Tumultous Timing

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:35 pm

Date: Polent 24th
Time: Morning
Weather: Clear

It was going to happen, there was no stopping it. It was Paiseantath's time to rise and barring any unforeseen incidents the flight would happen. Eavan merely wished that it came at a better time. Some of the people of Walled Hold had not been entirely happy about the fact Atricis had another of their golds, but they had more issues to deal with at the moment than them. Still, with the brewing rebellion and Atricis on uncertain terms with their once solid ally, Eavan was loathe to have a switch in leadership now. Granted, most if not all of those that participated in her flights were competent leaders...but it did slow things down when leadership changed hands. And it wasn't just Walled's rebellion they were keeping their eyes and ears open to...the sea monsters still needed to be found and some sort of treaty needed to be made.

Nature would take her course though, and when Paiseantath finally launched herself into the air with a loud challenge Eavan did what she always did to prepare for what was to come. Come any and all who think you are worthy of me! Today I will show the clouds that the sky is no longer their domain, but mine. Paiseantath roared loudly as she took off from the feeding grounds. Warm blood soaked her maw from the kills she'd bled. The senior gold was never easy on the suitors that flew her, but today she would prove to be even more difficult. Feeling the stress and worry of her rider she would make sure that one the best male would win her favors this day.
One round flight guys. Keep it as short as you want....Lord knows I did. Since this is a Leadership flight only PC participants please. I'm going to keep this up for at least a week.
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Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:04 pm

A'ric groaned as he slowly opened one eye as the sun shone through his window. Was it really time to get up and start another day already? The bronze rider felt as though he had just went to sleep. He couldn't understand why, but for the past couple of nights, he had not been sleeping the greatest. Well, he thought he was, but he always woke up and still seemed tired. It was probably just from his normal everyday things. After training with the Wing, A'ric often found himself going off and doing his own training. Whether it be with weapons, or doing something with Behemoth, or just trying to keep his hand to hand combat skills intact. It wasn't often that A'ric did anything fun. Once in a while he would go off with O'lver and have a drink or something, or maybe go do something with some of the members of his Wing. Other than that though, he just spent his time trying to be the best rider he could be. Behemoth would not accept anything less. Although that attitude sometimes annoyed the young man, he knew that is was pushing him to be his best, and he was thankful for that.

The rumble of his stomach reminded him that it would probably be a good thing to eat something. Throwing the covers back, A'ric got out of bed and quickly put his clothes on. It was then that he remembered that the Weyrwoman was throwing a party today. He would have to make sure he was ready in time to go to it. The young man found himself wondering who else was going. He was sure there were a bunch of people from around the Weyr who were. He let his thoughts wander and quickly found himself at the dining hall. He got something to eat and made quick work of it.

The Queen rises! I will not fail this time A'ric!

At that, A'ric could feel his heart racing. While he was getting used to Behemoth chasing by now, he always got more nervous with it being a leadership Flight. The young man moved to the mirror and quickly made sure that he looked presentable enough. Honestly, he knew though that it really didn't matter what he looked like. In the middle of Flight lust it didn't really seem to matter all that much. By the time he was done with all of that, Behemoth was done blooding any herdbeasts he would need for the Flight.

Behemoth took to the air, quickly joining the other males and the lovely Queen. He bugled his arrival, but that was all he said. The younger bronze was slowly learning that he needed to keep his mouth shut and concentrate more on the Flight than trying to woo her with words. During this time, A'ric had managed to reach the Werywomans apartment. It seemed as though someone was already there, and he found himself wondering who it could be.

He saw one of the older riders already there, and then he quickly turned his attention back to Eavan, giving her a bow. "My lady, may Paiseantath fly well, and the Flight go well for everyone.."

Wed May 03, 2017 1:23 am

Clear skies, brisk yet opulently sweet air, and a painted horizon that stretched vermillion, golden amber and gentle streaks of blue across the heavens. As the sun rose to the far distance, X’aden pondered if there was much anything else anyone could ask for in a peaceful morning, perching himself atop a stone pillar with a long blade of grass flicked between his teeth. He’d always been the early riser, necessitated by the trade he’d bourn from his early years. Livestock and wild creatures awoke on their own schedule; perhaps had he lived with his family back in Ista Hold, he might have been fortunate to find a sundial and the croak of one of the yard wherries to rouse him in the morn. Life hadn’t taken that path, though. It was a fate he regretted in his youth, although had since matured beyond the point. Now? He wouldn’t have it any other way — noble blood, or not.

