Gather Merchants [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Merchants & Traders
~Muse Music~
Off from the main square where the dancing and music is held, toward the northern side of the Hold, traders and merchants from various places have come to set up shops, including some craft stalls as well. Traders and merchants present are a mix of Southerners and Northerners, though many appear to be from the holdless variety of traders that travel all around. However, this means a slew of many things to see and covet, and many stall owners hoping to turn a profit.
Beast Merchant
  • Hunting Pup, Cream Male - 15 Marks
    Herding Pup, Black & White Female - 15 Marks
    Working Pup, Brindle Female - 15 Marks
    Lap Pup, White & Brown Male - 20 Marks
    Lap Pup, Black, Brown & White Male - 20 Marks
    Feline Hound Pup, Black-faced, Cream Male - 25 Marks
    Long-haired Mutt (Herding/Working), Cream Male - 10 Marks
    Short-haired Mutt (Working/Racing), Black & Gray Female - 10 Marks
Felines (Domestic)
  • Short hair, Gray & White Tabby Kitten, Male - 25 Marks
    Short hair, Brown Tabby Kitten, Male - 25 Marks
    Short hair, Orange Tabby Kitten, Male - 25 Marks
    Long hair, Gray & Orange Tabby (Torbie) Kitten, Female - 35 Marks
    Short hair, Silver Tabby Kitten, Female - 35 Marks - SOLD
    Short hair, Brown/Gold Kitten, Male - 35 Marks
Due to being social creatures, the seller is holding a buy one get one 50% off sale on Tunnelcats
  • Chocolate Mitt Female - 50 Marks
    Black Sable Standard Male - 45 Marks
    Champagne Blaze Male - 45 Marks
    Chocolate Roan Female - 50 Marks
    Silver Roan Mitt Female - 50 Marks
    Silver Panda Male - 45 Marks
    Albino Female - 55 Marks
    Dark-eyed White Male - 55 Marks
  • Ember Kit Female - 50 Marks
    Ember Kit Male - 50 Marks
    Shadow Kit Male - 50 Marks - SOLD
    Marble Kit Female - 75 Marks
    Star Kit Female - 75 Marks
    Precious Kit Male - 90 Marks
    Precious Kit Female - 90 Marks - SOLD
    Albino Kit Male - 100 Marks
  • Stock Palomino Stallion - 45 Marks
    Stock Dun Mare - 45 Marks
    Stock Dapple Gray Stallion - 45 Marks
    Draft Black Mare - 60 Marks
    Sport Blue Roan Stallion - 75 Marks
Exotic Pet Merchant
Felines (Wild)
  • Tree Feline Male - 50 Marks
    Tree Feline Female - 50 Marks
    Desert Feline Male - 75 Marks
    Desert Feline Female - 75 Marks
    Common Feline Male - 100 Marks
    Mountain Feline Female - 100 Marks
  • Northern Song Wherry Female - 50 Marks
    Northern Song Wherry Male - 50 Marks
    Southern Glider Wherry Female - 50 MArks
    Southern Glider Wherry Male - 50 Marks
    Southern Brilliant Wherry Female - 75 Marks
    Southern Brilliant Wherry Male - 75 Marks
Other Exotics
  • Branchcat Male - 50 Marks
    Branchcat Female - 55 Marks
    Scaly Tree Lizard Female - 75 Marks
    Treestalker Male - 60 Marks
    Dune Kit Female - 75 Marks
    Dune Kit Male - 60 Marks
    Mini Glider Male - 90 Marks
    Mini Glider Female - 95 Marks
'Lizard Merchant
Firelizard Eggs
  • Small Firelizard Egg x4 - 75 marks
    Medium Firelizard Egg x3 - 100 marks
    Large Firelizard Egg x2 x1 - 150 marks
Starlizard Eggs
  • Small Starlizard Egg x4 - 100 marks
    Medium Starlizard Egg x3 - 150 marks
    Large Starlizard Egg x1 - 200 marks
Gemlizard Eggs
  • Itty-Bitty Egg x3 - 150 marks
    Teeny-Tiny Egg x2 - 175 marks
    Little Egg x1 - 250 marks
Fancy Flitt Eggs
  • Small Fancy Egg x3 - 150 marks
    Medium Fancy Egg x2 - 175 marks
    Large Fancy Egg x1 - 250 marks
    Prized Egg x1 - 300 Marks
    Toy Egg x1 - 300 Marks
Mysterious Eggs
The Seller isn't quite sure what males sired these eggs, but believes them to be Hybrid eggs, though because they can't guarantee it they are listing them as Mystery eggs.
  • Mystery Egg x2 x1 - 150 Marks
    Curious Egg x2 x1 - 150 Marks
Other Merchants
Weaver Stall
