Competition: Foot Race [2038 Seahold Summer Gather]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:14 am

Foot Racing
Sign up until 12:30
Races at 13:00, 14:00, & 15:00
For those who wish to test their skill at sprinting can do so here against others! Three races are held after signups close, and each race winner is presented with a prize. Make sure you show up in time for your race!

The rules:
  • Do not purposely trip another runner
  • Cheaters will be disqualified

The prize:
  • 1st Place: 100 Marks

OOC Note: Please sign up via role play. Characters will be placed into the different races randomly. Each race will have the winner randomized, though any abilities that may aid their sprinting will be taken into consideration. Since there are three races, only the first place winner receives a prize.

Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:00 pm

Varkaden was high on excitement. A GATHER! This was exactly what he needed. And not only were the merchants selling lots of really cool things but there were contests of skill. One such contest was a foot race. He was fast as lightening. He had this one hands down. No problem.... just so long as there were no stairs to argue with. Falling down those at the weyr hadn't been exactly pleasant. But that was in the past and he was bouncing on his toes as he signed in. There was no doubt in his mind that he'd win. And the prize for first place was more than he'd see in a veeeeery long time. His eyes were bright and his limbs were warmed up, limbered up and ready.
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It was all Ifrith's fault! Yes, if it wasn't for that meddling brown H'tai would be safely back at the Weyr which was currently a bit emptier with so many at the Gather. Why would H'tai want to go anywhere near it? A Gather was full of all sorts of people, most of whom he wouldn't know. Sure he wouldn't be expected to talk to them but if he looked at the merchants' wares, bought food, etc, he had to speak however briefly to these people he didn't know. Not H'tai's idea of a good time, wandering around trying to avoid people when he was surrounded by them.

Ifrith had other ideas, keeping at H'tai until he agreed to go. The brown was determined to make H'tai socialize more so he'd learn. H'tai had to admit it was working, but he was definitely not comfortable in a crowd yet. And yet somehow he let Ifrith talk him into being here, looking like a lost wherry chick as he shuffled around trying to stay out of everyone's way, not draw attention to himself. The various wares were glanced at from afar, the merchants' eyes avoided so they wouldn't know he was looking. It wasn't as if H'tai planned on buying anything anyway. Eventually he managed to steel his nerves enough to get some food, but that was about all H'tai was up to. The next candlemark was spent eating and hiding away-at least until Ifrith prodded him to get back in there.

This time H'tai opted to check out the competitions. Not to compete, oh no. He wasn't strong, had no special skills-not unless running whenever the situation became too awkward counted. The competitions would surely have many spectators though...and they would be focused on the competitors, not him. It might even be fun to watch others show off their talents. Of course as luck would have it one of the competitions was, in fact, running. The second H'tai saw it he felt Ifrith rumbling. What? he asked, suspicious.

You should sign up! Ifrith told him happily. You were thinking earlier that your only talent is running, yes? Well go run! You can do what you've been wanting to do and maybe win a prize for it.

H'tai wanted to argue, but he knew how persistent Ifrith would be...and maybe the brown was right. Running was the one thing H'tai was good at and there was a competition for it. He'd be the center of attention, eyes of the spectators on him-oh he'd run alright! For once his shy nature would be helpful...

So after some blushing and stammering H'tai signed up, already jittery with nerves. Running would be a relief by the time the race started!


Experience/bit hyper from nerves
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Sid'nis was having fun so far even if all he was doing for the most part was roaming around looking at things and eating food. He was about ready to head over to watch the unarmed combat as Mul'rec was going to be participating and he wanted to cheer him on, but another competition caught his eye first. The foot races. Sid was no well trained runner, but in his youth he had participated in many a foot race to here, there, and wherever. It helped that he had long legs and had always had good lungs, but he never really cared about winning. Sid was not the competitive type. Do it. You know you want to. Then you can go watch Mul'rec win and come back to race. Iolith said, once again being the voice of encouragement. The blue knew how depressed his rider could still become thanks to what he'd gone through in Walled, so any chance to get him to do something happy he pressed for it.

The bluerider debated for a moment. He didn't really run anymore, unless by chance it was during threadfall and he was running to get to his dragon. He remembered perfectly what it was like though. The thumping of his heart, the wind going passed his ears, the thud of his feet on the ground, and the way his legs burned after the race was done. Yeah, that sounded good. Sid made his way over to the sign up and table and put his name down. There was a younger man there, a brownrider and a weyrling by his knots. He gave the man a kind smile. "Good luck to you, friend. You look pretty fast."
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Race 1
Competitors: H'tai, NPC, NPC

Race 2
Competitors: Sidn'nis, NPC
WINNER: Sidn'nis

Race 3
Competitors: Varkaden, NPC, NPC, NPC
WINNER: Varkaden

Congratulations! Expect payouts from the Karkeloth account soon.