When Golden Hide Seeks Golden Skies - Gold Lennoth's Flight

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Date: Sho 4
Time: Late afternoon
Weather: Clear, seasonably warm

The sounds of the Weyr had begun to quiet as Rukbat sank toward the western horizon. Daylight was not completely gone yet, Rukbat sitting on the Western horizon, casting long shadows that promised night and rest. The day's activities, though, were coming to a close. Wings had ceased their practices and lessons were over for the newly impressed as well as each class of weyrlings, day wherlings and the candidates who had yet to find their life partners. The whers and their folk still slumbered. The earliest dinner goers--the elderly and the children--were sitting down to their meals, but most everyone else would wait yet.

It was in that liminal moment, that in-between of busyness, that the tension that had been falling heavier over the Weyr the whole day broke with a loud trumpet. Lennoth stood on the ledge of the Weyr, head held high and chest puffed out, letting the males get a good eye at her. She trumpeted once more and then leapt off the wall, flying out to the beast pens and diving down upon her prey. She landed so hard on the first one she squished it in half. The scent of offal hit her nostrils. They flared and it was only through her rider's assistance and turns of experience that she could push the hunger aside, leaving that first carcass to bleed out onto the grass and snapping out to grab another beast, rumbling at its terrified squeals before her teeth severed its head and neck completely. Warm blood sprayed into her mouth and she drank it up. The moment it slowed, she tossed that carcass aside for the next, no thought or consideration to any possible waste in her bloodlust. There was plenty. And she claimed it as hers, just as she claimed the males who flocked to her.

You circle and watch believing yourselves to be predators, she spat at the males, snapping at one who dare draw too close as she tossed aside her third carcass, her lust for blood finally sated and the need to rise, to gain altitude, to be chased, growing ever stronger. Heed me! I will decide the choicest of you.

And, with that, Lennoth leapt into the air, beat her wings to create a heavy draft, and rose into the sky.
On the ground, Rhianwen had turns of experience now and knew when to expect her dragon's rise. The agitation and impatience she had felt growing all day told Rhianwen Lennoth would not wait another day, so she had cleared her calendar, informed the other queenriders, and, after lunch, had retired to her apartment with a tray of food for dinner.

Lennoth is due to rise so I think it best to inform you, should your own dragon chase or not, that I lock my door for flights and have no plans to change that.

Rhianwen sighed in relief at Lennoth's bugle. She walked to the door, but hesitated as her hand rested on the lock. Images flooded her mind, memories of skin and heat and lips and gasps, grasping fingers and luscious pink parting before her. That person was so close now. It would be too easy to send Astarin. Inez would know even without a note. She didn't have to be alone. She didn't have to open her door and secrets to just anyone, either. It was a dream Rhianwen thought would never come true and now the only thing standing in its way was Rhianwen, herself.

The warm scent of blood filled Rhianwen's nostrils and shocked her out of her daydream. No, she had made this decision and would stick to it. Blood only, she commanded as she felt Lennoth's hunger rise. Today would have been her usual feeding day, which meant her body would be at its lightest now that the males were to chase. It took little effort to reign Lennoth in now. The gold was no longer a maiden and knew the importance of holding back on some of her desires to fully allow the rest to come to fruition.

Warm blood sprayed into her mouth and Rhianwen locked her door. She picked up the tray of light finger foods, knowing better than to think herself capable of eating after the flight, and retired to her bedroom. She would eat what she could until Lennoth took her over completely.
Lennoth rose above the Weyr wall, above the tree tops, above the distant southern mountain range. The higher she rose, the further up Rukbat appeared in the sky. When she hit the level where the air started to thin and each beat of her wings generated less lift, Lennoth turned and, instead of diving, flew towards Rukbat, letting its warmth fan her own flames and its light glint off her hide. Any who attempted to come straight at her would be blinded by its rays. The males would not be able to follow her if they rose higher than her, thanks to Rukbat's low position on the horizon blinding any attempts. But Lennoth could look around and see them, study them, just fine.

Stamina and strength of will were what the gold needed to see, dedication and creativity were strongly hoped for, as well. So she would push her followers out to the edges of Atrician territory, dropping her altitude only enough to keep the air easier to fly through, while never letting Rukbat touch the ground.