  • From the South, this Weaver Stall features a woman selling a wide array of Southern styled outfits made for the warmer weather, though she has included some warmer clothes as well, given Evanoria's cooler climate. Fabrics can also be purchased separately, from fabrics familiar to the Northerners, to the finer, more sheer luxury fabrics more common to Lords and the Southern people.
Harper Stall
  • From the North, this Harper Stall sells a modest collection of hand crafted instruments from harps, to pipes, to drums, and many others. Varied in price by decorative carvings or high quality materials, this is a good place to stop for someone looking for a new instrument.
Woodworking Stall
  • From the South, this stall is run by a southern Woodworker male. He sells a variety of wooden items such as some individual chairs, side tables, and even some wooden figurines. He even has some wooden bows to boast as well. He also sells lumber and hunks of wood for carving or crafting.
Weapon Smithing Stall
  • Run by a Southern woman, this stall sells dominantly metal weapons such as swords and some armor made using Southern techniques, making these weapons and armor some of the best that marks can buy. She also boasts a couple of the luxurious standing clocks in her stall, but for a high price. However, she doesn't feature much jewelry.
Jewelry Smithing Stall
  • Run by a Northern male, this stall sells personal use cookware, knives, metal artwork, and jewelry, with the jewelry being the focus of this stall. Clearly, the items in this stall are made using Northern techniques that are best suited for delicate metalworking and non-weapon tools. While this stall does sell some weapons, and they are cheaper than the Southern stall's weapons, it is clear they are not as high of quality.
Tanner Stall
  • From panels of leather to boots, belts, and jackets, this stall from the North sells just about everything made of leather in a combination of work items and decorative items to give an outfit a nice leather flare to it. There's even some leather jewelry present such as braided of leather band bracelets, chokers, and even necklaces, making it a good stall to check out.
Vintner Stall
  • From the North, this vintner has traveled far to sell his goods, hoping to spread the word about his fine wines. While he does sell a couple of ales and other alcohols, it appears he is most focused on his wines made by his family. While he may seem a little pushy and perhaps too confident in his wines, they are quite delicious.
Glasswork Stall
  • From the South, this stall is run by a woman with delicate hands. Her stall glitters with many different types of fancy glasswork, such as drinking glasses, alcohol bottles, and vases. She even has a stock of blown glass sculptures and glass figurines, as well as small panels of stained glasswork depicting various dragons and images of nature within them.
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-Wher Candidate Mekirion-
With Rakura at a cloth stall just a bit further down the aisle, Mekirion realized that he could do a bit of shopping for himself. While he truly lacked the important things, Meki knew this was a prime time to collected nameday and Turn's End gifts for his father and sister. Rafirion had given both his children a small sack of marks. Not a hefty bag by any means but there was a decent sum inside the leather bag. Adding to the gift from his father, Meki had a small stash from the projects he had taken over the past few seasons. Again, nothing news breaking but Mekirion was confident that he could splurge on a few decent gifts for Rakura and his father. Now for the brown handler the gift was a practical one: a sturdy leather belt in a shade similar to Kiriosk. For Rakura... Well that would take some doing. How was he to get a gift or two for her without her nosy self finding out? Deciding to just browse for a while, Meki knew that his sister would eventually drift towards the dancing floor and that would be the prime time to purchase her gifts.

