In My Solitude: Stand-Alone

Any bit of land that is claimed by anyone other than New Atricis Weyr and Walled Hold. This includes territories allied with New Atricis and territories that may not be allied with Atricis.
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In My Solitude: Stand-Alone

Postby Ainokesshou » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:48 pm


It wasn't much of a secret that Soquilith would be rising soon. Thankfully, while Folith was certainly not a stupid dragon, his memory was certainly no better than the average, so he did not remember what season the golden queen generally rose in. Perhaps he should have predicted the approaching Leadership Flight based on the way the queen's glow was increasing, but Vin'del was good at planning and he had spent the last several sevendays encouraging Folith's interest in each and every green that rose.

His great bronze flirted his way into many-a-green's good favors, and Vin'del had shared a more diverse range of beds in the past month than was his habit. But he didn't lose himself in those flights. He could have easily, even comfortably, chosen to walk away, and therefore he didn't need to.

Of course it wouldn't be an issue in Soquilith's flight, not in that sense. The Weyrwoman had made it clear that she was enjoying the flight with her own mate of choice, and Vin'del could hardly fault her. In fact, it was wonderful. Lennoth's flights were perfect. He could find someone to spend the night with, and wholeheartedly wish Folith luck. The problem was that the prize for Soquilith's Flight was more than a clutch of eggs and an evening of shared enjoyment. And he was not qualified, no matter how old Folith was. He had only JUST made Wingleader, and was in no way prepared to take L'van's place. So they would not be there try.

Two turns before, their absence had been an accident. One turn before, he had intentionally taken his bronze out of the Weyr because they were not permitted to try. This turn?

He still hadn't seen Arden's new pet. They had delivered the tiny egg for her Nameday, and then he had been back to the Weyr. He knew the flitt had hatched, and he wanted to see it. His other sister had also given birth to her first child so he was going to meet his sister's flitt and his own new nephew. His Wingsecond had promised to contact him when it was safe to return, and he suspected she was amused at his reluctance for promotion.

But one, maybe two turns as a wingleader, and he would stop holding Folith back. Let him get that sense of leading a wing, and his bronze could chase every queen in the Weyr. Just....not now.
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