Clutch Raffle [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:17 pm

Surprise Clutch Raffle
~Muse Music~

Somewhere between the main dancing square and the lounge tents there stood by a couple of people from the Weyrhold itself. They had before them a small table, well adorned with cloth, and they were well dressed. On their table sat two clutches, both clutches appearing to be filled with eggs no one was familiar with. One clutch had eggs around the size of firelizard eggs, but the eggs were more one the colorful side than traditional firelizard eggs. The second clutch was filled with tiny eggs around the size of gemlizard eggs, but they lacked mottles, were almost completely round, and were smooth and shiny like little polished stones. The runners of this table drew people in and explained to them that they had a special handout going, and that while they couldn't say what was inside the eggs, for that was a surprise, they were very interesting and unique creatures to the area.

Those interested were told to write their name and put it in the basket on the table, for the eggs would be raffled off to try and keep it fair to all of the gatherers interested, as they had no doubts that many would want one of their own. They even suggested to many to enter both raffles to try and get an egg from each clutch.
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Clutch 1 ... ... ... Clutch 2
11 Eggs ... ... ... 27 Eggs

A character (and player) can only put themselves into each raffle once
A character (and player) can put themselves in both raffles (but only once in each)
Eggs will be raffled off (staff will use randomizers)
Raffle Participants
Clutch 1

Clutch 2
OOC Note: Please sign up via role play, but leave a clear note on the end of your character post which clutch raffle they are entering (if not both)
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:05 am

I'ent had never been to a Gather and the special Gather being held at Evanoria will be the first one he even had the opportunity to go. He was a full wingrider now and could come and go from the Weyr as he pleased so he made it a point to plan a trip to the Gather. He wasn't a man who was used to having much money but he managed to scrounge up some Marks to spend, nothing substantial but enough to enjoy himself. He was used to very inexpensive treats and had modest needs so he doubted he would suffer a lack of cash to get whatever he needed.

Shireth was eager to go, never having gone to a Gather either. I'ent didn't think she would find it too interesting but he hadn't expected there to be so many activities even for dragons to participate in. He had heard of dragon jousting and intended to watch the contests but first he wanted to simply enjoy walking about the Gather without feeling he had to avoid getting any attention.

One of the first things that caught I'ent's eye was a table with two clutches, one of very colourful fancy looking eggs and the other very small plain eggs. He didn't know much about firelizard eggs so he couldn't tell what kind of firelizard eggs they where. He had considered trying to get a firelizard for a pet, his classmates had several different kinds, including the Fancy Flits he had only seen Impressed by the wealthy and important inhabitants of Walled Hold. He doubted he could ever afford such a pet but it seemed many were just given away and the raffle looked like it was free as well.

"I sure hope they aren't tunnelsnake eggs," I'ent mused to himself. He hung back from the crowd and listened to what others thought. A few were very eager to sign up and some asked questions of the man running the raffle. He also heard a few speculating the little eggs may belong to gemlizards but another argued against it as the eggs didn't have the typical speckles those lizards apparently had on their eggs. I'ent was clueless either way but it was worthwhile listening in. In the end he decided he had nothing to lose so stepped forward and picked a clutch seemingly at random to fill a ticket out for.

He was curious about the little eggs but in the end decided one of the winged variety of pets would be of more used to him. I'ent had no idea if the larger eggs were firelizard eggs but he guessed from the size they must be one of the three species he had seen around, whether it was a normal firelizard, Fancy Flit, starlizard or even a hybrid or some sort. I'ent knew it would be handy to send messages via firelizard in those cases where Shireth wouldn't be an appropriate messenger.

Picking up a ticket he scrawled his name and indicated he was from Atricis Weyr if they needed to send him the egg should he not be at the Gather when the draw was held. He was never very skilled at writing but it was eligible enough I'ent didn't think anybody would have trouble reading his name. Folding it he placed it in the basket for the clutch with the larger eggs.

ooc: I'ent put his name down for Clutch 1.
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:02 am

A Gather, no matter where or for what, was an event R'mia wouldn't miss if he could help it. He dressed in his finest outfit, made sure he was properly groomed and presentable. The flight to Evanoria was swift and uneventful and he left Siorbheth to enjoy the Gather in his own way. There was many things R'mia wanted to do during the Gather. Pick up some valuable merchandise at the best price he could get, enjoy all the pleasures the Gathered offered and hopefully find pleasant company to dance with and perhaps spend the night with.

