Run Whers Run [Jezebel's Second Run]

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Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:06 pm

Music for the run
Fuzzied to early Spring

Had it already been a turn? It had felt like far shorter a time with that, especially now that Jezebel had her dayling cubs - now of course, not exactly cubs but almost grown day whers - to preen over. But Jezebel had been growing proddier than ever recently, losing pacience with Mykel and pack members and sometimes even her own now-grow cubs. It wasn't until Mykel caught Jezebel snapping at the flanks of the poor male she had just been flirting with that Mykel recognized the old signs - it seems it was nigh time for Jezebel to Run again.

He informed Micah and Sheila as soon as he was certain, but for now there was nothing to do but wait. At least this time Jezebel was far more certain of herself, and she strode through the day wher pavilion like a queen, haughtily flirting with or bossing around any male that would tolerate her. Mykel had to pity the poor pack males who had to put up with it, but at least Jezebel was less agressive this time, limiting her more spirited outbursts to quick nips to the flanks or grazes of her teeth.

It was early in the morning, the sun was just barely starting to rise, when Mykel sat up. Now? he asked his rose wher, only to get a wordless, frustrated, confirmation. Jezebel was alreadyoutside pacing. It was all too likely she had been ready to Run sometime during the night, but opted to hold off just a little bit until the sun began to rise. Huh, so she had grown. Mykel sent his wher a few quick thoughts of affection before yawning and rolling out of bed, nudging his room into partial cleanliness and unlocking his door. Wouldn't be long now.

Jezebel had had enough of waiting. She stretched once before marching out of the day wher pavilion and out away from the walls of the hold. Come on boys. she projected to all within range. It's time for a Chase.

(One round, open to everyone including NPCs! Mykel has his door open, and, uh, let's say posts by next friday? Thanks all!)
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Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:45 pm

Syril and his handler, a small woman that went by the name of Ril, had been together for a short amount of time. But in that little span, they had managed to learn quite a bit about one another. Ril liked cheese quite a bit, and it turned out that Syril did as well. She found it odd that a wher would desire a food made by humans, when they clearly ate the meat of beasts, but she hadn't been able to discover if it was normal or not. There had been so much to learn about daywhers - their habits, their strengths and weaknesses, how to care for one properly.

They had also learned something they had in common: occasional bouts of insomnia. Ril, a smith by trade, would often hit the smithy late at night when she couldn't sleep, finding it was the only thing that soothed her to such a state that sleep was possible eventually. Syril, on the other hand, was unable to sleep whenever there was a female he was interested in about to set off on a run. Sometimes, his periods of sleeplessness seeped through their link and made it even worse for Ril.

As it had ever since the blood had announced that there was a rose that was close to her time. Ril had groaned about it, but otherwise made no comment, save for the fact that she knew where she would be in the coming nights. But the moment Syril had crashed, she wasn't far behind, so exhausted that she barely made it to her bed before drifting off to sleep. She should have known what would happen next, that she would be awoken early the next day by Syril's frantic attempts to get outside.

Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and yawned, not needing to ask what was the matter. Somehow she knew. It was another thing she was learning as she went, that sometimes because of the bond, there were things that came about naturally, almost instinctively. Before she opened the door, she placed a hand on the blood's heated hide and asked a simple question: who. The response she received was a snort, and a fiercer pawing at the door, but she refused to let the topic go and finally, he growled and snapped in response. Jezebel run. Must chase. Let Syril out!

It took her still sleep soaked mind a few breaths before she realized who the blood was speaking of. Mykel! She let Syril out before dressing and pulling her hair back in a messy bun. She might not look up and at 'em quite yet, but she didn't think it would matter. if Syril won well... she wasn't going to count her wherries before they hatched, but there was always that chance. She went to Mykel's and knocked on the door before stepping inside, hand lifted in greeting. She opened her mouth to say something only to yawn. "Sorry, just woke up. Thought I'd stop by and wait the run out with you."

For his part, Syril was off like an arrow, never once letting the beautiful rose out of his sights. There were others - of course there were - that he had to contend with, but his determination was to succeed, and in order to do so, he had to forget about them and focus on the beauty running before him. After a while of watching her, he finally decided to speak, knowing words held little meaning during the heat of a run. Still, his intentions needed to be clear. You will see, beautiful Jezebel, that only Syril is suited for you!
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Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:54 pm

Silas had grown used to Nebulas' Chases. Perhaps it was the color of his hide, or the size of his build, but Nebulas felt the need to Chase after every female that Ran. At first it had been a strange experience, then exhilarating, but in the turn since he had last Chased a Rose, Silas already grew jaded to the event. While in the past he would have gone to the cabin of the handler of the female, this time he decided against it. While Mykel did keep his door open again this turn, and the two were scarcely a few turns different in age, and Silas didn't balk at the idea of sharing a bed with another man, Silas saw nothing to be gained by doing so this time, and right now, he far more craved the touch of a woman. And so it was that after venturing out briefly in the morning that he took a willing partner to his cabin to enjoy the pleasures of Run lust with while Nebulas Chased for his prize outside.

