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Username: LdyPayne
Character Number: 6
Character Name: Zilelmos “Zil” (born Garroyo -See Bio)
Also Known As: Zilelmos, Zil
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (b. North: Por 28 (Summer) 2029 /South: Dulu 28(winter) 2029)
Ranking Position: none
Residence: New Atricis Weyr
Origin: Nerat Hold
Health: perfect health
Guard Team: (Wherhandler Only)
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Sailor (apprentice seacrafter)
No Rest for the Wicked
With this token, a character who has committed a grave crime (such as murder, kidnap, grand larceny, or similarly serious crimes) can either receive a reduced punishment than the norm due to a good defense, or get away with it entirely as long as they covered themselves well. Remember to be realistic when using this item. The price of this item reflects the rarity of such grave crimes and the rarity of getting away with them. (Not for lesser rule/law breaking such as petty theft or candidacy rules)
400 Marks

Open Mind
This item will add one single ability point to a character of your choice; upping the total to 3 ability points instead of the standard 2. However, because of how special this item is, you can only use it once on a character and there is a limit to 3 per player.
Restriction in its use with Lessa's Gaze.
1,000 Marks

Fandarel's Strength
People with this ability tend to be much stronger than others. They seem to have an easier time building up muscle for such strength and might not always appear as largely muscled as they should be for their almost odd amount of strength. Restriction in its use with Lessa's Gaze and Weapons Master
This ability counts as 1 point.
95 marks

This ability gives a character a 25% higher chance of hitting what they're are aiming at with a bow. If used in conjunction with Weapons Student or Weapon Master the skill increases to 50% higher chance of hitting.
This ability counts as 1 point
55 Marks

People with this ability are natural born survivalists and will do better living Holdless than other people. They have no trouble roughing it in the wild all across Pern even during a Pass.
This ability counts as 1 point
75 Marks
Purchased for Pearl Hatching

Rare Dragonkin Mutation
This token can be applied to a dragonkin candidate to be considered for a color mutation of dragonkin. Chimera colors and Sport colors outside of our official color set can be expected from this token. However, because of the intricacies of Chimeras and Sports, staff will choose the color mutation and any parameters for the color.
Because of how special this token is, and how rare mutation colors are meant to be, this token is limited to 1 per player per dragonkin at one time and CANNOT be used with Dragonkin Mutation Token. So you can have one token on a dragon, and a second on a wher, but not two tokens on two dragons, for example. You can acquire another token for a type of dragonkin if you no longer have a previous rare mutation of that dragonkin type. However, this should not be abused, and doing so will have you restricted from using this or any mutation token.
You may, however, choose if you would prefer a Chimera Color, a Sport Color, or if you would like Any Color (open to either a Chimera or a Sport). Please specify your preference when using this item.

I will prefer a Chimera Colour

2,000 Marks
Bonded Dragonkin: Aurinvis
Father: Garrison (b. 2000)
Mother: Mairyoa (b. 2002)
Brothers: Garma (b. 2019), Ryson (b. 2020, d. 2045), Yagar (b. 2025)
Sister: Yomara (b. 2022)

Lover(s): currently none
Pet(s): 2
Name: Nightsky
2 ft. 1 in., Blue Hybrid (Firelizard / Fancy Flitt)
#2D3149, #357BA6, #58E3F6
Easy-going, Helpful, Caring
Cheret Turn’s Beginning [ Autumn ] 2048
Dam / Sire
Gold Firelizard Belladonna / Hematite Fancy Flitt Kreek
Credit to” Ember / Slasher

Name: Guardian
2 ft. 10 in., Bronze Hybrid (Firelizard / Fancy Flitt)
#BAA160, #AD8852
Protective, Lively, Wise
Cheret Turn’s Beginning [ Autumn ] 2048
Dam / Sire
Gold Firelizard Belladonna / Hematite Fancy Flitt Kreek
Credit to: Ember / Slasher
Play-by: Alex Pettyfer
Zilelmos stands about 5’8” with a solid build. He’s muscular but not heavily so but more the lean muscles of a man who works hard all his life. He has light medium brown hair which , since he’s been South has been sun bleached to straw blonde. Zilelmos has greyish blue eyes and a light complexion which has darkened a little under the sun but will always be fair compared to Southern born people.

