Island of Opportunity [PLOT! Calling Everyone!]

From the Southern Territories, to the Wilds, to the Northern Continent. Here lies the rest of the world outside of the Weyr, where so much can happen.
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Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:10 pm

ooc: Option 4 along with Locke. Shireth and Wraith will see what they can find from the air.

A part of I'ent wondered when he became less bothered about showing affection in public and Locke's teasing. It must have happened not long after he finally admitted to Locke about his feelings. Their relationship since then had been much different from friend and mentor and mentee but it was a direction I'ent was thrilled over. It had been a long time since he had ever cared for anybody, in fact it was his father who was the last person he truly cared for. Shireth was something altogether different than just somebody he cared for, she was his soul and Locke was now his heart and it made I'ent feel more complete than ever.

"I suppose we should help first then...then again large predators may lair in caves during the day so it'll be worth checking them out either way." I'ent grinned. He would prefer there was no large predator in any cave though found regardless of their intention to explore it.

I'ent glanced in the direction Locke had waved in and spotted the Candidate he had given a ride over. Glancing back at his lover I'ent wondered how Locke came to know him. A pang of jealousy ran through him as he could see Kalesskel was far more handsome than he was and certainly looked more confident than I'ent typically felt.

"I've met fact I'm the one who brought him here. So how well do you know him?" I'ent asked, looking at Locke.

Shireth walked over to Wraith and nuzzled him affectionately, grateful he was eager to join her. In the time since he became her Mate she had gotten to know him quite well. It didn't bother her at all that he couldn't hear, in fact she found it a challenge to come up with ways to 'show' him any sounds she felt he should know about. For now she used touch to convey how glad she was he joined her.

<Lets fly overhead and look for clearings and wide beaches besides this one to see if large creatures are about, tracks and stuff. Maybe we can even find something new and you can bite it to see if it tastes good.> Shireth had a feeling most of the Pearls would cruise around the island by sea but they couldn't fly over like dragons could. She and Wraith were small and more nimble and could get down low among the trees easier than the larger dragons and Pearls could barely move on land, as far as Shireth was concerned.


ooc: Option 5: Stand back and watch/take notes
Kalesskel had spotted Locke's arrival but seeing he was busy with the greenrider who had given him a ride in Kal had focused on deciding what task he would take on now that camp was set up. He longed to plunge into the jungle an explore but knew running off on his own wouldn't be a good idea. He decided he will attached himself to somebody who could benefit from his help the most.

Plenty of people were plunging right into the forest clearly eager to see what secrets the interior held and a part of him wanted to do the same. He held himself back however as he knew there were far more tasks to be had than just exploring the island's interior and looking for any threats. An unguarded camp could be in grave danger if this island was used by smugglers or worse. Looking around he spotted a young woman busy sketching away on some wax, her work interrupted when her hybrid landed on her shoulder. Kal wasn't close enough at this point to hear what the girl said to him after shooing him off. By the time he reached her the Sunstone was long gone.

"Did you find something interesting?" Kalesskel asked, glancing at the wax block she was working on and noting the flower with careful notes along side. He had no trouble identifying the 'model' for the drawing and thought she did a great job capturing the look of the flower. "That's a fantastic likeness...are you into botany?"

Tag: Angela

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Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:51 pm

Option 1: Try to learn more about the flying island grubs.
No one took this option, the grubs buzz about, minding their own business, bumping into the occasional person but they don’t appear to bite or sting at least even when they unexpectedly fly into someone’s head.
Option 2: Search the trees for any ‘lizards or ‘lizard nests
Drujiean, Kolyat, Kasa’vas, & pet ‘Lizards
At first the appearance of strange firelizards sent up an alarm in some of the still nearby wild ‘lizards, several fly away, but a few hold their ground in the trees. In particular, there appears to be a Gold curled protectively high in the canopy where her nest is warmed by the sun. She chatters angrily at the intruders, while her “guards” merely try to communicate with the strange firelizards, heads bobbing and warbling at one another.

