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Character Number: 8
..:: Basics ::..
Character Name:
[Nickname: Lola]


19 turns
[Por 26, 2031]

Ranking Position:
White Pearlrider

New Atricis Weyr

Atricis Weyr

Healthy, even if often sunburnt

Strike Group:

..:: Skills & Abilities ::..
Level of Craft:
Apprentice Cook/Baker

This ability gives a character more inner strength when concerning dragons/whers/firelizards/starlizards. The mental effects of Impressing to a dragon/Bonding to a wher/firelizard/starlizard do not drain them as quickly mentally/physically/emotionally nor do the typical stuggles between pairings effect their overall health as greatly as it does others lacking this ability. Restriction in it's use with Lessa's Gaze and Menolley's Flute.
This item counts as 1 point

Crafters with this skill are much more fluent in their skills and don't have to work as hard to perfect them. Often, they are great or excellent at their chosen skills, and don't always have to work as hard to get there, seeming to have a natural talent. A character with this ability is a perfectionist, and it's draw backs are that a character will always be one/two years behind in level. This item has three routes (pick one).
Perfect Talent: They have a Very High talent level in a specialty of their craft. (Pastries/Desserts)
This item counts as 1 point
..:: Relationships ::..
Sexual & Romantic Orientation:
Unknown | Unknown
(likely either bisexual or homosexual)

Bonded Dragonkin:
White Nessivas

Ol'ver of Bronze Kheserath [Father]
Aizlin of Gold Lilith [Mother]
Ainlea of Brown Thanatoth [Half-Sister through Aizlin]
R'vin of Bronze Rudoth [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
Olyver [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
Mikolen [Half-Brother through Aizlin]
Olsarin [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
Ivarin [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
Zolina [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
Aymallin [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
Olliayma [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
Aivelin of Garnet Vulpeculath [Younger Sister]
Verani [Younger Sister]
Olivandra [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]

None Yet

Small Bronze Waterlizard Ganache
Aloof, Disciplined, Neat
..:: Appearance ::..

Alina Kovalenko

Redhead, long


Pale, burns easily





As Lolena goes through adolescence, she shows that she is the daughter of two quite attractive people. She showing herself to be the sort to develop into quite the stunner early on in life, reminding people of both her bronzerider father, Ol'ver, and even her deceased mother, Aizlin.

First thing many notice is her hair, which is a beautiful natural red. Her hair mimics her late mother's color, being closer to the orange end of the redheaded spectrum. In indoor and overcast light, this makes he hair appear to be a sort of autumn orange. When the sun hits it right though, it appears as if it catches fire, taking on shimmers of vibrant oranges and golds, an echo of her mother's fiery hair color. Beyond its color though, her hair is straighter, a trait inherited from her father, and more fine in texture, making it often look luxurious and soft. Needless to say, Lolena's hair is a source of great pride given the rare color. She takes great care of it, and often sports it down around her shoulders with a sideswept bang over her forehead.

On that note, Lolena actually thinks of her forehead as somewhat large, and covers it with her bangs to downplay it and make her face look more charming. It seems to work well, reducing the overall oblong shape of her face so it doesn't appear so long, leaving her with high, defined cheekbones and a somewhat wide set jaw that narrows at her chin.

Lolena's eyes are hard to peg as her mother's or father's, being a sort of blue-gray that no one can quite agree which color they really are. Likely, her eyes really are grey, but merely appear to be or are mistaken for blue. Above her eyes are two perfectly shaped, dramatic eyebrows that arc perfectly. While she likely wouldn't admit it to just anyone, it is apparent that Lolena takes time to keep her eyebrows plucked and shaped.

Height wise, as she grows she appears to be on the average side of height, however, people can expect her to reach 5 feet and 9 inches in height, like her mother once stood, putting her a bit taller than the average woman, but not quite towering in height either. This particular height will look wonderful with her long legs as she grows.

Skin, like many a redhead, Lolena is pale, and even sports freckles that are most noticeable on her rosy cheeks. Other than that, she is currently lucky to sport no scars or other blemishes, though she isn't too fond of her freckles to be honest.