Throbs of a gentle purr and radiant accord dazzled across the blue’s eyes, which lay next to him on the ground. A silent concurrence in the thought, as Verikath questioned what adventures the day would bring. Of course, there presented the option of exercises with the wing to which he’d been assigned, one he was beginning to meld smoothly into. Working in the fields was another alternative, and if they had spare time perhaps a quick jaunt into the skies. Flying had brought them peace, just as much as the opportunity to explore and trailblaze the wild frontier.

It seemed, however, that may not very well be in the plans for the morn. A thunderous call resonated in the background, soon reflective of the tell-tale hue of the beckoning in Verikath’s eyes. “Her ladyship, the Queen. She calls,” he spoke to his rider. “Now is the hour.

Go get ‘em,” was all that X’aden managed to part with, amused and supportive of his blue. Ever the competitive and dignified beast, despite the reflections of his hide, Verikath had never let his color tie him down. That hadn’t been the way at Ivory, and it most certainly wasn’t going to hold him back in Atricis. If there was opportunity to prove himself, or aid the weyrs — the pair sought after it with eagerness, each leaf a new story to be told. Gazing upwards into the heavens as the billowing gusts of the dragon conjured onto the ground, rising with alarming speed his partner was gone within a matter of moments. Off, to pursue the gold in hopes of proving his worth.

Piercing through the clouds, Verikath announced his arrival with a timely, curt bugle, a flicker of mirth and ambition clear within the dragon’s expression. He took note of the bronze to his side, keen to maintain the pursuit and not let the others distract or taunt him, merely because of the anomaly that he was.

Left alone far below on the mortally earth, X’aden jumped downwards from the perch he’d only briefly been granted stay of. “Guess it’s time to find her ladyship,” he spoke to himself, brushing off any aspects of dust or dirt, in attempt to make himself presentable. Sauntering off, he cleaned up and quickly turned his focus into locating where the others gathered.
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Sun May 07, 2017 6:16 am

Change hung in the air, thick as stew. L'van had noticed the sensation a few days prior, and it had only proceeded to thicken in a slow, steady simmer ever since. There was no way to deny it, no way to shove it to a back burner and hope it would die down on its own. He supposed it was foolish to hope that it was something that wouldn't come to pass, so comfortable had he become in his position. It was inevitable that things would cycle in, cycle out and even he knew that it was for the greater good of the Weyr - clutches in particular - that there be a consistent change in leadership. Only this was a period of time in which Atricis needed habit, and needed the steady tick of familiarity.

There were things taking place beyond the Weyr's borders, and a sudden departure from the norm was not what was needed at the moment. But telling a female dragon in heat no, or attempting to keep her grounded, were not options that could be taken, and so it was best to come to terms with the inevitable. It was why he'd woken up early that morning, to work on a few last minute pieces of paperwork, knowing that it might be his last chance to do so. As soon as he finished them up, he pushed away from his desk, and contemplated packing up his things. He stopped himself short of taking such a radical step, however; if the flight did take place today, he'd have time to do it after.

You will not need to worry of such matters. Even after so many Turns together, L'van was entirely too amused by his elder bronze's bravado, knowing that his dragon would have to fly extra hard, extra fast to prove himself worthy when Paiseantath rose. Just because he'd captured her attention so swiftly the last time around didn't mean he'd have such fortune pressed upon him this time. Why would she not want me as her mate again? I gave her strong children. I have proven myself worthy of leading her Weyr by her side. I will easily show her that-

The sudden stop in his voice told L'van one thing, though so did the sudden rush of heat in his body. Without asking, without needing to be told, L'van set down what he was writing and make his way towards the proper apartment in question. Once there, he bowed before Eavan. "Dear Lady, let me wish you and Paiseantath an excellent flight on this day. May the clutch come out healthy and strong. May Aticis benefit in the end." He stepped aside after his words were spoken and said, perhaps with a touch of emotion that wasn't needed, and his eyes pressed themselves to the ceiling for a brief moment. Fly her strong, Zen.