How far will you follow? How long? she teased, her eyes catching on the encroaching night they would have to return through, And under which circumstances?
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:47 pm

Wingrider Inez and Brown Dragon Iorveth

After such exertion from her drills, the day had left Inez exhausted and sore. She wished for a long soak in her tub, in waters scented with a savoury lavender oil with the faintest hint of rosemary, something to ease the tensions in her muscles, and to wash away the soot of the day. With the workday drawn to a close, Inez had the chance to enjoy the next few hours without the demands of sweat and grime from a dragonrider's life; now she could wash it all away.

Lennoth rises, Iorveth warned her as he wheeled down for her apartment.

The warning did not entirely catch Inez off guard, though it did yank her attention towards the distance where Rhianwen's home stood. She did not even bother to ask if he would chase, though she wondered for the briefest moment if she should. Rhianwen's words of caution came swiftly to mind: Lennoth is due to rise so I think it best to inform you, should your own dragon chase or not, that I lock my door for flights and have no plans to change that. The faintest smile at the time answered Rhianwen, Of course.

Now as Inez sat on Iorveth's shoulders with the temptations of flight beginning to tug at her desires, she debated her course of action. Part of her yearned to knock on Rhianwen's door, while the honourable part of her knew the best course of action was seclude herself within her own apartment and lock her own door.

If you went to her, it would help me a great deal, Iorveth tempted her.

His words sealed her course of action. I'd rather not give you the satisfaction, she responded with the furrow of her brows. Never would Inez use Rhianwen for her dragon's gains. He could use his prowess to win his queen. With ease, she slipped from her perch and touched down to the ground. Go chase your queen. Inez would draw her bath and soak for the duration of the flight. It would help to soothe nerves aggravated by the dragon driven lust, soaking those parts of her often neglected between Iorveth's wins, for Inez never took moths to bed. Moths were filthy creatures. Even intoxicated by flight after a loss, it was easy to recall her repulsion towards them and turn down their sordid offers.

Later, after the flight, when both their minds were collected, Inez would go to Rhianwen to check on her. For the meantime, Inez locked her door and allowed the water to run.


With Inez sequestered away, Iorveth took towards the feeding pen and made his kill. He made sure to be careful of Lennoth's snapping maw, for she made clear that she demanded space from her suitors. Croons and coddles would not help them. With her demands made, the massive brown gave her a wide berth and blooded his kill, waiting all the while for her to finish. Let his size and skill speak of his worth rather than suffocate her with his longings.

As he stood in waiting, he fanned his wings and made his mass known. A foot longer than his own giant of a sire, Iorveth was now the largest brown in all of New Atricis, and one of the largest dragon of the weyr, surpassed only by a single gold and a handful of bronzes. He knew how to catch a gold, for he had previously succeeded in Telgar Weyr despite his young age. Now with Lennoth ready to rise, he was determined to prove his worth once again.

When she rose, he did not delay to ascend after her. Higher and higher she flew, though he had chased enough queens to recognise her trickery, or so he thought. Rather than dive down after the clump of males, she shot for the sun, threatening to blind them if they dared to pursue. He dared.

Use her body as a shield from the light, Inez commanded him from the ground.

Iorveth agreed with her tactics, and did as she ordered. It took him little effort to keep up with the gold, though he gave her enough space to use her form to block the brunt of the blinding rays. From here, he could judge her direction, and manoeuvre with her rather than against.

How far will you follow? How long? And under which circumstances?

Iorveth bugled out in response to the challenge, his call spreading through the skies, and rippling on the lands below. He would pursue her long past the horizon if that was what it took to prove himself to her. Fly where you will, but know I will never cease to follow you, my sky!
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Lerina was winding down from her day, looking forward to dinner in the dinning Cavern where she hoped to get word on how her half sister was doing. It wasn't easy to see the new Weyrlings given their dragons were so young and needed all of their rider's attention. One thing she was glad for was despite the uniqueness of Sunaia's dragon she'll not suffer the abuse she had gone through after Impressing Issormoth.

