A Feast for Peace - Pearl Feast

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:07 am

The day had finally come.

While the fact the Senior Gold of New Atricis had been caught by a blue had been the most popular topic of conversation, even it took a back seat the closer and closer the days got to the, what people were now calling, the feast for peace. This was to be a momentous occasion, of course, the official greeting of the people of Pern and the Pearls. Two species coming together to mend the wounds between them and perhaps find a way to help each other make life a little better for everyone. That was what the leaders hoped for anyways, on both sides of the species. Such a thing never went without some snags and issues. A truth that was felt as it had taken many meetings and talks to figure out exactly where the feast should be held. Obviously it had to be some where on the shore, but to find a shore that fit the needs of many pearls and people had not been easy. Scouting missions had been flown and finally a place had been proclaimed.

That left all the rest of the planning. New Atricis was not the only ones to add food, drink, and merriment to night's venture since it was not only New Atricis Weyr that was welcomed to come join the Feast. Visitors from both north and south, east and west, were all welcome. Planning that much food in itself was immense, plus the decorations. The actual putting together of the area took days to set up. The Pearls happily enough supplied the cooks on hand all the fish they could want, while dragons and whers, night and day alike, brought in kills from the land to be roasted on the many spits that set around the beach. Full wings of dragons helped to bring in tables and chairs to sit as many as could be possible and seamen brought in spare boats that could be used by those wishing to speak to the pearls in their more natural environment. With as much effort as was being put into the feast surely it would be a success.

Now the hustle and bustle of workers setting tables with center pieces and chefs yelling their needs could be seen and heard during the morning. For a feast as large as this it would not merely be a one night affair, but two. Sleeping tents were set up further in cove for those that did not wish to or could not return home for the night. What feast would be complete without a dancing square? In fact, for a gathering of this size there were a couple of dance floors built with simple stages large enough to hold a slew of harpers and their instruments. A few pearls had helped in the construction of these furnishings. They seemed especially curious when the harpers practiced their songs before the true festivities began.

As the sun began to set the first of the true guests began to arrive. Gather finery was always appropriate, but considering the nature of this feast and the new relationship it was suppose to help build, swim suits were also encouraged. The feast area was resplendent with decorative lanterns, the same as which decorated the water of the cove. Smells of delicious food mixed with the smell of the salty sea and soon the sounds of laughter and merriment could be heard. For all of these wondrous things, though, there was still an air of uncertainty from both people and pearls. Hopefully by the end of the Feast that uncertainty would blossom into something far more amazing.

The feast is open! The staff has decided to let you all have a few NPC Pearls that can be used by anyone. That way if you wish to have your character interact with one you don't have to wait specifically on a staffer. However, it should be noted that these NPCs are NOT impressionable. Other than that assume this is like any other normal feast....just bigger.
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Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:54 pm

R'mia surveyed one of the largest gathering of people he had seen in awhile. In fact he wasn't sure if he had ever seen a gathering this large. Certainly not one with as much importance as this one apparently was. Like most people at Atricis he had heard of the strange aquatic dragon-like creatures who called themselves Pearls. Till this moment when he spotted one of the creatures swimming towards the beach as he circled the area on Siorbheth's back R'mia hadn't been convinced they were real.

<They are certainly different,> Siorbheth agreed. He had been reluctant to leave Laurath's side but R'mia assured him once he dropped him off the blue was free to go back to cuddle up with his new Queen and tend to her ever need, assuming she ended up here along with her rider. Waking up with the young Zultaniterider had been interesting, definitely not something he had expected not to mention for the first time ever his blue will be Siring a clutch. A prospect R'mia never thought would be possible. Who knew the blue will manage to challenge the rare queens second only to the golds?

I would hate to keep you away from your lady love, Siorbheth, R'mia responded, amused his dragon was so captivated by the Zultanite. Unlike R'mia, Siorbheth had always been choosy about who he cased and he did tend to remain fairly loyal when he caught a female. He spotted an open area where dragons were landing and taking off from as they dropped off their riders or important guests collected from all over. There, in that clearing, once it's clear we can put down there.