Nebulas had been one of the males to stir at the first light of dawn, sensing nearby that a female was ready to Run and he should prepare himself. He breathed in the crisp, dew moist air, letting it fill his lungs as he rose from where he slept in the pavilions, and trotted out to where Jezebel paced impatiently. The Run had not started by this point, and so the white day wher crouched down in the wet grass and waited.

Then she called to them, making her way out of the Weyr at last. Quickly, he rose and responded. A wonderful Chase it shall be. He crooned to her in response a he followed. Show us your strength beautiful Rose. I'll show you my skill.
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Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:05 pm


Talen sat up in his bed, his head foggy. What was going on? He could feel something different with him, and with Khonlen. The young Quartz HAD been acting a bit distracted the past few days, but now these seemed different. He quickly reached out to him. Khonlen, are you alright? What's going on?

At first there was no reply, and then all of a sudden, Jezebel is running, I will chase her! I will be the best!

Talen sat up in bed, the sleepiness forgot, and now he knew what seemed odd. The lust he felt from Khonlen, and the impending run. He quickly got up and locked his door. He wasn't sure he wanted to be a part of it. He and Cas had talked, and they didn't want their first...intimate time to be during a run. Talen himself was not sure if he wanted to be with anyone besides Cas, even during runs, so this was just the safe bet, all around.

Khonlen pranced around, trying to show off as he arrived. I am best suited for you my beauty! Allow me to prove myself! This Chase shall be a good one.
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Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:08 pm

Anubli woke Lareli up from a dead sleep. Today was her day off and for her to rest for choirs and work. She'd wanted to sleep in, but she felt the emotions and turned to look at her wher. He was pacing back and forth in their room like he was ready to run for the hills. He was growling and humming before turning wild eyes on his bond. He looked her in the face.

She will run soon, I must chase. Will not be gone long, do not leave room! He said looking Larlie in the eyes to ensure that she knew he meant what he said. He loved his bonded very much, but he felt the call for him to run, and this would be his first run. Blew and Stump all seemed to find a small spot to lay and stay where they were, sending loving signals to larlie.

Larlie got to her feet and grumbled as she went to the door to let him out of their room. She had felt the pull to follow him but instead put up a sign and closed the door. With her two lovelies with her here, she was not going to risk them to a run. She would encourage her wher, love on him, and give him praise, but she would not open her door. Anyone that came knocking on her door this morning would find a very angry bronze hissing in their face. He sent her images of clawing at anyone that came through the door.

Anubli trotted to the area he felt the pull of the Rose wher, he knew who was going to run and knew that he wanted to be there. He was a fine wher as 16FT and wanted to test himself. He was ready for this day, ready to try his luck, now one could replace his bond of course, but he wanted to try the other males and see if he could be better then them. He followed the sweet smell of her and the pull where the rose was until he came to the spot where the others circled her and laid his eyes on the lovely creature that was his dame and knew he would chase her for her lovely hide. He purred to her and instead of circling her, he walked to the side of where he could run after her. His eyes looked her over and his nipped and growled low at the other males. He wanted to make sure they knew he was worthy of her as well and lowered his head to and took a stance that looked all predator that he was and not harm he could be.

Jezebel, your lovely rose hide is pretty, I will chase you today and prove my worth, but if you do not pick me, I will not be angry.
He said crooning to the lovely Rose in front of him. No, he would not be happy if he lost, but he would not be to upset. He wanted to be picked, but he wanted to prove his own as well. Why should he be left behind when here she was before him in all her glory and he was ready for it. He looked off to the side and saw a familiar play mate and nipped at him, he would not harm him but he had a sudden thought.
I wish you luck my brother Khonlen, let us see who of us is going to be better.
He said to him and gave something similar to a wolfish grin before setting his eyes back on his prize.

((Though he should be in the run, sense he is a little head strong and well, He needs to stretch his legs a little. ))
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Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:53 am

Meesh lost her writing brain again but Jezebel picks Nebulas!
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