Southern Seahold Gather [ Turn's End - 2049 ]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Southern Seahold Turn's End Gather – 2049
Introduction and Table of Contents
Letters were sent out to various holds and weyrs about a massive celebration for Turns End to be held at Southern Seahold, and across Pern did hopeful attendees respond to the invitations. From the Flotilla, Pearlriders and their bonded made the five-day swim for the Seahold, and set up camp along the shoreline. From the Evanorian Harper Hall and Fort Hold Harper Hall came a plethora of harpers to entertain. Riders from the various Weyrs and Weyrholds came gliding in by the morning start of the gather. And, above all, many of the weyrfolk, riders, and handlers of Atricis Weyr made plans to come to the gather.

When patrons arrived, they would find the hold surrounded by a city of tents and stalls. Beyond the stalls, closer to the outskirts of the hold were race tracks for runners, landing zones for dragons, and race tracks for wherkin. Closer into the hold was a dancing floor and lounge, and naturally, the beach was open to those curious wanderers.

At the stroke of midnight, Lord Seneca promised an impressive firework show, but the quality of it remained to be seen. Hopefully the gather goers would enjoy themselves enough to stay and see for themselves just what he had in store for them with the ushering of the new turn.
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Things To Keep In Mind (AKA Rules)
- There are to be NO PETS that are not of dragonkin or furflit origin brought to the Gather by order of the Lord and Lady Holder. They will not put them up for board during the time in attendance and they do not wish to have them running around the Gather Grounds.

- Also note that candidates may not purchase, from the merchants, pets unless they are willing to board them with the beastcrafters, nor may they purchase 'lizard eggs. Weyrlings not in their own apartments must board them as well if they purchase a pet.

- Candidates may attend but are allotted a total of three hours in order to attend. Weyrlings in the Igen Refugee Class and Island Wherlings may also attend but are allotted five hours in order to attend. Weyrlings in the 72nd Class may attend and have no time limit, but they must remember the rules; any other weyrlings and daylings may not attend.

- Candidates, weyrlings, and wherlings that are able to attend have a total time frame of 10am-10pm in order to attend; as it is a holiday, they're allowed to be up slightly past curfew, and if they'd like, can even stay up to celebrate Turn Over AT HOME; the day after is a holiday as well and a time to rest and recover.

- Candidates, weyrlings, and wherlings that attend must obtain their own rides to and from the Gather as none will be provided for them automatically or "as a courtesy"; 72nd weyrlings, of course, are able to attend using their own dragons.

- Candidates, weyrlings, and wherlings with time limits that attend MUST bear in mind that they will have to pick and choose what they decide to do during their time at the Gather. Some events will take place at the same time as another, and they will definitely not be able to attend five events; the time of when events take place are listed in each thread.

- In Character Actions will equal In Character Consequences during this event, especially for candidates, weyrlings, and wherlings so do keep that in mind.
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