The Choice Is Mine -- {Gold Soquilith Flight}

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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  • Date: Carenat 10th, 2043
    Current Time: 09:00
    Weather: Hot and humid, mostly clear skies with pockets of clouds
While the young gold Lennoth had begun to grow egg heavy, another gold began to rouse into her prime. To many who understood the queen's schedules, the dark queen was right on time, yet her behavior seemed to be spurned on by a competitive edge. Soquilith was secretly determined to garner the attentions of more males than that young filly who flew before her, for she had experience and the refined prowess that the pale gold was lacking. Where the youngest gold had been prickly and near violent when her moods shifted, the dappled gold was a bit more lenient on the males. The dark queen wanted to be admired, to be doted on, to allow her suitors close and to lead them on in the sevendays before she would challenge their promises to her.

To Safryn, the queen had become insufferable. If Soqi wasn't trying to talk herself above Lennoth for one reason or another, being prettier or older and wiser, her flirtatious moods were just as bothersome. The redheaded woman found herself eyeing a few of those bronzeriders herself, her mind caught up in a fantasy before she realized that her queen was infecting her own moods as well. It was a little embarrassing for the goldrider, so she did her best to guard from those thoughts and carry on as normal as she could. There was only one man she wanted on her mind, and her queen was not helping at all.

The dark and dappled gold taunted and teased her suitors while the daunting spring rains gave way to the summer heat. Once the clouds broke for good, the rays of Rukbat were free to bake down upon the jungle below. While the sweltering heat and summers' sun was daunting for some of the people, the dragons seemed to thrive in it and felt invigorated by the all encompassing warmth. This was why Soquilith chose this season to be at her prime, to pick her mate from suitors who were also at their peak condition.

Several hot and humid days had gone by and summer had truly taken root and the relieving rains would be few and far between now. The dark queen had spent every moment she could languishing in the sun and basking on the heated rocks while allowing many of her suitors to lounge around with her. Soquilith wanted to make sure they got all the energy they would need to chase her through the skies, so they were welcome to join her in basking at any time. However, as the day grew nearer that she would Rise, she was no longer quite as accommodating and needed her space before they would have to prove themselves worthy to be in her good graces again.

Knowing the signs to look for, Safryn had a good feeling the gold was soon to Rise, and she encouraged the other goldriders to spend the night elsewhere and knew they would be welcome to stay at Evanoria. Of course, Lennoth was no threat to steal any of the challenging queens' males, she was grounded with a belly full of eggs and already had a sandy brown mate by her side. Rhianwen's bold decision hadn't seemed to hinder the young gold, and she grew nearly as heavy with eggs as most queens, surely something for the pair to be proud of. It had been a bit of a learning experience as well for Safryn, to see that perhaps that option wasn't quite as impairing as she'd originally thought it had been.

For Turns she'd left her door open, fully immersed herself in the flights and even took some liberties with them. When Soquilith had chosen Gastoneth as her mate, Safryn had the pleasure of enjoying the Flight with the person she loved, and she'd hoped it would happen again. The next flight, she was not quite as lucky, though Gilgameth was a fine mate for the queen and they had a strong clutch. It was nothing against Zeph'os, he was a good man, but he was just not the man she'd wanted to be with and she couldn't help but wonder what the next Flight would bring. Knowing that Rhianwen had made the bold choice to lock her door for personal reasons made Safryn wonder if she should do the same.

The goldrider went to bed that night, knowing full well that her queen was likely to Rise the next day, and found that sleep was hard to come by with a big decision looming over her head. Quietly, she left H'tai slumbering away in their bed and moved down the hall to her office instead. She wore naught but a sleeping shift, and curled up into the high-backed chair behind her desk while her mind reeled with inner discussions with herself about what she was going to do come morning. As if sensing his mistress' distress, the sleepy trill of her ever devoted friend greeted her just before the speckled brown firelizard curled up into her lap.

