Another Adventure Begins- Shireth's 3rd Mating Flight <Open>

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:37 pm

Having undergone two mating flights at this point I'ent was able to recognize the signs his precious green was about to rise. She was more fussy about things and complained more and her crass tongue more pronounced to the point I'ent felt irritable himself. The first time she rose caught him completely by surprise and the second time he made arrangements to have a closed door flight which was even worse in his opinion. All that lust and need and not having any way to relief it other than his own hand wasn't enjoyable at all. In a way he felt Shireth didn't enjoy her time as much either. He decided then not to lock his door, preferring waking up next to a stranger than the pain he suffered being alone. Maybe down the road he'll lock himself away with somebody of his choosing, but for now he'll take whatever rider comes via Shireth's choice.

As before, it was barely dawn when he felt Shireth waken, a powerful mix of lust and burning desire coursing along their link. I'ent had expected it would be this morning so made sure he was up earlier than normal so he could feed Ancient and see the wingless firelizard safe before I'ent was consumed by his dragon's need.

Shireth felt her passions burning and was eager for her newest adventure. It was her third time to rise and she knew so much more about herself and how to make the boys who chase her earn her attention. Bugling her desire loudly she strutted out from her pavilion, wings spread and the brighter green patches on her hide glowing like they were lit from within. Even the 'ring' pattern on her neck seemed to have it's own fiery glow.

>Harken boys, that time has come. To adventure we must go once more, the sky to conquer, the sun to challenge,> Shireth called out both mentally and with a brazen bugle. [color]>Who among you dare face the challenge with me or will you all lay about in the morning sun too cowardly to try you hand with me?>[/color]

Really, Shireth? I'ent asked, finding her challenge a bit over board. He considered mentioning some males may have more important things to do than chase her especially when there were more than enough greens and other female dragons around to mean a mating flight nearly every other day. But he knew better to say that to her at this moment. She could be offended by the thought she didnt' have every male's attention.

<Trust me, they will all know it's my time but only the bravest of them will dare take on my challenge. Those who don't I don't want anything to do with them so they are best hiding under their tents till its all over.> Shireth responded. She didn't give I'ent time to respond before she bellowed once more and launched into the sky, crying out for the males to join her. Rising up well above the Weyr she leveled off and flew as quickly as she could towards the sea before taking a sharp turn and diving down towards open ground. Giving a roar she watched as a herd of wild herdbeasts fled before her, tempting her to take one to sink her teeth in. As quick as the thought crossed her mind she dismissed it. Blood and meat wasn't what she craved so with a burst of speed she resumed climbing, beating her wings hard to gain as much altitude as she could. Then the fun truly began.

I'ent unlocked and threw his door open then stepped back to stand near the entrance to his bedroom, waiting for the riders to come. As the chase began outside I'ent wondered if there would be female riders this time or will it all be male ridden dragons who chase his darling. Locke was good at his word and had introduce him to some women who seemed nice enough. I'ent was probably more relaxed around them than he would have been normally solely because of the trust he had for Locke but he hadn't done more than just talk and get to know them a little better. He didn't know whether he liked them anymore than he would a friend but at least he was starting to see women weren't all out to get him as he envisioned all women were due to his upbringing.

Soon all thought of who he might end up with today fled his mind as he became more linked with Shireth as she twisted and turned through the air. He felt the wind upon his wings, the feel of the sun, the powerful beats of her heart as she pushed herself more and more, making those males who cased her push themselves to keep up with her. Soon all I'ent could see was the sky and when his darling looked back, the array of dragons chasing her.

Shireth climbed once more after performing a serious of complex twists, dives and turns, feeling her wings start to burn with the effort. Still she climbed and with a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure the males were still with her, she started to slow down. Let them think she was spent and ready to be caught. Just as one tried to reach for her she folded her wings tight against her body and dropped out of his reach, falling through the ranks of dragons till she was several dragonlengths below before she snapped her wings open and soared off, chuckling at how successful she thought her trick was.

<I am not as easy as you thought, silly boys. Now you just have to work it all the more to impress me.> Shireth called out before diving once more, letting her wings rest as gravity pulled her down. Once she felt she fell far enough she pulled out of her dive and climbed once more, giving a chortle of glee at the fun she was having this time around.