On the ground, not much in the way of ‘lizards are found, appearing that they prefer the trees. Kasa’vas looking through the brush stirs up a critter, but it’s just a flash of wings retreating. However, the ‘lizards sent into the trees will see the Gold and her eggs, and can send mental images back to their people about the eggs.

Option 2-1: Try to get closer to the wild Queen and her eggs
Option 2-2: (Kasa’vas) Follow the creature that fled through the brush (optional: Call someone else over to help)
Option 2-3: Keep looking elsewhere for other ‘lizards or creatures
Option 3: Carefully take samples of some of the plants
The plantlife is dense and numerous, with many vines and many more flowers and flowering plants to check out. While you look at a larger flower to consider taking a sample, something darts out suddenly! It jumps on your arm, but despite any startle it might have caused, the creature does nothing, and feels even a bit sticky. Closer inspection will show it’s a crawlie! But not the muddy toned ones most common in the North, this one was the color of the flower it was hiding in.
Option 3-1: Put the crawlie back
Option 3-2: Show it to a beastcrafter
Option 3-3: Keep it as a pet
Option 4: Check for signs of predators or other large creatures
Toross, Elysia, Kunati, I’ent, Locke
Toross would hear some movement in some of the plants, the sounds of leaves rustling at foot level, but Elysia calling out to him scares off whatever it is, suggesting the creature is skittish and perhaps small, unlikely to be a predator or a threat. Whatever it is darts off unseen, but the sound similar to a large drop of water ripples the surface of a nearby pond. Perhaps the creature retreated into the water.

Option 4-1: (Toross, Elysia, Kunati) Investigate the pond water for the creature
Option 4-2: Look around the pond for signs of other creatures
Option 4-3: Look around elsewhere
Option 5: Stand back and watch/take notes
For those taking notes or just watching, not much happens to you directly. You see a breeze carry through the trees, making the leaves rustle in a soothing sound. Sitting back and watching and taking notes gives everyone the chance to hear and see the various things going on with the other groups, but also gives them a chance to observe things such as the almost unnoticed tiny crawlies skittering through the bluish-green grass of the island no bigger than a pinky finger. There are also various insects and arachnids crawling about, making webs and going about their business to help keep the ecosystem of the island in balance by breaking down fallen trees or clipping leaves from plants to take for food.

Option 5-1: Investigate the insects
Option 5-2: Investigate the tiny crawlies
Option 5-3: Move to investigate the grubs some more
Option 5-4: Join the ‘Lizard search
Option 5-5: Join in helping gather plant samples
Option 5-6: Join the predator hunt party
Option 5-7: Keep taking notes/watching on everything else
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Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:48 am

Daywher candidoot Toross
Tag: Elysia, Kunati
Option 4-1: Investigate the pond water for the creature

Soft rustling came gently to his ears. It seemed to be emanating from a place near to the ground just left of off-center. It sounded small and thus in his mind he categorized it as non-threatening. But even though he'd been looking for predators, he was very curious about what sort of creature was making this noise.

"You find anything?" [Elysia] Bow & arrows

He turned his face to the young woman with bow and arrows at the ready. His serious nature, considering the task at hand broke briefly. His enthusiastic smile was bright. His voice was perhaps a little too loud for their surroundings when he answered. He couldn't know, he wasn't a hunter, a scout or guard. He didn't even have a weapon, unless you wanted to count the sax knife on his belt. Did he find anything?

"Why yes! I think I did. Its... " He announced and pointed to the... where the whatever it was, used to be. The sound of a body of some sort entering the waters could be heard. His smile was lost and his brows furrowed as he turned. "...its gone."

