The Sunset Rises Before Dawn - Fersk's Maiden Run

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:37 am

Season: Late Winter
Time of Day: Just before Dawn
Weather: Raining
The weather had been bullshit for several days already. Despite the end of winter was in sight, that didn't mean the weather was getting any better. The rains still fell, causing most of the weyr to be muddy and damp. That didn't mean that the wherhandlers could shirk their duties any, especially not when the felines were still at large and still managed to be a threat to the entire weyr. Ferghas and Fersk were doing their part to try and help protect the weyr. While they did care for the people living in their home to a certain extent, well to be fair Fersk honestly did care, Ferghas was more concerned with their own hides and if he could make some sort of profit from this ordeal.

Patrols today had been, at least, uneventful...well, uneventful in that there was no signs of felines or any other trouble. For Ferghas though he could tell that there was something different with his lovely lady this evening than the others. She was moodier than usual, which was saying something considering she'd been moody most of the week. Ferghas had, at first counted it to the fact she was upset with all the loss they had suffered at the paws of the felines, but as the night moved on he was beginning to suspect it was something entirely different. It had been three turns since he'd bonded to this gorgeous creature. In the beginning he figured that she would rise for her maiden run by at least two turns of age. So when those two turns had come and gone he began to speculate that because Fersk was unique that she simply did not have the urge for mating runs. He didn't mind and loved her regardless, though there was a part of him that felt sorry she would not get to experience that part of being a wher.

They had been back from patrol for a few candlemarks now. Enough time to get dinner and be a little rested. Fersk had grouchily told Ferghas she was going to sleep while he went to eat and drink or whatever. Ferghas didn't argue with her and let her be. It was as he was on his way back to his place when what he'd began to be suspicious of proved itself to be true. Fersk, darling, are you alright? He asked her curiously.

More fine. Best. Tonight is mine. No rain will damper me. Fersk answered him in a powerful, desire-filled voice. He watched as he saw her sunset hide stampede through the rain from their home towards the corrals. She'd never felt so hot and so alive before in her life. Strong limbs carried her quickly to where the scent of blood drove her. She leaped over the fencing and immediately chased down a large size buck before sinking her teeth into it's neck. Blood it only, Fersk! Do you understand me? Ferghas ordered her. A battle of wills began between them, but in the end Ferghas won out and Fersk only drank the warm blood of the butchered animal.

While Fersk had her fun killing more animals, each time he had to order her to blood only, Ferghas made his way back to his place. Since he'd given up on thinking they'd ever have a mating run, he was rather giddy about the whole experience. He knew that wherhandlers didn't feel the urge to participate in their whers runs as strongly as riders, but he was a man of pleasure and fun. As soon as he got to his place he opened the door and left it that way while he quickly went to his bedroom to slip into something more comfortable should any of the others decided they would rather not sit through the run by themselves. He emerged from his bedroom in night pants and a robe and then helped himself to glass of whisky to enjoy while he sat through the run.

Fersk finished her kills and took off with a bolt, leaving whatever males had noticed her before she'd called out to them in her wake. Chase if you brave enough. Prove you are worthy. Show Fersk what is true run, if you dare. She called out loudly in challenge to all the males as her legs carried her away from the weyr and into the surrounding area. She would give the males a good run, she was not going to be easy to catch. This was her time and she intended to shine.
And the run has started!! PC and NPC males are welcome. Ferghas's door is open should anyone wish to join him and he does so hope a few people join him. This will be a 2 round run as per the majority request. I will be starting the second round within a week, maybe a little longer as I will be busy most of the day on the 27th. Good luck to you all!
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Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:11 pm


It gnawed at her belly, it raced through her bones. Her appetite was veracious when she sat down to eat after patrols. Saibra recognized it for what it was - Sarsk was interested in a chase. He wasn't saying who it was though, which was unusual for him, and she couldn't tell who it might be based on her interactions with her fellow handlers. As she tore into her meal with an unusual furious method, she decided she was just going to have to wait, which left her with flecks of heat in her body. Why she was having this sort of response she didn't know, and she wondered if it would last when she finally found out who it was.

Get ready. She almost there. Sarsk told her, and Saibra lifted a brow, but the bronze repeated his words and she decided not to argue with him. She stood up, abandoning her meal to Lady of the Rose who had been watching from the sidelines, and left for her place, where she cleaned up, dressed in something a little more... provocative, though she wasn't entirely sure why when it was just a run and she wasn't sure who she was dressing up for.