"I don't even know why it's big dilemma for me Piper, I know I want to, so why don't I?" She mused aloud to the firelizard as she began to pet down his smooth warm hide, and scratch behind his head knob where he liked it most. "It's not a big deal anymore. Solange was the first to do, and now Rhianwen. I should be able to too..." Safryn sighed softly, leaning back into the chair. "I was always told, and have always believed, it was better for the clutch, for the offspring and for the bond of rider and dragon, for the Weyr as a queenrider... But what if it doesn't matter? ... Then I can be with who I want during the Flight, and she can choose whomever she wants... We would still be one, mind and soul, but our bodies would be our own..." The goldrider continued to muse, and hearing her say those things aloud seemed to cement them into her thoughts, make it real and come to a conclusion about her decision. Giving another pet to the brown flitter, she smiled down at him. "Thanks Pipes, you always were a good listener." To which the speckled brown gave a soft chirrup and nuzzled against her hand.

Before she returned to bed, the queenrider grabbed the nearest paper and quill, writing something down while it was fresh in her mind and then dimmed the basket of glows and walked out of the office.


As Rukbat rose on the horizon, the Weyr began to stir and the day began as normal as usual, though a slumbering queen continued to enjoy her dreams for a little while longer. Safryn had slept lightly, and roused as the dawning light began to grow inside the bedroom. The brownrider was still sleeping peacefully beside her and she debated whether or not to wake him. After a moment, she decided to let him slumber and she slipped quietly from the furs once more.

The woman wrapped a robe around her as she left the bedroom and moved to the kitchen to start the hot water for klah and oatmeal for breakfast. She could feel the ripples from her slumbering queen and was glad she'd sent the others away last night, for as soon as the queen was ready to rouse, she would be ready to Fly. The goldrider tried to keep her morning as normal as possible though, getting breakfast ready and greeting H'tai when he was ready to join her. She smiled at the young man, a lucky smile to get to see his dark and handsome features each morning, even if his hair was still a little mussed up. Safryn chuckled softly and kissed the brownrider good morning before offering him a mug of klah and breakfast.

While the rest of the Weyr finished their breakfast and went to work, the queenrider encouraged H'tai to linger, to wait for the very last moment until he had to leave, knowing that at any moment Soquilith was likely to wake. "I'll write you a note for Ryarin, tell her I had to keep you a little longer to myself." The goldrider even teased, her lips curling coyly at the brownrider, fingers dancing up his chest.

She felt the shiver first, the shaking off of sleep and that gentle prod to awareness. For a brief moment, Safryn paused, her breath caught in her throat as she felt her queen come into wakefulness and the primal lust that began to warm her veins. When it sank in though, the goldrider was prepared and she smiled softly at H'tai, stepping in closer to feather a kiss to his lips as Soquilith opened her eyes.

As the queen awoke, she could feel the warmth of several suns burning in her veins and each little dapple on her hide glowed with their brilliance. Wings snapped open as the dark queen rose to her feet swiftly, clawing at the edge of the cliff. The gold surveyed her domain for a moment, her spread wings casting a shadow that was meant to be noticed, all eyes drawn toward her perch. Once she was satisfied the Weyr had sufficiently quieted, the dark queen gave a mighty roar that split through the air, calling all the males to rise to her challenge. A heartbeat later and the burnished gold dove from her perch and made straight for the beast pens.

The moment the gold issued her challenge, Safryn could feel it like a pull at her insides, a deep rooted desire for something primal, and she could already start to feel the lust beginning to creep into her own senses. There was no hiding why she'd been stalling H'tai now, for surely Ifrith would be rising to that challenge as he'd done every time since their first twining. Safryn gave the brownrider a sheepish sort of look before lifting a hand to his chest. "Stay right here." The redheaded woman insisted, and placed a gentle kiss against those precious lips before she ducked away down the hallway to her office.

Safryn appeared again a moment later carrying a scroll in one hand and a tack in the other. Wordlessly the queenrider moved to the door of her apartment and pulled it open, but it wasn't for the reason H'tai must have been thinking. Facing the front of her door, the goldrider unfurled the paper and flattened it before posting to the door with the tack. Closing the door once more, she made a point to glance up at the brownrider as she moved her hand to the lock and bolted the door shut. "I don't want anyone else H'tai..." The redheaded woman whispered softly as she moved away from the door and into her lovers arms.

