Merchants & Traders [2038 Seahold Summer Gather]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Gather Merchants & Traders
Open All Day, Closes at Sunset
Off the main square, near the beach and near the docks, merchants and traders have set up shop. Plenty of merchants have come from all over, hoping to turn a coin. A few merchants are those from Southern caravans or Walled Hold itself, while a few are those who made the journey from the North to catch a glimpse of the wealth of the South. Many things can be found here.

Pet & Beast Merchant
  • Brindle Male Work Pup - 10 marks
    Golden Female Hunting Pup - 10 marks
    Black and brown Male Hunting Pup - 10 marks
    Black Female Lap Pup - 15 marks
    White Male Lap Pup - 15 marks
  • Short Hair Brown Tabby Male Kitten - 15 marks
    Short Hair Blue Female Kitten - 20 marks
    Long Hair Gray Tabby Female Kitten - 20 marks
    Short Hair Orange Tabby Male Kitten - 15 marks
    Short Hair Gray & White Male Kitten - 15 marks
  • Silver Roan Kit (jill) - 50 marks
    Champagne Point Kit (hob) - 45 marks
    Chocolate Blaze Kit (hob) - 40 marks
    Dark Eyed White Kit (jill) - 50 marks
  • Standard Breed Dappled Mare - 25 marks
    Standard Breed Bay Stallion - 25 marks
    Draft Breed Black Mare - 20 marks
    Draft Blue Roan Stallion - 30 marks
    Racing Sorrel Mare - 25 marks
    Racing Strawberry Roan Stallion - 30 marks
  • Marble Male Furflit Kit - 75 marks
    Snow Female Furflit Kit - 60 marks
    Shadow Female Furflit Kit - 55 marks
    Ember Female Furflit Kit - 50 marks
Exotic Pets
  • Glider Wherry - 50 marks
    Brilliant Wherry - 55 marks
    Branchcat - 65 marks
    Treestalker - 65 marks
    Dune Kit - 75 marks
    Mini Glider - 75 marks
    Common Wild Feline Kit - 55 marks
    Tree Wild Feline Kit - 50 marks
    Desert Wild Feline Kit - 65 marks
    Mountain Wild Feline Kit - 75 marks
Please remember, you must have the exotic pet token for exotic pets.

'Lizard Merchant
Firelizard Eggs
  • Small Firelizard Egg x4 x3 - 50 marks
    Medium Firelizard Egg x3 - 75 marks
    Large Firelizard Egg x2 - 100 marks
Starlizard Eggs
  • Small Starlizard Egg x4 - 75 marks
    Medium Starlizard Egg x3 - 100 marks
    Large Starlizard Egg x1 - 150 marks
Gemlizard Eggs
  • Itty-Bitty Egg x3 - 100 marks
    Teeny-Tiny Egg x2 - 150 marks
    Little Egg x1 - 200 marks
Fancy Flitt Eggs
  • Small Fancy Egg x3 - 150 marks
    Medium Fancy Egg x2 - 175 marks
    Large Fancy Egg x1 - 200 marks
Mystery Eggs
  • Unknown Egg x0 - 100 marks
    Curious Egg x2 x1 - 100 marks
Other Merchants
Clothing Merchant
  • This merchant sells all sorts of things, prices ranging based on the detail and the amount of cloth and dying that goes into each piece. Anything from scarves to extravagant dresses are sold here.
Leather Merchant
  • Saddles, belts, boots, gloves, you name it, if it's made of leather, this merchant sells it. Jackets for work or just for show are sold here made of some of the finest leathers, and boots that mold to your feet over time for the best comfort.
Weapons Merchant
  • Many think there isn't much need for weapons, but many in the South know otherwise. Anything from ornamental daggers to full use swords are sold here, for if you just want something pretty to hang in your home, or something that could cleave though whatever endangers you.
Jewelry Merchant
  • Diamonds are a girls best friend, and you can find that and much more here. Stones in many types of settings in many types of jewelry. Some jewelry here isn't even made from metal, some made carefully from handmade beads or carefully carved shells, there's a little something for everyone at this stall.
OOC NOTE: All purchases of items with set prices listed above are purchased with actual marks from your player account. Once your purchase is posted, please send the marks to the Karkeloth account. Once the marks are received a "Purchase Complete" image will appear at the bottom of your purchase post and if any items (such as the contents of eggs) need to be sent, they will be sent via PM from the Karkeloth account.

Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:27 am

"Augh, Rifka what are you- you're nipping at me you jerk, stop!"

The cursing was followed by a short young man, dark skinned and darker in expression. Two furflits were flying ahead of him, the older golden Rifka and the younger Snow Lamar flying clumisly after. Rifka kept looping back to chatter in worry at R'tor, anxiously yanking him through the gather.

When they came to the pet booths, R'tor froze, throwing a palm to his face. "No." He told Rifka. "NO. I kept Lamar, two furflits is more than enough to-shards!" She had nipped him again when he stopped, chattering anxiously as she flew over to the pet booths. "What do you even want over here?" R'tor grumbled, walking over to see the furflit she was indicating.

When he saw a familiar brindled coat, R'tor froze, gaping at a familiar marbled coat. "You've got to be kidding me." he said in shock, recognizing Rifka's wild mate in one of the cages. Spotting him, the male began cheeping loudly and anxiously. Rifka landed on the cage as well and started cheeping back, fluttering her wings in distress.

Oh for the love of- "You caught wild ones?" R'tor rounded on the merchant who was selling the Furflits, a dark expression crossing his face.

The merchant turned his head to spit off to the side, a sour expression crossing his face. "That'un would be one of mine. Escaped a few months back, just got 'im again recently."

"Well he's the mate of mine." R'tor said flatly. "So I'm taking him." He glared at the merchant, daring him to argue. The last thing he needed right now was another furflit, but he couldn't just separate Rifka and her mate. Not like this.

The merchant grinned. "Well, seventy five marks then." R'tor spluttered and swore at the price, but eventually and reluctantly forked the marks over. The things he did for his animals...
R'tor bought
Marble Male Furflit Kit - 75 marks

Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:30 pm

The boy called Ocean, wandered the gather with his hands in his pockets and his eyes calmly looking around. He enjoyed all of the sights but he wasn't the type to show a bubbling excitement like other youths his age might. That wasn't to say he wasn't enjoying himself just the same though. He'd gone by the contest areas of the gather but he did not enter any. At least not right now. He wanted to think on that for a bit. Instead he'd listened to music, watched the joy on others faces and slowly made his way towards the merchant stalls and the traders selling their wares.

He'd been given a hearty sum of marks to spend, more than he'd ever had before and he felt it would be an insult to the one that gave him the marks if he didn't buy something nice with them. So, he followed his steps until he came to a merchant selling eggs. Pet eggs. He could use a pet, he surmised. So after a long time watching from a distance, he stepped up to the person selling them and requested one of the curious eggs. He didn't know what sort of pet it would hatch but he didn't much care. So long as it was his own and he could be buddies with it.

Handing over the marks he waited for the instructions concerning it to be given.
Ocean(Torrzad) bought
Curious Egg - 100 marks
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Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:34 pm

Naji was feeling anxious for the archery competition to begin, but he still had at least a candlemark before he had to be back and ready for the contest. Since he was a bit jittery with excitement, the lordling had taken himself to the food tents for some food and a drink. He bought himself a rather large roasted wherry leg and ate it straight off the bone. It was a bit barbaric, but delicious, and Helix appreciated the fact she got to finish the bit he couldn't eat. He also bought himself a large glass of cool fruit juice. While there was many options available for something alcoholic, he didn't want to lessen his chances at the competition. Besides...the night was for drinking and dancing, both of which he planned on doing plenty of.