First thing first he walked the Gather, seeing what it offered and deciding what events he will participate in. He was not surprised to see a Sword Fighting Competition but was very disappointed there wasn't an unarmed combat contest. In his mind any fool could swing a sword but very few could knock an opponent flat with the balls of their feet or a well placed punch. Deciding there may very well be a brawling contest later on, official or otherwise he moved on pass the Sword Fighter Competition signup area.

He took note of the Dragon Jousting and decided he will swing back to check that out later. But first something else caught his eye. Clutches being put up for raffle. Moving through the throng of people looking at the clutches R'mia debated whether he should try his luck in getting an egg. He had always been curious about the various pets many people in the South kept, even ones found in the North and brought here when the Weyr moved South. One thing he did know was these eggs wouldn't hold furflits, the cute winged furballs he felt would be a magnet for girls, almost as much as his own good looks.

"Such tiny eggs in the larger clutch, you sure they aren't some kind of tunnelsnake eggs?" R'mia inquired. The people running the table gave him a look and assured him the eggs were from something special and were a surprise. R'mia grunted but decided there was no harm in taking a risk. If the eggs were of some new kind of pet never seen before or simply never domesticated before, then he would be one of a select few to possess such a creature. He was also a betting man so decided he had nothing to lose.

"Well, in that case, I'll get a ticket. No harm in it and at worse I may get my finger bitten by whatever comes out. At best, I will have a new little pet that nobody's seen before." R'mia wrote his name on the raffle ticket with a flourish and gave the couple running the table a broad friendly smile before moving on.

ooc: R'mia entered a ticket for Clutch #2
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:59 am

Galana had been putting her thoughts about children completely out of her mind. Clearly, she was craving, soft, small, warm things.....but there was another way to handle that. While Galask had expressed disinterest in the idea of sharing their home with a stinky, squalling baby, he had been a little less negative about the idea of a flitt or two. They were small, and affectionate, and wouldn't need constant attention for the next 5 turns or so. That was a good idea, right?

So she was on her way to the merchant selling eggs, when she walked past an advertisement for a raffle. Eggs- but no information about what kind. Probably some sort of flitt, but apparently there was something odd about the eggs themselves that made people uncertain. And the tiny ones were apparently an issue as well. Like gemlizards, but not like them?

Well, she had been thinking of getting two flitts. Maybe, she could save a few marks, enter the raffle for one of these, and buy the second egg? She might only get one that way, or get one and something odd. That could be interesting.

Galask wasn't awake to express an opinion on odd companions, not that he would be likely to completely understand the question. As far as he was concerned, fire lizards, fancy flitts, and starlizards were the same thing- with the exception that starlizards glowed at night.

She stood there, looking between the two clutches. There were more of the tiny eggs, and if it was some unusual kind of gemlizard, she could keep it close all the time. That was appealing, even though the need for constant attention was one of the reasons she was telling herself she didn't want a brat.

So, she wrote her name down, and put it in the basket for clutch 2. Maybe nothing would come of it. EIther way, she was going to buy a fire lizard egg, and she already had a pretty good idea how that woudl turn out. They were useful creatures, as well as affectionate, and if she changed her mind about the brat in a turn or two, they were usually good with kids too.
Strimian still had a candlemark before her set began at the dancing area. She was headed that way regardless, as it tended to be the only part of the gather that appealed to her. She was uncomfortable with violence, and combat tournaments were unnecessary violence as if it was fun. The races were a little better, she could understand trying to be good at something for its own sake, but she preferred dancing to running, and watching was not all that interesting most of the time. The merchants sold high quality materials, but she was fairly frugal. She would rather spend her money on materials for her research, or for music, than on anything else, and gathers did not have a significant supply of ink and hides, nor did they have instruments of a quality that exceeded what she could get directly from the Hall.


Strimian was pretty sure she had already passed a merchant selling flitt eggs, but these were odd. She gravitated toward the larger, colorful ones, but the people at the stand were refusing to state what the creatures inside were. She frowned, thoughtful. Arietta was full grown, and seemed a little lonely.

