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For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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As they flew north, the gold and her cadre, they hit the end of the cloud cover and Lennoth instantly dove, falling off the end of the clouds as if she did not have wings and plummeting towards the ground before pulling out of her dive and reveling in the presence of both green and blue as smaller clouds gave intermittent shadows the chance to dance across her hide just as her own shadow danced along the ground below.

She continued ever further northward, though her attention fell often on the males behind her, the pewter falling further behind and Roth remaining passive. Gastoneth's corkscrew caught her attention, as did Norieth's display of skill and agility while Behemoth took her words to heart and sped up, eating the space between them and Lennoth felt pride at her following. It was she they flew for; she they fought for. So she let them fight in this manner, pressing on until her wings burned with exertion and the blood's energy ran low and a new need surfaced.


Lennoth had to fly up.

This was not a desire, not like before. It was not about seeing the sun or doing away with cold and shadow. It was an incessant need. Her body's demand.

So Lennoth rose. Not one to do anything in halves, she instantly turned her face up into the sky and decided she would not stop until she touched the blue. So she flew higher and higher, beating her wings with all the grace exhaustion afforded and still setting a grueling pace. She flew higher than the clouds and higher than where she had originally flown, up to where the air grew thin and each beat of her wings did less to propel her until her wings scraped the sky, taller than the Southern mountains in the distance that barely peaked above the clouds and high enough to see the earth curl beneath her in all four directions, the seas to the north visible from these heights.

And then, with one last beat of her wings, her heart racing, her mind reeling in its heat, Lennoth turned and dove into the males. Half the continent will do this time, Norieth, she called out, summoning the brown to her and following his lead and her instincts to twine with her chosen.
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Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:57 pm

Eagerly he followed the young queen, waiting for when the skies would call to her once more and the end would be within reach. From the beginning, she'd made it quite clear that she would be the one deciding her mate, though the brown would be lying to say his claws weren't itching to grip her wing shoulders and carry her up to those heights. As Lennoth turned and rocketed skyward once more, gaining altitude rapidly, Norieth knew that it was now or never and her pulled from every reserve he had to pump those powerful wings and rise higher and higher with her.

Turns of experience fueled him and all thoughts of the other males racing after the gold were forgotten as only the glowing beacon that was Lennoth was all he could think of, all he could see, and he wanted nothing more than for her to see his worth, call his name and he would carry her to the heavens. Though his wings were beginning to ache with the strain he'd put them through, there was sheer will and determination that kept him aloft, his desires for the queen burning through his veins kept him focused and keen on her.

It wasn't until she reached the peak of her climb, the air thin and hard to push through, but they came to the summit of the Flight and the rest of the world lay spread out down below them. Lennoth tucked her wings then and turned toward the pack of males, diving down toward the center of them. The sandy brown paused for only a moment, heart pounding in his chest as he waited to hear her decision, ready to catch her if it was his name she called out...and indeed it was. Swelling with pride, the brown dismissed all the other males and weaved between them to reach his golden mate, waiting to catch her and carry her gently in his embrace.

Next time, we will cross the ocean together. Norieth crooned sweetly to the lovely queen as he twined his neck around the pale golds' and his wings spread wide to help slow their descent, hoping to keep them aloft, their bodies twined for as long as possible. Such a strong flight deserved an ending just as enduring and the brown didn't plan to disappoint the maiden queen in word or deed. He vowed to be devoted and he intended to show her just how much, starting with pleasing the young gold and giving her a memorable end for her first Flight.

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