Competition: Unarmed Combat [2038 Seahold Summer Gather]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Unarmed Combat Competition
Sign up until 12:30
Competition Begins 13:00
At the time signup closes the participants will be randomly paired together. This is a tiered competition, meaning that the winners of the first fights will go on to fight again until there is only one Grand Champion. The fights will be judged on skill if there is no winner by knock out or submission.

The rules are as follows:
  • Honor fighting rules apply
  • No hitting in the groin
  • Any caught fighting dirty will be disqualified
  • No weapons are permitted
The prizes are as follow:
The Prizes are as follows:
  • Grand Champion: 100 marks
  • Runner up: 60 marks
  • Participants: 10 marks
OOC Notes: Please role play your character signing up for this. If they have any abilities that give them an edge, please list those as they will be taken into account. Pairs will be randomized and the first set of winners will also be randomized so role playing can continue. This will continue to happen until there is one Grand Champion.
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Sat Jul 18, 2015 9:56 pm

How could Ar'vis turn down the chance of combat? Arriving at the competition, the bronzerider found himself eager for worthy competitors rather than the sorry lot New Atricis frequently dropped to his disposal. He loved Ma'lek dearly, but Ar'vis needed a fresh face with a bold temperament to challenge. Walking into the ring, he jotted his name down and moved off to prepare himself. He removed his shirt, for he did not wish so soil it during the scuffle, and set aside his dagger and purse. Teuta took quick claim of his possessions, eyeing any who might dare to come near the neat pile.

Etlen proved a bit more whimsical about his guard, wheeling above the mound in his typical lackadaisical manner while Teuta did all the work.

The bronzerider, pleased by the diligence of at least one of his companions, turned his eyes onto the sparring circle, only to sigh in annoyance over the appearance of a certain brownrider.

"Damn him to the void!" he cursed in a growl meant for his ears alone.


Jack of all Trades if that counts, and experience.
Upon his arrival, Mul'rec scanned the competition with his eyes landing on a rather disgruntled bronzerider. How could the man turn down such an offer, thus he blew Ar'vis a promising kiss before he moved to the sign up sheet to add his name with the rest. During his jotting, he spotted Ar'vis' name and the weight class he placed himself in. Had the bronzerider had his way, he would have found himself entangling himself with a different weight class from Ar'vis own.

Now that would not do at all.

Shifting the tip of the reed pen, he scratched out the man's noted weight, and rewrote the numbers that would bring the man to the brownrider's level.

"What are you doing?" asked the volunteer for the sparring circle.

"He lies about his weight all the time. It's a touche subject for him," he smirked in turn, garnering himself with a bout of laughter from the volunteer.

"Yes yes, those old farts wanting to be boys again, not realising how good they have it now," the man grinned wickedly in turn. "Don't go too hard on him... but don't go too easy on him either."

"But of course. Good day to you my friend." With a nod to the man, he stepped off to ready himself for the fight, and spared a wink to the agitated bronzerider in the process. As he set his items down, he noted the mottled brown of the Weyrsecond guarding his possessions. The brown bestowed an initial hiss to him... only to suddenly find distraction in the striped gold upon Mul'rec's shoulder. Feeling a bit jocular at the moment. Mul'rec sent the gold off to enjoy a good stretch of her wings and just as he suspected, the little brown followed after, leaving the man's items abandoned... what a shame...

With a chuckle, Mul'rec left for the circle to stretch out for the fight.


Only experience...


If anyone wants to steal Ar'vis' marks, go for it. There will be no repercussions and I will even throw in twenty real marks for it, donated to the thief.
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Gathers did not come often, but K'din loved taking the time to enjoy them when they did come around. When he'd been younger and with less responsibility, the bronzerider had often hopped all about the north to go to any gather he heard about. He'd gamble, he'd drink, he'd eat and flirt until he found a woman who wanted to do more. He had always enjoyed participating in unarmed combat matches, too.

As weyrleader, a measure of K'din's time would be spent with Lord Seneca and his wife, Chiomi. There would be discussions to be had and politics to play. Right now, though, K'din wanted the chance to go all out and enjoy himself. The unarmed combat competition sounded like a good way of doing just that, so K'din put his name down, smirking to see both his weyrsecond's and wingsecond's names listed within. As the volunteer on the ring went over how the competition would be played out, K'din even caught sight of both men preparing around the ring. This could get entertaining.