As mentioned before, as she grows, Lolena will be graced with long shapely legs and nicely curved hips. Her overall body shape can and will continue to be more straight, or rectangular, in appearance. She will sport a bust and hip width that will match, with a lightly defined waist, keeping her from sporting a more hourglass like waist as she gets older. The bright side to this though will be her ability to wear and pull off just about any style of clothing.
..:: Personality ::..
Baking, Looking pretty


Vain | Ambitious | Romantic | Quiet
With as beautiful as Lolena is, it comes as no surprise to people that she can be somewhat vain. This doesn't mean that vanity is her primary focus in life, but it's enough on her radar that she takes more care of her appearance than some other Weyr girls might. She's more than willing to take the time to take care of her hair, and skin, and eyebrows, for example, and thanks to the spoiling from her father, even has some makeup stashed away in her belongings she uses for special occasions. Perhaps part of her beauty is her vanity and care she takes in her appearance, believing that looking good is part of success.

Speaking of success, Lolena is perhaps more ambitious than one might first expect. With the examples of her parents over her, Lolena took those as a challenge, rather than a stifling shadow. Knowing she would often be compared to her parents, especially her Weyrwoman mother, led Lolena to develop a desire for success. Above all though, she wants to prove she can make her own success her own way, and that the success of her parents don't have that much to do with her. Privately, she is partly ambitious because she does want to be like her parents, particularly her father, who has always been a good role model for her in her eyes.

On that note, her father's influences can be seen in her personality. Whether it be because of his presence in her life, or perhaps some inherited trait, Lolena is a romantic individual. For Lolena, this means in both the senses of actual romance, and a tendency to view things with a rose colored view. While not completely naive, she does tend to view people and situations, and really, the world as a whole, as the best versions of them all. To her, the world is great and so are the people in it, not having had many exposures to the more awful parts of people and the world. You could say her romantic view of things tends to make her optimistic and somewhat naive. However, she is also romantic in the sense that she dreams of romance and loves a good romance. Because of this, she can be prone to gossiping about relationships that people might be talking about.

In extension to her romantic side, there has been some joking that Lolena takes perhaps too much after her father. While young and still figuring it out, Lolena appears to really like other women. She sees them as the most graceful beings in the world, and that all women deserve nothing but the utmost respect. Most of the time, the compliments and kind things she says to other women is just viewed as an innocent, kind word between girls, but really, it's because Lolena practically idolizes other women, perhaps taking a little bit too much after her father there.

Beyond all that though, Lolena isn't a super talkative person. She will hold conversations of course, just like anyone else would, but she isn't one to chatter on for long periods. She prefers to say what she means to say straight away and not beat around the bush about whatever it is she wants to say, and she also tries to avoid over explaining things, finding that over explanations just make conversations confusing.

This also, however, extends into a displeasure at confrontation and argument. This doesn't mean she outright avoids confrontation, she's ok with dealing with it, but rather, it translates into a refusal to rise to heated argument or yelling. She is the sort to just sit and let the other person get worked up or yell, before calmly saying her piece, or even, simply dismissing herself from the conversation. This can make her appear more cool and collected than some other people at times, but also shows her ability to keep a level head in some situations.

Overall though, Lolena is still young, and still coming into her own. Her coming experiences will likely continue to shape the person she will be as an adult, and only time will tell what kind of person she will become as an adult.

