Castaway (tag: Rora)

From the Southern Territories, to the Wilds, to the Northern Continent. Here lies the rest of the world outside of the Weyr, where so much can happen.
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Mon May 25, 2015 10:55 pm

Debris was scattered along the reef nearby and the beach as well. It was a warm and humid day with the threat of rain on the horizon. You could almost taste the moisture in the air. The hour was most likely near middle-day when the unrelenting sun, even during the winter months, could be harsh in this tropical climate. The shoreline here was more rocky than sandy. It was a wild and inhospitable place, at least as far as the battered lad was concerned.

Torrzad had been the only survivor that had washed up upon this shore. The captain, who was also his father, and the crew were not with him. He did not know where they were. He did not even know if they were still alive. He wasn't even sure how long he would remain alive. In fact, he wasn't even sure who he was himself. Everything, including his memory, was torn away with the crashing reef through which he had tumbled on his way to the beach.

After waking up in a pain-filled daze upon the rocky shore, he had managed to drag himself out of the water. It was slow going and he had to rest often. There did not seem to be a patch on him that was not scratched or bruised. In a few places on his torso, arms and legs, the cuts he had gotten on the sharp coral reef were more than just scratches. His clothing had been tattered in the horrible storm that had taken his ship to the depths.

Three days, and a dogged will to survive found his face and one shoulder laying in the shade of a boulder upon the shore. The rest of him was reddened and beaten harshly by the sun.

Three days. He lay there without food. Without water. His wounds were not healing well. The lad was not going to make it for much longer. With his head resting in the shade he reached one of his trembling hands towards the blurry outline of someone or something that was coming closer. He could do little else. His throat was too parched to yell.

Sun May 31, 2015 2:24 am

Feankhith was very lively and exuberantly, showing her genuine joy of flying, as the bright green soared over the sandy shores that bordered New Atricis territory, while, her rider was doing much the same. It feels so good to get out of the heat and fly! I very much agree, and I do think the cove would be a great place to come back too. Your little ones are old enough to learn to swim now. Fey was chatting away to Rivany, the answer more a feelings then words from the small rider. And shallow enough at the one end to keep them from drowning themselves! Keeping all three in eye sight takes all of us these days. Rivany was chuckling back, a deep love coloring her thoughts about their adventures trio of blonde headed boys her and Jora had to keep up with. Only just turned one, it still felt as if it was only yesterday she had brought them into the world. And the twins, her sweet Rorran... time seemed to pass so swiftly. Too swiftly, at times. But Rivany loved every day of it! It was the happiest she had ever been.

Swimming in the cove did sound nice and she would be sure to tell Jora when she got back about it. See if maybe they could make a larger family outing of it as well. Rivany knew her weyrmate worried over his father and she did as well. Mal'ek had always been such a force, a pillar of strength for the Weyr and his family both. And she had been proud to call him father and her children adored their grandfather. He will be fine. You worry far too much and besides, I do not wish to share Kiandath's company if we swim. Fey reminded her rider with enough of a pout in her tone it halted Rivany's more worrisome thoughts and she chuckled. While she knew Kiandath and Fey would never be mates, at least not in the typical fashion, the bronze was well liked and desired by many females and Fey liked to keep his company to herself when the fair green could. All right, all right. Rivany confided with a pat to Fey's neck, as they continued onward in their patrol.

And you my beautiful girl... I can't imagine my life without you. Rivany soothingly added, already well aware Feankihith sometimes felt neglected with all the attention the children often demanded of her rider. She had been their first after all! But the conversation soon shifted from family and bronze dragons when Feankith spotted something up ahead near the sands. Is.... that a person laying by the rocks!?I think it is, I will land! The sweet green answered swiftly as she did banked a hard right, nearly stopped dead in the sky before swooping down to come to land with barely a sound on the soft sands. Rivany already vaulting with ease from the green neck and racing over to what she hoped... was a live person! Fey walking not far behind her to better offer shade from the bright sky. Rivany's soft gasp and feelings of shock enough to send Fey's eyes to whirling with faint oranges and reds. Well? How is he, he is alive... Fey added, her tone worried but confirming that the person was male and breathing, since at first Rivany had not been sure!

"Easy, I am here to help.." Rivany spoke up softly on approach, unsure if the young man could even properly respond and not wanting to scare him. "I have water... and some food." She added in offer as she moved from where she had knelt back to Fey and quickly returned with a water skin and a small pouch of dried meat. "Can you hear me at all?" She asked next as she came to crouch beside him, Fey's wing lifting up to cover them completly from the bright sunlight.

Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:32 pm

There is sometimes a moment in a person's life, no matter how old or young they may be, when the instinctive knowledge comes that they are dying. A desperate last beat of a heart. A stubborn refusal to give up. One more breath bringing just one more moment of life. Some, when they reach this place, resign themselves to this lasting sleep. Some huddle in terror. Some refuse to believe it and they fight. They fight against the inevitable without any hope that they can succeed. They fight anyway. The lad fought.