He keeps his hair short and tends to have scruff on his face as he doesn’t shave every day as his facial hair tends to be very pale and not as noticeable against his skin. Zilelmos has a strong face with a square jaw and face. His nose is a little broad and a bit crocked due be being broken in a fight. His mouth is small with a full lower lid. He has a pronounced cleft on his blunt chin and an overall rugged look to his features. He doesn’t consider himself all that good looking but others may disagree with this.

When it comes to clothing he is not a stylish man. He wears practical and sturdy clothing made for hard work over making him look good. Though he keeps himself and his clothing regularly clean he doesn’t mind if his clothing is showing a little wear. He is more likely to stitch up holes or patch them over than just buy a new tunic or trousers. If there’s enough there to still be presentable and practical for work he’ll keep right on wearing them.

Zilelmos has a tattoo on his left shoulder showing a bullseye below the logo of the ship he served on, a merchant ship named ‘The Current Rider’.
Garroyo is a quiet sort of person, not one to talk too much or speak loud when he does talk. When around strangers he is a silent presence, attentive when spoken to or given orders directly. All other times he seems lost in his own world to the point some may think he’s simple minded. Garroyo has a rather cunning intelligence, not so much in book smarts than in more practical ways. He also has little patience for those who talk plenty but do nothing. He prefers a more direct approach.

He was raised to work hard and put a job first before recreation. Garroyo actually doesn’t like being completely idle, preferring constant work with his hands, be it farming or working on a ship. When not doing either he prefers to spend his free time hunting, finding the solitude of a hunt far more appealing than hanging around a bar and drinking or gambling.

He isn’t antisocial however as he does enjoy the company of family and friends he’s learned to trust. Garroyo speaks little but listens carefully, perhaps one reason many women find him good company. He doesn’t particularly like to hear the sound of his own voice, nor does he like to brag of his own abilities. He knows what he’s capable of and people who matter will see the evidence of it in his work.

Emotionally he is rather even tempered, sometimes even emotionally detached. He smiles rarely nor is he one to give in to humour. He is also very loyal to those he considers his friends and family, being a strong presence should he be needed. Garroyo is particularly protective of those he feels are being mistreated or abused, he certainly doesn’t like bullies and will stand up against them when the situation calls for it. Despite being quite strong and not terrible as a brawler he isn’t one to pick a fight, but he will fight if no other option presents itself.

He can be vengeful, usually deciding on the spur of the moment to act to get rid of a problem without thinking through the consequences. It is this that prompted him to kill a man he knew was likely going to hurt a friend. He doesn’t regret the action itself but he does regret what happened to his brother. Because of it he feels guilt and has banished himself from home because of it.
Zilelmos was born Garroyo in Nerat Hold to a family of hard working farmers and sailors. He was born and raised on a farm but several of his Uncles and cousins took up seacrafting instead. He was the youngest of four boys and also had an older sister.

Garroyo was something of a surprise for Garrison and Mairyoa as she hadn’t been able to become pregnant after Yagar was born. The Healers had told her due to complications with Yagar’s birth she may never bear another child. Mairyoa was disappointed with the news but since she had four beautiful healthy children she was content. When Garroyo was born she called it a miracle especially since his birth had been free of any problems. However he did turn out to be her last and thus she always had a special spot in her heart for her ‘miracle child.’

By the time Garroyo was born Yagar was about four Turns his senior and was quite taken with his newest brother. Despite the age difference Yagar and Garroyo were very close. His oldest brother Garma didn’t see much of Garroyo as he was nearly Apprentice age by the time Garroyo was taking his first steps then gone for much of the year training to be a farmcrafter. Ryson followed barely a Turn later.

When it was Yagar’s turn to Apprentice Garroyo was just turning 8 and was expected to help around the family farm till he was old enough to Apprentice. His sister married and moved out of the family farm only a few months before Yagar began his Apprenticeship leaving Garroyo alone with their parents.

Garroyo hated being the only child left at home and withdrew, barely paying attention to his parents. At first he simply vanished for the entire day only coming home to eat but his father wouldn’t have him skipping chores. It took a beating to snap Garroyo out of his depression but only enough so he did his chores, once they were done he would vanish again.
His mother realized what the real problem was and wrote a letter to Ryson explaining his little brother was lonely. Ryson was already a Journeyman by this point and knew just what his brother needed. He had time due so he returned home and took his kid brother out hunting, teaching him how to use a bow. Much to Garroyo’s surprise he was quite good with a bow and soon became something of a Marksman. He always hit his target after barely half a Turn of training and practice.