"Might want to keep our voices down," she murmured lowly once she was there. "Wouldn't want to be heard by the wrong people, if you catch my drift." [Kunati] sword & belt knife

Another woman came and she was also armed. This one with sword. She also held a knife on her belt. Something told him she knew how to use both just fine. If he was in the slight bit intimidated by them, you'd never know. He was comfortable with his role and could only be thankful that he had such capable protectors should anything go wrong. That they were women hadn't even crossed his mind. Giving the second woman a silent nod of obedience to her suggestion on keeping voices down, he then turned.

Towards the pond he went. He was keenly interested in what had made that sound. Maybe by investigating the pond and its waters, he might find the source of his curiosity. His feet getting wet were paid no mind as he stepped into the waters up to his ankles. Bending closer he tried to peer into and hopefully under the pond. What was in there?

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Option 2-1 (Prophet) Option 2-2 (Kasa'vas)
Prophet found something up in the trees, and it was interesting to her. She sent an image to Kasa'vas and it nearly got the girl's attention from the bush until she saw something leave from it. Now she was torn, help the gold, or find out what this thing was. She had an idea that could help her with both situations, so she looked at Prophet. "Go and get some food for this momma." The Hybrid chirped before going between. Moments later the obsidian-purple flit was back with a few pieces of meat.

Kasa'vas couldn't reach, so she had Prophet go up to the Gold with the food, hoping that this would help. The hybrid seemed to understand before she flew up to the Wild Gold and started to offer her the food. Kasa'vas meanwhile, went back to looking in this bush to see where that one creature went. She looked around and saw someone free. "Hey, can I get some help here. There is something in the bush and it seemed mighty interesting." She didn't wait for a response from the person before she started to slowly and gently move about the bush.
tag: Vix/@Marvealle || Option 5-1
She looked up to see someone offering her a water skin and she smiled as she nodded lightly. "Thank you. That is much appreciated." She took a quick drink from it, and while she started to put the plug back in, something bumped into her head. There was no pain and no sting, but she looked to see what the culprit could have been and it was one of the insects. She was no trained beastcrafter or anything, but perhaps this would be something that she could try to take notes on until the starts were out.

She handed the waterskin back to Vix then and looked at her. "Say, you wouldn't by chance know anything about the insects here would you? So far, they seem harmless, but there could still be something worth the noting of." Besides, she was slightly tired and out of her comfort zone. She was a night creature, so this was going to be something that she would need some help with. Perhaps this girl would like something to do other than hand out some waterskins.
tag: Kela'vis/@Altreis || option 5-7
She looked Kela'vis and she nodded. She agreed with him for the most part. She didn't mind work, when it was a benefit to her. That was her whole thing right now, she didn't know if this was going to benefit her at all. But still, she needed to help if she was going to be able to impress anything right. But after Omri'vis had finished talking, Kela'vis was talking about how he liked to sketch things. It was a hobby to him apparently, something that Kekkea didn't seem to have. But that was beyond the point. She was going to help him, until something better intrigued her.

"I am not much of a drawer or much of anything, but I have some neat handwriting. Perhaps you do the sketches and I take the notes?" There she would be considered helping, and the company wasn't bad at all. She even managed to smile now, which was something that she hadn't been doing since she got here. Kela'vis was good company right now, and she didn't want to destroy that. "So, where do you think we should start?" She swatted at one of the pesky insects that kept trying to fly into her face then. She grabbed some note writing supplies though and she prepared herself for some detailed notes to be done.

He spoke about needing to go back to his pearl and she nodded. She wouldn't mind seeing the whtie-rose again anyways. "Sure, let's go get your things." She smiled as she started to head back in the direction that he had seemed to come to her from.
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Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:24 am

Option 5-7: Keep taking notes/watching on everything else Vix is still mostly just standing back and observing
Option 5-4: Join the ‘Lizard search (Three of Vix's furflits are commanded to stay near Kasa'vas to keep her safe)
Tag- Mesnelle and Kasa'vas
Vix was glad to help, smiling as Mesnelle thanked her. Even if it was something as simple as handing out waterskins, it was good to be useful. She considered just making that her mission, making sure everyone stayed hydrated, when one of the flying grubs buzzed by and bumped into Mesnelle's head. Vix had to stifle a laugh, making a "snerk" sound as she choked back the laugh so as not to offend the starcrafter woman. Her smile of amusement was still tugging at the corners of her mouth when Mesnelle asked her question, and she was able to instead put her attention on one of the bugs flying by,