Siorbheth spotted the area his rider indicated and glided down towards the spot and landed softly. He crouched down and waited for R'mia to slip off. A few moments later the blue was airborne again and off to be with Lauruth.

R'mia chuckled as he watched his blue fly off to be with his current mate. It reminded him of the time he was in love but that memory was jsut too painful to be more than a fleeting thought in his mind, quickly squished. His fun loving pleasure seeking self was back in full swing as he left he clearing and headed towards the beach where most of the activity seemed to be centered.


Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:59 am

How long had it been since she had tasted the ocean's salty air, or seen its beautiful surface glisten as if set with a thousand stars? Aesidhe couldn't be certain. There was a part of her which would always yearn for the sea; the sight of it; the smell; the feeling of warm water as it coaxed the tension from her limbs. No, she had not thought this would be possible for yet some time, and still, here she was. Rontuaruth seemed rather impressed with it all as well as curious as would be expected. The young garnet had been able to catch glimpses of this type of place from her rider's memories, the days she had spent on the tops of buildings in Walled Hold with a sapphire gaze fixated on the horizon as if she could somehow sprout wings and fly away. Now she could -- at least in a sense. Soon. It wouldn't be much longer, and yet it felt as if the day would never come.

It will in time my heart, you are impatient.

'Impatient and impulsive, isn't that what you like to say?' There was no agitation in her mental awareness of her dragon's mind, or the words she let flicker against the garnet's consciousness. Instead, the girl seemed rather amiable, if not thoroughly amused. 'Are you excited to be here, or do you have vtols for feet?' Another peal of laughter, this time audible instead of just bubbling in her thoughts, followed before Aesi turned a curious gaze on those who had decided to attend. A simple dress had been donned to cover what swimwear she could get her hands on; not that the means had been particularly savory or well approved of. No one would miss an extra bit of cloth that they never touched. Surely. Rontuaruth simply snorted in way of a breathy scoff before shaking a well-grown head, and not for the first time her rider marveled at just how much the garnet had grown in the time since she had first broken shell. That she was hers was still something the girl - once a slave and unable to call anything her own - had trouble believing.

It was only by chance that the garnet weyrling would spot someone she had met once before, and perhaps one would say it was thanks to another stroke of luck that had her remembering him, but the face had been known from the owner's habits and mannerisms the first time she had witnessed them. That in of itself was no mistake, and Aesidhe was too good, too observant, thanks to her life before this to let an intriguing face be lost to the haze of time. Besides, it wasn't all that long ago that the bluerider had asked her to dance at her class' hatching feast. While Rontuaruth found herself rather content with lounging out on the shoreline with her gentle whirling facets turned toward the ocean and its residents, Aesidhe sidled up quietly behind R'mia using every bit of stealth she had learned over her turns in the Bottoms; for sport and mischievious play more than anything else.

"Hello there Stranger, I hear congratulations are in store for your blue?"

After all, who hadn't heard all of the gossip as of late about not one, but two blues catching clutching females?

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"Have you ever felt like you were meant to be somewhere, or with something, with so much of your entire being that it hurt to breathe? As if maybe too big a breath would shatter your lungs, and its just burdened with the uncertainty of what will happen next?! Like what if I mess up, or what if I don't, or what if they bring baby Pearl...Pearl-lings? I don't even know, but it's quite amazing, and just too much to think about at times."

Youko took another giant breath before shaking her head and blinking incredulously at the dolphin which spun onto its back lazily and slapped its fluke against the water; shattering the surface and sending a splash her way as if to say, 'enough of that now. Silly human-girl.' The dolphin was probably right, and even though Youko had not been raised or trained specifically in the world of Dolphineers and all that they learned, she had come by enough information to feel entirely at ease with the creatures. That was why she was here now with her body craned over the edge of her cousin's boat, and every gentle to-and-fro motion had her concerns ebbing away with the tide. They had come here to make land and attend the festivities, but she had never once in her wildest dreams imagined that it would actually be happening. Some storm could have come, or another monster from the sea, but no, they were here where she was and it felt too good to be true!