But he didn't need to be told twice. The bronze had every intention of flying the great queen, of showing her that he was what she needed. He blooded his kill, took up position, and waited for her marker to rise. We will make the skies ours again, Paiseantath. But first, to prove that he was worthy of such an honor.

Another figure joined the flight, a darker figure that wanted to prove himself just as worthy as the bronzes participating in the flight. Iktomith had nearly missed the mark, or rather his rider had, a matter they would argue about later when all was said and done and the dust had settled. A woman had come to them in the middle of the night, claiming that K'rios was becoming a father. "She's having trouble with the labor. We know its yours based on that fact alone." Sure enough when the baby was born, she was the spitting image of her old man, and K'rios had promptly wanted to start celebrating becoming a first time Daddy.

Iktomith, of course, had insisted on other matters being tended to first.

Whether or not this would turn out well depended on whether or not they were too "late" thanks to the child's birth, though it was of no fault of her own. Iktomith blamed it on the two or three drinks K'rios had managed to kick back before Paiseantath had taken to the pens to blood her kill. It had slipped his attention somehow, and once he'd noticed, he'd given his rider little notice before scrambling to catch up. Now he was on edge and he was angry, but determined to use that fierceness to his advantage. Silence would be his ally during the flight, and so the pewter reminder quiet as he chased.
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Wed May 10, 2017 12:11 am

As the Fall began to give way to Winter, there would be another transition on the horizon, and the timing couldn't have been worse. With everything happening in the Weyr, these sea serpents, the rousing rebellion in Walled, it was certainly not the most opportune moment for their Senior Queen to Rise and leadership to change. For her part as Weyrsecond, Ay'li did her best to organize and consolidate her desk, to check with L'van about any preparations they needed to make on the chance that either of them could be leaving their positions soon. It was a change that she'd faced before, even anticipated it when L'van had taken over the reins, but secretly the femme brownrider hoped to keep her post during the sea of change if a new Leader is chosen soon.

It was not selfish reasons that spurned her hopes, it was for the Weyr. A change in leadership could be disastrous in such fragile times like now, so it would be good to have some stability. Of course, Ay'li would abide by the Weyrleaders' decision, and if asked would vouch for L'van and herself as candidates for 'Second position, if only to keep someone that knew what was going on in the office. Eavan and Safryn were stable and their input was invaluable, so at least Ay'li knew the Weyr would be in good hands either way.

That morning, the femme brownrider had been going over a small stack of Wing rosters, looking over a few transfer requests and making some adjustments to their reports for L'van to look over later. While change was on the horizon, their job never stopped and Ay'li would continue to serve until she was relieved of duty. As she was looking over the last of the hides, a familiar thrill shivered down her spine and she could feel her wings unfurling, the sensations of lust and desire building in her core. For Turns, the moment she felt Norieth rousing with desires, she'd learned to steel her will against his own and keep him grounded, but now she'd broken that habit and instead allowed them those freedoms. Unrestrained, the sandy brown took to the feeding pens behind the dazzling golden beauty, crooning softly to her even as he took down his own beast or two.

Carefully, she set aside the desk work and made a few more notes to herself before closing the door to her office. Ay'li took a moment to smooth her blouse and trousers before striding from her apartment toward that of the near by Weyrwomans'. Even before arriving, she knew she'd see some familiar faces, and that hers would not be a surprise to them either, but she was curious to see if some of the young bucks wanted to try their hand now that they were old enough. Approaching the Weyrwoman, there was a dashing smile for the blonde woman of beauty, and a gentile kiss to the back of her hand, though her eyes glinted with the promise of so much more. "May Pai Fly strong and choose wisely for the Weyr." The woman said with another smile for Eavan before she stepped back into place with the other suitors.

