Nyx [Electrum Rask's Run]

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:41 am

NPC Bronze Corosk
Corosk was growing tired. He could feel it right down to his very bones. He was a young wher though, and knew it was only a matter of time before he reached his second wind. He remained quiet as Rask continued to lead them forward, knowing that it wasn't flowery language that would give him what he wanted. It would be physical prowess, nothing more, though he thought he might give her a few sweet words toward the end, just to let her know he was serious about catching her. Not that he needed the additional boost when he made it clear through physical means that he was determined to have her. That's what his mind was insisting, at least, and so he placed his full focus on the chase, on Rask herself, and making sure he didn't run into one of the other males. He had done that once, during a chase in Walled territory. It had ended up in a fight, gave him scars that still covered his body and made one of his useless wings more lame. It wouldn't happen again. He was bronze, he was smart, and he had learned his lesson.

The ravine was like an obstacle course. There were stones and bits of dry wood littering the riverbed. He had never been led to such a location before, but then again, this run was something new to him. He'd never chased at New Atricis, nor had he ever chased after an electrum wher. If he had stopped to think about it, maybe inquire with his handler, he would have known they were a relatively new color. He growled when he noticed his contemplation of the newness had set him back a pace or two. He would have to make up for that, and it would be one of his ways to prove himself to Rask. Despite the burn that he was starting to feel, the one that started at his muzzle and ended at his tail tip, he didn't let himself slow. He pushed himself, pushed his sore muscles, even knowing that the end was near. There was no way he was going to slip out of the race, unless Rask made her choice from among the other males.

Eventually that second wind hit him, and he howled through his link with his handler. This is what he had been waiting for, and he was able to regain his place in the pack, much to his utter delight and relief. When he was certain in his spot, he finally spoke to the electrum, deciding a few words wouldn't hurt, so long as he aimed them right. Corosk here, lady queen. She might not be a queen, but she was in his mind. Perhaps the words would help him, perhaps they wouldn't, this chase was still on, and he would find out soon enough.

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Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:14 am

The dark shadow knew better than to use up all his strength too soon in the Run, so while the sunset beauty tested and toyed with the males by tossing obstacles and jumps into her initial race through the forest, Borosk expended only as much as was needed to skirt around these tricks meant to weed out the weak from the strong. The wher moved with a grace afforded to those who knew how to adapt and though he'd never run this particular path before, there was little that he hadn't seen before and could maneuver with muscle memory, seeing a tree trunk and weaving around it, or cresting over a fallen log, and lowering his head to barrel through a shrub if needed. Always keeping the female in sight, he tore through the night close on her heels, giving little thought to the other males in the Chase for they mattered not to him, they were unworthy of such a prize as Rask.

As the ravine loomed before him, the brown barely slowed and prepared to run toward the edge before veering sharply, yet the radiant female surprised even the weathered beast when she jumped over the edge. Borosk snorted in pride, his chest swelling as the desire to have such an audacious mate vibrated through his whole being and without a second thought, he too went over the edge of the cliff. The first ledge came as no surprise, for surely the electrum had her reasons and claws dug hard into the stone to slow his skid as his bulked turned parallel to the rock wall. She was bounding away already, gracefully leaping from ledge to ledge in her descent to the ravine floor and the rogue brown was quick to follow, springing from that first ledge onto the next and bounding from place to place. He spread his wings slightly, using them to control his downward glide, reserving some strength so he needn't push so hard to make it from ledge to ledge and gliding helped to soften the landings, keeping his body light and nimble...which likely ended up saving his hide.

He could feel the platform slipping the moment his heavy weight settled on it, the crack of stone sounding in his ears as the large ledge gave way under him. Borosk growled deeply, a guttural reaction as his body acted on instinct and claws dug into stone to give him traction against the falling rock and for the briefest moment, he scrambled against gravity, but the moment his hind feet caught, the brown threw himself back into the air once more flaring his wings wide to catch the air. It was a leap of faith, in his experience and his strength to guide him toward another ledge, and he came down hard onto a more stable landing. He gave a snort of contempt at the predicament, could hear the trickle of the rocks falling still, and then the loud cracks as it hit the bottom of the ravine and Borosk knew he was lucky that those were not his bones breaking. However, the stumble had cost him precious time, the radiant sight of the electrum was already safely reaching the floor of the ravine and the brown had to play catch up now.