And they were free. She probably wouldn't win one, but what harm would it do to try to get a friend for herself and Arietta. As if summoned by the thought, the iolite fancy flitt popped into the air above Strimian's head, and came in to land on her human's shoulder.

There wasn't much point in asking the flitt for her approval, but Strimian chose to interpret it that way, anyway, putting her name in the basket for the larger eggs before continuing to the dancing floor.

{OOC: So Strimian is signed up for clutch 1, and Galana is signed up for clutch 2}
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:39 am

There was still time to go before dancing, and while he had a few cards to be punched, K'rios was going to spend that time to himself. He'd been eating and drinking his way through the gather and now needed to clear his head just a bit before he even contemplated going out on the dance floor and spinning and twirling his way across it. A 'mark, maybe two, and he would be just fine. Any less and he might collapse.

Of course it didn't help that he was considering going back to the food stalls, because the smells were difficult to resist and he was a bottomless put according to the Weyr's kitchen aunties.

All of that aside, walking around the gather meant he was able to see a few things he had missed during his first round about, including the eggs that were being raffled off. He almost missed it his second time around, and would have if he hadn't stopped to pick up a mark that had he was twisting around his fingers.

But there they were, two sets, one set larger than the other, one set more colorful than the other, one set catching his eye. He contemplated if he wanted one or not, and then decided it wouldn't hurt to go without a pet. He hadn't had one of his own since he was child, and that hadn't lasted long because it had been an old stray to begin with. He pocketed the mark and approached to write his name down for number one, curious to see what would become of it.

ooc: Clutch 1 for K'rios, please.
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:16 am

Being away from Atricis, and Roavani, didn't feel right. Shiravani knew she wouldn't be allowed away from them for long anyway, but this little trip away just didn't feel right regardless. She rubbed her arms and did a mental check in with him, called for Cojup and would have him bring news back and forth. All was well of course, and she was worrying for nothing - Fear not, my Shiravani, for I am well and soon we shall be together once more. Enjoy yourself, drink, laugh and be merry! I love you forever and always! - but that didn't stop her from just feeling the discomfort of not having her bonded close to her. She rubbed her arms as she wandered the gather, a little aimlessly at times, trying to find something to distract herself with. At times it seemed as though the games might, but those could capture her attention for only so long. Then there were the tournaments, but those for some reason didn't hold the kind of appeal she was looking for.

So she continued to walk her way through, stopping when she heard whispers of eggs being raffled off. Now, it didn't take away all of what was bothering her, but it managed to grab enough of her curiosity for her to go and investigate, and when she saw the eggs, she gave a tiny little squeal of delight, enough to tell Roavani, from where he was, that she was comforted a little bit, and it allowed him to withdraw his mind enough to stop checking on her - and here she thought she had to keep a mental check on him - knowing that she would be just fine. The eggs, so she was told, were being raffled off. She could choose between one of the larger eggs, and one of the smaller ones, and while the bigger ones held more color and pattern, the smaller ones well... they were by far more darling.

"I'd like to sign up for a ticket... or is it an egg?" Whichever it was... oh! "Please." She smiled and soon was signed up for one, then just had to wait along with everyone else. She didn't know what was in her egg, or if she would even get one for that matter, but that was all part of the fun - oh! And seeing what everyone else got, but she just hoped that the other eggs would hatch while they were all in the same area. That would be part of the fun (she thought so at least)!

ooc: Clutch 2 for Shiravani please!
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Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:50 am

-Wher Candidate Mekirion-
A major part of the young man wished he was safe at home in the forges of Atricis. There he knew what to expect, there he was spared the challenges of interacting with people. If it hadn't been for his father's insistence that he escort his younger sister, Mekirion would have stayed right there at his station. Life was simple there. Heat the metal, shape the metal, sharpen the metal.... The world revolved around the order at hand. Even his lessons as a candidate would have been preferable to this! Too many curve balls had been thrown at Meki for him to be comfortable around people but the safety of his only living sibling was important. The bare mention of Rakura traveling in the same wilds that had... No best not go down that trail of thought for the safety of Meki's mind. Forcing himself to focus on the bouncing plait of his sister, Mekirion was suddenly glad that the girl had taken on his father's height as much as he had.

