When Mountains Fall

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:33 am

Of course everyone knew of Igen Weyr up in the mountains that bordered the desert. The people of Pern were even more aware of Igen Weyr recently. One of their resident Queens had at last laid another Queen egg in her latest clutch. Eondrath was beaming with both pride and possessiveness over the egg that would birth her little Queen daughter. It had been a while since the last time Igen had seen a Queen egg hatched on their sands, and the Weyr was duly excited for the occasion. Only a few sevendays left, they projected, at the longest, before the eggs would hatch and Igen would have a new, spry young Queen to add to their ranks and bloodlines. Really, the eggs would hatch any day now, they all knew that, and so the Weyr and candidates of Igen were abuzz with excitement. Igen pulled in more female candidates than usual to give their new little Queen ample choices when she hatched.

One day in the dry Igen mountains, someone felt something.

“Are the eggs getting ready to hatch,” someone asked, sure they felt a rumble, thinking it was the dragons starting to hum.

In the hatching sands of Igen Weyr, the mother Queen looked upon her clutch happily and with pride. Then she saw a few eggs move, and her eyes whirled with curiosity. She didn’t feel the urge to hum, but the eggs were moving already?

The only warning was a noise before it hit all at once.

Livestock for the Weyr cried and bayed in fear, falling over themselves, running into one another, and causing injury to each other and themselves in their flurry to escape. People in the dining hall and private weyrs screamed and fell and dove to the floor, trying to protect themselves with tables and furniture. Few tried to run outside, not having the time or the thought process to do so.

Tremors hit the Weyr, shaking it to its core, making the mountains crumble and whine. Rocks fell, the face of the inside of the Weyr cracked and broke, shedding stones from its surface onto the Weyr Bowl. People cried, and screamed, some begged for survival, while others weren’t quite so lucky to do that much among the falling rocks and rubble.

It was only for a moment, and then it was over, but it felt like forever to those experiencing it. The livestock still cried in fear, the dragons bugled and some keened. And then it hit again, a deeper rumble and shaking that didn’t hit as hard and suddenly, but hit quickly and violently. People were sent to the ground again, even the dragons that hadn’t taken off were knocked off their feet, some sustaining injuries with their rough falls. Those even less lucky plummeted from their ledges, some with their cracked ledges, unable to catch themselves in the air in time.

Private weyrs collapsed with the violent rattling of the Weyr, lower cavern tunnels broke and caved-in. Part of the dining hall cracked and was gone in an instant. Meanwhile the hatching sands found Queen Eondrath fending for the lives of her unhatched eggs, bugling as she stretched her body and wings over them from the falling rocks. And then several large rocks fell out of the large hot cave, slamming to the sands and pinning Eondrath’s wing. She screamed in pain, eyes whirling in distress as she pulled her dear Queen egg closer to herself and wrapped around her clutch. Some eggs hadn’t managed to get within their pinned mother’s safety, smashed into nothing by another set of falling boulders. Eondrath keened at the losses of her children, but held tightly to her what was left, keeping them safe with her own body.

Minutes passed, devastation rattled through the Weyr, but it wasn’t over when the shaking stopped. When it was over, when everyone could hear again and move, the devastation was left. The keening of the dragons announced already losses had been sustained, and together, many members of the Weyr cried, relieved, but terrified of what had just happened to them.

Looking around, there was much damage left. Stones and debri everywhere, weyr ledges broken and crashed to the ground, and some of the carved out spaces and tunnels within the Weyr shattered with people trapped inside. The Weyr instantly entered an emergency state to figure out what to do in the wake of such a tremendous earthquake.
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Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:59 pm

The first three days after the earthquake were spent with trying to figure out who had been lost and who they could save. A few were pulled from rubble and cave-ins, but many hadn’t been saved in time. During those days, dragons would between and keening was a commonly heard sound through the Weyr. It was hard. Every keen was piercing, another strike to their hearts as it was clear another soul was lost. The infirmary was filled with injured, them not having the room for all the injured and having to keep some outside, it didn’t help that so many didn’t trust the internal parts of the Weyr now, and many slept in the Weyr bowl together, if they slept at all.

It had only been three days, but it felt like an eternity, every moment trying to find and save lives ticking by agonizingly slow, as if to prolong all the pain and loss. Everyone felt worn, sluggish and exhausted, and no one was surprised when people developed coughs and body aches. The debris, clearly, or the stress, the healers were sure. So much had happened, it was any wonder that some would develop symptoms of being ill among all the emotional and physical stress. More people developed coughs, and the first few grew worse. Still it was probably just stress and debri kicked up by the earthquake., or so the healers said. It was when more than just a few people with coughs showed with fevers that some of the healers began to doubt the original stress theory. As more and more came ill, and even dragons and firelizards developed similar symptoms as well, the healers in Igen were sure it was Valley Fever. It wasn’t a common illness, so rare some didn’t believe it was even real, but here it was, right in front of them, after an earthquake just like texts said. Some sort of illness kicked up by the shaken ground, and it was getting many ill within the Weyr.