Heaving himself into the air once more, he glided to the next ledge and then another, purposefully choosing outcroppings that stayed above the floor of the ravine for now, watching Rask closely as she began to climb the boulders and then danced from one to another. He would need to make up for lost time, and instead of hitting the bottom of the ravine only to climb up once more, Borosk picked out carefully his next leap. The dark brown saw the tops of the boulders near at hand, and as his hind legs coiled once more for the spring, he prepared himself to land precariously on the top of one of those boulders, to cut out the pesky in between and begin the Chase anew. As he sprang into the air, wings spread as wide as he could, he felt for a moment as a dragon must when flying and yet as he neared his landing, his clipped his glide short and snapped his wings downward a few times to even his footing. Claws curled against the rock, scraping audibly as he gripped tight to keep his bulk from sliding too far over the edge, but the moment he felt his feet sure beneath him, he was leaping again to the next boulder and was back in the Chase again.

Not so easy to lose Borosk. The dark shadow growled, though perhaps it was mostly to himself, or to warn off the other males that he'd do whatever it took to win Rask. She was the embodiment of strength and cunning, a suitable match to the brown himself, and he would tempt even death to find a glory such as hers. Though he was a bit ashamed of that stumble, he showed devotion and prowess to come back and join the Chase, to show that he would not so easily give up on Her.

At the top of the ravine, they found the trees again, the electrum still leading the charge, though he knew that she must be beginning to tire by now. Even his own muscles were beginning to ache, a slow burn that seemed to warm him from the inside out and his chest heaved with exertion, yet his feet still thundered against the ground never wavering in his pace. When the sunset beauty found a clearing, Borosk instinctively knew what that meant for the Run, and just as Rask seemed to give into that last burst of speed, so too did the dark brown, throwing all of his reserves into that last stretch, into the wild abandon as they swept through the meadow. This is where she would Choose, and only those that could keep up would be worthy and Borosk had no intentions of being left behind. He ignored the burn in his legs, the heave of his chest, or the pounding of his heart and focused everything he could into running, to become speed, power and grace in those final moments...to be what Rask wanted, to be Chosen by her.
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Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:05 am

Rask was pulling at the final dregs of her energy, her legs and shoulders burning and sides heaving at the exhaustion as she pushed herself beyond her limits to force the males following her to the end of theirs. There would be hours left in the night for her and her chosen mate to enjoy themselves. For now, however, she had to decide who that would be.

Corosk and Carvesk were two exceptional bronzes. The sheen of their hide drew her eyes along with their strong and virile forms. Both had managed to keep up with her and, as they sprinted after her now, showed a leftover strength from the run.

On the other hand, Jarsk had outlived all of Rask's expectations for him as he was the sole blue to keep up with whers substantially larger than him. It promised strong genes to be passed on and was a great temptation.

Darilesk had proven himself surefooted, intelligent and capable of keeping up with her despite his obvious hardship due to his lack of wings. Was he stronger because of it and would he pass that on to any offspring she may have? Likely. He was Rheask's sire, after all, and Rheask was strong, if a bit slow.

Of course the shadow that called so sweetly to her was an intriguing prospect. Not only was the draw of fresh blood to the wherhold a strong one -- as it was with Corosk -- but Rask had always been the more curious and adventurous sort. This Borosk, who certainly proved himself capable of keeping up with her – had even leapt off the cliff after her without the discretion and second guessing displayed by the other males – drew her attention again and again.

If she were a gold, perhaps she would have had the endurance to press on. If she were a queen, perhaps she would have worn her competitors out, whittled the competition down to a small number to choose from. But Rask was an Electrum and her lungs stabbed in pain with each inhale and each step. She was no queen, but she was a survivor. She knew no other of her kind, but her blood knew its southern heritage and what the silver sheen on her adult hide meant to this continent's denizens and it was that blood that was ready now to choose a survivor like herself.

To choose a trailblazer and to choose the wild unknown. She wondered if he held blood of the south within him, as well, though whether or not this male did, he knew the heart of the land she loved and he knew how to make it his own.

Borosk! she cried as heavy legs continued to move by sheer strength of will alone. Rask huffed and panted her exhaustion, but her mental declaration rang clear as she summoned the brown to her.

Borosk come with Rask!

Leaving the rest of the males behind, Rask brushed against the warm hide of her chosen mate as they broke through the treeline on the other side of the meadow. Once they had found somewhere safe to spend the night, Rask gladly opened herself to the experienced brown.

Congratulations, Borosk!
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