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Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:34 am

"Yes Locke, you know I will."

Locke had been holding his breath as he awaited Kent's answer. While he had a good feeling that the greenrider's answer would be 'yes', the not knowing for a hundred percent certain had killed him. Hearing him say that simple, yet amazing, three letter word made him let his breath out in a whoosh of relief and joy. Seeing the tears that pricked the corner of Kent's eyes made the tears in his own begin to fall. The wraithrider gave a joyous chuckle as Kent leaned in to sear a kiss on his lips with his own broad, delicious ones. Locke held him just as tightly as they peppered each other with kisses. Both of them had tears of joy falling down their cheeks as they looked at each other. "You've made me so happy, Kent. I think my heart might burst from joy." His hands stroked his face tenderly, the fingers caressing those broad lip affectionately. "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Locke listened to the beautiful things Kent had to say about them, his love for the man deepening with each word that left his lips. "Oh...I suppose I should do this." He said with a chuckle before he took a hold of Kent's hand and then slipped the simple gold band onto his long digit. Fresh tears spilled down his cheek as he looked at his ring on Kent's hand, then he leaned down and placed a kiss upon it. "I get to call you my fiancee now. Damn, I love the sound of that." This whole evening felt surreal and perfect. They were engaged. They were going to be married and get to live their lives together. While he knew they couldn't have their own children, the thought of kids made him happy. He knew that Kent cared for his and Xarria's son, but Locke wasn't blind to the fact that there was some jealousy there as well. Perhaps they would be able to figure something out, but that didn't matter right now. All that matter was that they loved each other.

Their lips melded together again and this time Locke poured his heart and soul into the kiss. Only when he was breathless and in need of oxygen did he pull back to look loving at Kent. "Hm...I say this calls for some proper celebrating. And I want to show you just how happy you have made me." Locke said, a devilish smirk on his scruffy face. The wraithrider got up for a moment to grab more blankets and pillows and then made them a comfortable spot on the floor in front of the fire. Locke, then, pulled Kent into his arms and began to ravish his fiancee's lips with want and passion. Despite the unexpected storm, this evening was perfect and making love to Kent for the rest of the night would only make it more perfect.

{fin and continued in mature forum}
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