"I know, I know... I really should just go talk to one myself. Is it okay to talk to one when I'm just -- well, me?" A frown creased the furrow between her brows as dark eyes searched the dolphin who replied only by slipping back under the ocean's surface. Swallowed up by its secrets once again, and as always, just out of reach. She sighed with a flustered hand curled into the windblown locks of her hair. The tendrils were dark as oil and curled about her fingers and wrist before she untangled her hand and let it fall to her side where a bag had been slung over slender shoulders. Underfoot, the planks of wood protested with shrieking creaks; an animal in of itself, and the ship breathed with every breeze that came off the cresting waves. It was a familiar beast. A beautiful one. The dolphin swam under its hull to return to the rest of its pod somewhere on the other side, or perhaps to its actual human companion. Youko couldn't be sure, but a part of her yearned to go with it. If only.

"Whatcha doing dawdlin'round here for girl? Go have fun!" A toothy grin met her gaze as one of the older sailors reached the deck where she had been resting in quiet observation of the festivities along the shore. "It's just so..." so big? So new? So... something. Whatever the word was, Youko couldn't find it before the sailor waved her off and went back to whatever he had come to do. It left her to wonder just why she hesitated when her heart fluttered against her ribcage with all the vivacity of fish caught in a net's web. The difference was that she actually had a way out. All she had to do was take it, and her gaze flew to the ramp leading down from the deck to the ground bellow where white sands formed a blanket over the earth as far along the shore as her eyes could see. It wasn't the shoreline that she wanted to explore, however, but the water it met as each hushed wave crashed over rocks and sand. By the time she realized what she was doing, there was little time to do anything differently; bare feet gripped the edge of the ship with toes curled under, and the wind seemed to change course and pull her in as if eager to return her to the sea where she belonged.

She jumped with a squeal, but it was not a sound of fear or surprise. It was elation and excitement; following the simple thud as she let her bag hit the deck just a moment before. There was little point in ruining maps she had drawn up over countless hours after all, but the water called and she could do nothing to deny it a moment longer. The world faded away as the ocean swallowed her, folding over her head as it raised upward to watch the light leak through the surface in a blur, and air bubbles formed the serene trail back to the world above. A world she was loathe to return to just yet when so much else was here to discover. If one of the new creatures approached, she hardly knew what she would do in response, but Youko was never one to believe herself that important, nor that lucky. If anything approached her at all it would probably be one of the dolphins that had grown up knowing her thanks to her rather large and extended family, or a human perhaps too concerned to know what to do about a young woman who jumped ship into the ocean's waiting arms. Pity. She would have much preferred one of the darling creatures and the stories they could tell.

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With so much to see and the general level of noise of conversations, the sound of dragon wings, whinny of Runners and the slapping of waves against the shore not too far away it wasn't difficult for anybody to sneak up on R'mia. However, he was actively looking around for familiar faces or good looking ones so it was testimont to Aesidhe's skill she managed to avoid falling into his line of sight till she appeared right behind him.

Fortunately he was not one to startle in any grand display so what reaction he did have in suddenly having the garnetrider at his elbow was easily hidden in the movement made to turn and face her. A skilled eye however could spot the slight rise in posture as he turned.

"Why isn't this a pleasant surprise!" R'mia exclaimed. "Good day to you beautiful dancer, and thank you for your congratulations. Siorbheth is quite beside himself with his success, in fact he's already off to spend his day doting on his new lady love. I think the realization his successful catch of a Zultanite means he's going to be a daddy, something neither of us believed would ever happen. Who'll thought the last two clutching females to rise wil chose blues as their mate, quite amazing don't you think?"

"How are you doing by the way? Enjoying Weyrlinghood?" R'mia asked, realizing if Aesidhe was here clearly her Garnet was old enough for paired flights already. How time flies when it comes to the young.

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Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:57 pm

Tag: Yanna/Zee
Since the feast was announced, almost all the talk of the Southern Seahold had revolved around it. Everyone wanted to go, to see the sea serpents – the Pearls, rather – and Elannel was no exception. This was one area in which his determination to work alone, rather than signing onto a ship as a sailor, would serve him well. While he would feel the loss by choosing to spend the day at the feast instead of bringing in a catch, it was a decision that he could make without seeking permission.

