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For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Sat May 14, 2016 10:35 pm

Eavan glared angrily at Jora who had given up trying to hold onto her wheel chair and simply picked her up out of her chair. She fought him almost literally tooth and nail. J'lek realized that talking her back to her senses wasn't working so he tried something else. A sounding slap echoed about the room followed by J'lek yelling, "Snap out of it Eavan! Your queen is going to die if you don't!" He already felt awful for the slap but he'd apologize later when both queens were alive and this nightmare was ended. Whatever punishment he got later for slapping the Weyrwoman was worth it to see her finally come to her senses. "Thank you." She said before she reached out to her very angry gold and tried to rein her back in. Stop this Paiseantath! You don't have to fight her!

Paiseantath isn't listening to her though. Insolent pup! These are my males! You will never lay a filthy claw upon them. That I will make sure of! She challenged back to the sandy gold. Together they twisted and twined around each other with claws and teeth scratching and biting every place possible. Both of them were covered in ichor now, turning their beautiful golden hides green. The two of them would clash together and tumble towards the ground before relinquishing their holds so they could climb into the air again to repeat the process. Most of the males were too stunned at first to react, but those whose riders were bolting into action began to try and pry the queens apart. Neither of the queens noticed the bulk of Pionath diving towards them until he rammed into them.

Paiseantath let out a loud scream in pain that was immediately echoed by Eavan who grabbed her shoulder as if she'd been the one hurt. Pionath's claws dug into his queens hide, but the pain came from one of her wing fingers. Let me go you fool! I will rid my weyr of this pest of a dragon!! She tried to get out of his grip, but she couldn't and any time she tried to flap her injured wing it sent hot searing pain through her. Together her and the bronze fell through the sky, leaving the Benden queen the chance to attack from above. Before she could, though, Kiandath made his move and grappled her with his strong claws and legs. The sandy queen screamed in defiance and struggled to get away from him. She almost managed to do so, but another bronze pinned her from the other side. Kiandath! Get her back to Benden now! Tell others to go with you! Have R'sin have his bronze get Paiseantath to the ground. We're taking her back to Benden! Someone get her rider and follow us. Pionath! Get Paiseantath to the ground! Kiandath ordered the others. He waited until he was sure the others were ready to make the jump with him and then quickly the angry Benden queen was gone. A greenrider landed near to where the Benden queenrider was being held back by I'li and offered to take her back to Benden to be with her gold. Paiseantath, still creeling in pain and anger, writhed in Pionath's grip, but once the other female was out of sight she calmed considerably and allowed him to take her to the ground. Eavan demanded J'lek put her back in her chair and she rolled out to check on her queen.

Despite the fact their queen was obviously injured as one of her wing fingers was hanging limp in a way it shouldn't, there was a wave of relief that neither of the queens had been able to make a killing blow on the other. Eavan rushed to her bleeding and moaning queen as the healers also rushed in to start fixing her up. The fact the flight had been interrupted would have to be addressed, but not till later. Right now the Weyrwoman simply needed to be with her dragon.
Feel free to continue replying reactions, but for the queen's part it is done. Sorry for doing such a slap-hazard ending there, but I wanted to get this done sooner and didn't want it to drag out any longer. For now the flight is finished.
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Mon May 16, 2016 11:01 pm

It was exactly as he expected and still Pionath did not flinch, did not hesitate. The impact jarred through him, the bronze grunting but otherwise not allowing himself to express the pain. He had no breath to waste on that nor did he have the time. The second he caught one of the golds he needed to fight to hold them. He might as well have been force-Catching the gold save it took a lot less to convince them to give in during a Flight. Their lust drove them to want to mate once they were held securely but this...this was a different fire and not so easily redirected.

At the time he was so focused on catching and holding one of the golds, of breaking them up, that he hadn't a clue which glowing hide he caught. Then he heard his Queen's angry words booming in his head and growled grimly. No. You are right that she is a pest and too far beneath you to be worth your personal attention, he replied firmly. Let your males prove their loyalty to you!

No matter how the sunset gold struggled Pionath did not loosen his grip on her. If anything he only tightened it, making sure she could not get away from him to tear into the other gold once more. No words she spoke would sway him either. Her life was too important to throw away on this fight. No gold should be lost, not like this, not if he and the other males could help it. Although privately Pionath was relieved it was his Queen he had snagged and not the Benden gold. He was loyal to his Weyr and to the golds therein, especially the Senior. The Atrician gold was the one he most wanted to shield from harm although he didn't like the thought of any gold being shredded in a Flight fight.

They were plummeting though; he needed to brake their momentum before they reached the ground. Pionath grunted when Kiandath started giving him orders. Getting Paiseantath to the ground was easy; he was already doing it! Landing safely instead of with a fatally hard impact was the trick. He wasn't positioned the best for doing so and Paiseantath was still fighting him. Brassy wings flared out, Pionath hissing as they were strained with the effort of slowing the deadly fall. He was aware of the gold he held calming and tried to hum for her, soothe her further as he carefully adjusted his grip. If he could he didn't want to be forced to dig in with claws and fangs. She was not an enemy to be torn apart but his Queen.

The bronze made sure to take extra care with her as the ground drew ever closer, flapping hard to further slow them so that he could set her down and then sort of half-flap-half-hop away from her so the healers could tend to her wounds. He remained a few feet away from her, both recovering from his exertions and keeping a close watch over her. No further harm would come to her this day if he had anything to say about it! Speaking of which he owed her an apology now for his rough treatment of her...

Whirling yellow-orange eyes regarded Paiseantath as he searched for words. Words...his age-old enemy, that which wooed the clutchers to other suitors because he was so woefully inadequate at them. Yet now he needed them, owed his Queen an explanation. Slowly the bronze approached her head, dipping his until his nose touched the ground before her. Pionath made no move to touch her however, not now. I am very sorry for the rough treatment my Queen. At any other time I would never raise a claw against you but I could not glide by and watch as that whelp attacked you, spilled your precious ichor. Punish me if you must but know I would do it again. I will always do my utmost to keep you safe. He remained there with his head bowed, waiting for her judgement. Paiseantath could attack him if she wished; he would not stop her. Better to have his hide flayed than hers.
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