Aphelion Weyr

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Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:13 pm

[align=center]Aphelion Weyr[/align]

[align=center]Dragon Colors - Character Creation - History Timeline - Landers[/align]

AIVAS did its job. In fact, the job was done so well that Thread was no longer a threat to Pern- and a spacecraft some distance away managed to hear the final call. From there things happened quickly- the ship landed, the Antar met Pern and it's wonders. From that moment, nothing was the same.

The beautiful Antari people were fascinated by the dragons, loved the beautiful flits, and enjoyed the simple company of the Pernese. Many of the Antari Impressed their own dragons, including the leaders of the Antari. Together, using the technology and abilities they held, the Antari people changed Pern. It was their touch that brought forth the first of the new colors, and their decision to have the two newest Weyrs built in the time of peace and overpopulation.

They built Clydek Weyr and Aphelion Weyr for their leaders, safe havens with beautiful locations, these Weyrs were meant to be far more exotic and convenient than the Weyrs built before them. However, some sixty Turns or so after the Antari landed, their Princess died. It was a sad day, but the Antari way of life prevailed, and any who were able to leave to return to their home world were ready to go, for they had to appoint a new Princess. More holders and crafters of all ages decided to go with the Antar than decided to stay on Pern, striving to learn more about what was beyond their little planet.

What would have been a large step for so many ended as an utter tragedy.

The Antarian ship, Evernity, had not been off of Pernese soil for more than a few moments before the unthinkable happened. An explosion wracked the atmosphere, heralded by angry reds, bruising violets and vivid flashes of yellow. The ship that carried so many lives had crashed into the no longer erratic Red Star. Those who were left on Pern- Pernese and Antar alike- mourned the massive loss. But life was forced to continue.

A few turns after the Accident, as it was called, Thread fell once more, taking the planet by surprise. Many more died. And this first 'Fall since the Accident- since AIVAS- made the Dragonriders realize that there were far too few people spread out about the planet, with an abundance of Dragonriders and a lack of Crafters and Holders. The population was at all time lows, so Holds and Weyrs alike were abandoned. Southern Weyr and Aphelion Weyr were left empty.

Hundreds of turns later, the effects of the Accident are still being felt, though there are many more lives to fill the land of Pern anew. New hope was placed in the western isles, a chain known as the Kindred Islands. There stood a once great Weyr, home of one of the Antari leaders, and more advanced than any other Weyr though long shut down. An adventurous soul, Liena of Gold Twilith set out to make Aphelion her own, to start a new world for herself and her gold.

Aphelion Weyr sat upon the largest of the islands, Sillion Isle. It had been built by the Antari some centuries ago, with the concepts given to them by Pernese dragonriders. It didn't take long for Liena's band to bring the Weyr back to life in the ways of the old Weyrs, though there were so few people even in this time to inhabit the Weyr, and none remembered the marvels that the Weyr held hidden away - or how to work them. With the protective Weyr above them, Holds took root around the Kindred Isles, providing a new form of life for so many.

However, grief overcomes Aphelion time and time again, as their beloved queens seem to have been cursed. A long a chain of bad luck, startling and terrible- not a single golden queen has truly been able to live out a full life so far in the Weyr. The settlers have laid all their hope in Analei and her golden Adrainarlyth, the current queen who has managed to thusfar escape the fate of Aphelion's curse...


- Non-canon, with a massive variety of colors and a core of players that has kept the Weyr running for eleven fun, plot-filled years! Things are never dead at this small Weyr!

- ANY color dragon can be a wingleader or wingsecond, with the new designs on wing formations!

- We have adoptable weyrlings for just about every clutch, as well as available dragons of most all colors

- A continual plot arc that covers everything from natural disasters to stolen weyrlings, horrible attacks, interweyr politics, and war! There is lots of excitement for everyone! Everyone has the option to participate!

- Aphelion Weyr sports a devoted player that does nothing but initiate plots! He strictly plays the other side of everything the admins cook up, creating mass chaos, mayhem, death, and mischief! Nothing is ever boring with Darkness Rising around! Beware!

- Multiple Weyrs can be actively played in!

- With the Antari mixed in to the general population, appearances are looser, including markings on the skin, and purple eyes.

- Dedicated payers have the option of popping open a pod, and playing an alien Lander that can also impress!

- Plots can be player driven.
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