Then it was just a matter of pacing until Sarsk spoke to her again.

Fersk glorious Fersk!



Then again...

She supposed he wasn't all that bad looking, and being in bed with him wasn't all that bad of a prospect. There were worse possibilities, in all honesty. And despite their... history, with one another, she didn't really know him well enough to base an opinion on him. It was just a run besides, it wasn't like she was going to bed him. She knocked a hand on head as she turned the glows and left her place to walk the short distance to Ferghas' residence in the tunnels. She just needed to get laid, that's all. It had been far, far, FAR too long.

When she reached the location, she wasn't surprised to see the door wide open, and took that as a sign to let herself in. She quickly located the man and found a clear spot to stand next to. "So, she said, smirking as she leaned briefly against the wall, her voice strangely husky with desire. "I suppose I know now why I've been the way I've been today. I don't know if I should thank Fersk for that or not." She pushed away from it and moved closer until she stood in front of him, a tiny figure in comparison. "I think for now, I'll thank her." She winked and tapped the man on the chest. "Have a good run, Ferghas."

Outside, Sarsk followed Fersk not as a puppy, but as a strong, desiring male. He watched her with admiration, need, and respect and when she called out to the rest of her suitors, he called back with words of his own, his kills abandoned in favor of chasing after the beauty that she was. I give chase as I dare. May be young, but prove my worth to you. Allow me to show what I know tonight.
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Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:20 pm

After an uneventful patrol Inggharudube was restless. He could have joined Saibra in seeking food but despite the hunger he felt in his belly he knew food wasn't what he was craving. Inggharudube had felt this before and recognized it for what it was, feedback from his wher. He headed for the sparring circle and grabbed the nearest practice sword and quickly fell into routine till Inggharusk indicated the female Wher who was about to begin her run was ready.

Is it Ceask? Inggharudube asked, recalling his bronze's first chase. He had enjoyed spending the night with Carrole but he didn't think it was time for Ceask to run yet. There had been far more important things on his mind however than keeping track of the rut cycle of the female Whers.

<No, beautiful Fersk is prime. She will be mine,> Inggarusk responded, already making his way towards the corral where the Sunset Wher was blooding her first kill. He took down his own beast once the herd had moved to the far end of the carrel to get away from the blooding female. His attack was quick and precise, the poor animal didn't even have a chance to bleat before his life was snuffed out. Instinct had him blood the animal and he drank deep of the hot energy giving blood.

Inggharudube gave a grunt and grabbed a towel to wipe sweat from his body. He probably had time to bathe but he decided not to. Bedding men was never something he did out of desire, often he used it more as punishment so inflicting such actions on Ferghas didn't appeal to him at all. Twirling the practice sword in one hand he contemplated how best to wait out the run then gave a soft curse and took two strides towards the weapons's rack and replaced the practice sword he was using. For all he knew Ferghas would have a closed Run anyway but his gut was telling him he wouldn't. Then he recalled who else would likely chase and Inggharudube grinned. Perhaps he could grab Saibra to ease the lust as he was certain Inggharudube would win and he would rather have her than Ferghas. Now if another should win or Saibra' Sarsk, he would just have to find some other female to enjoy. Grabbing his shirt where he had tossed it half way through his work out he headed for Ferghas's room.

Inggharusk finished blooding his second kill then turned his attention on the glowing Fersk. He had more than enough blood to fuel him for the run and he saw he wasn't the only male interested in her. Giving a low warning growl he strolled stiff legged between Sarsk and the object of their desire. He was bigger than the other bronze and in his mind, stronger and far more appealing a mate, but why take chances? He will prove his worth to Fersk in short order but in the mean time the bronze was more than happy to intimidate his rivals by his size and demeanor. He wasn't going to waste energy by fighting, besides these males were his comrades in arms and he would need them whole if they were to work together to drive out the Felines.

Then Fersk was off and Inggharudube didn't waste any more time intimidating males in favour of chasing after Fersk. His claws dug deep into the earth and powerful legs propelled him forward with speed. Though he lacked the heavy bulk of some Whers he was strong and agile. His keen sense of smell was filled with the scent of Fersk's thick musk, the most beautiful scent he ever smelled. He chased after her, not hesitating to cut across the path of other males. He was agile enough to make sharp turns and he would do his best to keep ahead of the pack so Fersk would only see him in hot pursuit and the others just mots of dust in the distance.