Gather clothing was a bigger problem, and Elannel spent several evenings carefully budgeting marks before deciding that he could afford appropriate clothing. He wouldn’t stand out as especially well dressed, but neither would he attract negative attention for wearing patched up work clothes. If he got the information he needed, then it would be worth the small setback, and he would still have enough marks to get Yanna out of the orphanage before she was old enough to be sold. She would need to wait a few extra months, but would hopefully have a better future as a result.

Even in nice, new clothes, however, Elannel felt a bit out of place as he began walking through the feast. There were dragonriders there, and he had probably been right to assume that they would be some kind of gatekeepers when it came to the Pearls. However, Elannel reminded himself, he had nothing to be ashamed of. He had lost his parents while quite young, and was managing. If he were just trying to take care of himself, rather than trying to save marks for his sister’s sake, he would even be living fairly comfortably.

It made perfect sense for him to approach the Pearls as a possible candidate. Even though he wasn’t. He couldn’t be sure he’d have enough marks for Yanna’s rescue if he stopped working as a fisherman. This was for her, not him.

It was too bad it couldn’t be for both of them. He would love to share something like that with her, but if he could make it happen for one of them, it would be her.

He looked around the area, wondering if it was too desperate to make a straight line for the Pearls. That was why they were all there, right? He started in that general direction, but a dragon came in to land, and he paused, wondering how many passengers would be brought in from the northern continent.

Strimian was almost quivering with excitement. She would of course be performing at the feast, and as usual, she had managed to be assigned to the earlier sets. This time, however, she was not looking forward to an evening of dancing and vague flirting. Even if some easily teased bluerider made another appearance (which seemed unlikely, given how painfully shy he was), she was on a mission. She had spent months taking detailed notes about the Weyr’s perspective on the Pearls. Now she could go straight to the source.

After the first half of the feast, and her own turn at performing was over.

She could wait. Surely by then, the rush of hopeful candidates to speak with the Pearls would have ended, and she could have an entirely academic interview with one of them.
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~: Dragon Candidate Halimila :~
It had taken quite a bit of badgering, pleading and and puppy-eyes for Halimila to convince her Pa that a day or two of fun wouldn't hurt him. Actually it was the fact that Halimila refused to let her father attend the festivities in his usual dress. No. Mila was convinced that every party was meant to be faced with the very best of her wardrobe. It baffled the teen some days that she had been partially raised by the man she called Pa. How different can be two family members be? Her own outfit for the feast was rather simple in comparison to her outfits in the past but this Feast was more laid back than most. Even in its simplicity, Halimila felt pretty. Her minimal make-up was highlighted by the hint of kohl lining her lids.

Sitting in the wagon next to her father, Mila couldn't help the excited wiggle that shifted her frame. "Pa? Are you going to save me a dance or two?" Hali asked as the older man placed an arm around her shoulders. Halian chuckled lowly before bumping his daughter's petite frame with his shoulder, "I think I should be asking you that question, Mills. Didn't you threaten me with excessive flirting tonight?" Mila's laughter rang around them as Mila felt her cheeks flush. "Oh Pa!" She exclaimed with the put-upon sigh of an embarrassed teenager. Did he have to embarrass her with her idle threats? What if someone had over heard him! "Be nice, Pa! You know you are the only man in my life," Hali added with a side-long glance at her father. Halian continued to chuckle at Mila's discomfort. Hali huffed as she crossed her arms and turned her face away from the former hunter. Thankfully the ride was almost done and Mila's brown eyes could spot the gathering folk. "Just save me a few dances, Pa," Mila hissed digging an elbow into Hal's side.

As soon as she was able the candidate girl looked to hop down from the wagon. Unfortunately her tight skirt wasn't made for jumping and the girl had to ask for help. Biting her lower lip, Mila hoped that a kind gentleman would take notice of her predicament. As she waited for her kind prince, Mila noticed that her Pa had already leapt over the side and was making his way towards the sidelines. A teasing shout of "Traitor," followed Halian away from the wagon.
.:: Day-Wher Candidate Halian ::.
With a chuckle still echoing in his chest, Halian adjusted his hat to hide the mirth in his brown eyes. Glad that he could still get a rise out of his growing daughter, Hal wondered just how long he had left with the girl. Time seemed to be working against him as eggs hardened quicker each clutch. It was only a matter of time until Mila found her partner and left Stone and he behind. Shaking his head against the melancholy thoughts, Hal made his way towards a cluster of benches along the sidelines of one of the dance floors. While he wasn't keen on dancing, Hal truly enjoyed listening to the Harpers play and sing. It was a different form of music than what he heard in the wilds but those differences were what drew him in.