None yet

..:: Biography ::..
The North
Turn 2031
  • At the end of 2031, Lolena is born in the cold Northern Winter. She immediately shows who her mother is with her red hair, proving she is Bronzerider Ol'ver's and Queenrider Aizlin's daughter.
  • Her mother isn't interested in having a child though, and so all parental rights are relinquished to her bronzerider father.
  • Ol'ver makes sure that Lolena is placed comfortably in the creche with his other children, and she is taken in by the foster parent of her two older half siblings Raevin and Olyver.
Turn 2032
  • Lolena gets sick this turn, enough to worry her father, Ol'ver, but the healers say she is likely teething. She develops a fever. However, she pulls through fine.
  • This is the turn of the hatching sands sinkhole and the call for volunteers to go to the South for resources for Atricis. Of course, being only a turn old by winter, this doesn't really affect Lolena personally.
Turn 2033
  • Lolena's first younger half-sibling from her mother is born, Mikolen. However, he is cared for by his father, Ma'lek, and Ma'lek's weyrmate and retired Weyrwoman, Solange. Lolena is hardly aware of his existence, and through the years really only knows of him as a sibling by name.
  • Shortly afterward, her twin younger half-siblings are born, Olsarin and Ivarin.
  • The Southern Expedition heads off, taking Ol'ver with it. Luckily, Lolena is a bit too young to fully notice his absence, due to his position as a dragonrider keeping him from being fully there to begin with. The stalwart presence of her foster parent and half-siblings she's grown up with so far makes the absence of Ol'ver easy.
  • Autumn of this turn, Lolena's three younger half-sister's are born, triplets. However, the third, and smallest one, Olliayma, is born blind. Because of the youngest triplet's special needs, and the mother making the primary caretaking decisions, the girls are taken care of by a different foster parent than Lolena, Raevin, and Olyver are.
Turn 2034
  • Ol'ver returns to the North for a short while, and Lolena, Raevin, and Olyver are taken from the creche while he visits. Lolena is happy to see her father despite him being away for the past turn and her being so young.
  • Lolena happily gets to meet Ol'ver's mother and sister. Avinda, Ol'ver's lover, is also there along with Raevin and Olyver.
  • Unbeknownst to Lolena, preparations to moving to the South are made during this turn for her and her siblings.
The South
Turn 2035
  • Lolena and her little family are moved South with the rest of the Weyr. At first it is an exciting change of scenery for the not-quite-four turn old.
  • Quickly though, Lolena starts to miss home, and fusses quite a few nights, complaining for her old home and bed, not understanding that this is their new home. Over time she adjusts, but there is a period of struggle for her.
  • Ol'ver is given custody of the triplet girls, beginning the sibling relationship between her and them.
  • Being so young, Lolena isn't aware of the horrible things happening around the Weyr and how badly her father is affected by them. She also is unaware of how shaken the Weyr as a whole is, and how the events of that turn change a great many things about how things in the Weyr are handled.
Turn 2036
  • Ol'ver becomes Weyrleader this year. At first the significance of this is lost on Lolena.
  • Due to being only four turns, going on five, she doesn't understand the importance of her father's newfound role. While she is used to his presence not being constant, she begins to throw tantrums when he leaves from his rare visits with his children, his Weyrleader position keeping him busier than before.
  • Eventually Lolena grows to understand at least enough to accept Ol'ver's frequent absences, though it takes some time of tantrums and pouting before she just grows to look forward to his occasional visits.
Turn 2037
  • Lolena's twin half-siblings through Aizlin are born, though, this time, Aizlin keeps primary custody, so the twins are placed with their own foster parent. However, it seems Aizlin makes sure the twins can have an easy relationship with Lolena, as the foster parent chosen works closely with Lolena's foster parent as well.
  • Her father's lover, Avinda, also births a girl, giving Lolena another half-sibling. Due to Ol'ver's and Avinda's ongoing relationship, the little girl, Olivandra, is able to be kept close to Lolena and the siblings she's been able to grow up with so far.
  • Unfortunately, this is also the turn that Senior Queen Lilith, her mother's dragon, betweens unexpectedly. The grief of the dragons shakes the Weyr, and Lolena, even though she is not fully aware of her birth mother or her dragon at this time.
  • Due to losing her dragon, Aizlin is no longer fit to offer any sort of care or decisions on care for her twin daughters, so primary custody is given to Ol'ver. Lolena isn't aware of the chance she may have had to get to know her mother that has now slipped away.
Turn 2038 - 2041
  • Not much happens for Lolena during these turns. She lives an average, expected life of a Weyrbrat at New Atricis Weyr. She makes friends, drifts apart from some of them, goes through a slew of interests and phases as any growing young girl is expected.
Turn 2042
  • In the wet southern winter, Aizlin passes away. A funeral is held, and Lolena is taken to it by Ol'ver. There, she sees her oldest sister Ainlea who she had met with before one occasion, and a whole family she hadn't known about from her mother's side.
  • At last, at almost 11 turns of age, Lolena becomes terribly aware of the mother she missed out on.
  • She begins asking questions about the late Aizlin from her father, as well as from her oldest sister Ainlea when she meets with her. Lolena has an image of a very strong, successful woman painted for her, which isn't wrong, though they do leave out Aizlin's aloof nature and tendency to push people away, including her own children.
Turn 2043
  • Despite learning a lot about her late mother, Lolena truly feels something in her life is lacking, and she realizes it's been the lack of a mother. Despite it being perfectly normal for Weyrbrats to only know one of their parents, if either, Lolena finds herself wishing she had ever had a chance to know her mother.
  • Learning that Aizlin's passing had likely come from losing her dragon makes Lolena shy away from candidacy, which she would be eligible for toward the end of the turn in the southern summer. She grows to fear the loss that had killed her mother, so she shies away from the potential of such a strong bond, unknowingly somewhat mirroring her mother's tendency to protect herself by pushing others away, just with dragons instead.
  • Instead of striving for candidacy, Lolena finds interest in cooking and baking. She begins a sort of unofficial apprenticeship under the Weyr's cooks and bakers.
Turn 2044
  • Lolena continues her apprenticeship in the kitchens, growing to enjoy cooking and baking even more. Her favorite is desserts, and she especially likes experimenting with fancy desserts that are made to look good. She begins to hope to one day present desserts for an event such as a Hatching feast.
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White Gold

