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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Parker
Character Number: Why do you keep asking?
Character Name:


40 (Summer: Fir 12th, 2009)

Ranking Position:
Master Woodsmith/Pearling

New Atricis

Ista Hold

Permanent limp in his left leg due to bad injury. Slight addiction to fellis

Guard Team:
ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
Level of Craft:
Master Woodsmith

A person with this ability is really good with repairs and building just about anything if they spend long enough to learn it. They also make good tinkerers and inventors.
Restriction in its use with Perfectionist's Charm, Sebell's Charm, and Robinton's Skill
This ability counts as 1 point.

Bonded Dragonkin:
Black-Blue Corentivis

Mother: Ressliah, 1979 -
Father: Carlenty, 1975 -

Sister: Reliti, 2011 -
Sister: Leliah, 2013 -
Brother: Castin, 2017 -

Madilynn, Child with Illyana, Winter 2036 -

Wife: Illyana, Deceased - 2011 - 2036
Goldhandler Vexill


His bad leg lacks as much muscle tone as his good



Play By
Judson Mills

Carver shows his Istan heritage strongly, traits he got from both his parents. His hair is varies from a dirty blond-brown in winter to a brighter blond in the summer thanks to the sun bleaching out his hair. Getting into his fourth decade, his hair has started to pepper, especially his beard when he lets it grow out. He's not so vain that he minds the gray or the extra lines he can see now around his eyes and mouth in particular. His eyes are hazel, so sometimes they seem green and some time they seem brown, but regardless of how they look there is always little flecks of amber. His skin isn't as fair as some of those that have light hair, but he does tend to burn if he stays out in the sun all day.

His hands are rough with calluses thanks to his work as a Woodsmith. Body wise, Carver isn't too muscular, but he isn't necessarily out of shape. His arm strength is better than his leg strength thanks to the injury that left him limping for the rest of his life. His smile is warm and open. His nervous habit is to chew his fingernails, so those are always short and unkempt.
Warmhearted | Dedicated | Rational | Confident | Resourceful
Warmhearted ~ Caring, amicable, a bleeding-heart....all of these things can describe Carver. He is genuinely a man that wants to help people. When he loves, he loves openly and with his entire being. His heart is worn proudly on his sleeve, though that means it is easy to become bruised and stepped on. Carver typically likes to think the best of people even when he is told something different. He's even been known to try and justify other's bad behavior.

Dedicated ~ Carver is a man that knows what he wants his goals to be and his follows them through to the end. It doesn't matter if it's a craft project or has to do with relationships. He takes commitments seriously, very seriously, and he would never take on more responsibility than he thinks he could handle. He has even turned down good paying jobs before knowing that it was a project that he would not be able to give his full commitment to.

Rational ~ Impulsiveness is not something Carver is prone to. He likes to think things through, no matter what they may be. Because of his rational mind, he suffers from constantly doubting himself whenever there are big decisions to be made. Like their decision to move South. He is still doubting if that was the right choice considering Illyana's condition and her health.

Confident ~ In his younger turns, Carver was quite the timid and shy person. Afraid of offending someone or making people angry he tended to simply agree and go with whatever those he was around wanted. Now that he is older, has experienced life a little more, he has lost most of his timidness. He has become a much more confident individual who no longer allows others to make up his mind for him. He is also more open about what he thinks and feels, not nearly as afraid of offending people like he use to be. He is, though, still quite a bit self-conscious about his limp.

Resourceful ~ One thing that fishing lacked for him was creativity. There is only so many ways a person can catch a fish, but the ways a person can make something out of wood are limitless. Carver loves being inventive with his craft and coming up with new designs and ways of making things. His resourcefulness and creativeness is part of the reason why his work has been so well received. Carver is not limited in what he does with wood as his skills encompass many talents. He is also a bit of a handyman and likes to fix things and tinker with things.
2009: Carver is born in Ista Hold to his parents. He comes out healthy and his mother comes through fine as well.

2011: His mother gives birth to a little girl, Retili.

2013: Two turns pass and Carver gets another little sister, Leliah.

2014: Carver is five turns old when his parents decide to leave Ista Hold for Serafei Seahold. His father was not having luck finding a job on a fishing vessel there, so he hoped that there would be more opportunities in Serafei. After only a few months, his father manages to find a good job and they manage to get a nice size apartment in the Hold.

2017: Finally, after two sisters, Carver gets a little brother, Castin.

2021: Carver decides to start his apprenticeship under his father to become a fisherman.

2024: One particular day this turn, Carver is excited to head out on his first fishing trip. The first few days things go great and he proves he has learned his craft well. A bad storm brewed up while they were out to sea. During the squall a beam breaks and crashes down onto him, pinning his leg. While they do what they can for him until the ship pulls back into port, his knee has taken the worst of the damage. When Carver finally is taken to a healer, they do what they can and manage to save his leg. They wonder if he will ever have use of the leg again.

2025: After a turn of hardship Carver proves the healers wrong and takes his first steps.