Her trick cause her in the end however as she grew tired faster this time around as she climbed high. By the time she reached the point she was before her trick, her wings burned even more. It was time for the adventure to end but who to pick?

ooc: Just going to have the one round this time, so jump in and make catch attempts. Next week I will pick the winner via random role so get your boys in quickly.
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Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:08 am

It was supposed to be his day off, so he'd gone out drinking the night before with a few friends, spent far too long outside of the Weyr and hadn't returned until just a couple of candlemarks prior. He'd returned alone of course, but that hadn't bothered him. At the time he'd been too drunk to really care. Iktomith had noticed the green when his rider had returned, but he'd allowed his rider time to slumber, time to sleep some of it off and allow the alcohol to burn off a little. But when he felt he couldn't wait any longer, the pewter gave a little trumpet to rouse him, which wasn't even needed because out of habit, K'rios was awake and surprisingly bushy eyed. "Swear to Faranth though, you bugle one more time, I'll find a way to kick your shiny ass between."

The only problem he was having was a mighty fine headache, and as well out of habit, he found himself getting out of bed and washed up, prepared for the day, despite the fact that he didn't have any lessons to teach or supervise on the schedule. It was going to be a difficult one with that in mind, since he was so used to be on schedule, but since he had been so on the charts, he'd been told to take one off for himself. Never again though, not because he didn't like going out for a bit, but because he couldn't tolerate the idea of not having anything to do to keep himself busy during the day. Even when he realized he'd be without his normal candidate duties, his fingers felt idle.

Good. Then you can have your klah and hurry it up, because Shireth is going to rise and I intend to chase. Shireth, I'ent's green, he remembered her first flight and how he'd assisted the younger man. K'rios nodded and finished his bath, climbed out, and dressed. As he hurried through the rest, taking enough time to ensure he looked nice and proper, the pewter crooned his approval, deciding it was best that his rider make sure his appearance was up to snuff. If I'm going to impress her, it starts from the rider up.

K'rios rolled his eyes and settled with his klah, then wondered something. Would it be an open door or closed door flight. He decided he'd settle himself outside the block where I'ent lived while sipping his klah. His new friend, still unnamed - he called the unusual beast "Nameless" for now - was still asleep in his cubby besides - was safe and sound, and there was food left out for him in case he woke up hungry; that was taken care of. All he had to worry about was... A surge of lust-want-need suddenly rose from his belly and he knew the moment he heard her cry and the returning bugle from Iktomith why it had come about. Good luck, Iktomith...

He finished off his mug and set it aside to pick up on his way out, whether win or loss, and took the stairs up, surprised when he found the door unlocked. The last time it had been shut, but he made sure he knocked all the same, just to remain pleasant and courteous to the greenrider. "I'ent," he bowed his head, offering the greenrider a slight smile despite the way his head was starting to ping from the night before and the lust that was swarming his entire being. "Good flight to you and Shireth. May she give those boys a whirlwind of an adventure this morning." Feeling partial to the young man, considering how he'd helped, he took up a place near him, an almost protective stance.

In the sky, Iktomith was quick to croon and follow after Shireth, careful not to let her out of his sight. He thought he saw a space where he could make an attempt, maybe two, but he decided in the end that it wasn't worth the effort, that doing so would only drain him of precious energy and he wanted to save it for the most precious and perfect attempt of all - the catch that he was sure was yet to come. Do not worry about these children that chase and attempt, Shireth. They know nothing of you as I do.

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Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:53 am

K'uavaen and Blue Synstih
Dark eyes began to open as the blue rider roused. Moving his hand, he felt across the bed for his girlfriend. When he didn't feel her there, his heart skipped a beat, and quickly he opened his eyes the rest of the way. Noticing she wasn't there, for a moment, sent him almost into a panic. Finally, the young man managed to calm himself, even if it was just a little. No, everything was fine. This wasn't the first time he had woken up to Isolde being gone. In his heart he knew there was nothing to worry about, but his mind quickly went back to when the two of them had broken up. That had been one of the most terrible times in his whole life, and hers as well. They had finally made up and had been together for a while now. Slowly, K was stopping his drinking, although he still enjoyed the occasional one or two. Finally, once he was relaxed, he closed his eyes again, wanting to go back to sleep since there wasn't anything for him to do until a little later.

After a few moments, it was clear to the man that he was not going to get back to sleep. Sitting up, he ran a hand through his dark hair. Well, he guessed he would just get up and find stuff to do around here. There never seemed to be a lack of things to do around the apartment, so the blue rider told himself that today would be a good day to get some of that done. Not that there was a ton, but if he could get it done, it would mean he could spend all night with Isolde instead of having to worry about it. Plus, maybe he would even be able to have dinner ready for when she got home and surprise her a little bit.