Meanwhile, as the overworked healers tried to tend to the injured and growing number of sick, there was something else, a bundle, nearly forgotten on their heated sands. Then the humming of dragons overtook the Weyr.

The clutch was hatching!

While no one could forget the still fresh tragedies, they could at least cling to this moment of distraction. While a portion of the clutch had been lost to the earthquake, and their clutchmother Eondrath left injured, there were still eggs to look forward to, and a Queen egg above all. Of course though, that Queen egg wouldn’t be the first to hatch, taking her time as the first eggs broke open.

Immediately, the Weyr watching cheered and dragons hummed louder as the first to hatch, of all colors, was a dark but sturdy bronze. Instantly, some even cried at the symbol the hatching of a bronze first left them. The clutch was strong, they were strong, they would survive just like this clutch has.

A green hatched next, beautiful, but shortly after her, a blue hatched. It was just the third egg to hatch, and emotions changed drastically. An uncomfortable, tense silence fell across much of the hatching sands, and everyone stared on at the blue hatchling. He was a dragon, right? Surely it was a dragon, he looked like any other hatchling… except… he had no wings.

Unease hit everyone hard, the symbol of strength from the bronze forgotten as they watched that little blue actually Impress to someone. That poor candidate, some instantly lamented, while others were too uneasy to think or say much on the situation, just looking to the rest of the clutch with jaws clenched.

The rest of the eggs hatched, but the blue wasn’t the only oddity to break shell. A brown with white splotches contrasting against his darker body hatched, too light to be a light brown. A hatchling that no one was quite sure what color it was, most of its body was just so pale, but those close enough to see were sure it was a bronze based on the flecks of color along his back. And then that little one there, which color was that one? Two at once? Could such a thing really be happening upon Igen’s sands?

By the time that the Queen egg was breaking shell, everyone was unsure and nervous. What would happen? At least the Queen egg was hatching at all, some insisted, while others were hopeful. Even if the rest of the clutch was… strange… at least they would still have a new perfect Queen to add to their ranks and preserve Igen’s lines for more generations.

At first everything seemed great, a pale but obviously gold claw emerged from the gilded shell, putting people at the edge of their seats. Then a snout, and a head that followed. And then any ounce of Igenese hope drained out of the hatching stands. Within just seconds of her beginning to hatch, she showed herself to be no Queen to have been hatched before. No one could see the beautiful dawn of her hide past the eclipsing black splashed across her body. No, this wasn’t right, she wasn’t right, it was a cruel joke of fate after everything else they had suffered.

The little Queen, however, just like her clutchmates, cared not that they deemed her different or wrong, moving forward and choosing among the girls presented the one for her as if she were like any other Queen of Pern. Surely, this wasn’t happening, many thought, but it was, it had, and new Impressions had been made, bonds that couldn’t be separated now.
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Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:21 am

It had been a normal day, just a normal day. Then the rock shattering quake hit. It was terrifying, but also almost felt like it wasn’t happening, even as she was flung to the ground, hitting her head on a table in the dining hall before someone dragged her under a table to try to keep her protected with them. She didn’t realize she was bleeding even after the earth had stopped shaking beneath them. There was so much distress, confusion, and chaos. People were sobbing around her, others were hysterically yelling. Then the first wave of keening hit, and her mind was swarmed with the grief and pain and heartwrenching final words of dragons mourning their riders before disappearing between forever. Teteakea was overwhelmed, and she wasn’t sure if she was sobbing from her own terror and confusion, or the grief from the dragons.

Then she woke up, staring at the inside of the tent she shared with the other candidates. Her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it in her ears. She bit her lip and pressed the crook of her arm over her eyes. She couldn’t cry, not again, not when someone could overhear her. Not that anyone would judge her, everyone had been crying on and off over the past several days Still, she didn’t want to, not right now, even as she felt the hot sting of tears at her eyes and on the skin of her arm. The pressure of her arm made her head hurt from the injury she had sustained during the quake, but she kept it there to mask her tears.

Nobody wanted to force the candidates awake, but it was only a matter of time before the movements of the Weyr people left would get them up anyway, so the still surviving Candidatemaster woke the two groups of candidates in their tents and escorted them to get washed up. No one knew the state of the Lower Caverns right now though, and many were too afraid to go in, so the candidates had to bathe with buckets of water brought in. Bathing was perhaps one of the last things most were worried about, but the Candidatemaster insisted on getting them to do so, giving them some semblance of “normal” among the tragic past several days.