For his part, Norieth was not always the boisterous one, he kept to himself, drained his beasts and then waited for the right moment, watching the queen until she took to the skies. The moment her feet left the ground, the sandy brown was springing up after her, strong wing beats carrying him higher and higher into the air alongside the golden goddess. He would prove to her, through action and deed, that he would be the best choice for her. They had twined once before, he'd given her strong children and he would give unto her an even bigger clutch than before, he would stay by her side and Lead the Weyr together. He'd yearned for Paiseantath since they'd parted and he wanted to show her once more how well they worked together, how they belonged together. Yet, he knew, that whatever choice she made today, would be the right one for her and for the Weyr, and he believed in her.
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Paiseantath didn't give the males behind her any notice for the first part of the flight. She had been flying for a decade now, so she knew how far she could go before she really needed to worry about them trying to be tricky. Plus, most of them knew if they tried to catch her before she was ready then she would make sure they never forgot why that was a bad idea. Through the crystal blue skies she rocketed without a care in the world. While it was nice to have the cover of clouds to hide in, when the day was this clear it was hard to not appreciate the beauty of her land. Yes, this all belonged to her. The ground below and the air above. She let out a trumpeting bugle proclaiming her ownership of everything their eyes could see.

Finally, once she began to feel the burn in her wings, she looked behind and crooned at the males that were still managing to chase her. There were some familiar faces and some new ones and one rather odd one in particular. Now it was time to tease the males and really get a feel for who she wanted to twine with today. The first figure to catch her eye was one of the largest specimens in the weyr. Behemoth, you have proven yourself a capable sire. Perhaps you have what it takes to also lead the weyr. The gold crooned to him, though she didn't dare get too close to any of the males as she continued to whirl and dive through the air. While the gold teased the bronze, Eavan couldn't help but tease the rider. "A'ric. Always a pleasure to see you here. Good luck to you and that impressive bronze of yours." She purred to him as a hand playfully trailed across his stomach as she rolled by him. She might not have been able to coyly move about her suitors the way she use to, but she managed.

The next male to catch her attention was the oddity of the group. Where some golds might have been insulted to see a blue hide among the bronze and browns, Paiseantath was not. She'd never truly been a conventional queen, chalk it up to her rider's personal views, so she wasn't about to chastise him for attempting to catch her. Ambitious beast, are you? I admire that, I don't care what color your hide is. Perhaps that ambition will pay off. She crooned to him. It wasn't hard for Eavan to spot the new face of the bluerider among the others. "That is quite the blue you ride. I wonder if you're as bold as he is." She said suggestively with a wink.

The next to earn her attention was her current mate, Zenjarth. You flew me well last time, Zenjarth. How tempting it is to choose a male that will do right by me and the weyr. He had proven himself and there was something about being caught by a bronze that was very alluring, but she was not about to make up her mind yet. For L'van she gave a softer smile for as she neared him and took a hold of his hand to kiss the tip of his fingers seductively. "Paiseantath isn't the only one with fond memories of her last flight." She flirted. It has been a long time since a pewter has caught my attention, but you Iktomith are proving you may be worthy of twining with me. Paiseantath had been caught by pewters in the past, but due to her rider's prejudice against a certain pewterrider who was no longer around she had been disinclined to choose them lately.

Norieth was an expected and welcomed sight. My dear brown. I would be saddened if I did not see your beautiful hide among my males. She spoke sweetly to the brown before she curved upwards fast and flew higher and higher into the air. Eavan gave Ay'li a wink and blew her a kiss, but she did not touch or tease. Even with dragon lust coursing through her veins she did not want a repeat of what had happened several turns ago. All of her focus and attentionw as given to her gold as she climbed higher and higher into the skies then.

Paiseantath climbed until her wings demanded mercy from the strain they were feeling. It was time to choose and she knew exactly who was her pick. The gold was feeling spunky today and in need of something new and exciting. Something she had never done before. Just the thought of it sent a thrill from her nose to her tail tip. You all have made deciding very hard, but I have made my decision. Paiseantath stated as she began to dive down towards the males. Verikath, this is your chance to prove what blues are capable of. Come, together we will forget the ground exists for awhile. She called out to the blue as she flew towards him so he could catch her. Back on the ground, Eavan reached out for X'aden's hand and took it before leading him towards her bedroom and away from the other riders.
Leave it to Paiseantath to be the first gold to let a pewter and a blue catch her. XD
Congratulations Verikath and X'aden!
Here is the list I randomized. For those with special tokens that could relate to flights they were given two names in the list to reflect them.
There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

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