Dusk, who had mostly kept with the bronzerider -- on his shoulder when allowed and fluttering about in the nearby vicinity when not -- began to venture away from the man as he realized they would be remaining in this location for a while yet. It was as he was studying the area that something interesting caught his eye on the ground. Flying down to it, the blue pawed at the dagger before the purse caught his eye. Dusk had seen bags like this before. Sometimes -- many times -- they had shinies in them. Turning his head in both directions, Dusk grabbed the bag with his forelegs before jumping off and absconding with the item. He'd find privacy and then tear through the fabric to see what he'd acquired.

Experience and Brawler Token

Dusk is attempting to steal Ar'vis's purse, but don't worry about the OOC marks. Not like anyone but Dusk is ever going to see them again. XD Plus, I have enough as it is.
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Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:01 am

A'ric looked around, his blue eyes trying to take in everything they could. It had been a while since he had been at a gather, and he had forgotten how crowded and busy they could be. Not to mention all of the fun things they were full of. He had seen a bunch of different things that looked interesting, but there was really only one thing that continued to be on his mind, and that was the unarmed combat tournament he had seen. Now, he didn't like fighting, but sometimes he found himself wondering why he had these skills if he never showed them off. Then again, compared to some of the people he knew he might meet there, his skills were probably meager, but he didn't care. It was the thrill of the competition, and it honestly sounded like it could be fun.

He made his way up to the person taking the entries and put his name in. He frowned a bit in nervousness as he saw some of the other names on the sheet. Weyrleader K'din was down, as was his Weyrsecond Ar'vis. He also recognized Mul'rec's name, mostly from hearing people around the Weyr say it. He made his choice right then. He would try as hard as he could. He couldn't be disappointed with loosing as long as he did that. He took a deep breath, telling himself he'd better get in the zone if he wanted to do well.

He went and began his warm up stretches, fighting back the butterflies that were quickly growing in his stomach. He took another calming breath, and went back to his stretches, waiting for everything to start.

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Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:23 am

Tag - R'vir | K'din | A'ric
The Gather provided the perfect getaway for the young woman, especially when she found herself hooked arm in arm with a brownrider in particular. Part of Carrot felt as though she never awoke that morning as she continued to live a dream in the surreal Seahold, the smell of the crisp sea enticing her spirits while the man at her side assuaged the abuses upon her soul from months of abuse. The man to to live again intoxicated the redhead, the want to be free spirited once more claiming her feet to send them from stall to stall and race to race.

Upon passing the Sparring Circle where the wrestling matches were being held, Carrot gave R'vir's arm a squeeze and a kiss to his shoulder before she pulled away to observe the commotion. Already she spotted one familiar face, the impish K'din readying for a fight. When she approached the guard rail that separated spectator from fighter, she called out to the man in a tease. "Well ain' this a bunch o' trouble-" a rare smile flashed upon her face as Ginger offered a whistle from the both of them- "Don' try too hard... migh' hurt ya self." Yet Carrot wished the man luck nonetheless, even wanting to stick around and root for a friend.

Another acquaintance caught her gaze, a young bronzerider whom she came across several weeks earlier. Though he remained too far away for her to shout at him, she gave A'ric a wave of both acknowledgement and support, hoping all the while that the young man too would fair well in the circle.
Tag - Eavan
Though The Junior Queenrider could not place a finger on it, blindness did not afflict Aniday when it came to the demeanour of his wife. Where other signs might alarm more intuitive individuals about their mates, Aniday could only recognise more of a distance with his lover than anything else. Walking through the stalls, he grew suspicious of her wandering attentions, not for the reason of the wanderings... but whether they were happening in the first place.

"Are you sure you're alright?" he asked of her after pointing out a wind-chime of interested to her that he swore up and down he could craft better for the marks the stall owner wanted to sell it for. Eavan deserved nothing but the best, he always thought, thus he strived hard to give her nothing but perfect. So why did she seem distracted by other less than impressive activities and items?

When they arrived at the Sparring Circle where the hold natives held a competition of wrestling, Aniday wondered if maybe proving some sort prowess to her might garner him with her attentions. "You want me to?" he asked of her with a smirk, curious to see if she might approve.

With eyes locked upon her, he missed the smirk passed onto the goldrider by a certain bronze within the circle. Instead, he got his answer, and gave her a kiss in turn.

Maybe he would win something for her, he thought to himself as he signed his name on the dotted line and joined the rank of eager men.