Teteakea couldn’t really take solace in the fact that no one had been picking on her since the quake, who could? Everyone was so beat down, exhausted, and emotionally beat up, it was almost impossible to see any bright sides right now, and honestly, trying to just felt like a kick in the face. There was so much destruction, so much lost, and dragons keening every day, how could anyone dare believe there could be golden linings to these black clouds?

It was while the candidates were getting dressed after their “baths” that there was a break in the dragons’ keens.

Dragon humming.

Many of the candidates froze, fearing the worst… what if it wasn’t the dragons? However, the Candidatemaster knew, hearing his dragon hum nearby.

”Come on everyone, let’s go to the hatching sands,” he ushered them.

”But our robes,” a candidate questioned, but he shook his head.

”Not this time. We don’t know if it’s safe to get them, and he need to get you all to the sands quickly. We don’t need anymore tragedy.” And he was right, no one could handle the heartbreak of betweening dragonets right now. Teteakea especially, she was sure it would break her if that happened. She was sure the Candidatemaster sensed that though, as he pulled her aside for a brief moment.

”How are you doing,” he asked, and Teteakea nodded.

”I’m fine,” she said, though of course that was a lie. No one was “fine” right now, but the Candidatemaster accepted it with a nod, not wanting to keep her. She was glad for it, stepping away and covering her mouth for a few coughs as she walked over to join the other female candidates.

”Shells, I was kind of hoping he was pulling her off the sands,” she heard one of the more catty girls mutter, to which Teteakea rolled her eyes.

”You just can’t help it can you? Even with everything you just have to take out your insecurities on me huh? Well, I’ll sharding show you all. I’m going to Imrpess today. Good luck to the rest of you,” she finished with clear sarcasm before she turned away and to the eggs, ignoring the irritated mutter from the other girl. She wasn’t worth getting thrown off the sands, Teteakea told herself.

Looking at poor Queen Eondrath made her stop thinking about the snarky comments though. The poor clutch mother, injured in the quake, her wing resting out on the sand awkwardly. Dragonhealers had looked at her as best as they could, and done what they could, so now all she could do was sit and heal and hope she wouldn’t be permanently crippled. Perhaps though, her clutch was the worst to suffer in the quake. Only eight eggs and the Queen remained of the glorious clutch, a small number comparatively to the original number. Those poor eggs, crushed under collapsing stones. At least Teteakea hadn’t had to feel them suffer like she did the dragons who lost their rider’s. But it was still a saddening, sobering moment to look at the small clutch and injured mother on the sands.

Then the first egg began to hatch, and those that had gathered held their breaths. When the hatchling broke free, making himself known, very few could hold their excitement. A Bronze! That was such a good sign, or so Teteakea had gathered. Maybe it was a good sign for them and their Weyr though. Maybe that’s why people cheered so loud, and she swore Teteakea heard a few sobs. The bronze made his way though, and as his mind reached out, speaking, she couldn’t help but smile. He was so young, so innocent, but only wished for one thing, the one for him. It brought a lightness to her heart she hadn’t felt in a while, and she watched with happiness as he found his.

A green hatched second, and Teteakea, of course, watched her closely. Perhaps this one would be hers, she hoped, especially after that falsely confident statement about Impressing. Of course she didn’t know if she would, but she couldn’t hold herself back from taunting the girl with her self-assuredness, even if it was a mask she put on so they didn’t know they got to her sometimes. But she knew if she failed to Impress today they would never let her live it down, even amidst the crisis in the Weyr, they would throw it in her face, leaving her embarrassed and hurt.

The green wasn’t for her though, nor the blue to follow. She sighed a bit, already nervous and unsure of herself. Of course she would be after only three eggs though, as that was almost half of the clutch right there if she didn’t count the Gold Egg. Of course she stole it a few glances though, curious, wondering, but not believing the little Gold within would seek her out. She had a few guesses which of the girls would get the Gold, and she didn’t think it was her. She was ok with that though, she would be happy with whatever dragon chose her, a lovely little green was what she pictured the most.

The next egg hatched, and everything changed. Everything became quiet, and tense. The crowds in the stands became deathly silent, and she could hear how the candidates muttered, hearing various statements and questions though none of them spoke loudly. She too, was shocked by what she saw. A blue, beautiful he was, mottled, but… wingless.

*That poor little babe.* she thought with heartache as seeing his wingless back. She couldn’t feel the happiness that these innocent hatchlings made her feel, or when he found the one for him despite his glaring deformity. How would that blue live? What kind of a life could a dragon have when he couldn’t fly? And what about the one he chose? The blue wasn’t rejected by his chosen, but was the person he chose really happy with such a dragon?