<Stong I am, smart and best hunter here. Feed you well I shall, strong defender for you and our offspring. Strong fighter, Great Hunter, this you know. Now you see how good I chase.> Inggharusk told her then fell silent.

Seeing Ferghas's door open Inggharudube snorted. He considered just waiting out there, till the race was won but voices inside drwe him in. He smirked as he spoted Saibra already here even as Inggharusk confirmed her bronze was also in the Run.

"Nice to see I am not the only one lured here," Inggharudube spoke up, leaning against the wall where Saibra had been only moments before. Unlike her however he had no interest in moving closer to Ferghas. "Should Inggharusk win or neither of our Whers, feel free to fall into my arms Saibra. No offense Ferghas," He added glancing at the Sport Handler.
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Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:21 pm

Solonia had been hoping they could have gotten through the winter without a female that would entice Solonisk Running. Everything was wet and muddy this time of the turn, and Chasing in the rain and mud always made Solonisk spectacularly dirty. Of course, however, a wher to catch Solonisk's eye chose to Run before the rains had moved on. She watched as her dark beast slunk out of their shared space to make his way to the feeding pens to prepare for the Run at hand. Solonia had to only wonder briefly who was running before Solonisk showed her a mental image along with a name.

Fersk. That was all he answered her with, but it was plenty of information to go by. At least, she thought with some relief, she wouldn't have to traverse out into the rain to get to Ferghas' room. Granted, she didn't know if he would have his door open or not, but it didn't hurt to check. Perhaps, if he wasn't open, there would be someone else lingering who might be.

While Solonia got ready to check by Ferghas' quarters, Solonisk padded out from the Handler Tunnels and into the rainy dark. Fersk was making he kills and even a few males. Solonisk joined them in blooding, but made sure to not get too close to Fersk so soon. He blooded two medium sized wherries, felling each squawking creature quickly and easily to fill his stomach with the warm energy he'd need to fuel him without weighing him down and making him slow. He might not have been the smallest male present, he was smaller than Fersk and smaller than the two huffing bronzes that were present so far. He would be at a disadvantage, he knew, but he was going to give himself his best chance, and so not an ounce of meat slid into his belly.

There was little warning as to when Fersk has finished her blooding before she took off, forcing many of the males, Solonisk included, to abandon any kill they were still working on in order to Chase. Luckily, his second kill had been nearly drained when he left it. He sprang over the fences to not get left behind, and took off over the damp ground with the pack of males eager to Chase and Catch.

Solonisk here to Chase Fersk. Show Fersk how strong. He wasn't going to not answer her call and risk being overlooked. Other than his bright eyes and the white stripes on his hide, it was easy for him to blend into the dark rainy night, so he had to try to keep from being unseen.

Solonia, meanwhile, finished her own prep for the Run and made her way to Ferghas' room. She'd brushed her hair and put on something simple but... easy to remove should the occasion call for it. She wasn't pretending that she was hoping for anything other than a roll in the hay, so to speak. She knew she there was a chance that if anyone was there, no one would be interested in her, but it didn't hurt to try, as not everyone minded a woman with muscles, especially since she saw that Ferghas' door was open.

Already there were some handlers present, not really surprising Solonia since she had taken her time getting here. She was a little surprised to see Bronzehandler Inggharudube present, as he never seemed the type, but, then again, given how far he stood back and how his eyes were on the only female in the room, Solonia could gather what was really going on. She wouldn't say anything on it though, since she didn't have the whole context anyways, so instead, she just nodded to the two bronzeriders, before getting a bit closer to Ferghas as well, though not quite as close as Saibra had chosen to.

"Good night, Ferghas," she said casually. "Good luck to Fersk, and to you too," she finished with a wink, definitely not above a bit of flirting. After all, they were here for the sheer fun of it, not because their whers needed them to be or because the pull was too strong.
A wher that almost too late to show himself to the Run was the brightly colored blue, Leitask. He was young, and still fairly inexperienced in Runs, but he seemed eager to try and to Chase. The normally reserved blue came tearing into the feeding pens in time to snap up and blood a large wherry. He was barely partway through a second small one when Fersk took off and he had to abandon it in favor of the Chase. He seemed to be a different wher than usual as he eagerly tore after her through the night, bugling the loudly as he did.