Color Code:
E5E5E5, A6A454, E6E57D

5 turns
[Hatched turn 2045]

45 Feet
[Bulk Class]

Growing, Healthy


Proud | Flirtatious | Determined | Enterprising | Humble

Nessivas is a Pearl more on the end of a strong personality. While she isn't outright strong willed or hard to deal with by being overbearing, she has strength to her. Gifted with pride, Nessivas is one to feel pleased and even satisfied with her achievements. She's often able to see when she did good or was successful and is usually quite happy in those moments. However, she isn't so proud as to be arrogant, holding onto a humble nature. Her humbleness keeps her from being too much of a braggart, but it also balances Lolena's vain side. Nessivas is one more to feel pride in her acheivements rather than physical qualities, which can help keep Lolena from getting too focused on her looks when there are more important things to be worried about. Likely, Nessivas will keep Lolena from becoming overly vain as they both mature.

A lot of Nessivas' strength comes from an unwavering personality. While she can come off a bit stubborn because of it, Nessivas is resolute in her choices. Once she makes a decision, swaying her can be difficult, unless one can show her that her choice is a bad one. However, this also means that Nessivas is capable of making decisions without much indecision, which can be an asset if indecision causes others around to waver too long. Overall though, Nessivas is determined to do good.

With an innate resourcefulness, Nessivas is the sort eager to take on important or difficult tasks or projects, making her also seem daring or adventurous. If she deems it as something important or good, she is more than willing to lend her abilities to it. This also means she doesn't always have to be told to do something, though this doesn't mean she has issues with being told either. If it's something for good or of importance, she's generally eager to do it. On the other side of this though, she is imaginative in that she can think outside the box to aid her in her task, which some could also see as intelligence as well.

However, Nessivas shares a trait with her rider, and that's a flirtatious nature. While Lolena's flirtatiousness is a little more on the side of romantic, Nessivas is more the sort to flirt for the fun of it. Though likely this trait won't truly set in until both her and Lolena are a little older, it does show in a habit of teasing and playing around with others for now. Likely though, when Nessivas and Lolena are both older, Nessivas' flirtatiousness may become the foil to her industrious nature that Lolena will have to learn how to redirect as time passes.
"With much of her body a pale grey, it's obvious to note the change as the shimmer of golds and yellow begin to fade in, changing her from a dull gray to a vibrant yet delicate shade of gold all throughout, while the pale tips of her frills seem to shine the brightest of all."

Upon hatching, Nessivas was shown to be a little more toward the grayer side of her white sisters on most of her body, with a pale pure white underbelly. The top gray side of her appears to be dappled in tiny speckles that make even her hatchling hide look rougher at a glance. These speckles likely could play a role at helping to camouflage in the ocean, depending on what her overtone looks like when she grows up.

Other than her hide, Nessivas is at the largest end of female Pearls, making her bigger than most of her sisters when she hatched, and when she reaches adulthood she will likely outsize most other female Pearls of her glint. This gives her a little more bulk to her body than smaller females might have, making her a strong swimmer with more stamina than speed.
Hatching: 1st Pearl Hatching
Dame: White Polyrivas
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