"I don't know much, especially not as much as a true beastcrafter might know, some look familiar, like that over there looks kind of like a crawler on that tree there, but I'm honestly afraid of crawlers. I didn't think there would be so many insects about," she admitted a bit sheepishly. She watched another flying grub buzz on by, and watched as it landed on a tree trunk not far. "I think those are grubs though, they kind of look like them, just shorter, and they fly. Maybe they are a type of flying grub that protect the dense trees and vegetation on the island," Vix suggested, though admittedly her attention strayed when she glanced over to where someone called for some help for something interesting she might have found. She was curious for one, but also wanted to help when it was being asked for, especially since it seemed that person just ran off before someone had even had a chance to respond to her request. Vix felt a surge of concern.

"Sorry, I'm not trying to be distracted," she apologized, "Excuse me for just a moment." Then she gave a whistle, then three sharp whistles, and her furflits responded, with the three oldest furflits responded, with Silver and Steel perching on her raised arm and Goldie on her opposite shoulder, all three alert. She gestured to where Kasa'vas was at.

"That is Kasa'vas, understand? Kasa'vas. She's found something, make sure it doesn't hurt her. Keep Kasa'vas safe." She ordered, making gestures to the Pearlrider trying to investigate whatever she found further. The three furflits yipped and then were off with Silver leading them, going over to Kasa'vas and flying around her, just in case they needed to defend her from something unsafe.
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:13 pm


  • Option 2-1: Try to get closer to the wild Queen and her eggs
    Tag ~ Kolyat and Kasa'vas, also Vix's furflits
    @Ember @Tyriani @Marvealle

The speckled blue firelizard was quite content to flutter through this new forest, seeing what he could see and hoping to find something worthy to bring back to the crafter. At first, he had thought he was alone in this venture, yet he was soon joined by a pair of amethyst wings and Zumi chirruped happily at his fellow scout. The pair looped through the branches, weaving among the trees and then began to circle back toward the group of people. That was when he noticed them, the group of strange 'lizards that stood their ground and he zoomed forward to get a closer look and understood why they weren't flying off like the others had.

A queen! Not just any queen, but a Gold! Quickly he sent the image to his person of the 'lizard curled protectively around her nest with her guards perched nearby, and Drujiean paused a moment in her step. Zumi chittered excitedly at Josephine and then flew carefully toward the group, weaving cautiously as he neared the guards. The crafter had told him to get a little closer if he could, and he would give it a try! It was foolish to try and approach the queen herself without appeasing the guards first, and so the little blue fluttered down on the same branch as one of the larger males though kept a safe distance between them. Without front limbs, he balanced precariously on the branch and fanned his wings out beside him, using the elbows as points to balance himself on. It made him look bigger than he was, but the speckled flitter ducked his head submissively toward the larger guardian.

As the other male bobbed and warbled at him, Zumi mimicked the action, adding a few happy trills of his own in response. His gaze moved from the male, to the Queen, to his new amethyst friend and then to... a dark hybrid that so brazenly dared to approach this unknown golden queen directly. The speckled blue gave a soft sort of yipping sound, as if expecting to see the hybrid snapped at and chased off. Even with a peace offering of food, this fellow flitter was quite bold indeed and Zumi half expected him to get bit by the queen herself or attacked by these larger males who were protecting her and the clutch. The little blue warbled softly then, looking back to the nearest guard and not daring to make the same mistake.