Beautiful Fersk! Leitask Chase! Leitask show best wher! He clearly wasn't put down that he was the smallest male present so far, as well as perhaps the most inexperienced in Runs. He was energetic, ready to go and ready to prove hismelf! He wasn't afraid to try and surge forward as fast as he could right away, to get close to the front of the pack of males to show Fersk how strong he really was. His handler might have hidden herself away in her room from the Run, but Leitask was here fully, as if there were nothing else important in the whole of Pern.
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Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:13 pm

Nights like this one had been, Galana was especially pleased to have a craft that kept her on a reduced patrol schedule. She had been in the infirmary all night, and despite the occasionally unpleasant tasks she took up, she was very happy to be warm and dry. If they had been out tonight, then she would have a long morning ahead of her, cleaning Galask up before she could spare the time to get the mud and debris off her own body. As a healer, she and her wher had spent the evening away from the sloppy forest trails.

But Galask was still alert, and much more so than he should be on a morning after a lazy night. He was paying attention to...something, and Galana was getting an inkling of why, even if she didn't know which female wher he was interested in. They didn't have enough clutchers in the Weyr, and she should be glad of every run, because they were losing whers to the felines and needed to keep the population large enough to sustain itself. She WAS glad of it. She just...wasn't looking forward to cleaning Galask up afterward. Why couldn't the female have gotten the urge to run on a dry, clean night?

Fersk, was all Galask told her, but he turned his attention more to the wher he had named. Galask fast, smart, he told her. Give you clever wherlings.

Fersk meant Ferghas, and Galana smiled in spite of herself. He wasn't her type in the long run, but, well, she got the impression that he didn't want to be anyone's long term interest. She went to his quarters, and heard Inggharudube's comment to the other bronzehandler, and laughed a bit. "I'm sure there are plenty of people here to keep Ferghas entertained if you won't," she told him, giving Solonia an appraising look of her own before looking at the sunset-handler.
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Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:07 am

)O( Mahina of Brown Mahsk )O(
Though Mahsk was quite used to the routine of patrols, Mahina was still adjusting to the new world she had been thrown into. With the lack of a wherling class and their unique situation, the new pair had been tasked with on the job training. Mahina understood their reasoning but that didn't mean that the teenage girl was adjusting quickly. All night long Mahina felt an itch under her skin that only drove her a bit crazy as she tried to guess what was happening to her. As they parted ways with their more experienced partners, Mahina had to refrain from snapping at her scarred wher. Mahsk, for all his clumsy glory, had barely managed to not knock his Mahina over as they neared their quarters. Hissing as she braced herself against a wall, Mahina wondered if the brown had done it on purpose. No... No purpose, Mahina, The brown whispered across her mind even as the girl felt her ire shift.

A dimglow turned bright in Mahina's mind as the pieces clicked into place. It wasn't her itch she was feeling! There was something going on with her Mahsk that she hadn't felt before. "Mahsk? Is everything okay? What's bothering you?" She asked dropping down to the brown's eye-level. Placing one hand on his muzzle, Mahina tried to put more pieces into their places. Gotta Chase, Mahsk answered back with a twist of hunger in his tone that Mahina had never heard before. "Chase?" She mimicked as she went over the crash-course lessons they had a month prior.

"Oh!" Mahina cried out as the quick lessons filtered down to what her brown was hinting at. "A Run! Wh-what do I need to do?" Mahina asked as her brown took off into the damp night. Mahina blinked as a broken memory flickered from Mahsk across their bond. "Uncle?" She called out aloud as the brunette tried to piece the lessons with the bits of memory. A few words about handlers and Runs flickered over her thoughts as she realized what options she had. Before she knew what was going on Mahina found herself lingering outside of an unfamiliar door. She could hear half-familiar voices coming through the door but something had the former beast-crafter wishing to stay on the fringes of things.

Mahsk on the other hand had no qualms about forging ahead. Grateful for his attentive Mahina for insisting that he feed well earlier that evening, the brown snorted impatiently. Why did the others insist on taking so long? Where was the urgency in their ichor? Where was the pull to entice, to impress the lovely Fersk? Pawing the damp earth, Mahsk inhaled deeply to take in the enchanting musk of the lady-wher. He might not be one that was strong in words or understanding but instinct was something that every male understood in times like this. Mahsk follow Fersk anywhere. Lovely Fersk, Mahsk called out from his place in the pack. Mahsk might be built more for strength over speed but stamina was stamina and the brown hoped that he had plenty to spare.
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Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:33 am

Rhea & Brown Rheask & Electrum Rask
Rhea sank into the steaming pool with a pained hiss. After spending the night out on patrol, he'd returned home soaked to the bone and frozen through. A bath seemed the quickest way to avoid hypothermia, but the heated water stung at his flesh, like millions of tiny pins jabbing into him over and over again. By the time he managed to sink in to his shoulders, he was already sweating and could feel the heat rush up his face to match the flush on the rest of his body. He'd been just about to close his eyes and lean back, prepared to soak for the next while until his core temperature returned to an acceptable level, when Rheask perked up.