"You enjoying that girl?" He asked as Helix made some adorable noises as she picked clean the wherry leg bone. He was merely roaming about the merchant stalls now...debating buying something. There were the basic merchants; leathers, clothing, jewelry, weapons, but there was also little trinkets and odds and ends for sale. His interest was truly piqued when he found one small tent where the merchant was selling Walled Hold books. Naji didn't mean to spend so much time...or the tent, but he ended up buying enough that the merchant threw in a nice leather satchel for him to carry them all in. One of the books he intended to gift to Inakil when ever he saw him. It was an old book; if the yellowed pages, bent corners, and crinkled spine had any say in it; on the story of Goldrider Benavu and her Golden Jyniath. While it wasn't poetry it was written with beautiful prose and imagery. He also bought Inakil a small book of more...passionate poetry. It wasn't meant as a tease or a joke, but an honest gift since he too shared in a love of such kinds of works.

His nose was buried in one of the other works he had bought when the sound of one of the pet merchants caught his ear. He closed the book and put it back before stepping up to the 'lizard merchant to see what he had to sell. There were eggs of every shape and size imaginable. "What do you think Helix? Want a friend?" The green flit chirped in response as she leaned down over Naji's shoulder to look closer at the eggs. "Go ahead, you pick one, whichever one you like." He said with some amusement for his dear pet. The green flapped down and landed on the counter. Najden wasn't sure if she would actually pick one or not. While she was smart she obviously wasn't that smart, still both he and the merchant laughed when she began to chirp excitedly at some of the smallest eggs he had. "That settles it. I'll take that little egg please."

GEMLIZARD EGG: Little Egg x1 200 marks
Esca was rather enjoying the Gather so far. He and Adianca had gotten a ride from a friend, so the day wher could see the place to. She was quite excited to explore the Seahold and watch the ocean. It was all quite amusing for Esca to listen to her and watch her. While he wished he could have come with Talen...they were still technically not allowed alone together. Not that a Gather was all that private, but he was sure it would be frowned on if they came together. Still...he was hoping he would run into the candidate here. Maybe share a drink and some food with him. Surely that wouldn't be breaking the rules of their punishment.

For now he contented himself with roaming about in the merchant area. He'd enjoyed a bubbly pie earlier, deciding to use his rights as an adult to skip real food in favor of the sweet little treat. Then he'd enjoyed a cold mug of ale that was actually quite refreshing. Perhaps it was a little early for drinking, but Esca wasn't the most social and the drink helped to put him more at ease around so many people.

Blue eyes skimmed over the brightly colored tents and wares before they landed on the tent full of eggs and other pets. Get one, Esca! We both could use a little friend. Adianca broke into his mind as she looked through his eyes. What? Me get a pet? I don't really do well with pets. He replied back, though his feet brought him a little closer to the stall. You did well with Keket's 'lizard and you're excellent with children. The green day wher pointed out. Yes, but that's children. They're different. They're not pets. Esca argued back. Just do it. I promise you won't regret it. It's just one pet. Besides, imagine how much little Adrune and Onnen will like it when you babysit them. Esca sighed and scratched his forehead. He knew he was going to give in, he usually did. Alright, you win Adi. I'll get one.

MYSTERY EGG: Unknown Egg x1 - 100 marks
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Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:46 am

A Gather! And he was allowed to go, yes! Keetin was thrilled to go. He was looking forward to browsing the merchants that were bound to be there, watching the competitions, maybe finding something a little different to eat. The Weyr had good cooks and all but Keetin was feeling a bit restless. He wanted to try something different and what better place to find a new recipe being served than a Gather?

That would come later though...Keetin wasn't hungry yet, or thirsty, so he went to see what the merchants were selling. Maybe he could find a present for Sis! Although, as he started looking through things like books, gloves, daggers, and jewelry Keetin began to wonder if his sister would really like any of it. Then again she might like it just because it came from him? He did need to make up the scare he'd given her somehow. Eventually he settled on a jeweled clip that she could use to both hold her hair up and add a little flare if she wanted. He really hoped she would like it!

