated and older, doesn't make it out of between. Not only is he devastated, but his opal goes into immediate mourning for the loss of her twin. He goes to his family, Melly included, and informs them that when he graduates, he wants to transfer from the Weyr, whether they want him to or not. He doesn't care that he'd be young, or that he'd be on his own, he doesn't think he can be at Fort any longer. When they try and explain that the hurt won't last forever, he tells them that it doesn't matter, his heart hurts too much and he doesn't want to be where she was, where her memories cling on every surface. They nod in understanding, having been young and in love once, and say they'll go with him, he gets to decide where - he chooses Benden. Melly says she'll need to think about it, and she's given the rest of his training to think about it.

[ 2044 ]
18 Turns of Age

― Her brother is set to graduate, and she makes her decision. She's going to go with her family, not only because she doesn't want to be parted from them, but because going to Benden means she can go to the Hall, and being there means having time and experience to specialize in her chosen areas of the craft before going to Journey level. Its a bit of a dream for her, in those regards, and she has to tell Erita about it. It isn't an easy decision, and the results aren't exactly ideal, but they part with hugs, and kisses, and promises to write to one another as often as possible. She writes as soon as she arrives at the Hall, but doesn't receive a response back, assumes its just a mistake, maybe too soon, and tries again the next day. That too doesn't produce a response. The next day is the same, and every time after she fails to receive the hoped for reply. Eventually she becomes too consumed with her studies to focus on the heartache, but never does she forget Erita, or her need to one day find her and ask what happened with all those notes that were sent. What she didn't know was that the first letter was received and sent back with an addle brained blue that wasn't her Lovebird, and therefore, it was never delivered to her. Where it ended up is a mystery to this day.

[ 2046 ]
20 Turns of Age

― After spending nearly two Turns on her specialty studies at the Hall, Melly finally walks the tables to Journey level. It's one of the proudest days of her life, made all the more so by the fact that her parents are there to see the event along with her brother and sister. The next day, after her head stops thumping, she's told that she's being posted to Fort the next day. She actually doesn't argue about this, believing that it will take her back to Erita, and give her the answers she wants - not only that, but she misses her friend, her girl, her... whatever they were heading towards when she had left originally. When she arrives at the Weyr, she gets in touch with the Headwoman, Omaria, Erita's aunt, and finds out that she and her father had transferred South just the sevenday prior. She writes to the Masters at the Hall and begs for a transfer there, but receives a negative response. So she sends a single note to Erita, wherever she might be in the South in the hopes that it would be received: "I'm coming for you." and left it at that for the next Turn.

― Her studies are nearly over with, and in fact, she's just finished a big exam. Knowing she passed - certain of it at least - she makes the decision to slip on to Bitra with a few of her Hall friends and fellow Apprentices to party and live it up one final time and get a tattoo at the same time. She gets one that they all think she's crazy for, especially when it takes ages upon ages, and several applications to finally complete. But she has the last laugh when they all agree that it's a magnificent piece of art on her skin, and while she has a lot of healing to do from it, she thinks it was well worth the pain and the extra time sitting just to get it; not to mention the amount of saved up marks used just to pay for the damn thing.

[ 2048 ]
21 Turns of Age

[ Autumn ]
― A little more than a Turn has passed, and since she has given that much time to the Hall and Fort, she decides to once again put in that request for a transfer South. Much to her delight, it's granted to her. She packs up her things and heads to New Atricis, not knowing that Erita is no longer there. She does, however, run it her father Rathiran, and finds out form him just where she is. Without a second thought, or waiting to find out more about this Flotilla place he informs her about, she doesn't bother unpacking her things and instead speaks to Master Vintner Constantine. He has an in with the Master Vintner of Pern, he has more connections than her Master had, and when she speaks of how good it would be to have someone at this Flotilla place, she's pleased to hear that man actually agrees and had been thinking of the same thing. He makes the arrangements, and within a day or so, she's off to the seaside, where she makes her way to find Erita, now known as Eri'vas, and make good on the promise she made to the woman in her not a Turn prior.

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