A Feast for Peace - Pearl Feast

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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"I'll drop the sir if you think you could call me Mila."

Ao'mek gave smile and chuckle. "Fair enough. I think I can manage to do that...Mila." He said amicably and gently elbowed her arm playfully. The bluerider was quite the tactile person. A fact he tried to keep in check as not everyone was as touchy feely as he liked to be. Touch was comforting to him, always had been.

"I just stepped off the wagons a few moments ago. I don't even know what they have available!"

"Oh, well, from what I've heard and smelled I think we can find just about anything here." Ao'mek said a tinge of excitement in his voice. His own stomach growled in protest of not having any of the delicious food stuffed into it at the moment. "I was talking to my wingleader and they said that many different chefs and bakers from all over Pern were asked to come here to make food for everyone. Some good vintners too, I think, were suppose to come. If there is something specific you are looking for I'm sure we can find it. Or at least something similar."

"Would you mind showing me the way, Ao'mek? I'm sure you have a decent idea of the layout tonight."

"Oh, yeah sure." Ao'mek agreed. He really wasn't sure of the layout of the feast, but he was positive he could figure it out. And if nothing else then they would meander until they found what they were looking for. He offered her his arm as was the polite thing to do and then lead them back in the direction of the food and drink stalls. "Are you from one of the Southern holds?" He asked curiously.
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Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:15 pm

Tag: Sid'nis
As their moods continued to escalate Kinali could find little difficulty in restraining himself at this point, a considerable shift from his past that had been modest up to the point of affection. The occasional kiss and regular hug or cuddling were a norm within their lives at this point, but he’d remained struggling with his past; memories darkening the hallway of his cabin as he remembered everything that had forever changed his opinion on intimacy. Sid’nis had been the utmost of patient individuals, and one he’d closely grown to love, even going out beyond to encourage the younger of the two into reaching beyond his comfort zone. Just enough to branch into exploration and finally get back into pure, unadulterated socializing. It was one front of his life that had gone from professional and kind hearted to among the friendliest and gregarious individuals around the pavilion. Serious, yet also holding a key note of when to let life rest by the side at times rather than continually taking up work just to pass the time, and ignore his own personal life.

Yet the time had finally arisen when he could appreciate this kind of embrace. Whether it had been the warm kiss of the fires lit along the shore to light the eve, or the stars gazing upon them. Perhaps the spraying mist of the waves lapping upon the sand or the quiet hum of a harper’s instruments thrumming into the wind. All around it was a peaceful moment that as his hand ran along the other’s leg he could feel a change within his opinion. Maybe it was time to let lax for once and place actual trust within the one he cared for. They’d been through this much together, and even defied death itself. Was Sid really going to harm him now?

Stolen away from his thoughts by a passionate kiss, the smith grinned into the words hidden within the healer’s claim. Returning the nip upon Sid’s earlobe in jest, he swiveled about in the sand, wrapping his arms and legs about the other’s neck and waist. “All you tonight. Promise I’ll let you know if I get uncomfortable,” he spoke softly, running his dominant hand upon the bluerider’s back.

Loosely upon the shore Nerosali had felt the immediate dial of emotions reel her attention to look upon the dancingly higher ground, wondering the location of her handler. She spotted him before long, embracing the partner of the dragon to her side. “It seems our presence may no longer be required for the evening. Our two have plans of their own, it would appear,” she assessed openly, a reflection of approval and endearment within her eyes. Digging her paws into the moistened sand, the blackrose exhaled, letting the sea kiss upon her hide before continuing, nuzzling the far larger dragonkin to her right.

Wandering along the shore they’d been met by none other than a creature they had been seeking, quickly addressed by the blue to her side. Nodding her head gently, the blackrose reflected keen approval of the kindness displayed within Iolith’s actions, not wanting to inter upon the pearl’s time or any potential wariness. “It is an absolute pleasure indeed to witness your spectacle. Please forgive our curiosity. We merely wished to get to try to know you, and your kind a bit better.” Granting the other, larger creature space Nerosali realized quickly she was the smallest of the three and the darkest of the hides. Against her own, the pearl was far different in anatomy, yet itself a wonder. “If you have thoughts or questions of your own about my kind, Id be willing to answer them to the best of my ability.
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