That wasn’t all the clutch had in store though, a brown with white splotches spilled from his egg next, coming close enough to Teteakea for her to see the pure lack of pigment in those light sections of hide, lighter than any brown she had ever seen. Then another with similarly colored hide, but in much larger amounts, broke shell next, leaving people wondering what the hatchling was. Teteakea could feel his voice felt decidedly male, but it was only when he got close to the candidates did the mottles on his back give a hint at the bronze that lived beneath the white hide.

No one was cheering anymore, though it seemed the candidates who were chosen happily accepted their bonds, even the ones that looked shocked. Teteakea herself was shocked by everything she saw so far. How could an Igen clutch turn out this way? They prided themselves in being untouched by the “non-traditionals” that were taking over the rest of Pern. Their Queens and males were untouched by the “lesser” colors and mutants that came from that Atricis Weyr. So how was this happening right now?

Another green hatched at some point, normal like her sister before her, but she didn’t choose Teteakea either. Another blue too broke shell, also normal though he was stunning in color, but he too moved along from Teteakea. She wasn’t going to Impress it looked like, with only two eggs, one of those the Gold, her chances were slim now. But perhaps, she dared think, it was for the best. She didn’t know what Igen’s future was right now, but she could only imagine how the Weyr would treat any of the dragons from this clutch now, always seen as lesser, tainted, wrong.

The last non-gold egg hatched, and Teteakea found herself squinting. That color… what was it? Was it… Brown? Blue? It was hard to tell with the slight tinge of the egg goop on the hide, but when he got closer to the candidates, she saw him for what he was. More than one color, Brown and Blue both. She wrinkled her nose, unable to hide her biased feelings against such an unnatural color. It had been one of those “Chimeras” that had swooped into the Weyr before and poached a candidate, she told herself.

With the rest of the clutch hatched now though, the Queen was all that was left, and all eyes turned on her eagerly. They knew she was alive within, wiggling in her shell, testing spots, taking her time as golds liked to do. Even Teteakea watched, even if she had little hope left now, feeling the disappointment of being left on the sands, and a sense of embarrassment as she heard a snide comment behind her.

”What was that about Impressing?”

Her face turned hot with shame, wishing she could take back what she had said before she had ever said it. Shards, what had she been thinking? Now she looked a fool, as everyone was sure she had no chance at the Gold in that shell, even herself.

The gold within her shell couldn’t tease them forever though, she needed to get out, and it seemed her time was up. Her egg rocked more fervently, and cracks marred the glistening golden shell that set her apart from the rest before she was even born. This was Igen’s first young Gold in many turns, they were all eager for her arrival, wondering who she would choose. Even Teteakea was interested, at least able to accept how momentous it was she could bear witness to a gold’s hatching.

A front claw busted its way through the large, thick shell first, the palest shade of gold beneath the color of egg goo. Then it scrambled around a bit on the shell, soon pushing and breaking away another piece of shell, sending it into the sands. Teteakea looked at the piece of shell, wondering if it would be bad to take a piece as a memento of her first hatching.

The hole was wide enough now that the side of the gold’s face from within pressed against the hole, a fresh, young eye peering out at them all, whirling with hunger. It felt like she looked at them all, as if already contemplating them before she had even freed herself. Then she pushed her snout through, and she could hear a few excited mutters from the girls around her, seeing as everyone shifted more. She felt the dragons, especially the males, grow excited as well, hearing some of them chatter for their little Queen now. She would have blocked them out, but she wanted to make sure she heard the first speech of the little gold.

Then her head came through the shell, her neck following, and so many feelings dropped completely. It was like someone had collectively gut-punched everyone here, only the dragons keeping up their humming and excitement for the new queen hatchling. Even Teteakea’s mouth dropped open at the sight of the young gold, unlike any gold ever seen before, but a lot like the strange members of her clutch. Clearly down one side of her body she looked as if someone had dumped ink on her hide, breaking up the dawn-like coloring of her hide with an eclipsing blackness that seemed as if it would steal the light.

There were a few dismayed sounds, some from the candidates, some from the crowd, but Teteakea was silently shocked. She somehow had believed Queens couldn’t come out like this, like it was impossible. They were the highest of dragons, the ones that produced the best dragons of Pern, the ones that had for so many generations. How was it possible one could be born so… different?


Did she… did she call her name? She hadn’t heard that right… right? Even as the little gold freed herself from her shell and began to walk toward the girls, Teteakea wasn’t believing it. She was just coming to the girls to check them out, not her specifically.