The biggest flaw with that plan though was the fact that Meki had to bide his time until Rak meandered down to the floor. Deciding to kill a bit of time by visiting the beast pens, Meki had no plans on purchasing a pet for himself. After all he was entered into the drawing right? What good would come from nursing two babies at once? That idea flew right out of his mind though as he neared the small pen holding furflit kits. The small bundles of winged-fur caught his attention right away. For several minutes the young man watched the small critters tumble and crawl over each other vying for the attention of the people around their pen. There was one tiny kit though that caught his eye more often than the others. A pale shade of yellow that stood out among her playmates. Watching the tiny lady tumble over her playmates, Meki couldn't help but laugh at her antics. Thankful that he could tell the gender of the creature from his basic lessons, the senior apprentice began to go over names for the bright girl in his mind.

There were several folks that had come and gone since Meki had joined the crowd but very few walked away with the furry creatures. Mekirion slowly realized that he wasn't going to be one of those. That tiny golden lady had caught his eye and had stolen his heart. After a quick discussion with the stall-operator, Meki stepped off to one side to check the various stashes of marks on his person. If he was careful there was plenty for the Precious lady and a collar for her. His sister wouldn't get as many presents this time around but some how Mekirion knew that the younger girl wouldn't be that upset. With his mind made up and his marks all settled into one pouch, Meki approached the operator one more time and began to haggle for a bargain.

It wasn't much longer before Mekirion was making his way towards his sister with a tiny golden bundle in his arms.

(OOC: 90 Marks sent to Karkeloth!)
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Galana had been making her way through the various stalls for a while. She did have a goal in mind, but was in no rush, stopping to look at fabrics (though she was terrible at making clothes) and at the finished products. She probably had enough clothing, though, and had little interest in jewelry (it was the sort of thing that would always get in the way whether patrolling or in the infirmary).

Eventually, she found the lizard merchant, and she looked at the clutches of fire lizard and fancy flitt eggs. It was a hard decision. She had always heard that the larger colors were smarter, and easier to train, but the larger eggs were obviously more expensive. She wasn't concerned enough with appearances to favor the fancy flitts for their looks, but if they were calmer?

Finally, she chose an egg, checking for details about when it was expected to hatch, and beginning to plan how she would keep it warm in her quarters.

{OOC: Galana bought one of the large fire lizard eggs. 150 marks donated to Karkeloth}
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Tag Halimila/Lanni
Aranrod was uncomfortably aware of the hem of her skirt striking her knee with every few steps as she walked from stall to stall. She had spent several minutes at the lizard merchant’s stall, though she hardly needed another fire lizard. She was sort of wistful about her two boys, and vaguely wished for a female pet. However, she was already quite blessed with her two current troublemakers, and could hardly justify the expense of buying an egg that might end up male anyway.

If she got any more lizards, it would be the same way she got these two: bizarre luck. Until then….

The instrument merchant was not interesting at all. She wasn’t an expert at crafting instruments by any means, but she could do as well as any other apprentice, and apprentice-made was all she would be able to afford at that stall. She had recently done enough repair work on a disused harp that it had become hers, and her best instrument was her voice anyway, which she would never need to pay anyone for. That didn’t mean she went anywhere without a guitar, but she was better at playing accompaniment for a voice, or playing in a group, than playing the instrument for its own sake.

But she was still incredibly conscious of the length of her skirt.

It wasn’t a problem walking around, and it wouldn’t even be a problem if she danced a bit in between her own performance sets. It was completely decent, and even quite pretty, as the skirt had always flared out a bit at her mid calf, and now flared instead at her knees. It was a pretty, dark blue, with a hem embroidered in black with stylized flowers, and it nicely matched the black tunic she wore with it, with dark and light blue embellishments and embroidery. Her shoes didn’t match quite as well, but they were comforbable, and she could probably dance in them.

The problem was with sitting to perform. She was going to be very conscious of her knees unless she got someone to sit in front of her, and it was hard to focus on your music when you had to worry about whether people were getting a free show.

None of this would be happening if she hadn’t grown out of her trousers, or if her skirts were still mid calf-length. There was a reason she preferred them that long, after all.

So she did stop at the clothing stalls. She needed longer trousers, and she was hoping to find something long enough that she could grow again, and just let out a hem later. She was also looking at skirts, wondering if she should look for something that would fall to her ankles now, so that later it would still be calf-length. She was leaning over, looking at a pretty sky blue skirt with no embroidery, but that looked like it laced up the side with a bit of lavender-dyed leather (though the tie was false, and the skirt would stay closed without it), when she saw another one of the candidates coming around the corner.
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It was time to do some shopping, and while it wasn't the most thrilling of tasks for L'van, it was something that needed to be done. There were things he needed, such as leather for gear, while there were some more frivolous things he was hoping to get like new parchments for letters to family and friends in the North. He had the marks, he could afford to spend a little bit on himself, and Faranth knew he pinched enough during a normal Turn to deserve a little here, a little there when it came time to peruse gather stalls.

Which is why, when he found himself where pets and eggs were being sold, he stopped and found himself considering the possibilities. He had Vigil of course, but the blue, who was currently out and about for treats and companionship, could probably use a little friend or two. And L'van himself often wondered what it would be like to have something small to take care of again, so why not kill two birds with one stone and make them both happy? He called for the blue firelizard, wanting his input in the decision, and tapped his little muzzle.