"No," Rhea groaned in disbelief as he recognized the interest his brown had taken.

Rheask pressed his interest down the bond and Rhea sunk underneath the water with a death moan. Please noooooooooo, he begged, Any other time.

But Rheask would not be deterred--not from such an interesting wher as Fersk was. He stood up from where he lay huddled with Rask for warmth as they dried. She sighed in distaste at being left alone, but left him to his chase with aught more than a reminder that Rhea was gonna be grumpy all day tomorrow now.

Rhea pulled himself out of the bathing pool because even if runs weren't as strong as flights, he just felt better about being in private. Rheask walked out of the tunnels and back into the rain. When Fersk bled an animal, Rheask did, as well. He had been on patrol the latter half of the night and would need the liquid energy to keep up. He watched her closely and beat his front paws against the muddy ground in approval and acceptance of her challenge before immediately taking off after her. Like usual, however, Rheask remained mentally silent. He would focus on his feet and on Fersk. Words would not help a run, after all.
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Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:17 pm

A lady wher had caught Jarsk's interest. There was no denying the thrill of anticipation that buzzed through their bond. As always Jaray planned on either spending the Run with Jaysk, or with Halia. For obvious reasons Halia was ideal but in her absence Jaysk usually proved a perfect distraction. The green wher loved to play with her handler-or failing that, solicit cuddles. Either way Jaray would be kept busy. Taking care of the Runlust in private was sadly not an option. Unless he was with Halia he could count on Jaysk poking her nose in.

"You're a bad wher!" he liked to quip at her, using the common scold for a canine. Even fully grown Jaysk seemed nothing short of an overgrown green puppy. She was also not in the least bothered by the comparison. In her opinion canines were a lot of fun and if they got too bitey she could shove them off.

The result was the same at least...Jaray had plans for what he did during Runs, those Jaysk had and those that Jarsk Chased. When Jaysk would Run, well, Jaray was left alone to handle it should Halia not be available which worked out fine. For this Run...he was playing keep-away with Jaysk. For whatever reason the green insisted on stealing a shirt, a boot, whatever, and then not giving it back. She would chew on the item if Jaray did nothing but then would dart away if he gave chase. "Shard-blast you you unruly green canine!" he snarled, jumping at her-but Jaysk easily dodged him. This was how the Run was going to go for him, poor guy.

For Jarsk the run was...actually not much different all things considered. He would be Chasing a female who he was sure would not make things easy on her suitors. The blue wher fairly purred when Fersk got around to challenging them, licking what remained of the kill he'd blooded from his mouth as he waited for her to Run.

Jarsk brave. Strong too. Will prove it! he informed Fersk, utterly confident that what he said was true. And then they were off, Jarsk quick on Fersk's heels-or as close as he was willing to risk. The blue was experienced enough to conserve his energy and to not intrude upon the Running female's space. She would hardly want him as her mate if he pulled such a stunt! No, instead he opted to stay close-but not too close. He wanted the room to be able to react to sudden changes in direction anyway.
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Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:33 pm

Strong legs carried the glowing wher across grass and rock alike. The wet of the rain and the stick of the mud made the terrain that much more difficult, but that was no matter to Fersk. She was running as wild and free as her wild cousins and felt as though nothing on Pern could stop her. To add to the difficulty of the terrain, the young maiden wher did not make things easy on her males. Up hills and down, through creek beds and rocky ledges, she led them on. It was a gamble with her own stamina, but she was Fersk and tonight she was the queen of this territory.

It was only when she began to feel the burn of muscles in her legs that she finally paid heed to those who chased her. Dear Sarsk. Age no matter. Prove worth other ways. She spoke sweetly to the bronze who was the same age as herself. The next male earned an immediate croon from her. Know this for sure, Iggharusk. I always enjoy your company, but must still prove self worthy this night. The older bronze had been a favorite of hers from the beginning, but whether or not that would help him to win her this night remained to be seen.