In the feeding pens, Soquilith growled as she clamped her teeth down on her second kill as her riders' lips met those of Ifrith's rider. The dragon could not blame her other half for taking what she wanted this time already, and it was a decision she should have foreseen so the queen was only mildly upset by it. Soqi knew that their bond would never waver and Safryn would still give every ounce of strength to their bond when it was needed. She understood what was in the woman's heart and didn't argue with her this time and gave the woman her own freedoms as well.

Tossing aside the carcass, the dark and dappled beauty looked out over the congregation of males that surrounded her. Faceted eyes whirled with the reds of lust and her tail gave a few twitches of eagerness as she eyed them all. My rider has already made her choice, yours will find no relief with her this time. But that doesn't mean that I have made my decision yet. The queen said with all sincerity, clawing at the ground beneath her talons, bracing herself for the launch.

A heart beat later and she was airborn, springing into the air and using powerful wings pumping to get her free of the Weyr and into the wilds beyond where she can really test their mettle. The gold did not plan to go easy on her suitors, she would test their agility, their endurance, their prowess and their flatteries to which would win her over. Fly with me! Show me which of you is worthy of twining with me on this glorious day! Soquilith urged them onward as she sped off over the jungle choosing distance instead of height for the time being and skimming over the canopy and the cacophony of life that lay hidden beneath it's leaves.

Those riders who do not heed Soquilith's words about Safryn's choice, will arrive to the goldriders apartment and find a note pinned to a locked door that reads:
  • "That which you seek, you will not find within.
    This door will remain closed until the Flight concludes.
    I thank you for respecting my wishes.
    May our dragons fly true, and our hearts be pure.
    - Safryn, Weyrwoman Second of Atricis"
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Soquilith was definitely nearing her time to Fly. The signs were becoming familiar to H'tai and Ifrith after a few turns spent near her-or as near as allowed. Privately H'tai was grateful that Atrician riders had apartments instead of weyrs, their dragons resting in the pavilions. It would be extremely awkward otherwise, trying to figure out the current living arrangement. H'tai had officially moved in with Safryn about a turn ago now and Soquilith still had yet to pick the same suitor twice-which included Ifrith. Where would the brown go if they lived in a weyr? What would the riders of Soquilith's various mates do? A weyr with a ledge could support the queen and her current mate but that left little to no room for Ifrith and there certainly was no place for another in Safryn's rooms. Unfortunately H'tai doubted Ifrith would win anytime soon, not with the way Soquilith seemed determined to experiment. In her own way she was loose, apparently determined to be Flown by every male once in search of...well in search of whatever she sought. H'tai had no clue what the gold wanted in a mate. Maybe Soquilith didn't even know. There were times she wanted the largest dragon in the sky and then others she went for young browns. Faranth knew why. At least that drive to experiment didn't bleed over into Safryn. She was very faithful to H'tai, though he could hardly hate her if she wasn't. It wasn't in his nature and with as much as he loved her his greatest desire was to make her happy. If that meant accepting her enjoying others, particularly when Soquilith Rose, then so be it. He had made his peace with that situation, partly because he recognized why it had bothered him in the first place. Of course it didn't hurt that Safryn proved faithful outside Flights.

The time was swiftly approaching as the weather grew warm and sunny-or rather hot and stuffy for H'tai. The dragons loved summer but it was H'tai's least favorite season-an oddity to be sure when both he and his brown were born during that same season. The hatching and Impression of his dragon was pretty much the only thing H'tai liked about summer...except...okay so he did also like that Soquilith Flew then, because it was one such fateful Flight that led him to the woman he gave all himself to. For the most part though, he could do without the smothering heat and humidity. The cold months were much better, or cool months rather. They didn't exactly get snow during winter at Atricis. But still it got cool enough to encourage much cuddling up at night under the furs whereas the summer weather...ugh. The worst nights tempted H'tai to sleep alone or at least without the furs because otherwise he was too hot to sleep. That kind of discomfort, those sorts of restless nights, he did not need.