Finding out he had a talent with the bow changed Garroyo’s life. He was able to make a name for himself by entering archery competitions at Turns End Gatherings and other events. He wasn’t the best there was but he did pretty well in his age group.

By the time he turned 12 and could take on an apprenticeship he decided farming wasn’t what he wanted to do. In fact he wanted to focus on his archery but learned there wasn’t any real profession based on Archery alone. He learned he could be just a hunter, using his skills to bring in food and sell meat as a means to support himself down the road or enter the Hold Guards where he’ll learn how to use a sword as well. None of these options appealed to Garroyo so he talked to Ryson and his other brothers for suggestions. When Yagar suggested being a Sailor where he could use his marksman skills to defend the ships and help hunt for wild game Garroyo thought it would be perfect. He also liked the idea of travelling, of seeing new areas.

His father didn’t want him to leave home at such a young age to be a Sailor, instead he suggested he continue working at the farm and if by the age of 14 he still wanted to be a sailor then he won’t stop him. It took some arguing but in the end Garroyo agreed as long as he spend a few Candlemarks each day learning more about sailing from the old veterans living at the Hold.

For two Turns Garroyo spent all his free time talking to Sailors, even worked on a few ships as an extra hand for short trips. He did enjoy the work and couldn’t wait till he could become a Sailor full time and officially sign up on a ship or go to the Seacraft Hall to become an Apprentice.

A few days after his 14th Turnday Garroyo ended up having a fight with one of the local boys over what most young men tend to fight over, a woman. Garroyo was old enough to know girls were not just sisters or friends but something else. He had a crush on a girl named Zillana who was a Turn his senior. What he didn’t know was an older boy, nearly 18 Turns as it turned out, wanted her for his wife but she kept refusing him.

Garroyo had invited the girl he liked to the Gather so she could cheer him on in Archery and he could show her around. Much to his pleasure she had agreed to go with him, seeing no harm in spending time with the younger man. She liked his company and he was always polite to her and made her laugh. Then Litger, the man who wanted to marry her showed up and saw them he attacked Garroyo.

Even at age 14 Garroyo was a decent size young man but he was no fighter like Litger. If it wasn’t for the Hold Guards showing up and breaking up the fight, Litger would likely have tried to beat Garroyo to death. It made Garroyo so angry not because he couldn’t fight Litger but because he didn’t even understand why Litger did it. He didn’t want to fight in fact he would have been fine if Litger had asked to join them. But after the fight Garroyo knew Litger will be a constant problem especially since his friend didn’t want anything to do with him.

It was almost a SevenDay later while Garroyo was off doing some hunting before he left home to become a Sailor when he spotted Litger. At first he was just going to turn away and move off, not wanting to risk Litger finding him out here when he realized Zillana was with him. He didn’t hear what they were saying to each other but it was clear Zillana was making it clear she wanted nothing to do with Litger. A breeze brought some of her words to his ears, and Garroyo was able to make out she had spoken to her father and he promised her to another.

Pleased to hear she will no longer be bothered by Litger and likely have a far better life, Garroyo smiled. There was a part of him however who was disappointed she will be married to somebody he likely didn’t know and may never see her again. As he was thinking of being a Seacrafter anyway, maybe it was best he didn’t marry and leave her alone, something he wouldn’t enjoy doing.

Yelling caught his attention once more and he saw Zillana hurrying away while Litger swore he’ll make her pay for betraying him for another. She wisely kept moving and didn’t look back. Litger continued to yell cruel things her way but eventually fell silent. The words he said however made Garroyo angry and he doubted Litger would ever let Zillana live her life in peace.

Without even seriously considering it, Garroyo raised his bow and shot Litger. The man went down without a sound. Garroyo headed for the spot he shot Litger and found him gasping for breath on the ground, the arrow sticking out from his chest. When Litger saw him he gasped, reaching out with his arm, clearly pleading for help. Garroyo just watched him like he was nothing. Just as Litger gasped his last breath and died, Garroyo smiled.