It was while Keetin was looking at cloth and such, wondering if he ought to get something to wrap or put the clip in to present to her, that the pets started catching his attention. There were so many of them! All different kinds of animals were lined up and being sold. Keetin couldn't help but look at them all, from the large and beautiful runners to the small feline kits and canine pups being sold. Some were beautiful, some were majestic. Yet others were cute, adorable, and oh-how-he-would-love-to-play-with-them-all! There were little furflit kits, wherries, tunnelcats, some animals he was less familiar with...just so many that Keetin couldn't get enough of them.

There was another merchant nearby selling a variety of lizards, from plain old firelizards to the more exotic fancy flits and gemlizards. Some of the eggs were even labeled as starlizards! Keetin had seen them around the Weyr, with their glowing lights. They were so pretty! But so were the fancy flits, with their twin tails and soft feathers. The firelizards that looked exactly like miniature dragons-maybe he'd get a gold, just like his eventual dragon! The gemlizards were odd little things from what he'd seen. Pretty but so small...Keetin didn't want to get one and then lose it...

Wait why did it matter? He wasn't going to buy one...although it would be nice to have a pet. Keetin never told anyone, even his Sis-but he was a little lonely. When he'd first run away he knew he wouldn't have any friends at first but he thought he'd at least be able to spend time with his sister. He hadn't planned on Keket being a weyrling, to a gold no less. Even after she graduated she'd be too busy learning goldrider things and dealing with goldrider responsibilities...and without her Keetin was alone in this new Weyr. It would be worth it when he Impressed his gold but in the meantime it was becoming pretty lonely. A pet could keep him company and help him practice for when he became a dragonrider. Yeah...he'd get one! He'd jus get one of the larger eggs so that it wasn't a gemlizard...though he supposed the flits could all go between whenever they didn't want to be around him, get lost as easily as a gemlizard.

As he bought the egg Keetin couldn't help but hope his pet would want to be with him and wouldn't run away all the time. Even so, when the merchant seemed a little doubtful Keetin puffed out his chest. "I'm gonna take the best care of it, better than anyone else. Just wait and see!" His words earned a chuckle from the merchant, but Keetin was given the egg he wanted-once he handed over the marks for it of course.
Keetin bought:
Unknown Egg - 100 marks
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Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:17 am

Sometime after the latest dragon hatching Krysia had been left standing at, she had been able to talk to her mother about it. The female greenrider helped to ensure her daughter, reassuring her that some candidates stood a lot before they Impressed, and that she still had plenty of turns before she would age out, so there was nothing to worry about. She had left that conversation feeling better, and also with some marks given to her by her mother for the upcoming Gather.

The Gather came and Krysia attended with the other candidates. Eventually she found herself at the merchant stalls, and at the popular stalls selling eggs. Oh how she loved firelizards and their cousins, and it was hard to stay away, and hard not to ask about how much the smallest of the eggs were of the different creatures available. Eventually, she gave in to her temptation, purchasing a small egg from the person selling the firelizard clutch. The egg was carefully placed into a pot of warm beach sand, and handed to her once the marks were handed over.

The short haired candidate smiled at the egg in its little pot, quickly leaving the merchant stalls after that before she spent all of her marks right there on other impulse buys.
Krysia bought:
Small Firelizard Egg x1 - 50 marks

It was much later on during the Gather that Luka perused the Merchants again, seeing if anything that had caught her eye was still there or still interested her. Eventually, in her perusing, she had found herself at some of the more popular stalls. 'Lizard eggs were being sold here and there, but honestly, 'Lizards didn't really interest her. It wasn't that she disliked them, but something more... fuzzy suited her more. So she looked at the exotic pets, deciding they would likely be too much maintenance for her, then the kittens. They were a little more self sufficient, but Luka wanted something affectionate, and felines were hit or miss. Maybe later on, but not now.