*Excuse me. Do not ignore me. That is very rude and unacceptable!*

Teteakea glanced around, looking back at the gold who strode up to them, going past some of the girls that stood at the front or tried to present themselves.

*Me? I didn’t know you were talking to me. Shouldn’t you be finding yours? Maybe she was in the way, she thought, but the little gold didn’t walk past her, or demand she move aside.

*That is not very funny, Teteakea. You may not see it in yourself, but you have greatness within you. I could see your heart the moment I broke my shell, and I knew you were the one that I wanted as mine.*

Before Teteakea could try to argue with the little gold, that surely she wasn’t the one she meant, she met those eyes, she saw whirling rainbows, wonderful and perfect, and she felt a mind brush up to hers so much closer and warmer and belonging than any dragon she had felt before. It was as if this little gold belong there, had always been a part of her. She couldn’t fathom denying her now, and suddenly, her oddity, the black on her hide didn’t matter.


Opening this thread up for those who adopt any of the Igenites to post little standalone posts about their Impressions if desired. The beginning of this post gives an idea at the time of day and establishes where the candidates were when they realized it was time for the hatching, so make sure to read at least that much to get up to speed![ Have fun!
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Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:56 pm

How were you supposed to describe the day your life changed? Surreal perhaps, that was as close to the word as Vashonrek could possibly get. One moment everything had been perfect, just swell. The family had been preparing to set up stalls and bake pies in their cook stoves, things didn't seem too out of the ordinary. They were going to celebrate the impending hatching, the fact that he was going to be standing and how glorious it would be to have an actual rider in the family. He was excited for it to happen, and he knew that stepping on those sands were a culmination of dreams past and present, things he'd never voiced before but were now being revealed in little bursts of excitement and extra bolts of energy that were making it difficult to sleep at night.

And then it all changed, so suddenly he hadn't even been sure that it was taking place. The earth started to shake beneath and around them, and he had just stood there until someone told him to take cover. It didn't even touch his mind at first that his family was all outside until he'd hit the ground, and by then someone was covering him with their body and keeping the squirming young man from getting up again, yelling at him to stop being stupid and to remain still. They'd been half-buried in rubble and furniture, and aside from bruises and lacerations, they'd been fortunate to get out of it alive.

The first thing he'd done after was hurry outside, try and find his family, and what he'd found had devastated him - the caravan, his home, in the family for generations, was positively destroyed. Animals were dead, people were dead, his parents were struggling and his mother, usually so stoic and strong, was in tears as she sobbed over the remains of her beloved wagon. He'd been unable to cry, not knowing how to process exactly what he was seeing, though he knew how horrible it was - he could feel the punch in his gut, could understand what it was that was assailing every inch of him from head to toe and yet displaying it as clearly as she was did not seem to cross him; he was his father's son, and seemed to be taking on that role, the silent and sturdy man that didn't display emotion. The traditionalist through and through.

It started to hit him slowly that the caravan was broken, that they were no more. Gilded Ivory was something that would not be for many generations to come, if ever again. The family that remained gathered together - at head count, his siblings had survived, but there were aunts, uncles, cousins that had not - and discussed their options. Rebuilding was all they knew to do for all anyone knew was the road, the dust. They had skills that would get them by until that moment when they could take to the trails again, they had contacts. It would have to be enough. Vashonrek insisted he would help and do his part, but his parents had told him that wasn't the case anymore, that they needed him to stay at the Weyr and remain a candidate, they were counting on him to continue the family's pride and give them hope as a rider. Besides, he had a duty to the riders of Pern, he would not turn his back on them.

In the days that followed, he started to feel ill, though he said little about it, if anything at all. It wasn't too severe and besides, he wasn't that sick. He didn't want to be babied at all. He was strong, stronger than some of these people. If he was going to make Igen and his family proud and prove his worth, it wouldn't do well to show weakness. He followed directions and did what he could as needed, and when instructed to take "baths" with the rest of the candidates, he did his best to hide his coughing along with the rest. He knew he wasn't the only one feeling sick, the rest could fib or tell the truth if they wanted, he didn't care. But he wasn't giving in. Besides, really, he was feeling better. It would pass soon enough.

It would be better soon enough. He just needed to really focus, and... was that humming? It would seem as though it was, given the reactions of those around him. The way there was a touch of excitement, of... relief?... in the air. Considering all they'd been through, this was something they needed, something they could all use. Even Vashonrek himself found a soft smile on his face, eager to get on those sounds and embrace the dragon that was meant to be his, to help greet the eggs that would give a little light and hope to the Igenites after so many days, so much death, so many losses...