Ryson found them and had a feeling Garroyo was the one who killed Litger and knowing how good he was at archery doubted it was an accident. Yet he knew Garroyo probably did his friend a favour, besides it could still have been an accident. He didn’t care either way as Garroyo was his baby brother and he’ll defend him no matter what.

Garroyo was surprise his brother showed up and even more surprised he took his bow and told him to go home, and leave. Go take a ship and be a Sailor and not worry about Litger. Garroyo had been talking about signing up on a seafaring trade vessel instead of a local fishing ship. Realizing if he stuck around somebody may remember he had gotten into a fight with Litger and may think he killed him on purpose. He told Ryson then he hadn’t meant to kill Litger and Ryson believed him. Ryson worried others may not and advised Garroyo to go become a sailor liked he always talked about and he’ll take care of Litger.

Before the light of dawn was even brightening the horizon Garroyo was on a ship having signed up to be a sailor. He packed little save the money he made in archery competitions, a change of clothing, something for warmer weather and the knowledge Zillana would be safe from Litger forever.

Life on a ship was hard work but one Garroyo, who now went by the name Zilelmos just in case anybody came after him for Litger’s death despite his brother’s assurances he will take care of it, found he liked well enough. The constant work and training made him stronger and it didn’t take long for him to realize once he was in better shape he actually was stronger than many of the older Sailors.

After his first year aboard the seafaring vessel he got drunk and ended up getting a tattoo, marking him as one of the ship’s crew and a real sailor. Garroyo, who had joined the crew under the name Zilelmos just in case he was blamed for the murder of Litgar, felt pleased to be considered part of the crew now. He had worked hard to learn the skills he needed and build his strength and dexterity to go up and down rigging and lift heavy loads. To celebrate his 1 Turn anniversity with the crew, they took him out to get a tattoo, officially marking him as one of the ship’s crew. The tattoo was the ship’s logo plus an archer’s bullseye, to represent his skill with the bow. He had demonstrated his skill when a rival trade ship tried to waylay them. Thanks to Garroyo’s skill with the bow he was able to kill many of the pirates before they retreated to find easier prey.

He was a sailor for over a Turn when he received a message from his father. In the letter he explained Ryson was accused and arrested for the murder of Litger. Despite everything his father tried to do, Ryson didn’t deny the charges and he was sentenced to death. The news shocked Garroyo so much he locked himself away in his cabin and refused to come out. The Captain of the ship he was on would only put up with so much from a Sailor who refused to work. Garroyo, in his grief and guilt ended up shoving a sailor who was sent to drag him above decks and get to work. The shove was too hard and the Sailor banged his head hard enough it knocked him out. The Captain had Garroyo thrown off the ship to fend for himself if he survived the swim to shore.

The ship had been heading for the Southern Seahold to trade so Garroyo didn’t have to swim for long before he reached shore. He wasn’t much in the mood to socialize with people so he ended into the jungle. As he had been thrown off ship with only the clothing on his back and a belt knife, his focus was to find shelter, water and food. Running more on instinct than anything he found a way to survive.

He had travelled to the South once before as part of the ship’s crew, not long after his first year on board. Thus he knew what the climate was and learned more about surviving here from the rest of the crew. Swapping tales about the South was a common pastime when they were far out to sea with little for the crew to do between shifts.

Garroyo was 17 Turns when he worked his way through the Jungle, working through his guilt and grief over the loss of his brother by simply fighting to survive. He made his own bow and arrows so he would have a suitable weapon to hunt for good.

Not wanting to live the rest of his life in the jungle Garroyo approached the Seaport months after being ‘fired’ from being a Sailor. As he expected the crew burned his name at the Seahold as far as getting work as a Sailor was concerned. As the Captain had passed along his likeness and not just his name Garroyo knew there was no point changing his name to get work as a sailor, instead Garroyo ended up hooking up with a trade Caravan and served as a guard, once again using his archery and strength as a means to be useful to the Caravan leader.

Not long after his 18th Turnday the caravan he was with ended up in Amaryllis Hold where he learned there was to be a Hatching at New Atricis Weyr. Garroyo had never attended a Hatching and he certainly never considered himself dragonriding material. However a Search Dragon took an interest in him so he was offered a chance to be a Candidate. Garroyo accepted more because he was curious about Weyr life and to see a Hatching than any real thought he would be chosen by a Hatchling.