Fersk's path led them into a small section of wooded area. Brambles smacked against her face and hide, but that did not slow her down as she leaped over downed trees and ducked under branches. Sweet Solonisk. Prove you are as strong as is handsome and I pick you. Fersk was not so high and mighty that she didn't appreciate all the males chasing her, so she was just as happy to see blues in with the larger colors. Leitask, like excitement. Keep strong, for Fersk. She stated encouragingly to the spotted blue. Clever are you? Prove your cleverness. It may help you win.

Two browns were in the nice sized group of males chasing her. Show with legs and skill you follow. Words just pretty. Fersk told the handsome brown. The other brown, Rheask, did not speak a word to her. Silent, but perhaps as strong as silent, Rheask. She crooned to the brown. Jarsk handsome. Words confident. Show you can prove it. Fersk continued to run, pushing herself to her limits as she burst out of the wooded area and across an open field. This left her vulnerable to the males trying to catch her, but she would not be caught without putting up a fight. This was her run and he choice.

Back in his apartment, Ferghas smirked and smiled at the amount of handlers that did show up to his door. Here he expected one or two, but not this many. "I beg your forgiveness on Fersk's half, Saibra. Perhaps I can make it up to you this evening." He said to the lovely woman, though he was a bit surprised she was here considering their first run in together. He was more shocked to Iggharudube, but then the man spoke and things made more sense. "I shall endeavor to not be too offended, dear friend." Ferghas raised his glass to his commrade. It did irk him some that the man was so bold to come into his apartment if he did not wish anything to do with him personally, but he held his tongue.

To Solonia he returned her wink with a wolfish grin. "Perhaps with your company it will indeed be a good night." Yes, he decided then and there, he rather liked runs. Galana's remark made him smile all the wider. "Yes, the more the merrier. I won't kick anyone out unless they wish to leave." He assured them. "Where are my manners? If anyone would care for a drink, I keep on hand most wines and spirits."
This is the last round before I randomize a winner. I won't think about posting a reply until end of this week, but more likely next Monday is when I'll declare the winner. I know weekends can get crazy for people, myself included.
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Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:31 pm

It didn't take long for Inggharusk to see he would have good competition in this run. He remembered clearly how Sarsk had managed to beat him during the race at the gather place and he wasn't going to let the other bronze win this Run if he could help it. This wasn't his first Chase either and he won his first chase and he fully intended to win this one too. Fersk had been a fascination to him for awhile and they worked good together.

When Fersk spoke to him Inggharusk crooned a response. <I shall prove worthy, not just tonight but till our clutch hatches strong wherlings you'll be proud of.> With that Inggharusk turned his attention in proving he was the best wher here. He may not be as fast or as clever as some but he would prove he was strong with plenty of stamina.

His claws dug deep in the wet soil giving him plenty of traction and where traction faultered, his tail and wings added the balance he need to continue surging ahead. Inggharusk's broad shoulders plowed through the underbrush, inadvertently making the way a little easier for those behind him. The bronze didn't care, his sights were on Fersk and on how best he could prove he was her best choice.

This didn't mean he was above intentionally cutting off another male trying to get ahead or using his tail to knock a branch across the path behind. Nor did he let obstacles slow him down, jumping over those too low to duck under and going under obstacles too high to jump. Anything else he plowed through, sacrificing a little speed by showing how powerful he was and how he let nothing stop him. Brambles racked across his tough hide, a few even managing to cling on but Inggharusk paid no heed to these minor irritants. He rumbled low in his chest, the sound geared to intimidate his competition and entice the female he chased.

It didn't take long for the room to fill with other Handlers, which brught a smirk on Inggharudube's face. A part of him hoped to see Sterling, that she may seek him out once she knew of Fersk's run but was not surprised when there was no sign. Being around other Wherhandlers would be a constant reminder of what she lost. Putting thoughts of Sterling from his mind for now, Inggharudube focused on the women here to hopefully have a good time with Ferghas.

"Good to hear that Ferghas, not that you aren't a prize for these ladies or other male Handlers," Inggharudube responded. In retrospect it would seem odd he was in here without any intention of enjoying the fruits of Inggharusk's success. He could have waited outside but he didn't want to intimidate anybody from coming in by his presence. "Just think of me as a bodyguard, to keep away anybody you aren't interested in," he added with a smirk.
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