Finally choosing his seat, Hal settled in to enjoy the atmosphere. Eventually the hunter turned candidate would venture out to find food and possibly some company but for now the brunet was content to hum along. Hal knew his limitations. Humming was pretty much all the hunter could do without butchering the expert's work. Every now and then the scarred and calloused fingers drummed a beat or two against his thigh. In the back of his mind, Hal kept tabs on his only child despite the fact that he knew his daughter could fend pretty well for herself. Call it the over protectiveness of a father but Hal was just a bit leery of some of the unknown faces he saw around them.
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Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:55 pm

Tag: Open / Eavan
Word of the colossal blue finding his match in a gold of all dragons had swept over the weyr, bringing about unrivaled controversy for the first day. Although the worst of it had subsided, there was still a good deal to be batted against, each challenge to be faced as a new leader. Weyrleader had been a rather unexpected position to be thrust into, confident and encouraging as he had been towards Verikath, but one that X’aden had taken with no less appreciation or dedication than his previous roles. If anything, it was a cherished reminder of his time at Ivory Tower, and building the foundation of what had now become a prosperous community. But Atricis was his home now, and it was his goal to ensure the same fate of a bountiful future would be secured for the weyr.

He’d reached out to the already established leaders and hoped for a near seamless transition, or at least as much could be achieved. Ay’li had been the first of his go-to’s, and kept her in place as his second. A trusted confidant and a welcome friend, one he knew that he could not only rely on to get matters settled, but would stand in his corner when needed. And bat against him if he wronged a step. The kind of encouragement that he was grateful that the lady was one to speak her mind, and the entire reason he’d become as autonomous as he was these days. Something that had grown from a ‘better to ask for forgiveness than permission’ into a ‘help out, or find another way’ moral, focusing on the positive. Everyone had their own ways of doing so, and contributing their part. It was his job to help recognize it and encourage growth.

Eavan had been the other part he’d found good compassion for, although they were the furthest one could get from anything established together. A working relationship, but in his mind a plentifully positive one. From the one night they’d spent together he’d learned a great deal about the lady, more than words could translate, and appreciated her outlook on society, much the same as Verikath continued to be at the ready to dote upon Paiseantath, if she requested it of him. Regularly checking in was a frequency for both on their counterparts, although not to the point of unnecessary hovering. There was far too much to be done in such a short time. The arrival of the Pearls had proven that as his first major challenge to welcome.

He’d been appreciably surprised at the outcome of their first contact, going so far as to collaboratively welcome a feast with the other leaders. One that he hoped would turn out for the better, and thus far given the amount of labor and love that had been placed into the gather, he saw no reason to expect anything less. For the better part of the last few hours, he’d spent working alongside his own blue and Saitavis to help ready the last portions of the gather. The golden black pearl held an appreciation for dedication and well-wishing of both their communities, something the two shared and had conversed on a exceptional amount whilst servicing the setup.

As others began to arrive, he politely excused himself from the pearl’s presence in a thankful gesture for the dragonkin’s time and perseverance to ensure a good outcome. Now was the time to mingle and welcome the others, hoping for a bountiful evening. And with any luck, meet a few new faces.

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Carried aloft into the wind upon a gentle breeze, much like the leaves that preceded it the past three months had slipped away from Kinali unlike any before. Time had jolted from a crawl into a rampant sprint to clutch the edges of it, lest he wish it to slip out underneath him. Business was something generally welcomed by the lad, but this…this was something different. There was a spring in his step more than any other notable moment in his life, and in general his attitude had been growing for the better. No longer downtrodden by the occasional negative thought of which he hid from society, leaving it a barren ground for anyone searching for a pessimistic thought about him. Of course, those that knew him…it was already hard enough to find someone as exuberant as he was to publicly express any cynicism. Perhaps in private, when he had his own issues to deal with, but those were beginning to become overshadowed by other curls of pages unfurling to take the place of their predecessors. Each day had been a boon compared to the last, with the corners of his lips never failing to shy away from a hint that he was for once in his life content. Maybe even more so.