Once she'd seen the image of the queen and her eggs, she'd encouraged Zumi to get a closer look and then turned to the little group that had sort of followed her into the brush. One of them had already begun to wander off on her own, and the other was a young man with the knots of a healer on his shoulder. Dru smiled softly at him, a dreamy, eager sort of smile. "They found a nest... Want to get a closer look?" She said softly, keeping her voice down now with the prospect of a queen close by.

"Hey, can I get some help here? There is something in the bush and it seemed mighty interesting." Drujiean heard the voice and glanced over the man's shoulder at the young woman who was retreating through the brush and gave a slight shake of her head. It wasn't the wisest thing to split up when you're in the middle of some unknown jungle, but neither could she deny the curiosity of that queen and the brood she was protecting.

"Or, maybe you should go with her, make sure she doesn't get herself hurt, or lost or anything..." The crafter said, the slightest hint of a sarcastic tone in her face and the tug of a cheeky grin at the corner of her lips. "I want to get a closer look at that nest... I'll be careful though, promise." She said to the healer, a coy sort of wink given to him, and she waited a moment or two to see which direction he would go in.

Drujiean couldn't rightly let that young woman go off alone though, and so she glanced to the furflit that had remained lazily perched on her shoulder the whole while. "Why don't you go with her? Make sure she's okay." The crafter said simply, gesturing toward the pearlrider who was wandering off. Dakota gave a sort of murmur and ruffled his wings though made no move to leave, but the woman reached up and flicked him gently with a finger and that was enough to get him to budge. "Go. With. Her." The woman repeated and with a soft sort of grumble, the shadow furflit dipped from her shoulder and fluttered over toward the pearlrider.

Along the way, there were more furflits that were fluttering over as well, a trio of them and that seemed to spurn Dakota's attention even more and he flew with a bit more purpose now. He chittered softly at the trio, dipping respectively and then weaving around them to get a good look, and even tried to get a little closer to the prettiest one with the golden fur. All interest in his orders was lost as he tried to make new friends with these other furflits now, instead of watching over the young woman like he was told to. Sure, if something happened and she cried out, he'd be there to help, but for now these new friends were far more interesting than tailing a stranger.


  • Option 4-2: Look around the pond for signs of other creatures
    Tag ~ Toross and Kunati/Anitath
    @Loyalty @Altreis
    {Kelpieth - Option X: Fly over the Island and scout it out for signs of ruins or settlements}
The femme bluerider hadn't meant to call out too loud, just loud enough for the young man to hear her, and it seemed to have more than that effect as she heard a skitter or two in the plants around her. Wary eyes darted around for a brief moment as her feet brought her up alongside the young man, before her gaze moved down to where he was pointing. "...its gone." She heard him say, and her own frown echoed his own. "Sorry bout that." Elys said in a much softer voice now that she was closer to him, and didn't want to startle any more critters.

Someone else seemed to be of the same mind as another approached with the exact advice that had just gone through her head only a second before. The bluerider turned to regard the woman, a fellow dragonrider and the only one who rode a garnet that had come along. Elys gave Kunati a slight smirk and a nod of acknowledgement, though her brow quirked slightly at the garnetrider. "You think there are people on this island?" She asked in a whisper, now beginning to wonder herself if there was already some sort of settlement or hold on this Island already, they just haven't found it yet...

Hey Kelp, I've got an idea for you. Why don't you give the whole Island a good look? Fly overhead, just see what you can see.... Mountains, clearings, beaches, you know.... maybe a settlement, or ruins or something. Elysia bespoke her better half, nudging the watery blue to go on his own adventure while she was grounded here in the jungle. Even if Kunati didn't mean it as real people who could hear them, it brought up the idea in her head and now Elys wanted to know if it could even be true... were there people out there now? Or had there ever been people on this island?

That sounds like a wonderful idea! I would love to stretch my wings, and it would give me something to do aside from worry about you down there. The watery blue replied as he took another pass over the jungle where he would feel his rider was, even if he couldn't see her through the canopy. Perhaps I'll invite Anitath to come with me, she looks ready to bite some heads off... Kelpieth added with a sly sort of draconic chuckle in the woman's mind, and she couldn't help but smile slightly as she regarded Kunati in turn.