Ani... is a smith, not he best at sparring, but I'm sure he'll have fun.
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Tag ~ Aniday/Ar'vis
Eavan was enjoying the Gather, she always did, though being the Senior Weyrwoman did make it feel more of an obligation to go rather than simply wanting to go for herself. She wasn't going to complain though. She enjoyed her new position with every passing day, so feeling slightly more obligated to do something she would normally do wasn't really much of a complaint.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

The flaxen haired beauty turned to her mate and gave him a wide smile. "Yes, of course I am, just a lot on my mind. Forgive me." She said. It wasn't too far off of the truth. She did have a lot on her mind, but a part of it was something she would never speak to Aniday about. Her affair with Ar'vis was also on her mind or, more appropriately, the bronzerider himself was on her mind. Eavan did feel bad for cheating on her mate, but she couldn't stop herself from seeking those stolen moments with Ar'vis. She'd even tried stopping at one point and had failed. After that she had tried to pay closer attention to her mate instead of being lost in thought.

When they arrived at the unarmed competition though, she couldn't help but notice the form of her other lover as he prepared to fight. She gave Ar'vis a small smile before turning her attention to Ani. "Only if you promise to be careful. I certainly will enjoy watching you." Eavan stated with a smirk and a wink. Perhaps she wouldn't only enjoy watching him, but she wouldn't let him know that. She found a spot with the other spectators to watch.

(Obviously she isn't participating)
Tag ~ Mul'rec
Sid'nis had been attempting to not look for Mul'rec, but his dragon knew him too well. A quick word to Galuth and Iolith was informing his rider that the man was getting ready to compete in the unarmed competition. His feet found him going that way and before he knew it he was at the sparring ring that was set up for this competition. Seats were available for people to sit on, but for the moment Sid decided to stand. His eyes scanned those preparing to spar. He noticed Mul'rec stretching, but he seemed too focused to pay attention to people in the crowd so Sid didn't bother with waving.

He was most certainly going to cheer on his friend. Plus, he felt better to be there in case the man ended up getting hurt. Or anyone else for that matter. Sid focused on dragon healing, but he was fairly certain he could take care of any injuries gained through sparring. While he wasn't a small man...Sid only knew the basics of hand to hand so he could protect himself if need be (though he hadn't a chance to try and protect himself when he and V'an had been kidnapped). He was a pacifist and really didn't like fighting or violence, so sparring was not up his ally.

Sid didn't know of the little prank Mul'rec had pulled on Ar'vis. If he had he would have rolled his eyes and chuckled at the man's incorrigible personality at times.

(Not participating)
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An unarmed combat competition...there was no way R'sin was going to miss it! An opportunity to test his skills against others, to gain experience from battling against people other than the usual sparring partners...yep, he was definitely participating. It was a nice chance to show off his prowess as well, but R'sin really cared more about testing and improving his skills than impressing people. He didn't think these competitions were that impressive anyway. So someone was good at fighting under a strict set of rules...didn't mean they could hold their own in a real fight, especially if there were weapons involved. Still, it offered a good workout and entertainment for him at the very least and that was enough for R'sin.

However as he went to sign up R'sin saw quite a few familiar faces and sighed. He really hoped he wasn't pitted against his Weyrmates...he came here to spar against someone different. He might not fight them though. They could get knocked out in the earlier rounds after all, or Faranth forbid he would. R'sin had no plans of letting that happen however.

Once he was signed up R'sin moved off to warm up and stretch a bit. He took off his shirt and the sheath that contained the dagger, bundling the dagger up in his shirt before setting the bundle down. Anyone who looked would just see a shirt dropped carelessly, which should discourage any potential thieves. Nothing to see, just a shirt. Who wanted to steal a shirt? And if the dagger was stolen R'sin could easily replace it. It wasn't one of his nicer blades, just a tool he liked to have on him in case he needed it. R'sin knew better than to have too many valuables with him at a Gather, particularly left unattended for any period of time. By the time he was done with this competition he'd be robbed blind, especially with no pet to guard his things. Granted pets were only so reliable, as his fellow bronzerider seemed to be about to find out the hard way.

R'sin watched as Ar'vis walked away from his neat pile of belongings, leaving his flits to watch them. One was actually making an effort while the other didn't seem to care. And when Mul'rec passed by with his gold the one that had been guarding got distracted by the beauty, following her when she flew off. Mul'rec smirked but didn't touch anything-however another flit snatched Ar'vis' marks bag. Sloppy, R'sin growled. If it had been one of his flits-

He tensed and froze the thought before it could continue. No, he could not afford to think of that, not now. It would only throw him off, ruin his chances before the competition even started. Instead he focused on stretching, running over common tactics and counters in his mind.


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Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:31 am

First Round Pairs
Aniday x A'ric
K'din x R'sin
Ar'vis x Mul'rec

First Round Winners
Aniday vs. A'ric
Winner: A'ric

K'din vs. R'sin
Winner: K'din

Ar'vis vs. Mul'rec
Winner: Mul'rec
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Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:00 am

Tag: Ar'vis, Mul'rec, K'din, and Sid'nis (Ryarin too if she wants to join!)