Perhaps that was why he did not rouse when the night before Soquilith's Flight came. The entire Weyr was aware that the dark gold was ready to Fly, likely the next day. Already the other golds had taken their leave save Lennoth who was too egg-heavy. However being egg-heavy and having a mate she was hardly about to interrupt another gold's Flight. Even if she tried she couldn't catch up with the eggs weighing her down, though by that same tokent he gold likely wouldn't care. She had had her moment, she had her mate, she had a belly growing very heavy with eggs despite her rider having locked her door during the Flight...she was likely as close to content on that front as a gold ever got. The result would ideally be the same: a peaceful Flight. And for once in that awful season H'tai was sleeping soundly. As soon as the extra warmth from Safryn's body left H'tai only sank deeper into sleep. Where normally that warmth was a comfort it really could make him hot during the summer months. The coolness as Safryn left lulled him instead of rousing him, leaving H'tai none the wiser to the goldrider's restlessness.

The same held true in the morning. At some point Safryn had rejoined him but once again she slipped away and once again H'tai greeted the coolness by slipping a little deeper into sleep. The only difference was the soft sigh that whispered past his lips as he snuggled a little more into his pillow. Even so it was not too much longer before the brownrider finally woke. After all it was morning, his body used to rising early. The earlier the better with the Weyr. He would need to get himself put together then tend to his dragon before checking in with his wings for whatever their leader had scheduled: drills, Thread, some other task that had come up.

However this morning started off quite differently. Dark eyes opened to find Safryn was already up and immediately H'tai worried that he might have overslept. But if that was so wouldn't Safryn have gotten him up? Had something urgent called her away? Such were his worries that H'tai scrambled out of the bed, only half-dressing himself before he left the bedroom to try and find some clue as to what was going on. Was Safryn still in the apartment? Had she left him a note somewhere?

Sounds coming from the kitchen clued him into Safryn's location and probable activity. Quick footsteps carried him into a perfectly normal scene: Safryn was making breakfast. Flabbergasted he paused in the doorway, further confused by the smile aimed his way. If all was well then why was Safryn sneaking around? Didn't she want his company? Shards-was this supposed to be a surprise for him and he'd just ruined it?!

Yet there was nothing in Safryn's mood or manner to suggest that she was upset or even simply disappointed. Then again it would have been odd for her to be preparing anything romantic with Soquilith likely to Fly upon waking.

Coming to the conclusion that all was well, Safryn simply waking before him and perhaps being reluctant to disturb him (after all she had such a large, sweet, kind, gentle, warm heart), H'tai relaxed-just in time to be kissed. He let the kiss further relax him, convince him nothing was wrong, as he returned it and gave Safryn a real good morning, complete with sharing a quiet and companionable meal with her. It couldn't last forever though. Either the gold would awake and call the Weyr to her needs or H'tai would be expected to join his wing. Except that yet again the day took a strange turn, Safryn wanting him to stay with her. She'd even write a note to his wingleader? This was...different. Perfectly plausible of course with her position but H'tai was leery of pushing things too far. He didn't want Safryn in trouble for some breach in conduct, some abuse of her power. On the other hand he was extremely reluctant to disappoint her. If she really wanted his company that much, one day wouldn't be so bad right? It was sort of an impromptu vacation day basically. Not to mention it was really hard to say no when Safryn was right there, fingers playing against his chest. Ryarin would not be angry if he was a little late, or took the day off on short notice, right? He hoped...

All further thought was brought to a screeching halt by yet another kiss, H'tai eagerly losing himself in it. He was not so lost that he missed the change in atmosphere though, the way the Weyr seemed to suddenly hold its breath and the air became charged with that wordless something. Soquilith!

As the expected roar sounded H'tai shivered and stepped away from Safryn, keenly aware that he should not be kissing her until after the Flight. No matter who won he could not be with Safryn any sooner and at that would have to wait all the longer should Ifrith lose-which was all too likely. And his clothes! Shard-blast him for not waking earlier; he was only half dressed and hadn't gotten around to anything else yet either. His hair was a mess, he needed to get into good clothes, he was nowhere near presentable and the riders of Soquilith's suitors would be here any-

Suddenly Safryn was sheepish, stopping any move H'tai might have made with a light hand and a word. She wanted him to wait there?! He was only half dressed, in their kitchen, with Soquilith's Flight starting. Or...did she want him to stay in the kitchen throughout the Flight? He had been so good the last time though! He'd been with the other suitors, easily indulged her flirting when it was directed at him but made no move to interrupt when she inevitably moved off to tease others. Such was the nature of the Flight-and once it was all said and done he would still have his love. That was all that mattered to H'tai. Soquilith and duty might push Safryn into temporarily lusting after another, loan her body to another, but her heart was always with him.