As he had obligations with the caravan he didn’t travel with the dragonrider, instead he simply continued with the Caravan which was heading for the Weyr anyway. They had plenty of items for trade and with a Hatching coming, they knew they could sell plenty of items which will likely be used for the Hatching Feast, even if the Caravan itself would likely be long gone by that point.

Garroyo arrived in New Atricis about a month before the Hatching was to begin and entered into Candidacy. He will give it a shot and decide after Standing if he will continue on as a dragon Candidate or seek work elsewhere. He kept his thoughts to himself however, simply reporting to the Candidate Master upon arrival at the Weyr saying he had been Searched and he was here to Stand as a Dragon Candidate.
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Name: Aurinvis
Color: Chimera (Male)
Color Code: pending
Age: Hatchling (Polent 17, 2048)
Size: 42’
Status: Hatchling
Deep Diver
With this ability, Pearls can dive even deeper than others without it, allowing them to withstand extra pressure at deeper levels. However, there is a limit for how deep they can go as well, they can just go deeper than others without this ability.
Restriction in its use with Land Lover
Useable on Pearls
This ability uses 1 Point
95 Marks

For whatever reason, some Pearls develop bioluminescent spots as they grow that can be compared to that of Starlizard bioluminescence in ways. These spots of bioluminescence shows most often on the ends of the back and tail fins/frills, sometimes on the ends of their head horns, and sometimes as medium to small spots on the body that are clearly defined but don’t take up more than 25% of their overall body. These spots will also glow with their eye moods, reflecting their moods in the color of their luminescence, making them an effective way to communicate visually in the water or from a distance.
Restriction in its use with Sonar Expert
Useable on Pearls
This ability uses 1 Point
85 Marks
Perceptive, Cunning, Proud, Competitive, Morbid
Aurinvis is a perceptive sort, not just in what he observes but in ‘reading’ between the lines in conversation s. It doesn’t take long for him to see past the ‘disguise’ his chosen Rider lives under. Not that he’ll ever reveal Zilel’vis’ secret, Aurinvis is content to know it himself. He’ll leave it to Zilel’vis to tell others when he’s ready.

Perhaps it is because he’s perceptive or it could have nothing to do with it, Aurinvis is also quite cunning. He uses this to ensure he comes out on top in any competitive games he undertakes, whether it’s a ‘teaching game’, a competition between his fellow Glint members or once mature, to compete for a mate. Though he will not be the largest male among the Flotilla Glint he will certainly use his cunning and size to win the whole game of male dominance.

Aurinvis is a proud Pearl, proud of his rider, his own accomplishments and even proud of the accomplishments of his fellow pearls. Of course he’ll always want to be the best and his pride prevents him from feeling too bad if he loses out in a competition or test. He will know he did his best and be proud of it. Unfortunately the negative side of his pride, he will retaliate should his pride be pricked or mocked. With his perceptive and cunning nature he will be a formidable foe.

Probably his most unappealing traits are his tendency to be rather morbid. Death and illness will draw his attention as he tries to understand these subjects. It won’t take long for him to perceive most others would find the subject of death, dying, disease and injury uncomfortable talk about but this won’t deter him from learning all he can. Zilel’vis will soon find himself faced with a constant stream of questions and discussion about such morbid topics.


Before his overtone appeared, Aurinvis was clearly a two-toned Pearl. White on top and black below Aurinvis was certainly noticed when he hatched. There isn’t a clear designation however where the white and black met roughly in the middle of his body, instead the two tones interwove in a rough jagged blend. This joining of the two shades looks much like rays of sunlight streaking over dark clouds or penetrating the dark depths of a calm lake. The top of his head and horns are white leaving his snout, upper and lower jaw and around his eyes black. This meets the black of his throat and neck down to his underbelly all the way along the underside of his tail. His limbs are also black except for the small spines off his forearms.

When his Overtone finally appeared, his true Chimera nature is revealed. Besides his overtone, Aurinvis also has various spots of bioluminescence running down the length of his body and tips of his spines.

modified showing bioluminescent ability
#151B1D, #D7D3B3, #1C361D

Aurinvis' overtone has crept across his body, or so it appears, coming in as a beautiful rich green and a bright gold that gleams brighter than the sun. It might be difficult to some to tell what his true tone is when he's in the water, given how it covers him, but a single look at his belly, and the rest of his underside, will show the remainder of his black scaled hide.