K'uavaen finally got up out of bed and made his way into the wash room and got himself cleaned up, and dressed for the day. The blue rider was just about to make his morning klah when he sensed a chnage in his dragon. The pair had been through many Flights, so it didn't take K more than a second to realize what was going on.

Who is it Synsith?

Within a second came the answer. It is Shireth. This time, I shall prove that I am the perfect one for her!

K'uavaen chuckled softly. Good luck old boy With that, the blue rider made his way to I'ent's apartment, knocking even though the door was unlocked before entering. "I'ent. May the Flight be good for both you and your Green." With that he moved off to wait untilt he end of the Flight, and making sure to keep some room open for the other suitors that might be on their way.

Once up in the air, the blue dragon had quickly made his way to where the Green was already flying, along with a few other suitors. Sysntih bugled his approach, letting everyone know he was there. You are the most beautiful green ever Shireth! I will be the one to catch you, and show you exactly how a beauty like you should be treated! Honestly it was just things he had heard humans say to each other, but it still felt like it was an ok thing to say. The blue's eyes were glued to her and he followed her every move, up down it didn't matter. Hopefully, she would chose him.
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Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:45 pm

Locke had been up for a few candlemarks already. The kids had spent the night at the creche because he had planned to be up early and with Kent being a full time rider he didn't want his sleep disturbed if one of the girls or Colten happened to wake up. Mouse had gotten in touch with him and had informed him that he was getting low on food. Feeling responsible for his informant, of course he wanted to help, so he decided the best thing to do was to send Mouse some things that he could sell for marks. That meant exercising his thief skills. Which is exactly what he just got done doing. He'd managed to get his paws on a rather nice looking necklace and ring from some poor sap. He'd send those to Mouse as soon as he got back to his apartment. He never expected there to be an interruption to his plans, but of course one happened.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of green shoot into the sky. He looked up and noticed it was Shireth, glowing far more than what was normal. "I'm sure I'ent is thrilled with your timing, Shireth." Locke muttered to himself with amusement and a smirk. He'd made good on his word to introduce him to some women, but he'd been polite enough to not ask too many personal questions. Since he was already out he decided to swing by I'ent's place to see who all was showing up and just check on his friend.

When he got there he saw there was already a few suitors, all of them men. He figured that I'ent didn't mind that. Locke wasn't sure if he should make himself known or not. I'ent had told him he didn't want him to participate should Wraith ever chase and he did want to respect that, but he didn't want to be a creeper outside his door either. He was more than positive that Wraith wasn't going to chase, so there was no harm in popping in to wish them all good luck. "I'ent, hi, don't worry...not here to participate, was just in the area and wanted to wish you good luck. Fellas, good luck to your boys."

Suddenly he felt a strong wave of want and desire wash over him. Wraith?

Wraith shot into the sky after the mossy green beauty. The sun would be foolish to challenge a gem such as you, dear Shireth. I will show you what it is truly outshine the sun. He crooned to her. It wasn't often that he chased, but apparently there was something about this time that spoke to him. He didn't often chase, but with his small size he was able to keep up with her and followed every turn and twist she made. I will show you what it truly means to twine with another. These other males can only show you so much. I can show you everything. Trust me. He crooned to her.

Locke looked at I'ent with a shocked and apologetic expression. He was already there, though, and thanks to Wraith he didn't want to leave either.
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Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:25 pm

Vin’del didn’t really enjoy mornings, and it didn’t help that Folith was far more alert than he should have been at this time of day. He was cheerful, and energetic, and focused on….something. Vin’del was only focused on getting to the dining hall to get klah and some breakfast.

But he hadn’t headed to the dining hall, he was heading to another rider’s quarters? He shook his head, and felt more awake suddenly. He was outside I’ent’s quarters, and it was no surprise when he heard Shireth’s bugle.

Shireth rises, Folith informed him, redundantly.

His rider wasn’t very far from I’ent’s weyr, at this point, and Vin’del realized he had been sleepily following Folith’s instincts instead of his own. He paused for a long moment. After the awkward morning after Shireth’s first flight, he was tempted to turn around and head to the dining hall as he had consciously intended.

Then I’ent threw open his door, and Vin’del didn’t think there could be any clearer message than that. The other man was open to visitors, as he had not been open the second flight. He was choosing for himself, at least, and doing so more consciously than he had the first time.

Folith gave chase, and Vin’del ambled into I’ent’s quarters. His dragon’s enthusiasm was, as always, contagious, and in moments, the man had forgotten his intention of breakfast in favor of other hungers.

The bronze laughed in delight at Shireth’s second dive, as he and the other suitors were scattered and had to labor to regroup and continue chasing her.