Spring had a way with people, lifting the air from the mellow or miserable into serenity. For others, not so much, but the day handler found himself reflective much as his title suggested. Abundant with joviality and a glimmer of sunshine within his eyes, overflowing from his typically pleasant air that he cast around in public. Something was most certainly different about him, though it was nigh impossible to predict what. At least, for most. A few keen eyes and those permitted to indulge in his personal life knew the reason. It wasn’t public, not for him at least, but there was rarely a need to broadcast such events in his mind. If it came out naturally? No harm done, so long as the other was fine with it. If it didn’t? That was fine too. But contentment was the least of his worries as Nerosali had matured into her dual roles, pacing him as he frolicked to keep up with his own trade. A business that had swamped him with a prodigious amount of intake to process before the upcoming gather took place.

The work kept him busy, and for the most part happy. Getting home afterwords though? That was the treat. Not just unwinding, but the legitimate free time, and if luck permitted, the opportunity to see someone special. As news of the pearls came to the weyr he’d only found the swagger of his playfulness springing for action. Festivals were the best time to relax and take part in the one thing they hoped for: peace and serenity. His life had been blessed with options for it in the past few months, but none this grand. Or at least, none compared to how the gather had been described. Nothing short of extravagant, given the amount of work he’d seen placed into preparing for it. And the opportunity to witness a new being? That was a treasure in itself. An adventure, even.

He’d packed up the essentials for the affair, and enclosed them into one of the abodes set aside in the form of a tent. The last of which he’d seen hadn’t brought about pleasant times, but this…he had a good feeling about this one. There was a brisk warmness in the air as it embraced his form, and a welcome rush of waves against the sand. Music was still only faint, but he had no doubt the feast would roar to life soon, and with any luck his other half would arrive — Iolith in tow. Much like Sid’nis and his family, Nerosali had grown to welcome his company, despite her proclivities of being isolated. She was social, there was no doubt about it, but the dragon was a welcome confidant to her, and one she enjoyed plotting with regularly.

Will you stop fussing already?” she doted, mucking about her bonded’s hair with her muzzle. “Its not as if youre about to be judged for best attire.” If the lady could roll her bespectacled eyes, the dragonkin likely would have, if her sass was any indicator. “Be yourself.

Finishing the buttons to his light tweed jacket and shorts, Kinali had finished what the blackrose deemed ‘appropriate’ for the evening. No shirt to accompany it, and despite his insistence of keeping the upper portion closed, the day wher had been rather focused on keeping at the very least the top four buttons undone. ‘Live a little’, she encouraged. He already was living, or had she forgotten? “You know I havent,” Nerosali laughed, a glimmer of appreciation within her orbs.

Now if were done in here, Id very much like to see whats going on out there,” she emphasized, focusing on the fact that there was an outside world to experience. Brushing his hand along her neck Kinali placed a gentle kiss on her before laughing and opening the flap to the tent. Onwards to see what the night held.

Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:02 am

Tag: R'mia
"Yeah, it's a bit odd I guess? Then again, where I'm from that's most of the options." There had been precious few browns for so long in Walled's history, and blues had been made up the majority of the consorts available to the lovely greens she had watched growing up. It seemed commonplace to the girl, and yet she knew that the larger females didn't normally choose males so bellow their physical stature. A curious glance was thrown toward her own garnet as she wondered what the dragon's future would hold in that regard, but ultimately the idea in of itself chased her away with a shiver she barely was able to hide behind her hand grabbing a nearby glass to take a drink.

"Weyrling stuff is probably pretty similar to how you remember it. Somehow I doubt it's changed all that much; just a red girl instead of a blue boy." She shrugged after the remark with a glance around at the gathered guests, wondering if she'd catch a glimpse of those who had, in particular, come in a place of honor. Aesidhe had been curious about the Pearls from the start, but she doubted that she of all people would find herself lucky enough to see one in any sort of close proximity. It was easier to just stay and talk anyhow. Even if it was about a future clutch she wasn't sure she should care about, and a pair of dragons whom she had never met.