He kept himself steady on his feet as they entered the sands, almost relieved that there would be no robes, and at the same time, disappointed that his one and only time would not be as tradition dictated. Given the circumstances though, he supposed he could understand. He watched as others arrived, spotted his parents, and knew that with them there, it wouldn't be long before everything became better, and he stood a little straighter, pulled his shoulders back, looked like the tall and proud young man instead of the one that was secretly a little nervous about this. He had to ensure he made his family proud. They were depending on this, depending on him. And after what happened with her in the South, he couldn't let that happen again to them. That's the last thing that was needed, another disappointment, especially at a time like this...

The first to hatch was a bronze, and oh, what a beautiful thing he was. He felt a hush fall over him, a hope crest in his belly. Thoughts they had said, were important, they mattered, and he watched that bronze with every fiber of his being, willing him to look his way. Willing him towards himself. They were meant to be, and if she could do it by willing a creature towards her, then obviously he could do the same. But clearly that wasn't meant to be, considering what happened a few moments later, and disappointment made his shoulders sag, made a sigh leave his body. Well, there had to be bigger and better in this clutch, right? Something else that he would enjoy even more? Maybe he wasn't meant to be a bronzerider, even if that would bring the most pride to his family. Brown would be just as good!

A green broke shell, and she was pretty, but she wasn't for him. Greens were meant for girls, and so he pushed her away mentally and stepped away when she came towards the boys. A blue came after, and while he found him a lovely looking creature, that... no, he didn't want blue. Blue wasn't good enough, it was only bronze or brown, and he was certain of that. Only those were good enough for him, for the family. He didn't stop to think of how it sounded when that was what his sister, the one that had been struck from the family records, had Impressed, and it was something that he likely wouldn't confront in himself for a number of years. For now, he was waiting, and thinking, only to feel his heart stop and sink when it hatched.

That's the only thing he could think to describe the creature. It wasn't a dragon, not a proper one at least. Though it was blue, and a traditional color as all dragons should be, it was still strange, and still something he had no desire to be around. It was still something he had no desire to be Impressed by. A soft snarl escaped him as yet another left his shell, this one with white splotches across his brown hide, and he had to wonder what was going on. He wasn't the only one to grow silent and feel the shock, and Faranth he certainly hoped he wasn't the only one that realized just how wrong all of this was.

Anger pumped through him. Where were these... these... abominations coming from? He didn't wish ill harm on them, that went against the reverence for dragonkin his parents had raised him with, and instilled in him, since he was just a baby. But they did not belong on Igen sands, and he did not believe he wanted to be here any longer. The anger didn't even abate when a normal dragon hatched, a blue, perfect in every way, and for the first time since this hatching started and he found himself willing it towards himself, knowing he'd rather a blue than one of those mutations that were finding unfortunate souls - if they didn't find shock in what was going on, he would wonder what was wrong with them - to bound themselves to.

And that's when he felt it, a flick against his legs. He looked down, saw nothing, and found himself shake as he looked up again thinking someone was messing with him. Only it happened again until he looked down and found himself face to face with a green he hadn't noticed the hatching of. She looked at him with expectation and eyes that swirling with rainbows. I was getting impatient for you to find me. The tail flicked at him again, out of no where, off to the side. He frowned sharply at her and stepped away. She followed. You can't escape me. I've chosen you, and you know you like me.

She grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and started to pull him away, but not before he saw the mutated queen. It was good that she spoke again, for he was so close to shouting about this hathcing and how wrong it was that he could feel the words ready to burst from his chest. I have the best rider even if you are an egg goop. No, no, no. Yes, yes, yes. What is so difficult to believe about this? Stop this and just feed me. What has happened is unavoidable, R'ehn.

He frowned, wanted to push her away and scowl. He wanted to pick her up and give her back to her mouth, ask if there was glue anywhere she that he could shell her back together. But in his heart he felt a little tickle, something that told him he loved her even as he tried to deny her. "You're supposed to go to a girl!" He hissed, as a bucket of food was pressed into his hands, and someone asked him for her name. He scowled, barely seeing who was asking due to his upset. "Ask Maeoriath yourself!" He gave pause, saw how the rider was grinning, and found his scowl deepen. How had he known? And speaking of names.... "R'ehn is not my name."

It is now. Now bring that down here... just... bring it... Her tail whipped at him as she attempted to get at the bucket he held, going faster the more she tried to reach at him. Eventually he got the hint and he was warned to make her go slow; he snapped he knew and he tossed chunks at her which she ate a little at a time as if handed them on a golden platter. Eventually though, she grew impatient with his attitude and headbutted him, forcing him to sit with her. Now feed me proper.