Slowly but surely, life was returning to normal for the brownrider. Since his return to the Weyr, the man had been on the mend from his torturous wounds and some of his old self was returning. The physical wounds were easier to treat and repair than the mental ones, but being home with Ryarin had been a balm to his broken soul, and the news of his impending fatherhood certainly had a countering effect on his terrors. In the public's eye he seemed to be assimilating quite well back into the fold, recovering his strength and girth again under proper feedings and exercise, and once E'mir thought he was ready to handle his duties again, V'an took up his post as Weyrlingmasters' Assistant once more.

It wasn't always easy though, when the nightmares plagued him in his sleep and woke him with yells of pain, or remind him of his betrayal and the pillow beneath him would dampen with tears. Only Arigoth, Sid and Locke could understand the horrors that still brushed against his mind from time to time, stealing his breath away when he thought he saw someone out of the corner of his eye. For the most part, V'an learned how to subdue the radical turns his mind would make, to keep himself calm and collected around other people so that he wouldn't see the pity in their eyes if he broke down before them. Only Ryarin was privy to these moments of weakness and fear, and even then the brownrider never fully revealed himself to her, for the woman did not need the added stress on her shoulders when her stomach was beginning to swell with life. No, the most virile and darkest secrets, he still kept to himself, the evil he'd endured caged away into a place of his mind he was trying very hard to forget even existed.

Life continued though, and so must V'an.

Usually, it was the brownrider that ushered his weyrmate around to Feasts and Gathers, encouraging her to be social and outgoing with the public, but this time it seemed that it was the zultaniterider that was coaxing him.

'It would be good to get out for a while, don't you think?'

Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't. Did he really have to?

Ryarin insisted they did and that they could enjoy the scenery, the food, the competitions, the wares, the sights and sounds, all the things he used to enjoy about Gathers. It took only a few more ideas to sway him, maybe they could buy some things for the baby, a crib, a mobile to hang from the crib, or they could look into a weaponsmith for a new blade, and of course they would always have a stall for firelizards if he wanted another. A flash of the broken blue body surged to the front of his mind, but it was quickly shoved aside by the soothing love of his dragon. It might do him well to have another pet to dote upon before the baby arrives, and to take his mind off his ails. V'an finally agreed to his weyrmate, realizing that perhaps the Gather might actually do him well, and they readied together.

The once vibrant young man had seemed to age quite a few turns, even though he sported a rather fine black tunic that was cinched around the waist with a thick decorative belt. His feathered locks of brown hair had been combed back with oils and yet still a few strands strayed and fell to frame his long face. There was a constant dim of his spiced eyes, a blush of purple around the lids that spoke of sleepless nights, and a few added creases to his once exuberant face that seemed always ready to smile. Otherwise, today V'an looked on the outside like the same brownrider he'd always been and he was hoping to carry that illusion for everyone as long as it took until he felt himself.

As they meandered through the Gather, V'an felt like it was a rather familiar scene and never seemed to let Ryarin too far out of his reach and seemed to inconspicuously scanning the crowd around them, especially behind, to make sure he was not going to relive another nightmare. Anytime his weyrmate caught his looks, she'd give his hand a gentle squeeze and it seemed enough to calm his fast beating heart and remind him that he was home again, safe. After a while, the sights and sounds didn't seem to overwhelm him as much, that he seemed to move easier through the crowds, nor fidget so much when they stood at a vendors' stall to overlook their wares. By the time they reached some of the competitions, V'an wasn't feeling quite so nervous or jumpy anymore and was actually beginning to enjoy himself.

It was then that he caught sight of a few familiar faces, popping up randomly amidst a larger crowd of a competition and the brownrider found his feet taking him toward the group. When he got closer, he clearly spotted his old Wingleaders and his 'uncle' amongst the participants and the way they all seemed to be preparing told V'an just what sort of competition this was. Part of him ached to sign his own name and weight, to throw himself into the ring against Ar'vis once more, or test Mul'recs' mettle after all these turns, or even give K'din a good deserved punch or two, but he could already feel his body groaning against the thought. He knew he was not in his peak physical condition to spar against these men, not when marks were on the line and they had no intent to go easy on their paired up partner.

Instead, V'an was forced to spectate, to watch as his friends beat the crap out of each other instead, still proving to be an excellent show. A bemused smile moved along his lips as he turned toward the stands to find a seat for the fights, and it was there he spotted yet another familiar face. This one though, made his smile falter for a moment as darkened memories threatened to slip to the light once more. However, Sid'nis had been a long time friend and even their stint in the darkness of that basement, nothing could break that bond. Pushing past the reluctance, the brownrider moved through the stands until he got closer to Sid, calling out to the bluerider before taking a seat beside him, carefully settling himself onto the bench.