Dutifully H'tai waited, settling into a chair with every expectation of being there for a good while. Gold Flights took a fair bit of time afterall. Oh Faranth...what if Safryn wanted him to wait until after she roused from her post-Flight slumber? H'tai wasn't sure how well he could take hearing the conclusion of the Flight, knowing another was making Safryn sing. That most of it was Soquilith's pleasure and satisfaction mattered little then! Surely Safryn would not ask such a cruel thing of him.

His confusion only redoubled when Safryn returned. She had a scroll and a tack? What was she about? This was not at all the usual routine! Quietly, voice trappped in his confusion, H'tai followed and watched as she tacked a note of some sort to her door. Okay...that was definitely new. But what really floored him was what Safryn did next. The door, once its note was securely attached, was closed-and locked. What?! Endless questions rose at that, not the least of which was what this might mean for them, for the dragons, for the Weyr. Was Safryn actually locking her door against the other riders? That was nearly unheard of! Certainly Safryn had never practiced it, had always been very dutiful and given herself over to her dragon during Flights. This...this made no sense to H'tai.

There was no way Safryn could miss the confusion, the unasked questions in his dark eyes when she looked at him. And if anything her words only continued to surprise him. She really was locking her door this time...she...she wanted to spend the Flight with him no matter who Soquilith chose. Whether or not this would become a regular thing H'tai was absolutely stunned. That Safryn chose this even once was incredible-and it touched him very deeply, the brownrider's arms wrapping around her when she came to him. Silently he promised both her and Soquilith that he would his utmost to make sure they were not hurt in any way by this. He would encourage both to the heights of their pleasures if he could, making Safryn that much happier so that her feelings spilled over into Soquilith and spurred the beautiful gold on.

Thankfully he was not the only one so determined. Ifrith was equally ready to do his utmost for Soquilith. He of course wanted to be the one chosen, to Fly her again and dote on her until next summer, but while he would fly to garner as much of her favor as possible he would not argue her right to decide for herself, much as her rider was doing this time.

The brown was quick to blood his kills, one eye on Soquilith as the dark gold readied to take to the skies. A happy hum met her announcement, Ifrith approving of her taking the time to back her rider's wishes and warn the other riders participating in the Flight.

If anything though, as he followed Soquilith into the sky, the brown thought perhaps the fact his rider already was with hers would sour Soquilith to him. Yet he could not fault her even if that became the case. This was her day really, her Flight. He would not begrudge her any part of it, for any reason. That did not discourage him in the least however! Until the decision was made he had to be there for her, let her know how she was appreciated, admired, help shine as much of a spotlight on her as possible. It was more than merely the sun or the glow of her hide. A gold should never be Chased by less than a fair gathering of suitors.

You are as kind and courteous as you are beautiful and majestic, he called to her truthfully, wings pumping in effort to catch up with her. A croon of admiration and affection laced his words as the brown dipped and swooped, working no less hard than he ever did. You are fair as well. I will show you honestly how worthy I am. The final judgement is yours of course but how are you to judge if I do not give you my best? Thus my best you will be shown! And he was quick to put actions to his words, showcasing all the endurance, power, and agility he could muster. Let Soquilith know all he had to offer her as a mate!
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Dark eyes peered open as the sun began to poke through the window. A groan was heard from the bronze rider as he quickly jammed his eyes closed and put a pillow over his head. No, it was too early to be up right now. After pulling an all-nighter doing paperwork and trying to get caught up on things he had NOT gotten done, the young man had hoped he could sleep in a bit on his one morning off. A'ric knew he had drills later, but that didn't bother him. He wouldn't have had to get up for a while to go do them.