"We're getting new friends today. I want you to help pick them." Not surprisingly, Vigil trilled in delight. Knowing how clumsy he could be though, L'van kept him to his shoulder as they looked over what was on display. He contemplated something from the beast stall, even the exotics stall, but truth be told he didn't have time to properly train a beast with legs and fur, nor give them the time and quality they truly deserved. A dragonkin would be easier to take care of and train, since he'd have Vigil to act as a basis and example for how they should behave - most of the time at least - and so his attention settled mainly on the egg stall.

While he wanted one of the larger firelizard eggs, or even a fancy flitt egg, it was the mysterious eggs that pulled on Vigil the most. The blue made sharp sounds until L'van's attention turned in that direction, and while he was reluctant about purchasing any of them... well, the little buggers quickly started to grow upon them, and he had to admit he was curious about what wonders rested inside the shells. He spoke to the vendor with a smile and ended up with one of each.

ooc: L'van is buying 1 mystery egg and 1 curious egg. Marks sent to Karkeloth account.

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Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:58 pm

R'mia hadn't intended to check out the various merchants selling pets but his feet ended up leading him that way regardless. There was quite an assortment, from herding and hunting canine pups, fuzzy felines of all sizes, even slinky tunnelcats with their long bodies and adorable faces. He had seen many pets in other Gathers but never before had he been thinking of getting one of his own.

He looked at the kittens tumbling about together as they wrestled and thought they were very adorable. He knew they would make good vermin hunters but he didn't have such in his apartment. Whether that was due to the fact the apartments contained plenty of firelizards and other such creatures or simply because he just hadn't noticed any R'mia didn't know. But what he did know, watching the kittens play he was quite charmed by them. A soft purring companion would be nice to have then he remembered Kalico's furflits but doubted he would be able to find any here. A part of him was hoping she'll give him one of the babies should her pair mate and have kits but he wasn't going to hold it to her if she had other friends to give them to.

He was about to ask if the owner of the beast stall had furflits when a silver tabby kitten caught his eye. She was very adorable and there was none like her in the group that he could see. On impulse he asked if he could hold her and was granted his wish by a smiling vendor with a knowing look. "Just for a moment," he said, thinking he wasn't likely to buy her.

The kitten had other ideas, she purred immediately after being placed his his hands, rubbing her head against his arm. He scratched her behind the ears and was rewarding by more purring and such a sweet content look R'mia knew he was lost. Did the vendor trained this adorable furballs to be so charmingly cute no human could resist?

"I'll take her, little sweetheart has melted my resolve as easy as the Southern sun would melt the snow of Telgar," R'mia said. The vendor laughed and the two quickly started haggling over the price. Finally they settled on a price both could be happy with and R'mia handed over the Marks. Knowing he will be pretty busy enjoying the Gathering he arranged with the vendor to keep the kitten with him and R'mia will collect her before he left. It meant paying a little extra but was well worth it. R'mia definitely didn't want to risk losing the kit while dancing or should he find companionship for the night.

The dealing done, R'mia moved off ready to head away from the merchants in favor of other entertainment when a child's excited squeal caught his attention.

"Look mom, Furflits! Can I have one please!!" the child pleaded.

Looking in the direction of the sound, R'mia had little trouble spotting the child who had seen what he had failed to notice earlier. Unfortunately for the child, her mother wasn't going to be getting her any pet likely to cost more than she could afford. R'mia gave the woman a wink and approving nod when she avoided having her child break into tears or screams at being denied an expensive pet in favor of some other attraction the child soon saw as far more satisfying.

R'mia on the other hand, was not distracted and he headed directly to the vendor who was selling furflits. Why wait when he cuold get one now? The prices were high but he wasn't surprised and knew he could easily make up the price either via gambling or other means. He was resourceful enough he always had Marks to spare. One look at the selection and R'mia realized he'll be hard pressed to decide on which to get. In the end he settled for the Shadow Kit, liking the dark color even though it was common enough. Maybe he'll have a little 'Chaos' of his own. Once more he haggled and this time he wisely included the cost of having the merchant hang onto his kit till he was ready to go, to avoid all the noise and excitement of a Gather upsetting the little kit.

Deciding he better leave the pets area before he ended up getting firelizard eggs, R'mia headed off to look at non living items for sale.

ooc: R'mia purchased the Short Hair, Silver Tabby Kitten for 35 marks and the Shadow Kit Male furflit for 50 marks. Total 85 Marks sent to Karkeloth
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Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:51 am

P’list had gone to the beast merchant after exploring the gather for most of the day; this was going to be his last stop, though he knew he wanted to spend a fair amount of time there. He still hadn’t decided what kind of pet he wanted, though he knew he wanted something small, warm and cuddly. When he got to the merchant, he displayed his marks, and promised that he was going to buy….something.