Your adventurous spirit is thrilling, he told the green. In that moment, he couldn’t understand why so many bronzes focused heavily on golds. In between flights, of course, he realized that it was about siring clutches, and proving their virility. But in that moment, pursuing the green who made her flights so much fun, he couldn’t possibly compare any aloof gold to the energy of a passionate green.
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Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:18 am

As men started entering his home, I'ent recognized several who were there in past flights. K'rios was one as well as Vin'del who's bronze won Shireth's first flight. As he kept his door closed for Shireth's second flight some riders he didn't recognize but from Shireth's thoughts, realized they must have chased her then as well. Overall I'ent knew this was more for her and he was fine with it. Being alone while she mated was far worse than waking up with some stranger. At least this time he knew what to expect and hoped to recall more of it than his first time.

I'ent was a bit surprised when K'rios bowed and wished him a good flight. Was that typical courtesy? He didn't recall from the past, but it was hard not to lose himself into Shireth's lusts. He gave a vague nod, not trusting his voice at the moment. For all he knew he would be husky and flirty if he said anything.

Up in the sky, Shireth's only concern was having a grand adventure along with her suitors. She noticed the pewter and recalled him from her past adventures and chortled out a greeting. <So nice to see you joining in again Iktomith, the adventure is about to begin, I do hope you have what it takes to keep up with me.>

And there was Synsith, a blue she recalled from her second flight. He wasn't the blue she chose but she found she didn't have a set preference in colour as yet. Perhaps later but for now, this was far to new for her to pick favourites. His words were bold and presumptuous but she didn't mind. In fact it prompted her to put his words to the test.

<Such confidence you have Synsith but words are just that, words. Come, prove to me you have what it takes to catch an adventurous girl like me. Climb with me, dive with me, swerve and weave then we shall see.> Shireth spoke not just to the blue, but all her suitors. Let them think the message was just for them, perhaps it'll push them to greater heights to prove they are the best for the adventure to come.

Just as I'ent was completely lost to Shireth's dance he spotted Locke entering his Apartment. For a moment he felt worry then sighed in relief when Locke made it clear he was just here to keep an eye on things. In his mind, he couldn't see Wraith amount Shireth's suitors, at last for the first few moments. There was no mistaking the Chimera when he rose into the air nor the thrill of excitement which shot through Shireth at seeing her friend.

Locke's look of shock and apology was the last thing E'ent saw before he was lost to the flight and only Shireth mattered. Perhaps it was for the best as I'ent would likely fall into a panic knowing his mentor was there and participating in the flight. It also wiped away any thought on whether I'ent would interfer with Shireth's choice if she decided Wraith was the one to catch her. I'ent knew she was fond of the Chimera and it was a real possibility she'll favour him over all others now that he decided to participate.

Seeing the dark hide and shimmering pale wings of Wraith rising out among the other males Shireth gave a bugle of glee then shorted at his words. She was happy to see him but she knew he had not chased her twice before. Did he think she'll ignore all others just because he was there? Oh the chimera will have to prove himself in more than just words before she'll let him try and prove his boast.

<You speak well Wraith but oh you have much to prove, many of these boys have chased me many times before so you have much to prove before I decide who'll complete this adventure with me> Shireth challenged the Chimera. Then she flew like she never flew before, twisting and turning, diving and climbing. So intent she was on making Wraith work it she neglected to address Folith. Only when she made her second dive did she hear his laugh and she chortled in response.

<I am pleased to see you again Folith, my flights would never be the same without your faithful presence.> He was her first and Shireth will hold a special spot for him as long as he kept chasing and she didn't forget him. However she knew she wasn't ready to settle for any dragon, no matter the colour is it was fair game to all who chased her yet.

Unfortunately all adventures must end and with her wings burning she knew it was time to make her choice. It wasn't an easy one, as all males did so well. Even the boastful ones performed so well. Beating her wings once, twice, then a third time, Shireth finally made her choice. Twisting slightly she veared away from Wraith and Folith and even from Iktomith, instead choosing another blue.

<You are the colour of the snow I have seen at the top of mountains and your words are full of promise. Catch me Pale one and show me how I should be treated.> Shireth crooned to her chosen mate.

I'ent matched his dragon's movements, drifing over to and letting his body press against the slightly shorter man. He didn't try to wrap his arms around him, still too connected to Shireth to realize K'uavaen didn't have to 'catch' him like his dragon was doing to Shireth.

ooc: Congrats K'uavaen and Synsith (and Kate). If you want a morning after let me know. Thanks everybody for participating.
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