Finally, frustration won out and he threw the pillow off of his head and swung his feet over the bed, sitting there for a moment. Before he reached out to Behemoth, he thought better of it. The bronze had been acting weird again, so it was clear that one of the females was getting close to rising, and A'ric had a feeling it was Soquilith. If he remembered right, she should be close to rising, unless it was not one of the Queens and just maybe a zultanite or something like that. If it was Soquilith, apparently, she played around with the boys more than Lennoth had, because Behemoth had been in a mood for what seemed like forever. Ok, so the rider had probably exaggerated a bit, it had really only probably been a sevenday, MAYBE a bit longer. It just seemed like forever when Behemoth was like this. The bronze was already hard to deal with sometimes, but when there was a Flight coming up, he was almost downright insufferable.

After getting dressed, he decided to make himself some food. He just made some eggs and toast and quickly ate it, knowing he could just enjoy a nice book or something and relax until it was time to go to drills or until he decided he felt like doing something else. Maybe he'd actually just take a walk, that would be relaxing too. Before he could even think about anything relaxing, Behemoth's voice roared in his head. Soquilith has risen! She says her rider will not be opening her door and asked us all to tell our riders.

The bronze took off into the air, heading quickly for the Beast pens. He blooded two herdbeasts, hoping that that would give him enough strength for the Flight. After he was done, he took off into the sky, following the rest of the other males. You are as glorious with your hide as shiny as Rukbat!! I will show you that I am clearly the best choice for you, and follow you to the ends of the skies

A'ric could feel the Flight lust starting to affect him, so he went find someone to keep him company and ended up with the company of a very beautiful zultanite rider once again. The two spent the rest of the morning and even more together.
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Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:47 pm

NPC Bronze Warthereith
He hadn't been around for long but it was long enough for him to know when a gold was going to rise. The gorgeous dark gold Soquilith had all the signs she would rise soon so Warthereith kept close watch. When she finally roared her readiness from the cliffs he was up and ready. Snagging a beast for himself he drained it dry, his blood ringing hotter than the blood he just finished drinking as the rut came upon him fully. Other bronzes and even browns came to grab their own beasts, wanting the red hot blood to fuel their own intentions. Warthereith bared his teeth and hissed at any who came close to where he waited.

As the gold took another beast and bloodied it, Warhereith moved into place, tail twitching back and forth in eager anticipation. Claws dug deep into the soil, getting purchase as his thick thigh muscles tensed. He was ready to make that first leap upward to get airborne quickly and stay in close proximity of such a lovely gold. The way her hide was dabbled with lighter shades made her seem truly decorated, eloquent and very pretty. He wanted her, every bit of his body ached to twine with her. He was a big boy, big in bulk and broad of wing even if he may not match other bronzes in length. Some may see him as chubby and thus slow and clumsy but he was everything but. He was a strong flyer and his endurance high, his broad wings built for crafty flight even if he may not be as fast as longer winged dragons.

Learning the rider of such a wonderful gold chose her mate for this flight and locked her doors barring all others except her chosen didn't bother this bronze. His rider could do with out, all Warthereith wanted was the gold herself. Her rider didn't interest him at all. It took but a moment of distraction for him to inform his rider he'll have to find release elsewhere should he win, then his focus was once more on Soquilith.

Then the object of his desire was airborne, calling out to all the males who would hope to catch her. Warthereith was no exception and he roared out his challenge to the other males, his deep bassy bellow a fine indicator of his lung capacity and strength, all good signs he was healthy and strong and thus, make a fine Sire for Soquilith's children. As he roared he lept into the air, wings beating down and shooting him upwards like an arrow released from a taught bow. He flew past the slower males, whirling red eyes fixed on his objective.

<You shall see I am the one most worthy,> Warthereith called out as his bellow faded and he rose ever higher after her. He leveled his flying to a position a half dragonlenth above Soquilith as she chose distance over height at the moment. He knew she'll rise eventually so saw no reason to drop down lower, no gold worth her shine would want to mate low to the ground like a lazy green or flightless wher.

ooc: decided to toss in an npc dragon to fill out Soquilith's chasers since I don't have any suitable dragons to chase her and flights can be such fun to write in :)
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It was not that Eavan's visits to the Weyrhold were weekly, but it was not particularly uncommon to see the gold curled in the sun as her rider visited with Ar'vis, so K'din thought little of it as he prepared for an early morning trip to the Weyr. He was hoping to catch breakfast with some friends before discussing in person some of the issues he had been communicating with Safryn by missive over the last two weeks in an attempt to get them fully resolved finally.