The trumpeting of a gold drew Lerina's attention skyward where she spotted Lennoth high up on the ledge of the Weyr. Almost immediately she heard many responding calls including Issormoth. Lerina silently cursed as the lust started to surge through her body. So much for an early dinner and relaxing conversation.

Must you Issormoth? she inquired, all ready heading back towards her apartment. She had no desire to tumble in bed with some random rider, male or female. It just didn't appeal to her at all. Fortunately Rhianwen typically kept her doors closed for mating flights so Lerina felt absolutely no obligation to seek her out. Once in her apartment she closed and locked her door. It looked like she will spend the evening alone.

Issmormoth barely gave his rider more than a mental return of love and let his actions answer her question. He drove down towards the feeding grounds, keeping a wide birth from the queen. He selected a large buck and killed him efficiently before sinking his teeth into its neck and draining it dry of all blood. He looked over at Lennoth when she spoke and rumbled in amusement.

<We're all predators and you are the finest among us. I cannot speak for the others who have gathered but to me you are definitely not prey. I won't chase the catch you like I do this beast beneath my talons, you I chase before you are far more desirable than any meal, a glowing wonder to chase across the skies. I will chase to prove I am strong, I will fly for as long as you to show I will have plenty endurance to spare to carry us both safely back. In the end, the choice is yours, for you will never be something for males to claim or call prey.>

It was more than Issormoth typically said to any gold but it seemed a good way to respond to her challenge. When the last beast was drained and Lennoth took to the sky, Issormoth launched into the air after her. He ignored the other dragons also given chase knowing their side, hide colour or attitude mattered not. He was a large brown but definitely not the largest in this chase, that status went to Iorveth. Issmorth didn't let that discourage him as he knew staying power was also important and Lennoth wasn't that much bigger than he was.

He kept a steady pace, matching her maneuvers as well as he could. He was built for stamina more than agility. The sun was constantly in his eyes but he focused on the form of Lennoth even if he couldn't see her brilliance as well with the sun before them. What was important to the tri-coloured brown was she could see him, determined to stay as close and not flagging behind like some others at this point. He had caught a garnet before and enjoyed their time together, he certainly wouldn't treat Lennoth any less than giving her his best. Issormoth also wanted to prove he could be a wonderful Sire and produce a strong healthy clutch but he knew he couldn't do that till he caught a fertile female and he knew Lennoth was a fine gold to chase.

>I will follow you as far as you need me to go and through whatever circumstances you put before me,> came Issormoth's simple answer.
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Dark eyes glanced around, and A'ric couldn't help but just, stare off into the distance for a moment. For some reason, he was more tired today than he normally was, and he had already found himself zoning out more than once. It was not something he was proud of. As a Wingleader, he knew he should always keep his focus, even if everything wasn't going right for him, or for Behemoth. The two of them were a team, and they led this Wing, and made sure they always acted like it. Today though, was different. Even with Behemoth pretty much yelling at him to keep his attention on what he was doing, he just couldn't.

Not that things were bad, it was just, today was one of those days where he kind of wished he wasn't a Wingleader. Sure, he loved the honor and the chance to constantly prove himself, but sometimes, he just wished he had more time to himself. More time for Viktor, more time for Kit, more time for Behemoth (besides drills), and more time for hanging with friends. That way of thinking he knew wasn't really the greatest, but it was how he felt. At least he wasn't the Weyrleader anymore for now. That had been a lot of work, and he had been grateful for the opportunity. It was nice to not have as MUCH pressure now. Then again, there was always pressure. It was the pressure that he and Behemoth both put on themselves.

Finally the drills were over, and A'ric went and took a nice hot bath, trying to get himself to relax a little. Taking a few deep breaths, he found himself sinking lower into the water. Honestly, he didn't want to get out, but a rumble in his stomach reminded him that it was getting close to dinner time, and he hadn't really ate anything for lunch. Food had been the last thing on his mind. Knowing the drills they had, he had just wanted to get started and get on with the day.

Kit was off doing her own thing today, so the bronze rider decided to go get a quick bite to eat. Right now, he just wanted to get home and try and relax after the hard day. Since he was so tired, the young man actually decided to just get the foods and take it back to the apartment he shared with Kit. Eating there just seemed like a better idea. Then he could relax with a glass of ale and maybe a good book or something while he ate.