He did so, too much happening at once for him to do anything more than follow the directions given to him. It was overwhelming and he wanted to cry. But men in his family didn't cry. He knew his parents had seen what had happened - he knew what they would do to him. She had taken him from them, he would never have them again, never see his friends from there again. He may as well have been alone. To make matters just as worse, he was now stuck as part of a group of weyrlings that had no right to be on Igen sands, and he didn't have any choice but to be where he was. He started to shake, and Maeoriath crooned. He would take comfort from her but later, when eyes were not quite so sharp, and he didn't have to worry about the rest of the world watching.
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Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:29 am

TW; Mentions Depression
How was she supposed to cope with this hatching? She had just lost her son, and she wasn't feeling the best now. Just the thought of her son made her mind go to a dark place. She was still trying to figure out what she had done to deserve the death of her son, and to now get the fever herself. As she walked to the hatching sands, her mind was able to hear the thoughts of all of the dragons around. She tried to shut it out like normal, but her depression seemed to make it difficult, giving her a headache the moment she was around them all. She sighed as she walked onto the sands that rest of the way and she stood in her normal spot.

She was happy to be here, don't get her wrong, but she was still getting over the loss. The only family that she seemed to have left on Igen that wanted to have anything to do with her, was now gone. Even as she was thinking on this, she seemed to forget about the hatching for the time, until she started to hear cheers, and a new voice. She resisted the urge to slap her hands over her head at the new voice, and instead, she looked to see that a bronze had hatched. She reeled her mind back to the hatching at the time and she watched. The bronze found his impression, and the green that came after him found her's.

Of course, with each hatching egg, her head started to pound more and more. But everyone, including the dragons, stopped talking and making noise when the third egg hatched. From it came a blue, but that only thing that seemed to be wrong was the fact that he had no wings on his body at all. She didn't know what to think on it, but by the sounds of him, he wasn't mad or sad or in pain. He seemed to be like a normal dragon, just with no wings. She couldn't think anything bad about him, for there had to be a reason that a dragon hatched like that, right?

The hatching sands seemed to be full of tension, which let's face it, wasn't helping Surieka's headache what so ever. Instead, the tension between dragons seemed to make it worse, for she felt unease and hatred towards the new hatchlings, and it made her mad. She was so mad, but depressed. She didn't know which she wanted to be. When the brown with white blotches hatched, the cavern seemed to still be silent. There was nothing, no cheer, not even an out roar. It was quiet. It was bliss at first but then the final egg before the Queen egg hatched.

The voice was there. She heard, and she could have sworn that everyone heard it. From the shell came a tan brown dragon, but he had blue swirls on him. He was one of the chimeras that her father had told her about in his letters from New Articis. But she expected this to come next, the voice. She had heard the others, why not this one too. But she didn't expect what she had heard.

Surieka! Why do you seem to pained? Are you okay?

Ugh, stop talking to me. Go find the one you are meant for and just please stop. But you are mine.... And awkward silence came between them before the voice was in her mind once more. I like telling Dad jokes. Sometimes he laughs! With that one joke, she slapped her hands over her ears finally before she looked at the chimera to see the rainbows in his eyes turn to red swirls of panic as the world went black around her.
Sharding dragon move! I need to treat her! Surieka opened her eyes to see the chimera still beside her, but now she was in a bed of sorts. She wasn't on the sands anymore. "What..happened? Why is my head killing me? Why do I feel like death?" So many questions came from her, and it made Lamassuth spin around and look at her. Concern and happiness competing in his eyes. He was glad that she was awake and okay, but he was still worried about her. So much so that he hadn't let the Healers near her as of late.

You fainted on the sands, the head ache is likely due to the Valley Fever and the fact that you were impressing while sick and depress ridden. She looked around and saw that she was in the infirmary of sorts, and that she was nearly alone. I wouldn't let them hurt you. I let them bring you here, but that was it. I need to protect you Surieka, you are mine, and I will never leave your side. Suri looked at the dragon and she gave a weak smile. She looked to the Healer to see that he was glad that she smiled, but it was soon gone as she realized that he was the same healer who told her about her son.

Just the mention of her son in her mind made Lamassuth growl lightly. She looked at him and felt his pang of hurt and anger at the having to share her thoughts with another. He was my son Lamassuth. I lost him to the sickness that I now have. That didn't help. The dragon looked at the healer then and when the healer started to back away, Lamassuth moved to her feet. Help her. Don't let her die.
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Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:42 am

The eggs were hatching, apparently. Dantur had spent several hours helping to clear rubble away from tunnels, hopefully to reach more people still living but trapped, before his coughing fits started up again, and he found himself sitting on a rock just trying to breathe. In. And out. But the eggs were hatching.