2026: Since it isn't possible for him to continue as a fisherman, Carver decides to seek out a new trade. Woodcraft has always caught his attention and he did love working his hands. Plus, there was a facet of woodcraft that appealed to him that fishing did not...he could be more imaginative. While he is a little behind some of the other apprentices, he catches up quickly. During this time he is still learning to cope with his injury. Since he is in so much pain, the healers have been allowing him to have a bit of fellis when he needs it.

2029: Carver, after turns of studying his craft, finally walks the table as a Journeyman. His leg still gives him trouble, but according to his friends and family he is able to get around remarkably well. However, his use of fellis for the pain does not stop and he finds himself taking it even if he does not really need it.

2030: First love is finally found. A young woman by the name of Jessy comes into his life when she commissions him for a birthday present for her father. While Carver works on the rocking chair she has ordered, he tries his best to get to know Jessy better. His ploy works and Jessy agrees to let him court her. Things seem to be going fine for the first six months, until Carver tries to be more...intimate with her. Jessy confesses to him that she has been seeing someone else for the last month and she wishes to be with him. Carver is heartbroken, but does not try to keep a hold on her.

2032: Carver turns his focus was the heartache of his first love back to his craft. His hard work pays off and he begins to make a good name for himself. His fellis addiction does not stop and by now he has managed to reason to himself why he won't get help for it. During one of his visits to the healers for his weekly therapy, Carver ends up meeting a woman, Illyana. She is beautiful and friendly and he can't help but feel like he's met his other half. The two talk pleasantly until he is called in for his appointment. When he is done...the young woman is gone. The rest of the turn he ends up seeing her occasionally and always at the infirmary. They always speak while they can. This goes on for quite awhile.

2033: After slowly getting to know each other bit by bit, Carver boldly asks Illyana to be his wife. He can't explain it, but he knows they belong together. Much to his dismay and surprise, Illyana breaks down crying saying she can't. When he questions her she finally explains that she is sick, with what the doctors do not know, but every turn she gets a little worse. Carver doesn't care and swears that he will love her until the end of time. Three months later they are married.

2034: Life couldn't be happier for Illyana and Carver. Their marriage grows stronger every day, despite both of their health issues. His craft grows stronger and soon his work is wanted by those outside of Serafei. A small cothold in the region commissions him for a bed frame. Deciding it is easier for him to go there to work on the project, he sets off for the cothold. It only takes him a few weeks, during which time he misses his wife dearly. On the way back to Serafei in the evening, a small and injured bronze wherlet is found lying in the road. Carver, having a bleeding heart to most things with injuries, gets out of the wagon to help the creature. At first the wher treats him hostilely before the young creature realizes that the man is trying to help. Before he knows what happens, he has bonded to the wher. When he returns home Illyana is shocked to see the young creature, but of course she cannot be angry at Carver for wishing to help it. After some discussion it is decided that he will learn about whers from the guard wher and his handler at Serafei. His bronze, Carvesk, isn't like the normal watch wher though, and the handler surmises that he is a hybrid of an Isilian wher. While it would be best for them to go to Isil to learn about being a wherhandler better, that is not possible with the state of Isil Tunnelhold and the fact that they are moving south with Atricis.

2035: After a turn, Carver, Illyana, and Carvesk have finally settled into their new cycle of being asleep during the day. Carver and Carvesk continue to help the hold out by being a watch pair, but for the most part Carver continues his job as a Woodsmith. While life is good, Illyana gives him news that makes it even better. She is pregnant and they will be expecting their first child by summer next turn. Carver, worried now that their little apartment isn't enough for a growing family and a wher, begins to think more of the future. After much discussion and planning and speaking with healers, they decide to begin a new life down South. People with crafts are needed and he would finally get to meet other wherhandlers with Isilian whers.

  • Things of course, always have to go wrong in some way and they are detained from leaving when they want to. After months of planning and getting everything ready, a long trip by ship to the new Seahold, and spending a week there to recover; Illyana and Carver finally make it to New Atricis. Carvesk is excited to meet other whers that are supposedly more like him than the ones back at Serafei had been. Illyana is in the last trimester now and Carver isn't allowing her to do much of anything. It's obvious the pregnancy has been harder on her than she has let on and part of him worries that they should never have left.
  • Carver meets his new therapist who also is his Wher Leader, Goldhandler Vexill. His first session with her turns out well and he is looking forward to working with her more. She also assures him that Illyana will be taken care of, which makes him feel much better about moving here.
  • The end of Winter comes and Illyana finally goes into labor. It is long and hard. By the end, Carver has a little baby girl they name Madilynn. However, Illyana dies shortly after the girl's birth. He is left heartbroken and lost.
  • Carver finally decides to get a pet firelizard. He ends up impressing a green who is more a pain in his side than he'd imagine possible.
    Since Stopit turned out to be not what he expected, Carver ends up getting another flit egg in the hopes that having another one will give Stopit someone else to cling to. When the egg hatches he is stunned at the flit that comes out. Immediately thinking his new pet is on the verge of dying, he takes him to the Healers. Oddly though the little guy seems quite healthy even if his insides can be seen rather well through his transparent skin and muscles.