It turned out to be a good idea, and the young man had a nice relaxing dinner. Actually, he had continued to read even after dining, curling up on the couch for a little bit, that was, until he was interrupted by his dragon. Lennoth rises A'ric!

With that, A'ric set the book down quietly. It hadn't really come as a surprise, but he hadn't been really thinking to much about it either. Now that he thought harder, there had been some signs that someone was going to rise. His bronze had been on edge a bit more than usual. Good luck Behemoth[/b] His dragon took off, sending word to Kit. A'ric knew she'd probably be home soon, so he just waited.

Behemoth made his way quickly to the beast pens, selecting one of the biggest ones he could find, while also trying to stay out of the Queens way. He bled it, and then his attention quickly turned to Lennoth. As she took off, he quickly lept after her, matching her moves the best he could, although he obviously lacked her grace.

I will follow you as far as I need to, for as long as I need to to prove myself to you!

Circumstances? No circumstances will keep me from you and your beautifulness!
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It had been a busy day so far, full of drills and tending to Wojoth, and now it was time to kick back and relax. Duke was hoping to catch some time with Cles later, perhaps, though he had yet to see if the greenrider was free... though come to think of it he should probably check in the craftshops to see if the man was there, if he'd eaten. He felt his footsteps heading in that direction when something stopped him, a familiar prickling a the back of his neck, that slid down into his belly.

His gaze drifted high up, and he spotted the shining hide of Lennoth just as she trumpeted her intentions. He knew that Wojoh would chase even before he heard the bronze's brassy call in return. No warning this time? He turned on his heel, disappointed that he wouldn't get the chance to see Cles until much later in the evening, if at all today.

You will survive. Lennoth is far more important right now. She is so beautiful, is she not?

He waved his hand as he reached his apartment and locked the door. Not only did he know that Rhianwen do the same, but he... he had not joined a flight in some time. He heard the bronze snort in his head and he snorted back in return, sent Cersei off, knowing he wanted to be alone, and poured himself some strong whisky. It was going to be a long flight.

In the sky, Wojoth took on the challenge of the shining gold. Golden Lennoth... you are the brightest object in the sky, outshining the very sun. Even if I prove my worth to you, I shall never be able to eclipse your beauty, your perfection, with my form.

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Ever since coming to Atricis, Norieth had taken advantage of the freedoms offered to him that were never available as an outcast in Ista, and Chased after nearly every Gold who's risen within those last Turns. There was always one though, one among them that had shined the brightest to the sandy brown though, the most beautiful of all the Golds for her unique pale hide and burnished golden points. There would always be a soft spot for Lennoth, as he was her first and seemingly favorite and thus Norieth would never forgive himself if he were not able to give unto her the promise of his devotions once more.

Perhaps it was this history they shared together that gave the sandy brown a hint of extra confidence when the golden goddess was reaching her season and his usual streak of vanity and charm grew with every passing day. So sure of himself was he, that he even dared to dote upon the queen, supplicating her with a big fat wherry during the sevendays leading up to her time of glory. As much as she would allow, Norieth stayed close, preening for and complimenting his lady love until the moment she would claim the skies as her own and he vowed to follow her to great heights.

For her part, Ay'li made sure that Nori didn't let his ego get too big and still proved his worth around the Wing and Weyr as well. They ran Drills, they did their Sweeps, and whenever they were on duty the brown was ever vigilant and dutiful. She took care of the brown even while he pined for his beauty, and as she bathed and oiled him, all she heard about lately was Lennoth and his vow to be hers when the time came. Ay'li would never dream of holding him back ever again from a Gold flight, but did he really need to pine so much leading up to the Flight? She smirked softly as she reminisced about his yearnings with another who knew her plight well enough.