He had traded duties with someone for the chance to be here and watch his sister Impress. He still had not seen her, the candidates apparently helping with chores in a completely different part of the Weyr, but surely the candidates had to be going to the Hatching Grounds now? He had traded a safe duty for this. He was GOING to watch his sister Impress.

Dantur made his slow way to the grounds, picking around rubble instead of over it, to prevent exertion from setting off another coughing fit. He reached the entrance as the second egg hatched, and leaned in the doorway, catching his breath. He would climb the steps. Eventually, but until then, he watched with wonder while that pretty green went looking for her rider. Not Dantri, apparently.

Then he saw the blue.

Dantur stared at the poor wingless baby. He had seen foals and calves been born misshapen though it was uncommon, and it never worked out well for them. But this blue seemed to move around as well as his siblings. He would not truly realize his disability until the others started to fly. He Impressed, and Dantur nodded calmly, while others whispered how pitiful that was. But surely a wingless dragon would be at least as useful as a wher, and plenty of people wanted to bond with whers.

He looked away as the brown hatched. A piebald like Stubborn, and Dantur spared a moment to worry about his mare. She was alive, and probably healthier than him, since the stable was not as affected by the debris, but he still missed her. She was not getting enough attention or exercise, but as soon as the Weyr was stabilized they would be heading back home.

Where is home, someone asked him, and Dantur winced. Home was his father's farm far more than it was Igen Hold, but eventually he would get back there. And until then, Igen Hold was good enough for he and Stubborn. And me? Can I go to Igen Hold too? And the farm?

He froze. Who had asked him that? What was happening? Dantur did not look down, looked straight ahead at the cluster of candidate around the remaining eggs. Several of the candidates were looking back, some with resentment, others with relief. . .

D'tur, he heard, and finally looked down. At a pale head covered with bronze spots, spots that trailed down the neck, across wings, down tail. D'tur, I am hungry, but after I eat, you can tell me about home?

He closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath that thankfully did not set off a coughing fit. He would have to find Dantri later, and send Stubborn home to his father. "We'll figure out home together, Arjunavoreth," he said, not sure how he knew the name. "Later."
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Mon May 06, 2019 3:31 pm

Vikandra & Blue Senzanuvoleth

It was in a rare moment of rest she was taking when the dragons began to hum. She did not understand why there seemed to be an increase of hope and curiosity in some of those around her because of the sound. And as she watched she saw people slowly and not so slowly beginning to make their way towards a common destination. Since she was on a needed break to rest, and knowing she could not sleep now, she got up and followed. Her head seemed to hammer her skull with each step she took. She'd need more headache medicine soon. Soon she came upon the destination everyone seemed to be heading for.

The eggs were hatching! Igen's future was coming! It caused that hope she'd felt from the people to make sense. She did not allow herself to get emotionally involved in this event. Not yet. She just watched to see what she could. Thankfully she had a good view of the candidates and eggs. The first egg to break was a strong bronze and she could feel the pleasure some had with this outcome. That pleasure was soon to falter into something much darker and distasteful. The bronze was a very fine specimen of dragon kind as were some of the others. But the rest of those that hatched were... they were horribly wrong. One was even extremely disfigured, having no wings! Shaking her head and trying to distance herself from others' emotions now Vikandra took a step back. She'd seen enough. She was leaving.

She could not leave very easily. There were observers blocking her way to the exit. Frowning, she turned back, resigned to wait rather than barge through. It was not polite to do so and her head hurt too much to try anyway. That one decision would forever change her life. When she turned back, the blue without wings was shockingly close and looking. At. Her. Rainbow eyes drew her in and the shock of this moment was tempered by the wondrous feeling of impression itself. Something so very wrong could also feel so very right. It left her breathless and fighting with her own surge of emotions she thought were tightly locked away.

I don't want you! ...It could not be said aloud for her voice held no strength to speak. Even in her mind the words she uttered were conflicted and 'quiet'.
You will. I can tell.

She had not been a candidate! And yet now she was with a soul partner of the most damaged kind inhabiting her life. She should never have come. She should have pushed her way to the exit. She should have... She... There was nothing for her to regret now for what was done, was done. Having taken an oath not to do harm to another, in her heart that had always included the intelligent dragonkin. Having felt her initial rejection of him spasm through her mind when she felt his pain, Vikandra urged her feet to hurry to him and beg him not to go, that she was sorry. His affection erupted in her soul and again she felt that edge of conflict as he held him close in a tight hug. She would never reject him again.

What was her life going to be like now? Trying not to think or feel anymore she carefully fed this hungry mutated blue. She washed him gently. She oiled him with soft strokes thoroughly as she was instructed. But she was not as joyful as some of the others. She was not really overjoyed at all. She was worried and uncertain about their future.
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