    • Carver invites Vexill over for dinner. Things don't go as planned, so they end up going out for the night for a picnic at a special spot that Vexill knows of. They end up going for a swim in a hidden springs. At the end of the night...he and Vexill end up kissing.
      Vexill and Carver are out gathering greens when a storm rolls in. They take shelter in an old abandoned cabin. Vexilsk starts her run while the storm is going on. Carvesk of course chases and wins her. Carver and Vexill end up making love and deciding that they want to start a real relationship.
    • Vexilsk clutches and the eggs hatch healthy. Vexill has become distant, leaving Carver to wonder why. Eventually she tells him that she is pregnant. He is very happy for them both.
    • Carver is very upset to learn that Vexill has miscarried. He is more concerned about Vexill and her well-being than anything else.
    • For all he is in denial of it, Carver knows that the spark that was once between him and Vexill is no longer what it once was. He doesn't blame her and he doesn't blame himself, but he recognizes that is best for both of them if they go their separate ways. It's better to end things mutually then to wait for things to spiral out of control and end things on a bitter note.
2038 - 2041:
After Vexill, Carver is happy to focus on Madilynn and his craft. He certainly doesn't lack for commissions and he honestly finds joy in the simple act of making toys for the children of the weyr. Madilynn grows up so quickly. He spends as much time with her as he can, but it is obvious that she has special needs compared to other children her age. Carver makes sure that she gets the best care possible and someone who will be able to help her to learn as well as she can. For all he cannot participate as a full guard thanks to his leg, that does not stop Carvesk from doing as much as he can to help the rest of the whers. With Carver's permission he goes out on patrols with others by himself. One of his favorite whers to pair with is Andalusite Serisk. Carver is not surprised when Carvesk decides to give chase to her during her maiden run. While he use to always sit out during runs, this time he decides to be a bit braver and goes to the handler's room. Sterling is beyond beautiful and he feels horribly out of place being there, but her patience and kind words slowly win him over. Carvesk does not win the run, but Carver himself fully enjoys every moment of it.

While there are bigger things going on with the weyr and on Pern, specifically to do with the oceans, Carver's attention is more narrowed on his own life. Andalusite Serisk runs again and Carvesk chases, only this time he is successful. Carver enjoys the run with Sterling again, which is wonderful. In the last couple of turns he has become far less timid and reclusive than he was before. He doesn't think he has ever seen his bronze so happy as when his clutch hatches. That happiness is not to last though. Later that summer, Carvesk goes out on patrol with a couple of the other whers and they're handlers. Without warning, one of the giant tunnelsnakes attacks them. They manage to kill the beast, but not before it manages to bite Carvesk. They try to get him back to the weyr in time to stop the deadly poison, but unfortunately the bronze succumbs to the venom. Carver is devasted, utterly and horribly devasted.

2043 - 2046:
Carver decides to move back north for awhile to work on getting his master knots. Because Madilynn is so attached to her creche father, Carver offers to pay him to come and live with them, that way he can not worry about Madilynn's care while he is up north. Carver throws all of his focus on getting his master knots. While he never did stop his crafting fully as a handler, it did get put more to the side than if he hadn't been. So it took him a bit to catch up to where he could start training for his knots. This and his daughter are all he really focuses on for a solid three turns. The day he finally walks the tables and obtains his Mastery is one of the happier ones he's had in the last three turns.

After so much time away and with his Master knots now, Carver sort of misses life at Atricis Weyr. Yes, he knows there are memories of heartache there, but there are also friendships he misses and good memories to think of as well. Plus, his leg doesn't act up nearly as much down in the south. Madilynn was excited to go back to where the dragons were.
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Name: Corentivis
Color: Black-Blue
Color Code: 262626, 434343, 001F5B, 004FAF, 0096FF
Age: 0 (2048)
Size: 50ft. (Bulk Class)
Status: Pearling
ImageSkills and AbilitiesImage
(Any shop abilities such as Staying Power, or Early Riser, etc.)
Romantic, Articulate, Spontaneous, Faithful, Presumptuous
Romantic ~ of, relating to, or of the nature of romance; characteristic or suggestive of the world of romance: Fanciful; impractical; unrealistic: imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc.

Articulate ~ uttered clearly in distinct syllables. Capable of speech; not speechless. Using language easily and fluently; having facility with words:

Spontaneous ~ coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned: (of a person) given to acting upon sudden impulses. (of natural phenomena) arising from internal forces or causes; independent of external agencies; self-acting.

Faithful ~ strict or thorough in the performance of duty: true to one's word, promises, vows, etc.: steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant:

Presumptuous ~ full of, characterized by, or showing presumption or readiness to presume in conduct or thought, as by saying or doing something without right or permission.: unwarrantedly or impertinently bold; forward.
While just as dark as when he hatched, he is one of the Pearls whose overtone has hit him like a brick. It is impossible to not immediately recognize him as a Blue Overtoned Black, as even the darkest and lightest parts of him shine with intense blues. The swirl of color around his eye and on his back and shoulders shine the most brilliantly, with only a hint of the mid gray being seen beneath the bright sky and icy blues. With an overtone so intense, one might mistake him for a blue Ppearl rather than a Black pearl, making him quite a stunning one to gaze upon.
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