You're curious more than you'd like to let on, came the scolding reply as Rontuaruth picked her head up from the shore-bound waves to look over at her rider. Amusement seemed to radiate off of the young female as she mantled her wings along a narrow spine, and once more settled into the warm embrace of the ocean as if she had been meant for it. Still, Aesidhe could not deny that her dragon was right. She was curious about the future eggs and what would come out of them, and more importantly, the reactions that would come from them considering all that had happened in her old home as well. Here it may be odd for a blue to catch a clutching female, but in Walled it could be beneficial if looked at by certain eyes with specific plans for maintaining power and the status quo. It all depended on the people involved, but this was not the time to consider the plans of people she didn't live around anymore.

Not when there was a potential dance partner in front of her, and she supposed that he wasn't hard on the eyes either. Aesidhe hadn't been all that keenly aware of attraction since coming to the Weyr. It hadn't been unfamiliar back at Walled, but that had been a different sort of scenario, and she had utilized it as a tool more than anything else. Besides, finding a man to be attractive even in passing was still somewhat new, and she pushed that thought away quickly before Rontuaruth could chase it down and become too curious for her own good. "I'm not keeping you from anyone, am I, R'mia? You're just one of the first I recognized, and certainly the closest." After all, she didn't want to keep him if he had other plans, and a weyrling still had to know their place when amongst the larger enterprise of the Weyr. They may have been its future, but they weren't exactly coveted individuals unlike their Zultanite and Gold classmates. And you seem to quite like it that way, don't you? The same could be said of the dragonet.
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"You have a point there, blues catching clutching females wouldn't be out of the ordinary in Walled Hold, if I am correct in assuming that is where you are from originally. Myself, I am from the North, Telgar Weyr to be exact but I ended up transferring to Atricis Weyr and Impressing there way back when I was still a Candidate. This was before the Weyr moved South and setup here. I've only returned here recently, and blues catching a gold and now a Zultanite, pretty unique for me."

R'mia chuckled when Aesidhe pretty much told him her life in Weyrlinghood so far wasn't likely to be much different than his own. "I wasn't asked if the curriculum would be the same, but how you are enjoying it? You are definitely not me so my experiences aren't likely to be like yours. Then there is the whole background differences in our past, you being from the South Impressing a rare Garnet here in whereas I am from the North and Impressed a common blue in the North. Our experiences in Weyrlinghood aren't going to be the same...but if you aren't the type to talk about it, I am perfectly fine with it."

He hadn't had any concrete plans when he came to the Pearl feast other than to see the Pearls and have a good time. Who he had the good time with didn't matter to him and if Aesidhe was willing to spend some time with him so they could have a good time together, R'mia wasn't going to push her away.

"You're not keeping me from anybody, in fact now that you are here, your company would be greatly appreciated. I remember just how wonderful a dancer you are and I must say having another dance with you would be the highlight of my evening. However, there are these Pearls and I am rather curious about them. Perhaps we could track one down together? Unless you have other plans once other familiar faces appear? I don't want to keep you from your own plans either. But a dance either way would be nice...even if it's sometime later. Afterall this meeting of dragonkin event is suppose to last a few days, plenty of time for a dance."

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Fersk's should go. Have fun. Play cards. Drink. Fersk want to meet ocean dragons. The sport colored wher had encouraged her handler. They were full guards now, which was wonderful, but she wanted a bit more excitement. Going to the coast to see the new creatures certainly seemed like a fun thing to do. Plus, she knew that Ferghas was a bit bored with life in generally, so maybe this would give him a bit of excitement as well. He didn't seem all that thrilled, but then he got to think about it and figured 'what the heck'. It wouldn't hurt him to go and it did give him a chance to meet new people. Fersk did have a point to...there were no doubt to be card games and other sorts of games to play while there. It had been a bit since he was truly able to use his special skills.

