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New Atricis' first allied Hold, Serafei's sister Hold that begun construction shortly after New Atricis was complete. The Hold was completed in the winter of turn 2036 and began establishing its trade route to the North and helping to supply Atricis in return for protection.
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Mon May 29, 2017 8:31 pm

"Well, they sort of just happened to appear one day, from what I remember hearing. The ship that found them attacked first without question as they thought it was one of the creatures that was found in the Crying Mountains. Those creatures were already known to be dangerous, but the sailors that killed the first one was mistaken. That was what caused the rest to start to attack, I believe." Emzara had learned all she could about the creatures and all the incidents that had happened, so she was at least knowledgeable about what was going on and what had happened.

Honestly, the last couple of things that had happened had really made her curious about these creatures. They would likely never be as amazing as dolphins, but a brand new and intelligent creature was something interesting to learn about. The more she talked about the creatures the more she had the urge to go out and find them.

"Well, while there wasn't much learned from the last attack other than the creatures were smart and could bond...the scout mission actually found a clutch of young ones. They too could speak and talked a bit to the riders who found them. It seemed as if they lived on a secluded beach where they had supposedly hatched. I would think that'd mean they breathe air." Emzara stated as she pondered over the information she knew. "Perhaps they are like dolphins. Live in the ocean, but breathes air like they do. That'd mean they'd hold their breaths while they're diving in the water."

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone else paying attention to their conversation. If they wanted to join in they could join in.
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Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:42 am

Shaylah wondered for a moment until she heard more conversation. The voices carried more information then anyone else and she followed it until she was close to the voices. She hadn't realized until she was close she had wondered almost all the way across the deck and back until she looked around. She wasn't one who was able to hide well, being more but like a man. She did however have good eyes and keen ears for what she needed.

She sized up the situation and waited for a moment to enter the conversation. When she heard them speaking about a clutch that was found her eyes felt like they bugged out of her head for a moment and she had to take a moment to think on it.

"Excuse me, but did you say they found a clutch. I'd not heard of this and to think, the creatures lay on land." She said as they went quiet for a moment and she seemed to trail off more in question to herself then anyone else. Her eyes took on a glaze for a moment, the one that said she was seeing something far away before coming back with a smile.
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