Just don't get your own head bitten off. The bluerider grinned slightly and her attention turned back to the little group around her as Kelpieth made his way back to the beach where the garnet was. "Hey, no wandering off alone again." Elys said softly, moving after the young man who seemed intent on following whatever sort of critter it was he thought he found earlier. The bluerider tailed him, but only so far as he trudged out into the pond, the still murky water swirling around his feet. Who knew what sort of suckers and things might be in that water... Elys was careful to stay clear, but she wasn't going to leave him either should the young man stir up anything.

Besides, a watering hole was a good place for creatures to congregate at, and with a glance to the candidate and then up to Kunati, Elys made a slight gesture that she was going to go left at the bank and move along the edge of the pond instead. With her bow at the ready, just in case, she crept along the waters' edge, looking for any sign of something big and bad. Perhaps there were tracks they could follow, or a carcass that had been left hind after having their fill, she wasn't sure what she would find, but she'd be ready for anything.

Her trusty, yet grumpy, sidekick was attached to her shoulder, the green firelizard hissing softly in her ear at every unknown sight or sound, and Elys was beginning to wonder why she'd brought Pricket with her... Mozzie however, kept a closer watch on the young man, curious about the pond and what might be found in there and he weaved around the candidate once or twice, or hovered nearby watching him keenly, chirping curiously and then fluttering around again.

Back at the beach now, Kelpieth gave a friendly warble of greeting to the stalking garnet at the edge of the jungle. Anitath, come with me. Elysia asked me to fly over the Island and see what I could see, but another set of eyes means we'd see even more. Will help to keep your mind off things too, and we could go explore and find things no one has seen before. It will be fun! The watery blue said excitedly, backwinging overhead for a few moments as he spoke and then turned on his tail and started heading back out over the jungle. Whether Anitath took him up on the invitation was up to her, but he was going to go exploring and find out if there was any signs of life on this Island, if there were others like them on the Island or not...
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Tag ~ I'ent
(Option 4-3: Look around elsewhere)

"I suppose we should help first then...then again large predators may lair in caves during the day so it'll be worth checking them out either way."

"That is a good point. Perhaps once we look with the rest of the group for a bit, we can go off by ourselves to search those caves." Locke stated. Granted, he really didn't give a shit about authority or anything like that...but he didn't want whoever was in charge of this little adventure to get onto I'ent.

"I've met fact I'm the one who brought him here. So how well do you know him?"

Locke couldn't help but give I'ent a sidelong look and couldn't hide the smirk that spread on his lips. "I met him in the sparring ring after coming home from Walled one night. Asked if I'd like to spar, so I did. He's a fine fighter. Used to be part of the Legion, but...I'll try to not hold that against him." He stated playfully before he turned and pulled I'ent in for another kiss. "That color green doesn't suit you, babe. Trust me...he's got nothing on you." Locke assured him. Though, deep down a part of him worried. He knew how I'ent felt...and he wanted to be careful with that...because he knew his heart was still not in a place to return those exact feelings. He needed I'ent, that he could not deny, but love? Truthfully, he was afraid of doing what I'ent had feared most...trying to replace Kent with him.

"They seem to have the pond covered," Locke stated as he saw a group nearby. "How about we look somewhere else?" He suggested.

Wraith was actually kind enough to return the nuzzle to his green mate. He didn't like most other people or dragons, but Shireth he liked. Oh very well. I might as well tell you to lead the way since I know you're going to anyways. He grumbled as he got up to his feet. Politely, he would wait for her to launch into the air first and then he would follow after her. At least this place was pleasantly warm.
Tag ~ Nix
(Option 3-2: Show it to a beastcrafter & Option 3-3: Keep it as a pet if possible)

Car'vis was just thinking to himself that he should get one of the larger flowers to take a sample of. It was beautiful and if it turned out to be nothing well then it was nothing. Before he could use his knife to cut the flower off something jumped on his arm and startled him. "Oh shit..." He stated. Before he could shake the thing off of him he noticed that it was just a crawlie. "Hey there, little guy." Car'vis spoke softly to it.