He and Fersk hadn't left to head to the Feast until the sun was already beginning to set since neither of them was awake before then anyways. It wasn't too hard for them to find a ride with a dragon and their rider. Got t' hand it to 'em. They certainly know how t' put together a shin dig. Ferghas commented as they flew in over the feast area and landed. The sun was still out for a bit, so Ferghas helped to keep Fersk's eyes covered as he took her to one of the larger tents that was for the whers. He made sure that she was comfortable before he headed out to see what there was to see. This wasn't a gather, so there were not runner races or a large area for merchants, but there was plenty of food and drink stalls for him to visit. Ferghas got himself a glass of whisky to enjoy as he walked around.

He got himself some food and sat down at a table to eat and people watch. Once he was done eating he got himself another glass of whisky and decided to take a stroll down by the shoreline. He was not as excited over the creatures calling themselves pearls as his wher was, but he figured he'd give them a look-see.

There were some ships docked already with room for more to come. There was already quite a few people here, but he had no doubt that more would come. While he watched the ships and sipped his whisky he caught the sight of a woman throwing herself off of one of the boats and into the ocean. Being the nosy for the sake of nosiness, Ferghas made his way down the dock and closer to her. He leaned against one pole as he looked down at her. "My my...did that ship not suit your fancy? You seemed rather anxious to remove yourself from it."
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Sid'nis had been more than looking forward to this feast. Yes, while the prospect of there being a new species to learn about was exciting, the bluerider could not say that it was the main source of his excitement. No, anyone who knew him knew the true cause of his excitement and happiness happened to be the fact that he was going to get to spend some downtime with a certain handsome handler. While Sid and Kinali made time to spend together, life was hectic and with both of them being full fledged rider and dayhandler, they had duties to perform. On top of that Sid still worked as a healer, so there were some evenings they spent together that Sid would end up falling asleep on his amazing boyfriend. Plus, being a father and Sid had a very full, but very happy life.

Would you stop stressing. You look fine. You looked fine with the first shirt. Iolith scolded his rider as he once again changed the shirt he was wearing. This was the fourth one and it looked just as good as the first three. Sid, however, didn't think so. Normally not one to care about how he looked, Sid found himself a bit...flustered. It was stupid, he knew it was, but here lately his dragon had not been the kindest to him. Even since losing Lauruth's flight, the blue had felt his ego needed him to chase after almost all the females that rose after the zultanite. Sid, being a loyal boyfriend, did not participate. Needless, to say all the losses were starting to affect him while Iolith merely forgot them. I just want to look good for him. You know...make him proud. Sid whined as he finished buttoning the simple black vest he had donned over a light-fabric, short-sleeved white shirt. He had on shorts, not something he normally wore, but since they were going to a beach it seemed appropriate. Sandals replaced his normal boots, also something he wasn't thrilled with as his feet were as white as a ghost and there was an obvious tan line from where his feet never saw sun normally. I think he would tell you that you always look good. Now come on, we're keeping him and Nerosali waiting probably.

The blue had a point. As much as he wanted to look good, that was less important than actually spending time with Kinali. Sid ran fingers through his hair and then finally left his tent. The sun was already starting to set. Soon enough it would be night time and the feast would really get going then. Dancing, music, food, and drink....what else could be better? Iolith took off from where he had been napping to find Kinali and Nerosali. It didn't take the blue long and then he showed Sid where they were before he landed near by. A happy trill greeted them before he folded his wings tightly to his back and walked up to them. There are two of my favorite people. Sid is on his way. He should be here shortly. He stated before he gave each of them a gentle nuzzle. I feel like a swim. Care to join me, Nerosali? Perhaps we can talk to one of the new creatures. He asked the black rose hopefully.

Sid didn't take long to join them. A wide smile spread on his face, sending his dimples deep into his cheeks, as he saw Kinali. He generally smiled like an idiot anytime he saw him. "Hey, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." Sid said as he neared Kinali before pulling him in for an embrace before kissing him on the cheek. There was no one really paying attention to them so he couldn't help but show a bit of affection towards him. "You look good." Sid complimented. His bright blue eyes immediately being drawn to the opened buttons of his shirt. Considering how...frustrated...his dragon had made him lately it was hard for him to not notice something like that. He realized that he was staring perhaps a little too much, so quickly cleared his throat. "Um, so, are you thirsty or hungry?"
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