"You think Mul'rec will win?" He asked wryly, bringing up quite easily another commonality between them that wouldn't remind them of the horrors.

((gotta stop him here.... sorry for the long winded reply... He is only Spectating.))
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Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:18 pm

Tag - A'ric | Eavan
Pleased by her approval, Aniday made sure to give her a final kiss before he stepped away to spar off with an opponent. It seemed he would be competing against a young bronzerider, a Weyrling. "Hey there," he gave a friendly nod and extended his hand to the man in a sign of good sportsmanship. "I'm Aniday, it's good to meet you." He thanked his training under Eavan, Safryn and Aizlin for his manners, for his time in the Queen's Wing certainly had an effect on him.

The match commenced, though for all his strength, it seemed A'ric had the upper hand and ability. Aniday found himself soon on his back with the man above him, and all he could do was stare in astonishment.

He pulled himself back onto his feet and shook the man's hand. "Good job. Thank you." The grizzled man retreated from the circle to give the others a chance at the competition, returning back to Eavan's side. "I gave it a shot," shrugged the man, hoping she was fine by the loss, though part of him could not help but feel bad about it, why... he did not know.
Tag - Eavan | Sid'nis
Upon spotting Eavan's arrival with that oaf, Ar'vis could not help but flash her a fiendish grin and a wink. Already visions of their previous encounters filled his thoughts, and bolstered his esteem. Perhaps later during the evening he might steal Eavan away when Aniday's attentions found themselves elsewhere. Where Aniday failed, Ar'vis knew he would surely succeed, for he knew he could please Eavan in ways Aniday never could. If the man child ever knew the on goings when he was not around, he would hide himself from the world instead of continuing to make a fool of himself.

In silence, Mul'rec noted the unspoken comments that passed from Bronzerider to Weyrwoman... to bronzerider again. What an interesting development, he thought to himself as he watched the silent wink and the suggestive smirk. The brownrider would recall that for later, but for now, it seemed it was time for the fight. He chuckled to himself when Ar'vis pulled back incredulously at the announcement of his sparring partner.

Eyes fastened upon the brownrider who grinned right back at him with the same intention as Ar'vis showed Eavan. Ar'vis scowled in turn.

"Come now, I am not that bad a dancer, I can assure you." He moved in closer to whisper to the man. "Though... perhaps you might prefer Eavan's dance to mine. Or perhaps she would prefer mine to yours."

The brownrider's response served as an invocation of outrage within the bronzerider. Despite his normal exercise of control, despite his attempt to be the better man especially in the presence of his Weyrleader, Ar'vis acted, delivering a powerful blow to the brownrider before the fight.

Mul'rec staggered back in surprise and lifted a hand, touching the slick of blood upon his lip.

"Bad form!" the patrons shouted. "Cheat!"

"Foul!" bellowed the referee.

"No no, let him be," Mul'rec assured the masses. He would have his fight. "All right, Ar'vis. Here's your chance to best me."

The anger gone to his head, Ar'vis pressed forward, his limbs tangling with those of the brownrider. Mul'rec proved to have a concrete frame much like his brother, as well as a power to match. The two men twisted in one another's grasps, but Mul'rec managed to eventually overpower Ar'vis, and threw him hard onto the grown. Not only did the bronzerider find himself prone, but Mul'rec pressed the blade of his arm against his neck as his body weighed heavily upon him, holding him down. No amount of flailing would free him from the brownrider's hold, and soon the referee counted the take down, declaring Mul'rec the winner of the match.

Mul'rec held out a hand, and Ar'vis denied the assistance. Without a word he marched out of the ring go gather his upper attire.

As the defeated retreated, Mul'rec bowed to the applause, while the fiend in him settled his eyes upon Eavan, giving the woman a knowing wink. He would allow her to discern the intention behind the act.

"Damnit!" Ar'vis swore to himself as he sift through his clothing. His firelizard went missing, and so did it purse so it seemed. Yet still Ar'vis held his head high as he left the ring, refusing to accept his defeat.

Mul'rec approached Sid'nis, grinning at the man all the while. "Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked of the man as he took a drink from a skin of water to rejuvenate his strength. Turning his eyes to the side, he suddenly noted a familiar face. "Ah! V'an!" he patted the man's knee. "Good to see you about again." But in truth... his eyes were all for Sid'nis at he moment, curious about the man and his thoughts on the game the brownrider just enjoyed.