The creature looked exactly like the crawlies he was used to, but it was brightly colored which was abnormal to the ones at home. Perhaps he should report this guy to someone who might know better than he would. The pearlrider turned and looked to see if he could find a beastcrafter, but all he spotted was a woman standing back and taking notes. Well, if she wasn't a beastcrafter then maybe she could point him in the right direction.

"Excuse me, ma'am," He spoke to the woman as he got closer and moved slowly so as to not scare off the crawlie. "I found...well, it found me, in one of the large flowers. Looks like our crawlies, but it's the same color as the flower I was near. Thought I should maybe show someone."
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Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:07 am

sorry... Limited Internet, but just want to clarify Angela and Daphne's actions. Ldy, as soon as i get a chance, I'll respond properly with Angie for you

Daphne - curious about the 'lizards, Daphne foolishly does "Option 2-1: Try to get closer to the wild Queen and her eggs". When prodded by Angie over what's got her so excited, she will send Angie an image as she continues to whistle and chirp to the' lizards, and the Queen.

Angie - will contiue with "Option 5-7: Keep taking notes/watching on everything else". She is there for that purpose, so she will contiue with it. To Kal, she tries to hide her work at first, but then she does show him.

"No," she answers in a way only an introvert can. "are you?"

When she sees the images Daphne's projects, Angie appears noticeably distracted, only to clarify what caught her attention. She tells Kal "there's a 'lizard queen up there." Clearly she wants to see for herself, but she is ladden with too much work.
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Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:38 am


Tag: Elysia, Kelpieth (sort of), Toross (mentioned mostly, lol)
Option 4-3: Look around elsewhere (sort of being a lookout for the dopey people she's with)

"Might want to keep our voices down," Kunati had said. "Wouldn't want to be heard by the wrong people, if you catch my drift." That had been her reasoning. Of course...the call could also scare off whatever the boy had been on the trail of.

Kunati sighed, mentally facepalming while the other two frowned. They just had to put "be a deadglow" high on their to-do lists for this venture. At least the dimglow apologized to him, before turning around and smirking at her.

The other woman's raised eyebrow was met with one of Kunati's own. She was whispering now, much better than when she had spooked whatever. Her question however was met with an eyeroll. "Yes, I do think there are people on this island-and look at that, here we are. I also think that attracting the attention of something like a pack of wild felines or whers is a phenomally stupid-"

Her words cut off as the boy up and started walking off alone. "-idea..." Kunati muttered. "As is splitting up. Am I the only one who realizes we could be a tantalizing meal to some hidden monster?"

Which was of course when the other woman moved, softly calling out to the fool. "Something tells me he has all the focus of a flit," Kunati remarked, falling into step behind her fellow rider-at least until she started to scout around the pond. The boy was already standing in the pond with no apparent thought to what might be lurking in the water there that he could not see.

With a soft groan Kunati reached out and called for a little help of her own. She could see the flits and flits were another set of eyes and ears, not to mention much smaller and able to fit into tight spaces. Hardly a second passed before her trusty brown materialized in front of her with a curious chirp. He always tended to be quiet in manner unless he was scolding Kunati for her bad manners, so that helped a lot. She might have called in King as well but the bronze was...not always the most subtle of creatures.

Another thought sent the brown on his way, gliding along the perimeter. He made sure to look into all the little nooks and crannies he could find, all while being as quiet as possible. This only worked if he didn't get caught by whatever he was searching for.