"Slow down Rak! You'll get lost," Meki called out to the hyper girl. "Oh hush! You sound just like Mama!" Rakura called back without thought. Stopping suddenly in her tracks, Rakura's pale hand flew to her lips as she blanched. "Oh Meki..." She sobbed knowing that her big brother shared her pain. "She'd love this... Wouldn't she?" Rakura asked in a soft voice as the taller male pulled her in for a tight hug. Not trusting his voice, Meki swallowed thickly and nodded. As quick as the melancholy moment hit the pair, Rakura sprung back to her happy self. After squeezing her brother in a tight hug, Kura danced ahead and giggled. "Let's find us a pet! Something to help us push down the pain again," She challenged with a wide smile once again knowing that her brother couldn't deny her. "Okay... Spoiled!" Meki teased as he caught up to the girl with long ground eating strides. "You love me!" Rakura said smacking her brother playfully.

As her gaze darted around them, Mekirion waited to see what would catch her eye this time. Just a few moments ago the girl had been excited over the runner beasts, who knew what would... "Meki! There's a raffle going on!" Without waiting to see if Mekirion would follow, Rakura took off at a happy jog towards the mentioned booth. Chuckling to himself at his sister's excitement, Meki followed at a more sedate pace. However by the time the wher-candidate reached his sister's side Rakura was already slipping a scrap of paper into a basket. "Slow poke! I've already put my name in that basket. I just put yours into this one!" Mekirion was shocked to see that his sister had chosen the plainer of the two sets of eggs. "Okay... Why this one?" He asked now slightly curious. "Because you need more color in your life, brother! I can still hope for something pretty but you definitely need it!" Chuckling again at his sister's antics, Meki shook his head with a smile, "Okay Raku. You win."

(OOC: Mekirion has been placed into the first cluch's basket. Don't worry about Rakura! She's just an NPC... For now...)
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Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:40 am

Tag ~ Keetin

There had been whispers since the moment they'd landed in Evanoria, whispers of something new, something surprising and as soon as they'd walked into the Gather, Elysia had kept her eyes peeled for this booth everyone seemed to be talking about. The bluerider was never one to pass up a new surprise, so of course she'd practically dragged Keetin all over the Gather looking for this 'Raffle' that was talked about. Some of the Evanorian's seemed to know what the surprise was, but try as she might she couldn't get anything out of them except that it was something about unfamiliar eggs and a wry smile as they shooed her on her way, pointing in the direction the booth was. She even tried eavesdropping on the dragons of the Weyrhold but none of them seemed as interested as she was about this new surprise, so they were no help and the gifted girl even gave a disappointed huff.

Each table they walked by, she gave a peek at, but huffed once more when she didn't find what she was looking for. Once she lingered as she spied a few eggs set out, but quickly realized they looked familiar as eggs she'd seen countless times before and hurried on with some exasperation. So it was that when she finally laid eyes on the small table with a set of clutches that looked strange and unique, she gave a soft cry of delight and squeezed Keetin's hand even tighter. "There they are!" She exclaimed, tugging on him gently as they hurried over, though she was a bit miffed to see there was already a crowd of people hovering around the table. "Oh, I do hope there are still a few left...I want to know what's inside!" She said to her friend as they neared the table.

Only then did Elysia let go of the zultaniteriders' hand, and mostly because she was so much better at weaving and squeezing through the throng of people and inched her way toward the edge of the table to peer upon the eggs without anyone in the way. "Oooo...they are so pretty." The bluerider whispered under her breath as her gaze instantly traveled to the clutch with the colorful swirls on the eggs, though it drifted toward the smaller, round eggs close by as well. "And these ones look like pearls." She mused to herself.

Hazel eyes darted up to two Evanorians standing behind the table. They were keeping their lips sealed about the secrets inside the eggs to everyone, so she didn't even bother to ask and instead, she saw the lists on the table before the clutches and hastily she wrote her name down on each of the papers. Hopefully, her name would be drawn for at least one of the surprise eggs, and maybe she'd get even luckier and get one of each! As soon as she'd written her name down, she glanced around behind her and found Keetin, waving him forward. "Come on, you gotta at least put your name down for one of them. Bring it home to Atricis and show it off to everyone. Can you guess what's inside? Maybe it's another type of flitter, with fur AND feathers." The bluerider rambled a little as she practically pulled her friend toward the table, anxiously watching as he chose which one to write his name down for, or if he'd do like she did and try for one of each.