Extras: (If applicable. Just an extra section for extra info if desired. Can be removed it not wanted.)

Hatching Message:
As more of the eggs began to shake within the dug out wallow, the sands shifted around them and began to fall away from several of them, though others remained quieter and buried for now. There were two eggs, side by side with each other that began to wobble the most, though they always seemed to move opposite the other. When one egg shifted, the other was still and vice versa for quite a few rounds of this as cracks began to widen and spread along each exposed surface. Once or twice, a sharp egg tooth poked through the membrane of the shells, but still neither had given way to the pearling within.

As if in a final act of desperation, one egg gave a mighty shudder and the egg tooth jabbed up through the shell and was suddenly jerked back and forth. Tearing itself a hole, the hatchling was finally freed and slid out of it's confines, serpentine body uncurling out of the shell and stretching onto the sand. Before anyone could truly appreciate the pearling though, it's brethen finally managed to break free though in a far more... explosive way. Having coiled up inside the egg and pressing with every ounce of strength, the hatchling had forced all those weak points to suddenly give way and the pearling was left floundering in the wake of the outburst.

Now look at yourself, you're flopping around like a dying fish. Pull yourself together sister and use your legs. Like this, see? Came the voice of the first of the pair to hatch, and while at first glance one may have assumed the pale markings of a female, the voice was decidedly male. Looking closer, it was quite clear that the lower half of this pearling was as dark as the night and the bright markings streamed like light down into these depths. Yet, there was still something strange, that one so dark would sport such clear and white markings like the blaze on his forehead.

Like this? The pale pearlet asked, twisting around and righting herself on those stubby front legs. While her siblings' identity may be in question, it was quite obvious this little one was a female with white markings that looked to be tumbling down over her grey hide. She had managed to get her feet under her, though her entire hide was coated with fine grains of sand that she'd rolled in and she looked upon her brother with wide blinking eyes.

Well yes, at least you shouldn't be able to hurt yourself now. The odd pearling responded, stretching out his own long form and gave his own little legs an experimental kick or two in the sand. I've been cooped up in that egg for far too long, I'm eager to stretch my fins. He said, presumably to the other pearling, yet the two-toned pearlings' gaze lifted and began to drift over all those who were gathered around to see him, gawking and wondering. I don't understand what's so strange about me, it's not like I have two heads. He remarked, scoffing almost as he lifted his head a little higher and made his first movement, scooting himself along the grains of sand and away from his sibling without another thought.

While his sister had flopped rather pathetically at the feet of some person in a search for help, the two-toned pearling had ventured a little further. At first, it seemed that perhaps he was going to by pass all the candidates and any of the spectators as he seemed to be focused on the large pile of fish nearby. Yet, as he brushed past two young men, something caused his next step to falter.

The serpentine body curled on itself as the pearling turned around to face the candidates Soleius and Zilelmos. From one to the other and back again, this pearling seemed to gaze them down as he slithered in a little closer to them, as if inspecting them. Something about you... The two-toned pearling warbled softly, though it was hard to tell about which young man he was talking about as his gaze shifted once more.

You... yes you. Do you doubt me? He said, finally settling his thoughts and gaze on one of them and shuffling a little closer. It's not that your friend here isn't nice, but you are the one that speaks to me. I like you already Zilelmos, and I think we'll do great things together. The odd little pearling said as a matter of fact as he nosed his dark muzzle against the young man. But first, I hunger so and wish to devour all the fish I can see. The little one added, a soft nip at Zilelmos' hand and made a hasty turn once more, slapping his tail against the legs of both young men. Without really looking back, the two toned pearling began to slither away, toward the pile of fish, though a croon escaped him as he called for his chosen. If you don't hurry, then perhaps I, Aurinvis, will have to choose another that is quicker on his feet.
The Sunny Day Pearling
Chimera Pearl (M)

-:- Impressed to -:-
Zilelmos (LdyPayne)
-:- Personality -:-
Perceptive, Cunning, Proud, Competitive, Morbid
-:- Final Size -:-
42 ft.
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