Wave Rider - Cetovas's Maiden Race

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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[center]Silver/Black Mohovis[/center]

Mohovis chased after the larger female with all his intent, he dove further after her watching her golden hide as the light faded the further they went. As the botton of the ocean came closer to them, Mohovis watched the great colossal dive and twist around the bends like the goddess she was, her body twisting and spinner, now he did the same, twisting to follow her and taking turns as quickly as he could, his body like a missle twisting and bending with the current and the direction she was going. His lungs didn't burn yet, and he took that opertunity to keep the golden hide in sight, his size wasn't one to compare to the others, so he slipped in and out of the area's rather quickly and with some ease that his larger breatheren may have trouble with, but that's what they would overcome, he heard the words she used almost like a dream, listeneing to her encouraging words and again turned to follow her up this time instead of down to the depths, twisting and twirling with her, he felt the thrill of the ocean song calling him and he let out a song of his own, instead of words and comments, he let his body and song show the thrill of the chase inside him.

As they all reached the top of the ocean he burst from the water as high as his body could go, a great black missle twisting into the air and slamming back down as he went to follow his beauty of light and wait as she chose the one that would provide her the best children, thinking he himself was a worthy male lead him to get close at one point, brushing ever so slightly against her tail, letting the thrill take him for a moment before backing away, his bold move could cost him the entire chase, backing off to give her some room again he twisting and turned keeping a close eye on her movement for any other turns and twists she could provide them to follow.

((sorry this is a little late, here's a quick post for you for the male chaser))
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The giant shimmering blue proved true to his promise, following after the legendary golden pearl as she raced through the dancing sun beams. Those rays glittered off her hide as those it sparkled with such precious metals and Viathavis crooned delightfully at her sheer radiance. Could there ever be anything so brilliant and wonderful as this majestic pearl? He longed for her, pined for her, hoped to prove that there was more to his devotions than just their shared size.

Even as she dove, Rukbat still reached as far as possible to tickle her scales and Viathavis watched with wonder until there was barely a glitter. It was her own radiance that led them in the dark depths, the waters so deep around them that his own shimmer had vanished and only the barest pin pricks of light spots could be seen. Down here, despite his monstrous bulk, he was hidden in the shadows of the deep, practically invisible like many of his black brethen.

For a moment, in this dark, he felt his heart and mind connect as one, as through their bond he knew that his rider was chasing after his own desire now. There was a ripple of contentment between them, and knowing they were as one gave strength to the other. Even while Omri seemed to dodge around buildings, and run bare feet through sand, the black pearl wove and swam lithely around boulders and felt his way through the dark with soft sounds. It was Nymvas who'd shown him his skill, when she'd dove even deeper than this and he'd tried to follow. Even in these depths, his soft clicks and croons painted an image in his mind of his surroundings and ensured his swift movements.

Yet already, Cetovas shone like a beacon, her pale hide leading them on a merry chase through the crags and bones of the ravine and many times he could feel the squirm of one of his fellows as they crowded together into the tight spaces. A warning rumble was given and his own body surged forward a swish to edge himself away from the other male and gain the upperhand. This ravine was only just the beginning though, he knew that if he was not even winded yet, neither was Cetovas and this was only her first test.

Sure enough, as they came out of the ravine over an even deeper trench, they seemed to hover for just a moment as Cetovas felt the pull of which way to go. Her large tail fanned out and sped her up toward the surface with mighty sways and Viathavis turned his nose skyward and did the same thing, propelling himself with powerful sweeps of that massive tail. While the golden pearl pushed herself faster and faster as they neared the surface, Via knew he should reserve his strength just a little and yet still wanted to give her a good show.

The giant black gave into a vigorous burst of speed, only a few lengths from the waves and it was enough to throw himself up into the sky, only the frills of his tail still dangling below. Twisting in the air, the shimmering blue turned his broad side to the surface and flared his fins as wide as he could, making the impact of his bulk that much more of a resounding slap and crash. The sound echoed in the air and reverberated beneath the waves as Via came plunging back down in a turbulence of bubbles and swirling waters as he quickly reoriented himself.

The climb had winded the black pearl slightly, yet as he saved himself from the mighty leap the others took, he still felt a reserve of strength, knew that he could draw more from his rider when needed as well. They were connected now more than ever, each of them so close to their prizes that they could practically reach out and touch them.

Viathavis took off after Cetovas again, powering through those dancing rays once more as they continued on this glorious race to the finish. Nothing can compare with your marvel Cetovas, The black warbled through the waters, daring to squeeze in beside her and aching to rub his scales against her. Not yet though, only when she'd chosen him to take her further, to find their own grotto to disappear into. I have strength still to carry you across the oceans my lovely, and I will swim with you for however long it takes to prove that to you. The giant pearl crooned longingly before putting a little more distance between them, dropping back down by her tail to give her the space to choose for herself.
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Rose-Black Kionvis

Each slice of her tail through the water was like a beacon to each of the males, and he was no different, using it as one of the many signs to follow after her, to continue on even as the body started to weaken from the chase they were being led upon. He would not give in to the ache until his rider pulled him back, and they had no intentions of doing so; he had no intentions of letting go either, and it was with that in mind that he continued to push forward, cutting through the water with the determination of a creature eager to see his mate successfully his.

They would not let this end without only the best twining with her. There were several to choose from, and he was certain he would be among them. A sire to the future of their kind, one of the many that would out perform the rest. It was just a matter of proving himself in the water. So when she turned, he turned, when pulled out another maneuver, he tried to mimic her in every way. He was by no means perfect, and would never claim to be, but neither would he attempt to disparage his attempts either.

He gave a burst of speed to try and cut off another of the black pearls, one that had come from the depths that was unknown to their flotilla, and he would have cried out in pleasure that he had succeeded if not for his focus being on the great shining queen. They would not take her away from their strikes, from the true mates that had earned their places at her side.

From among them she would choose, and outsiders, in his opinion, were not welcome to this chase. I would swim to the edges of the ocean, to the very depths of our seas, to prove myself worthy of you, dear queen. There is no place I would not move for you in this world just to prove of my ever lasting loyalty to you.

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The water foamed angrily from all the large bodies leaping and diving in and out of it. This time the glowing white-gold didn't dive as deeply into the open water. Instead she shot straight ahead as fast as she could. All of her frills and fins were pulled down to make her as stream lined as she could. In these open waters she could swim for hours if she wished, but the desire to mate was getting stronger and stronger.

Her large body turned back towards the shore and up to the surface of the water. For a time she allowed her large frame to be swept to the shore line with the swell of a wave. This also gave her a moment to rest and relax her muscles. Her large bejeweled head turned to look at all of her suitors. How proud she was to have so many and how awful it was that she could not choose all of them. However, she could choose just more than one.

Feeling that now was the time, she turned direction and headed straight back for the males. She did not fear them trying to force her, they knew better than that. She crooned and trilled happily, despite her muscles burning from their exertions. You all have pleased me, but today I must choose only a few of you. Yes, she decided she needed two mates for her maiden race. This would ensure the best clutch possible. Coming to the first chosen male she rubbed against him affectionately as she swim by. Mohovis, you have pleased me greatly. She told the black-silver before heading straight for the other mate. Cthuvis, you've proven to be very intelligent. I shall pick you as well this day. Cetovas said as she nuzzled against the black-rose. Then, picking up speed again she head back out to sea, knowing that the males she picked was following. Together they would find a spot to finish the race.

Soon enough there will be a PC hatching, so get those candidates active!
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