Perhaps puppies? A cute little black lap pup really caught her eye, and adorable little creature that whined and wiggled for attention. The little female caught her heart, but she wasn't sure if it was a good idea either. Canines required time, and she didn't know how much time she would be able to devote to the little creature. It broke her heart to leave the little creature, but she moved on further, soon coming across tunnelcats but quickly writing them off as too mischievous for her. Then she saw furflits... perhaps them? She peeked into the box the litter was being held in, watching them groom or play. They were cute and fuzzy, and capable of caring for themselves a bit more than other creatures.

Luka gave in to the whims of her heart, selecting the little female Ember out of the litter and handing over the marks for her. She made her way out of the merchant stalls, once again passing the pups and hearing the pathetic whining broke her heart all over again. That little black pup...

She turned around, gave the merchant the marks, and picked up the pup into her other arm. Both the kit and the pup were small, almost the same size. She may regret this later, but for now she took solace in the two little fuzzies tucked into her arms that she would bring home and care for.
Luka bought:
Ember Female Furflit Kit - 50 marks
Black Female Lap Pup - 15 marks
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Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:33 pm

Sersea remembered the last gather she had attended in the South. It had been wonderful, and she had gotten the Moonstone Fancy Flitt that was seated on her sholder, circling her neck with the silver blue tail, the last time. It seemed that she always ended up finding her way to the merchant booths, no matter how hard she tried to stay away from them.

She had found a beautiful new dress to replace her other Gather dress that R'sin had ruined. After purchasing it, she had quickly ducked out to Athenath, using the Zultanite as a sheild from prying eyes as she changed. Her new dress was light, airy, and a pale shade of green. It didn't look as good on her as he blue dress had, but it was beautiful all the same.

After changing, she had made her way back to the stalls, browsing as she went. There was a beautiful sorrel mare that she had stopped to inspect. If she had been a gambling woman, she would have bought the creature. She looked liked she was speed personified, and there was no doubt that she would be winning races if bought by the right person. She moved on though, telling herself that she didn't have time for a Runner. It was the truth, of course, but she still had to fight herself on going back and buying the mare anyways.

The 'Lizard merchant, though, was dangerous. She found herself drawn to the stall, looking over the eggs that he had for sale. Firelizard, Starlizard, fancy Flit, and even tiny gemlizard eggs. It was always a sight to behold.

This time, she could not help herself. The prices were outrageously low, and one could have too many Flits. Maybe it was a Weyr thing, but she knew
many Riders that had their fair share of Flits. It took some haggling, but before too long, the small woman walked away, carrying a pot with one of the large Firelizard eggs hidden away in the warm sand. Maybe she'd let Athenath look after it until it hatched. She was sure the Zultanite would like that.
Sersea bought
Large Firelizard Egg x1 - 100 marks
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Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:33 pm

To be perfectly honest, S'lon had literally no idea how he had been cajoled into visiting the Gather. Not even being a resident in the Weyr for almost a decade had made him comfortable with large, raucous crowds. He really did enjoy his quiet, alone time. Really, ever since he had first been Searched up north, it had been his mute little brother who was the people person with S'lon himself being much more reclusive.

But he had to hand it to T'thus, he could be rather persuasive. He had been persuasive several sevendays ago when he had encouraged S'lon to see a mindhealer for the grief he held over their mother's death, and it was T'thus who took plenty of time in trying to convince S'lon to have a good time at the Gather. T'thus had left well before S'lon did, as S'lon was very much planning on staying home. However, he kept ruminating over his brother's words, and figured that maybe, just maybe, he could try to enjoy himself.

Wandering the merchant booths, S'lon tried not to get too nervous from the great din of celebration. He soon came along a booth that was selling various pets, including various firelizard eggs and... what was that? That egg looked a little different than the others. Curious, S'lon asked about the egg, checked his marks, and decided that he'd purchase it. Chatterbox, his green flitter, realized he was up to something and started chittering at him incessantly. "Oh, c'mon, don't you want a buddy?" He asked the firelizard, who huffed but settled as he purchased the strange egg.