He just didn’t know what yet.

He wanted to choose by personality, please, and so he wanted to interact with the babies. However, he noticed that one kitten was being kept separate, as was one furflit. The merchant had winced when he asked why- apparently, that kitten was blind, and the furflit kit was missing part of a front leg. The kitten was born blind, but the kit had stepped on something sharp that tore into her paw, and it had to be removed. Neither animal could be sold or bred, and P’list heard what the man wasn’t saying about their ultimate fates.

At the end of a long conversation, the brownrider walked away with two new pets instead of one, and the merchant got a nominal price for the two of them, though far less than if they had been healthy.

{OOC: This is just my IC explanation for where his two pets from the Halloween candy actually came from, so they are not on the beast merchant’s list, and I do not need to pay marks for them.}
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Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:31 pm

Like some of the others, Inakil had come to the merchants with a mission in mind. Between his Gold and Najden's Gold, they heard a lot of grumbling, chattering gemlizards when they were together. He had been hoping to snatch an egg or two from one of their two golds when they clutched, but lately, the two gemlizards had been hiding any clutches they'd been having, and Najden and Inakil couldn'y seem to find them before giving up. No one else had been handing out any gemlets lately either, so with a Gather being held, it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Inakil approached the 'lizard merchant, looking for the tiniest of eggs, soon finding the little round mottled orbs. They seemed to be sectioned by size, though for being so small it was hard to tell the differences. Even so, Inakil pointed to the eggs.

"How much for the gemlizard eggs," he asked hopefully. At the merchant's answer, his expression fell just a bit. "Darn, I was hoping to buy two. I'm hoping more gemlizards will keep my gold from picking fights." He had enough for one though, and handed the marks over in return for one of the smaller Gemlizard eggs, given they were the cheapest and really, Inakil didn't need any more of the larger gemlizards in his little fair. One was good though, it was better than none, and with it being so small, he gently placed it into a carefully made pouch at his hip that was designed with padding and hard leather to keep a small delicate egg safe.

While the wherhandlers were still trying to handle the issue of the wild felines around Atricis, Sterling had no real part in it anymore. Serisk had given up and betweened permanently, leaving Sterling without a wher and the feeling of something missing. No, it wasn't like losing a dragon, but she still lost something deeply important to her when Serisk gave up. At times she still harbored anger over it, sometimes returning to her old wherhandler living space and yelling at the empty wallow, other times waking up from dreams where Serisk returned to her. It was clear, Sterling was mourning still, and while there was the chance that she could try and rebond to a new wher, Darilex had even suggested it, she wasn't ready to consider that yet, as part of her still wanted Serisk to come back to her.

That couldn't happen though, and she knew it.

Because of that, Sterling didn't have much to do, though even if she did the wherhandlers were being given time to come enjoy the Gather, taking a break from their near endless surveillance to try and learn more. Sterling herself almost didn't come, but a buddy of hers from her days as a wherhandler convinced her it would be good to get out of the Weyr for a while. So she did, heading out during the day when the other wherhandlers were most likely asleep still. In fact, her starlizards, more accustomed to night, were still asleep too, dozing back home until just before sunset. They would likely find her once they woke.

Speaking of starlizards, as Sterling moved through the Gather market, she found the stall that tended to garner the most interest, a trader covered in 'lizards, selling eggs. She didn't bother to approach until there was a brief period where it was clear, then shuffling forward with her hands in her pockets. She looked over the many eggs, seeing some groupings of Starlizard eggs. She pointed to one.

"Can I have one of these," she asked, receiving the answer of "Sure if you pay," and a laugh from the merchant. Without another question, Sterling dug out the marks the merchant was requesting, handing them over in return for one of the more middle sized eggs. Sure, she already had three back home, one a little Obsidian Queen and one not that far out of hatchling stage, but with Serisk gone... Sterling needed something else, something new in her life to take care of and do. One more starlizard seemed like a good idea at the time.

((Inakil purchasing 1x Itty-bitty Gemlizard egg for 150 marks
Sterling purchasing 1x Medium Starlizard egg for 150 marks
Total: 300 Marks))
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Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:27 pm

Vin'del did not want to be here. He had been happy to volunteer for shuttling weyrfolk to the gather, and had not planned at all to walk around himself. He did not have pleasant memories of his most recent gather, and would have preferred to avoid them entirely for the remainder of his life.