Breakfast had gone well and K'din had enjoyed catching up with some of his old wingriders and he had purposefully allowed it to go long so as to not bother the Weyrwoman second too early, but the moment Akoth's distractedness turned into full-fledged lust, K'din realized what was happening and cursed. He'd been so focused on his position and duties at Evanoria, as well as dealing with a teething child crying all night in his and Carrot's quarters, he had completely forgotten Soquilith's rising schedule. He was not prepared, did not even have his armband on and Carrot was back at Evanoria in the creche, but K'din had never once forced Akoth down during a gold flight and he was not about to start.

“Don't suppose one of you would be up for giving me a wing up?” he asked while excusing himself from the group.

“I got you covered, K'din. Need me to swing by Evanoria to see if I can steal Carrot away?” P'sin replied as he extracted himself from the group, as well.

“If you could at least get word to her, that'd be appreciated. If she wants to come, that's great. Otherwise, if Akoth loses, I'll be flying back to Evanoria as soon as I can mount.”

P'sin dropped K'din off on the ledge of the Weyr before disappearing between with his green and K'din walked the surprisingly quiet rest of the way to Safryn's quarters, skirting a very grumpy, egg-heavy Lennoth on the way.

It was only when he reached Safryn's quarters that K'din realized why it had been so quiet in the area as he read the sign then cursed once more. Down in the feeding pens, Akoth bled his final herdbeast and followed Soquilith into the sky.

K'din cursed again.

With nothing else to do save find a place to wait out the flight, K'din backtracked until he came to Rhianwen's quarters and knocked heavily at her door.

Rhianwen was quick to answer, but her expression quickly hardened when she saw his face. “I'm afraid you have the wrong apartment,” she said with firm and cold candor and K'din flinched. Rhianwen never had liked him much.

“Safryn's locked her door,” he explained, hoping for her help in accessing an empty apartment for the flight's duration, at least. He kind of hoped Carrot did come back with P'sin now. K'din had no idea what to do should Akoth win.

“So I heard,” Rhianwen replied, “Mine isn't any less closed.”

“No,” K'din denied, suddenly realizing how his earlier comment might have sounded, “I just. I need somewhere to sit out the flight. I didn't realize Soquilith was due to rise. I don't even have mine and Akoth's bands on.” He had fucked up with that once before moving to Evanoria and never wanted to lose Carrot's trust like that again.

Rhianwen sighed and studied K'din once more, the bronzerider making sure to look innocent and contrite. “With Eavan gone, the Headwoman is the only one with keys to the vacant apartments,” she finally said as she stepped back into her apartment, holding the door open for him. “By the time we find her, who knows where the flight will be. You are welcome to wait it out in my guest room.”

K'din blinked and looked back out at the rest of the Weyr. “Flight lust?” he asked, wary of the offer but also recognizing the truth in the young woman's words.

K'din did not think he had ever seen a lady roll her eyes before. “Trust me when I say that will not be an issue on my end,” Rhianwen stated before giving a smile that chilled the man to his bones, “If you'd prefer, I could lock you in.”

“No, thank you; won't be necessary. I prefer consensual relations,” he replied while stepping inside, “But the room is appreciated.”

Rhianwen led the man to her spare room, but before he let her go, he turned once more on her.

“If P'sil and Dolenth return with Carrot, could you direct her here?” he requested, “P'sil did not know the flight was closed when he left.”

Having already planned to have the room fully cleaned upon K'din's vacating it, Rhianwen nodded her head at his request. “I will keep my eyes and ears open for them,” she promised before leaving him to his flight and going to sit with Lennoth, who was in a right fit with Soquilith's rising. It would not do for people to think she was in with the bronzerider, after all.

Up in the sky, Akoth took to his chase single-mindedly. Soquilith glowed in the warm sun and his blood only burned hotter in this early summer weather. While the other males called back verbally to Soquilith's invitation, Akoth, as verbose as ever, remained silent, directing his attention and energy on Soquilith's every move, judging her path even before she changed directions and flying close behind her, using proximity to press her further on and higher up.