Curious Egg, 100 marks

Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:09 am

To'bi hadn't expected to spend his time at the gather looking about for the tell tale flash of pink and silver in the grass, but when you owned a frisky Gemlizard, anything was possible. Rune wasn't huge, not at all, but it was sill hard to catch glimpses of the little Gemmie. 'Where are you, you little git?" the tall Bronzerider muttered under his breath as he searched in vain.

He had a feeling where he would find the Gemmie when he caught sight of the looming 'Lizard Merchant's stall. The Bismuth always seemed to find his way to the 'Lizard stall at gathers. He had no idea how he managed it, what with how little he was, but he did.

Sure enough, he could spot the silver and pink 'Lizard looking proud as punch as he crawled his way up the Merchant's stall, looking in vain for another Gemmie. To'bi laughed at the sight, rolling his eyes. Well, he had the marks, and if Rune wanted a buddy then he'd get the little guy a friend. Soon enough, he was walking away with a hyper Rune (who was running up and down the Bronzerider's arm), and a tiny pot full of warm sand and one of the smallest eggs he had seen.
To'bi bought:
Itty-Bitty Egg x1

Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:57 am

As soon as the archery competition wrapped up, Tazkerov collected his winnings and slipped off into the crowd once more. Now that he had some more marks, there were a couple things he needed to take care of, or, rather, a couple of presents he needed to buy. One of them, a fancy flitt, he’d been planning to get for his sister for over a turn. The other, that plan was more recent, brought into full being by the receipt of the softly furred, warm little furflitt that was even now pressed against his chest, curled up in the sling he wore to provide the little creature with a safe place to rest.

Oddly, the acquisition of a rather large Starflitt egg, for Zoayla, was the easiest, though perhaps that was because Tazkerov had noted the particular merchant on his way through and around here with Minkelina. Noted the merchant, moreover, as someone who while selling cheaply enough, was probably not in possession of all his goods through approved channels. It wasn’t obvious, but… Tazkerov had grown up essentially on streets and with bandits, and did not think he was likely wrong on the count. Not that he cared, save to investigate most thoroughly the egg, and the pot, and even the temperature of the sand the egg was to be packed in. That sort of person might be inclined to cheat if possible, but so long as Tazkerov wasn’t the one cheated… no skin off his back, if some wealthy git got burned because they didn’t know what he did.

Of course, the man might have read Tazkerov and seem similar tells, for when the first egg failed to pass inspection, the next egg the man produced came from a basket that was mostly out of sight, and something seemed almost to flicker, briefly, in the back of the man’s eyes. An observer might have thought merchant and candidate known to each other, on the basis of that single moment, when gazes met and whispered hidden facts to each other. Sometimes, it took one to know one, and to recognize when honesty is the best policy, for the simple reason that no one wanted the law looking closely and without recourse to law, disagreements could get… ugly. No. There would be no reporting here. A little bit of careful honesty never hurt anyone. Perhaps there was shared amusement too, each at the success of the other at slipping into a position they would have been barred from, had certain facts been known.

The fancy flitt egg took a little longer to acquire, because the stall that had had them earlier was nearly out. Fortunately, there was another stall, and Tazkerov was able to acquire a large fancy flitt egg from the merchant, a rather relaxed and friendly older man, who quickly struck up a conversation with Tazkerov about the situation in Walled Hold following investigation into the abductions of Weyrlings and Weyr crèche workers. Tazkerov was perfectly happy to attend to the man’s stories, making mental notes to check certain facts out from other sources while keeping close grips on his two eggs.
Tazkerov bought:
Large Fancy Egg x1 - 200 marks
The Starflitt was purchased by Altreis for Zoayla before the Gather started. Buying it in the gather is just the IC explanation for how she receives it xD