Arden had been Searched, but was delaying her candidacy to help her older sister get settled in a new home. She was trying so hard to be helpful, and she adored Cloudy. She didn't ask for anything, but it was obvious she wanted a pet. And fire lizards were at least useful.

Her nameday was coming up. And Vin'del had heard people talking about a lizard merchant selling eggs. Apparently, they were cheaper than other sources, so he dropped off his last passenger of the morning, and made his frowning way to the stalls, determinedly avoiding the dancing square, the food vendor, and especially the vendors selling drink.

His path might have been a bit circuitous, but he got there eventually. The frown stayed on his face as he considered the options. The fancy flitts were mellow, and supposedly easier to train. She was probably capable of training one of the other varieties, but why should she have to work harder?

A small fancy egg would work. She though Cloudy was adorable, so she certainly wouldn't get her feelings hurt at one of the lower ranked colors.

{OOC: Vin'del bought a small fancy egg, which will be attached to his NPC sister Arden, who is in the family wanted section. I will update that information with the lizard he bought and that it is already paid for. 150 marks donated to Karkeloth.}
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Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:13 am

Dragon Candidate Akadeanna
Akadeanna departs her older brother who had brought her to the Gather and she starts walking among the stalls looking at what wares were available, she was wearing the Dark Purple of a Healer. She didn't know what she was looking for, but she didn't care if she didn't find anything to purchase.

She looks around the Weaver Stall at the different things available and stopped in the Harper Stall as well before she was drawn finally to the one stall that always drew her attention when she was at any gather it was the Beast Crafters Stall, she loved animals, but she hadn't been able to obtain one yet.

She looks first at the Canines thinking of her older brother who loved Canines, unlike Akadeanna the young woman loved felines herself, she saw one that she knew S'vat would like, but right now she was shopping for herself, deciding maybe later she'd pick up a puppy for her brother.

She takes a few more minutes to look at the Canines and a minute or 2 to look at the Runners before she was drawn to her favorite spot of the Beast Crafters Stall the felines, she laughs watching the antics of the kittens playing with each other, deciding it was time to finally pick up a feline as S'vat had been telling her that she should get one as she was always looking at felines.

She finally spotted a kitten that caught her interest it was the only long-haired one of the batch loving the gray and orange tabby markings on the playful kitten and she inquires with the stall-operator how much the little Torbie costs and she nods and steps aside before checking how many marks she had in her possession.

After finding she had enough she returns to the stall-operator and waits her turn before paying the operator for the Torbie kitten and with Flowerdancer her new kitten in hand she heads back into the Gather to continue seeing what the other stalls had available for sale, planning to show Flowerdancer to her brother later.

(OOC: 35 Marks sent to Karkeloth!)

Later On:

Akadeanna found herself back at the Beast Stall she was hoping that the pup that her brother wanted was still available; though this time she took more time to look around at what was for sale, as she wasn't this time shopping for herself she was getting a gift for her older Brother, she knew S'vat always wanted a canine, but hadn't gotten himself one so she decided to get him one.

Even though she wasn't shopping this time for herself she did take a few minutes to look at the kittens that were still available for sale before she headed for the pups, laughing at their antics, but her sky blue eyes turn to the cream colored pup glad seeing it was still there.

She then walks to the stall-operator and inquires how much the price of the cream pup was, not surprised the operator asked, "Didn't you purchase the Torbie kitten from me? I swear I remember you getting that Torbie, but now you are turning around and getting a Canine Pup might I ask why?"

Akadeanna wasn't surprised the operator questioned her and she says, "Yes I am the same one who got the Torbie kitten from you, yeah your memory is right that it was me; the pup isn't for me I'm getting him as a gift for my Brother S'vat who is a Brown Rider, he loves canines and I looked at the pup when I got Flowerdancer the Torbie kitten, I decided to come back and get the cream pup for my brother."

The stall-operator nodded it did make sense why the young woman who had purchased the Torbie kitten was now back purchasing the Hunting Cream Pup that she had eyed earlier, she was getting it as a gift for her brother, he says, "He's 15 marks."

Akadeanna nods, she had checked her stash before returning to the stall glad that she had the amount needed and she hands the marks to the stall-operator and soon she was leaving the stall again this time with the Cream Pup following her as she went to find her brother.

(OOC: 15 Marks sent to Karkeloth!)

(Total Sent in this post 50 Marks)
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