Sword Fighting Competition [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.
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Re: Sword Fighting Competition [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Postby Ember » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:49 am

Tag: V'an, Tag: Inggharudube

"Oh, aren't you the funniest man alive, my friend." K'rios found himself laughing from the jest, knowing that a match between himself and his friend would be fun and entertaining. He would want to go easy on V'an, not at all worried about himself, which was pretty poor thinking on his part now that he thought about it. But he knew his own strength, and how it could be placed, and he wouldn't want to take the chance of hurting the brownrider in the process. He didn't say that, but instead moved to stand next to him for a moment. "You've got a lot of bravado for someone who doesn't want to be knocked on their ass in public." He winked, making sure he gave as good as he received.

There was no time to see what kind of reaction he might get in return though, because a moment later the matches were called. He was matched with a man he didn't recognize, due to the fact that he was a wherhandler. There had been one or two glances in the past, but he couldn't ever recall the two of them having an up close encounter. There'd never been reason to due to their separate occupations, until this moment in time when something like a sword fighting competition gave them reason to be in the same ring at the same time.

Good luck.He seems like a fierce and worthy opponent.

That he does.

It was the last he would, could, say to his dragon before the match began. There were no dirty tricks involved, though there was temptation at times, just because he found it difficult to keep up with someone of Inggharudube's skills. The man knew how to handle a blade, and while K'rios held his focus where it needed to be, he admired it for a flicker of a second before everything reeled back to where it needed to be. In the end, it was K'rios' strength that pulled him out ahead.

When the bronzehandler approached him, the pewterrider offered his hand to seal the promise of a future meeting, and a future spar. "I'll hold you to that. No holding back on the grounds we can meet upon back home. I'm up for that if you are."
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Re: Sword Fighting Competition [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Postby LdyPayne » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:02 pm


tag Natara, K'rios

Shaking K'rios hand, pleased the Pewterrider was willing to spar again in the future, Inggharudube hoped he could learn some more of the man's moves. He was a master of the blade but Inggharudube knew there was always new moves to make and was willing to learn them to improve his own skill. He also recognized K'rios was far stronger than he looked and fighting somebody who had such raw power was also beneficial. Inggharudube knew he was strong as well but he knew others were just as strong if not stronger so fighting them in friendly matches served only to give him opportunities to work around that strength.

The arrival of Natara drew Inggharudube's attention, her cocky smile certainly wasn't missed. He had not expected he would lose his bout only to have her win her own. But the fight was fair as most such fights were unlike the fights he was used to. There had been times in his battle with K'rios he could have defeated him but only by breaking the rules of the competition so he held back, a hesitation that could have cost him his life in a real fight. With that in mind Natara's own win didn't sting as much. Survival to live another day was far more important than winning a few Marks and in their past talks he knew Natara was one who preferred to avoid bloodshed unless necessary. Inggharudube wasn't bloodthirsty by any means but he didn't waste tears or feel guilty if he shed blood or took a life when it came to doing his job or simply surviving.

"So it seems Natara," Inggharudube responded. He still would very much like to spar with the Daywherhandler to see just how skilled she was when neither were restricted in their sparring, other than not actually harming the other. Inggharudube could pull his strikes if necessary and it wouldn't take him long to see whether Natara was truly skilled or was just lucky so far. "I truly do look forward to having another chance for us to spar, hopefully before the next Gather's competitions."

Looking at the two he realized he certainly will have to work hard to arrange time to spar with both given all their different scheduled. Then the new matches were announced and Inggharudube realized Natara and K'rios were scheduled to face eachother next.

"I will leave you two to prepare for your match," Inggharudube addressed them both. "Good luck and see you both later."

He left the fighter's area and after taking a moment to cool down and refresh himself Inggharudube made his way to the stands so he could watch the rest of the fights before finding other entertainment. He barely had a moment to relax when Goad, his Gemlizard showed up to scold him for getting into a fight. Inggharudube snorted and assured the over protective lizard he had not been in any danger. Goad muttered and allowed himself to be soothed, settling more comfortably on Inggharudube's shoulder.

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Re: Sword Fighting Competition [Evanoria Gather 2045]

Postby Fawkes » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:56 pm


    {Tag - K'rios, Natara}

The brownrider couldn't help the chuckle at his friend's retort either, a grin spreading across broad lips. With a fighter's eye, he sized up the other man and for a brief moment, he could almost see it, the match between he and the candidatemaster. Whether or not they were paired up today or not, V'an wouldn't mind having a round in the ring back home sometime. K'rios could easily handle himself, V'an knew that, and if anything it might challenge the brownrider to work harder, to earn back some of the skill he was lacking from disuse. Besides, the banter between them during a spar would be quite...entertaining, to say the least with their repertoire.

The weyrlingmaster gave a shake of his head at the last jest from the pewterrider, almost certain that K'rios would indeed best him, but he didn't want to admit that to the man. Just as a wry smirk was creeping over his face and another quip on his lips, they were interrupted by the announcer who was calling out the pairings. It seemed that V'an was off the hook in his match with the candidatemaster, and instead was paired with a copperhandler, who was also a very handsome woman indeed. The brownrider knew though, that just because she was a woman, didn't mean that he should underestimate her, for in fact his own weyrmate had bested him a time or two as well and he knew better than that.

With a wish of good luck for his friend and his spar, V'an moved over to greet the copperhandler, Natara, and gave her a friendly smile and accepting handshake of good sportsmanship. A moment later, and he was settled into his first stance, sword raised in a defensive position at first, needing to get the feel for the spar before he made any offensive move. The woman did not seem to hold back either, and he could tell that she was enjoying herself and the feel of the sword in her hand, so V'an allowed himself to relax a little, savor the feeling of their sowrds clashing, the sound of the ringing steel in his ears and the practiced way his body moved. His body seemed to remember all the stances and positions, the angles of the thrusts and parries, though there were a few times that he caught himself slipping and those were when Natara seemed to take advantage and he barely scraped through a few near misses.

In the end though, it was those mistakes that cost him, and he felt his muscles aching from the use long before their match was over. Natara got the upper hand on him and he staggered back under her attacks before he finally had to give, and the match was called in the copperhandlers' favor. V'an was a good sport though and there was a wide smile on his face while he recovered his breath and met the woman once more to congratulate her on a job well done. He teased about a rematch back at Atricis when he wasn't so out of practice, but he wasn't sure they would ever get the chance again. Perhaps, perhaps not.

As he stepped away and hung the sparring sword back into the rack, he heard the bell chime on K'rios' match as well, and spiced eyes flickered to see that the pewterrider had indeed won his bout. Alright then, he was thinking of heading back to find Ryarin, but now he was far more interested to see how K'rios would match up against his recent opponent, Natara. The brownrider settled in to watch then, a wry grin given to the candidatemaster when their gaze met, arms crossing over his chest with the intent to stay as long as was needed to watch the pewterrider get his own ass handed to him.
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