So it was with great relief for all involved, when Lennoth finally rose from her slumber late that afternoon to announce herself to the Weyr. Already on alert, Norieth gave a trimuphant bugle and all but forget about his rider as he leapt into the sky, diving toward the feeding pen to give himself the much needed fuel to sustain him during the grueling competition. While they had a history and he planned to bank on that, he knew he would still have to prove himself to the lovely golden goddess, that he still had what it took to please her more so than any other male who thought to win her over. Taking down a buck, he drained the creature dry feeling the warmth of the blood flowing down his throat, to the talons on his feet, the tip of his tail and the pinions of his wings. All of him felt alive, and he was going to use up every ounce of that energy to do whatever it took to prove to Lennoth he was still the best choice.

When she sprang into the sky, Norieth was right behind her, following her wing beat with one of his own and stayed as close as he dared to the golden goddess. She would be the one to make the choice, and it was up to him to show her why she should choose him above all the others. The rest of the males didn't matter, save they were only the competition and so long as he flew smarter than they did, stayed close to his queen and gave the Chase she desired so much, he just knew that he would be the right choice. Even as she flew into the waning rays of Rukbat, he dared to follow her, though other males seemed to shuffle and adjust to the blinding light, Norieth slipped down a little lower beneath them, eyes raised up to watch the golden beauty instead of trying to blind himself trying to stay directly behind her.

Her pale hide shimmered in the sunset, casting a fiery color along her hide with every waver of wing and muscle and he crooned to her appreciatively as his gaze leveled on her, and only her as they flew unerringly through the open skies. From experience, you know there is no limit to my devotions to you, glorious Lennoth. We will Fly together to the ends of Pern and back again ten times over and I would never falter so long as I have you by my side. The sandy brown warbled lovingly as he flew just below her, ready to bank upwards and climb higher still when she called for him to join her.

As the noble brown did his best to woe over his lady love, his rider already knew where she could find a prize and as the whole Weyr seemed to be put on rest, she knew that he would likely be available as well. With a sly sort of smile on her lips, the femme brownrider slipped through the apartment buildings until she reached one of the largest and paused only long enough to glance around and make sure no one was watching her too keenly, and then slipped into the bronzeriders' apartment, locking the door behind her.
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While Lennoth made sure to not let the males think she was paying too much attention to any of them, she did take the opportunities granted her to keep her eye on those who appeared the most fit. On those who kept up with her, not falling too far behind as they lumbered along or not growing too tired too soon. Whichever male she chose, after all, would carry the both of them in the end. A tired male would mean a short mating period.

A number of them called out to her with promises and praises. Lennoth preened underneath the attention.

Fly where you will, but know I will never cease to follow you, my sky!

>I will follow you as far as you need me to go and through whatever circumstances you put before me,>

Pretty promises only get you so far, Lennoth replied to the males, Prove to me your devotion is as firm as your words. She eyed Norieth, whom she so often favored.

From experience, you know there is no limit to my devotions to you, glorious Lennoth. We will Fly together to the ends of Pern and back again ten times over and I would never falter so long as I have you by my side.

I do know, good Norieth. Stay with me, she cooed, cheering the brown along.

She eyed Behemoth and his absurd size. He could certainly carry her easily if he was able to handle his own sheer bulk through the duration of the flight. But size alone won't win you anything today, she warned him before shooting up into the sky, back up to her earlier heights.

Golden Lennoth... you are the brightest object in the sky, outshining the very sun. Even if I prove my worth to you, I shall never be able to eclipse your beauty, your perfection, with my form.

Wojoth was another new chaser that caught Lennoth's attention, but his words left her heated and she climbed further and faster. Only a fool would try, she replied, only slightly mollified that he'd suggested someone outshining her by the fact that he knew so well he could not.

Only then did Lennoth dive through the pack of males, daring them to attempt to catch her or hurry to dodge. She broke free of them all, no worse for wear, and turned back towards home. With the sun no longer blinding any of her suitors, it, instead, shone on her hide, leaving her to glow bright against a now-darkening sky.

Her wings ached in exhaustion and her lust began to call her to even higher skies and a mate who could take her there. It was when Atricis came into sight once more, the sky purple and the first of the stars peering down upon them that Lennoth made her decision, picking the male who had proven his strength, his endurance, his devotion the most to her on this flight.

Behemoth! Climb with me! she called out to the large bronze. His strength and hide sang to her. Together we will outshine even the dawn sisters! And our offspring will cover the sky, as well.

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Congratulations, Behemoth!
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