{OOC: Put Elysia down for Clutch 1 & 2 please!}
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Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:17 am

Laughter, light and happy, readily rang out from Keetin as he was dragged pretty much all over the Gather at Evanoria Weyrhold. As one of Atricis' queenriders he of course needed to be there. Yet no matter how dutiful he was, there was no denying that it was a Gather and just plain fun. Being there with the best friend he could ever hope for? Yeah, that made it all the better.

Rumors were floating about (or maybe clever advertising) of some sort of mystery eggs. These weren't even like the egg Keetin had gotten Venna from. Though the exact type had not been known, her egg was at least that of a flit for sure. The eggs in question were not. No one seemed to know what they were though speculations were everywhere-and anyone who did know something kept the secret. Keetin found it amusing. Elysia found it frustrating. And unkind as the sentiment might be, her excitement and the resulting frustrations only added to Keetin's amusement. He was in a great mood!

Venna was with him even, the hybrid flit chattering excitedly at everything. She tried to stay on his shoulder when she could, however more often she was following over his head. The sudden changes of direction, rushing off here and there...she was able to keep up much better in the air. On Keetin's shoulder she was jostled too much and kept losing her balance. Yet Venna was not cross. The excitement and general good mood was contagious!

Suddenly Elysia exclaimed and tugged at Keetin again, having finally found the mysterious eggs. Keetin let himself be tugged along until they reached the edge of the crowd that was surrounding the stall. At that point he grinned and stood back, letting Elysia wriggle her way through to look and squee over the eggs. He watched her fondly, feeling a weight on his shoulder as Venna settled. The hybrid flit hummed happily, curling her tail around Keetin's neck. With a soft look for her the zultaniterider lifted his hand and began to stroke along her neck. Venna hummed all the louder, soaking up his attention. She deserved this after having to chase him all over-or more specifically chase his silly mate everywhere! Did she ever get tired?

Apparently not, because she began waving and calling to him, again trying to tug him in. Keetin laughed heartily, stopping before the eggs to give her a hug. "I get the feeling if I put my name down for less than both I'll hear plenty about it," he answered, eyes dancing with mirth. "Although you'll probably talk the ears off of anyone and everyone back at Atricis Weyr before they hatch!" Having finished teasing her Keetin looked at the eggs, musing. He had Venna already, and Lauruth, plus he was a full-fledged queenrider now. Did he have any room in his life for more pets? The mental scoffs he got from his girls gave him a clear answer there, making him laugh once more before he wrote his name down on both lists. "Might as well," he chuckled, "since with my luck I won't win an egg from either-or perhaps I'll win both." He shrugged, teasingly referring to his Impression of Lauruth. For turns he had claimed that he would be Pern's first male goldrider. As soon as Lauruth chose to Impress to him though, that dream was shattered. However while he might not have become Pern's first goldrider he was a queenrider and very proud of that fact, of his beautiful zultanite.

Then, coming out of his reverie, Keetin smirked mischievously at Elysia. "Maybe it's something like a gemlizard, only it produces a scent that entices those around it," he suggested, leaning towards her. "In fact, I think it's so strong that it works even while they're in the shell." And he gave her a quick kiss on the lips, laughing softly against her. "By the way, you owe me a dance later," he teased when the kiss was broken.

(OOC: Keetin's going for both clutches just like Elysia, hehe)
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Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:13 am

Kalico of Opal Meriath
Kalico had spent the time with dancing for a moment and spending time with Meriath. Wondering the stalls she thought about the Pearlriders and how they were doing. Daisy sat on her left shoulder watching everything go by. Chaos was as always hovering. Recently she had been forced to give up kits the two of them had hidden, until that was when she had found them hidden away in their home under the couch. Now that they were gone Daisy had been depressed and clingy like no other. As she found herself before a stall with eggs she looked almost astonished at what was before her. She wondered what they could be, then had a thought, with the two furflits she didn't need anymore pets, but there were some Pearlriders in need of something that could assist in sending messages. If they were flyers that was. Taking a chance she scribbled her name on a few raffles and put them in the pots.

((So Kalico is going to put her name in both raffles, after they will go to Shaylah, if that is alright.))
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