Laying there, he lowered his trembling hand. His vision was dizzy and seeing anything with clarity was very difficult now. Blinking did not chase away the spinning or the blurriness from his vision. His eyes were no use to him now. Closing his eyes, he rested.

He did not know when he fell asleep. Or perhaps he did not sleep but rather passed out again. It was hard to tell the difference and it really did not matter anyway. The sensation of sounds and words made him jerk a little into consciousness. Blinking open his eyes, the lad tried to focus on what was next to him. It was moving and it almost looked like a woman. A woman? His mother was a woman. Maybe this was her? He lived on a ship. What was his mother doing on the ship? Was she coming to tell him he was late for work? How could he have overslept? He was usually pretty good about not doing that.

Twisted thoughts muddled up from his confused mind as the sound he had heard slowly became recognizable. The woman was speaking. Why was it she was saying? The lad's body was suddenly sheltered from the burning sun by a great shadow. It helped to clear his mind a little for when the woman came back and spoke again. What was she saying? The lad listened as hard as he could. But nothing made sense. He wanted to understand. He wanted to know why the woman was talking to him. Who was she? Why could he not see her clearly? Why did he hurt so much? Had something happened?

With all the strength he could, the lad lifted his head a little, turned his pain-filled and desperate eyes to the person and managed to speak. His voice was very weak and hoarse. It was barely above a whisper though in his heart, he wanted to scream it as loud as he could. "Help me."

Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:04 am

Kneeling down beside the young lad, Rivany wasn't sure if he was hearing her at all, he didn't even seem to know where he was. So when he lifted his head only a little, she was there instantly to try and help him. Slipping his head into her lap to at least hold it away from the wet sand and rough ground, his words, next to slip out, and barely heard made her heart ache for him. What had happened?!

"Yes, we are here to help you I swear." Rivany said softly, brushing back some of the wet matted hair away from his face. Her gaze lifting away from his to glance around a little, trying to figure out how he had ended up where he was. She noticed a few things, some wood scattered were it shouldn't be... items that stood out, not natural to the location. Her look around was still very brief, as she used her free hand to try and get the young man in her lap to drink a little water from the offered skin. "Try and drink a little okay, slow sips." She explained. We must get him back to the Weyr as soon as he is able. Feankhith added as the small green shuffled closer her wing held over the two while she settled to the sand beside them, thrumming out a calming croon to the injured boy.

"I agree but we can't take him between like this, I am not he would be able to hold on." Rivany replied back, continuing to try and coax a few drops pf water past the boys's parched lips. He looked horrible, how long had he been out there!? "Try and drink a little I know it hurts and we will take you to a safe place as soon as we can. My name is, Rivany I am a dragonrider, Feankhith is my dragon she is here with us too. We promise not to leave you." Rivany continued on, hoping maybe her voice would at least help a little in waking him to her, so he would know he wasn't alone anymore. "Can you tell me your name..?"

Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:44 pm

The concern touch from the woman as she gently stroked his matted hair away from his face caused the lad's confusion to dissipate a little. Lucidity snuck in and cleared his mind just enough to allow him to understand some of what she was saying to him now. Rivany. The woman's name was Rivany. Was that her dragon he saw the blurry outline of? Opening his heat-dried lips, his parched throat prepared to croak out one word. A word that meant a lot to him. It was to be his name. With this information the the woman could go find his family and tell them what had become of him. When he died, she would be able to tell others. His name. It was all he had left. And yet only silence filled the void as his mind could not even grasp what meant so much to him. Oh no... Oh please no... He could not remember. Did he have a family? ...Did he have a name?

His head was placed upon something kinder than the rocks and sand below his body. He was too confused to know at first that it was Rivany's lap.

Keeping his head resting there, he blinked at Rivany as he spoke again. Drink? Sure he could! Despite his bold thinking, the best he could do in the 'drinking' department was to raise his head ever so slightly and then cough as the liquid dribbled past his parched lips and throat. He tried to shift even higher to get more but couldn't. He had not strength and it hurt too much to try. All he could do was give a weak and frustrated cry of pain. He shook his head and closed his eyes tight as the wounds on his body reintroduced themselves to the pain center in his brain. Despite his mental conviction that he could move, the truth of it was far different. Thankfully Rivany did not give up on him and encouraged him to try again to take in the life-giving water. Without trying to move again, he tried to sip the liquid very slowly and carefully. This time with a little better success.

Coughing a little again, his trembling hand reached up and tried to hold onto Rivany's arm. The groggy memory of living on a ship, of wondering why his mother was there talking to him all slipped away into the fog of the unknown. Even this slight knowledge was lost to him as his lucidity became more clear. Raising his blurry eyes to the woman he spoke of the last fading memory he had. "My ship?" Closing his eyes, he did not speak again. He did not take another sip. He was fading again into another bout of unconsciousness.

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