Kunati, meanwhile, opted to stay near the boy. She was quiet and alert, watching, not even willing to discount the possibility of something attacking from the very direction they had come themselves. She...also was very much anticipating what seemed, to her, to be the inevitable: flit-boy falling into the pond.

Anitath was still rather bothered by the current situation, snarling at a particularly dense patch of growth. The only answer that got her was a random, clumsy flying grub that bumped into her nose. The garnet snorted, rearing back a bit in surprise. She hissed in annoyance at the grub, moving further away from the stupid thing.

A warble from above caught her attention, the garnet grumbling but turning her gaze skyward towards the source. Stupid plants had to grow so tightly together...

The dragon that hailed her was a blue who was in an annoyingly good mood. His rider asked him to do a flyover of the island and he was happy just like that? She did not see his rider with him which meant he was separated from her, just as Anitath could not reach her Kunati. How could he be so excited about exploring when his bonded was in the middle of a strange place that he could not even reach if His needed him?!

In the time it took her to think those things the blue turned and took off without her. Anitath stared after him, disbelieving. How...he was so focused on exploring! The garnet was left utterly baffled. He had made it sound like he wanted her company but then up and flew off without an answer, all while seemingly excited about exploring even though His could be in danger. What sort of crazy was he?

Anitath huffed in the direction he'd flown. Rude, she grumbled to no one in particular. If Kelpieth really wanted company then he needed to give her a chance to respond. Anitath turned to walk back to camp, sweeping her tail behind her dismissively. She had no time for flit-brained dragons and their random antics.


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Option 5-2: Investigate the tiny crawlies

Ha, oh this was too perfect. He was good at pictures, she was good at writing. Kela'vis could not stop the big grin that formed. This was so, so very perfect.

"Well then together we are the ultimate note-taking team!" he declared. "All that remains-aside from me getting my things-is for us to decide where our incredible talents can best be put to use for the good of Pern!" It was a bit overly dramatic but Kela'vis was having fun. Today was a good day, yep.

Happy trills greeted them as they approached Nimuevas. Do please let her know that I appreciate her assisting you, the white pearl asked of her rider. He was given a nuzzle as he rounded up his drawing tools and pad.

"Oh I will, I will. I'll never hear the end of it otherwise," Kela'vis said-out loud. He turned then, holding out the tools of his trade proudly. "What do you think? I got some materials to spare if you need. Now...let's see who-mpf!"

Kela'vis was deftly knocked over, sputtering and spitting sand out as he recovered. Tell her, Nimuevas reminded him firmly.

"Shellsh!" Kela'vis exclaimed, the word slightly slurred as he spat more sand. "Sorry. I forgot to tell you: Nimuevas is really happy-grateful-that you're going to be helping me. Uh...hey look at that! They've found a new critter already! Let's go see; bet they could use someone to record their findings." With that he began swiftly walking towards his glintmate, who had an unusual crawlie with him.

"Hey Car'vis, think your new friend will be happy to sit still and have his or her picture taken?" If there was one thing Kela'vis rarely if ever was subtle.
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He glanced over his shoulder at the call from the pearlrider. He wasn't exactly eager to work with them again, having had a bit of an experience with their leader some time prior, but he wasn't going to make a bad impression on himself or the Weyr at large either when they were all supposed to be working together. He gently nudged the Journeywoman with his hip as he passed her and winked. "Call or send Josephine if you need something. And don't get yourself injured - I don't want to see you in my infirmary." It wasn't his of course, but he was teasing her, and anything was on the table when it came to teasing the beastcrafter in his opinion.

He unstrapped his knife at his hip and had it at the ready just in case as he neared the white-rose rider, nodding his head when he reached her. "I'm here." He said, as obvious of a thing as it was to say, and removed his knife just in case. They had no idea what was in the bushes, and if it was something that could jump out at them and attack, he wasn't going to take any chances. "Might want to have something at the ready just in case." He informed her, wishing he had Josephine, but she was determined to stick to the branches with Zumi and the hybrid, and she refused to budge.

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