It had been a long time since Akoth had last chased and he was not going to give up his pursuit without a strong fight.
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Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:32 pm

Paperwork... never had K'rios imagined there would be so much of it involved in working with the Candidatemaster. Bellatrix did most of it, but she was passing some of it along to him, insisting that he learn how to do some off it on the chance that he one day step into the position himself. He didn't argue of course, because he actually liked what he did. It was just a simple observation more than an actual complaint. Glancing at another report, he wasn't immediately aware of what was going on outside, with his dragon or otherwise. It wasn't until he felt the first rush of lust through his body that he realized a flight was soon to occur. Soquilith, yes? How long do we have?

Putting down the hide in his hands, he stood, and his legs almost buckled on him. Thankfully he hadn't moved far from his desk, and had managed to catch himself on the edge before he could crumple. Without his dragon responding, he knew how far things had progressed, and he scowled, physically and mentally, as he straightened himself out. You should have told me! If he'd known that flight was happening this soon, he would have gone to the weyr sooner. Now, he'd be one off the last there while the rest of the suitors were allowed to enjoy the fruits that came with the flight.

Her rider isn't allowing anyone in. It's a locked flight. You'll need to find someone else.

And that was well within Safryn's rights as a rider. He respected that, without question. Good flight, my friend. Iktomith would give them a good show. The pewter was, at best, cunning on a good day. When it came to flights, he was even more so, which led to more hits than misses. His success with golds, however, had seen more of the latter than the former, and he'd never had luck with catching Soquilith. It didn't take him long to find someone to enjoy the flight with, while Iktomith lined himself up for what he was certain would be a win.

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Safryn wasn't sure she would ever tire of seeing that sort of surprise flicker across the brownriders' features and a proud sort of smirk crept over her lips as well as she closed the distance between them. At least once, the goldrider wanted to give herself to one of her choosing, not the one that Soquilith chose for her, and she was quite happy to get to spend those moments with H'tai. While her queen sped off into the clear skies, Safryn allowed herself to sink further into that bond with her dragon, just as her body melded into the brownriders', lips pressed eagerly against his as all other thoughts were cast aside save for her queen and her chosen.

While she'd been abiding for her rider, to her suitors the dark queen was unrelenting. As they skimmed over the canopy of the jungle, Soquilith only seemed to speed up, banking sharply left or right whenever she so desired and sparing only a glance or two for those who followed her. Nearing a sentinel of a tree, taller than all the others around it, the dappled beauty shot straight toward and only seemed to veer away at the last second to wing around the wide boughs of the tree. She heard the shriek of one of her suitors as he nearly barreled into the branches, but the mottled brown* was able to escape those clutches with only a scratch as he rejoined the chase. Soquilith hugged tight to the circumference of the trees' boughs until she'd nearly gone all the way around and could nip at the tail of the slowest male until she abruptly angled upwards and shot into the sky once more.

Higher and higher she climbed, the beat of her wings powering through the air as the dark queen quickly gained altitude, never slowing in the slightest as she yearned to reach Rukbat itself. Even still, her suitors were tested, their endurance and speed put to good use to keep up with her as they did nothing but fly higher and higher into the thin air. The dappled beauty crested mountains, she touched the clouds and went beyond, Soquilith wanted to dance among the heavens with Rukbat and the moons and wouldn't stop until she had. The gold knew that only the strongest, only the most dedicated among them could follow her there. Dipping into that reserve, the strength of her rider, of the blood of those beasts, Soquilith urged herself higher still until there was nothing left to give. However, as the air began to thin her wings had little more to beat against and she'd nearly reached the apex of her climb, every fiber of her being burning with desires as much as her wing muscles felt like they were on fire.

Tired wings nearly gave out as the golden beauty hung in the air for a moment, the stillness of that moment between heaven and earth as she let gravity take hold. Turning gracefully, she tucked in dark wings and plummeted back through the males that had managed to endure. Only the strongest of them were left, and of those she knew they were all fine specimens, but there was one who's strength and devotions had caught her eye more than once and Soquilith was willing to give the bronze his due. Catch me Behemoth! I am yours. The tired queen crooned to her doting mate as she fell toward him, flaring her wings wide to slow their descent and remain entwined with the striped bronze for as long as possible.


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