The Greatest Alive [Rose Dolcekil's PC Run]

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:53 am

Inakil just wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns with Dolcekil, and just as he had felt he understood her Run cycles, they had changed severely. He gathered, in those turns of seemingly sporadic Runs, that Dolcekil’s Runs were directly affected by the state of the pack. The pack had been strong, with many Daywhers present, they didn’t need more offspring. So Dolcekil didn’t Run. Then the Rogue Felines began to hit their numbers hard, and she Ran again, and again the following turn. Perhaps she would return to regular turn Runs like before, but that wasn’t the case. When turn 2048 rolled around, she once again showed no signs of being interested in a Run. In fact, a number of the major Clutchers of the Weyr seemed not interested in their regular Rise schedules. Some of the females Rose, while others didn’t at all. It was a mystery for many, and he wondered if what was affecting those females was affecting Dolcekil now.

Despite her sporadic Runs, Dolcekil always Ran in the winter season, usually around the middle, so when 2049 Winter rolled around, he kept an eye on it, and also made sure he donned his armband and Dolcekil wore hers on her leg as well, just to be safe. It wasn’t as necessary for Dayhandlers as it was Dragonriders, but after one of Dolcekil’s Runs many turns ago, he never wavered in wearing them beforehand, even when he wasn’t sure Dolcekil would Run. It seemed that being prepared would pay off this turn.

Days before she would Run, Dolcekil’s demeanor changed. She didn’t become irritable or mean like some might, it just was so far removed from her nature to be that way, but she definitely became flirty with the males. She practically purred at them a lot of the time, nuzzled them a lot or leaned against them. Meanwhile though, she also became more motherly to the young of the Weyr. She tried grooming creche kids, or herded them away from whatever perceived danger she saw, wanted them near, treated them more like cubs than she normally did. Inakil saw it days before her Run, so he knew it was coming, recognizing those signs easily.

The few days before, Inakil was careful and he and Dolcekil worked with the creche less often the more her pre-Run behavior got harder to curb. She wasn’t a danger to the children, but she could easily be overbearing and cause undue stress and frustration on the children and her as well. It was just for a few days though, they would be back to work soon before she got too egg heavy.

Of course, eventually, the day for her Run arrived. Inakil could sense it when he woke up that morning. Dolcekil stirring had woken him, but it wasn’t quite time yet, even if he could feel today would be the day. Dolcekil had risen early even for a daywher, antsy. Inakil got up with her, giving Naji a parting kiss when he stirred to see what was going on when Inakil got out of bed so early.

”She’s going to Run today. She’s not ready yet, but she’s feeling restless, so I’m going to go to her,” he explained softly, encouraging him to go back to sleep for a little while. Whether or not he did, Inakil dressed into simple, lightweight clothes, and went out to Dolcekil. She shifted, as if she were nervous. He knew she wasn’t though, it was just pre-Run restlessness. She wasn’t hungry, but didn’t want to sleep either. Inakil knew what to do for her and had dressed for the occasion.

As the whers retreated into their dens to escape the rising sun, Inakil and Dolcekil both jogged around the Weyr Yard, switching between Inakil jogging beside Dolcekil, and Inakil riding Dolcekil so she could run faster. He made sure she paced herself though, just enough to release the excess energy she had, but not so much that she made herself too tired. As all the daytime denizens of the Weyr began to wake and breakfast was prepared in the kitchens, Inakil and Dolcekil went to the Weyr lake and there he rinsed and scrubbed her down, making her hide freshly clean and glistening from a light oiling afterward. She wasn’t ready to Run yet though, she had no appetite yet, but wasn’t so restless anymore.

Instead of returning to the daywher pavilions, Dolcekil found herself one of the large flat rocks that were left for the different dragonkin to sun themselves on that liked to. She stretched herself out on the still cool rock and dozed off for the rest of the morning. Inakil, meanwhile, cleaned himself up at the bathhouse, then went to the dining hall to pick himself up a meal to take back to his cabin.

”Today is going to be her Run,” he informed the proper people that would be best informed before he returned to his cabin with his meal, an extra one in case Naji was waiting for him at their cabin. Once in his cabin though, Inakil had no plans on leaving, eating his breakfast leisurely. Knowing he would have time, he settled in the living room with a book to read, passing the rest of the morning in leisure, trying to relax while he could.
While it had been clear that morning for sunrise, the clouds signature to winter rolled in by the afternoon. They hung ominously, threatening at any moment to drop rain upon the land. Dolcekil finally stirred from her stone when the last of the sunbeams were eaten up by the clouds. She stirred with a grumble, stretching out to try to take in every remaining ounce of sun-warmth from the rock she had been laying on. When it was clear though it was all gone, she could rest no longer.

Once awake, she could only think of one thing. Food. She hadn’t eaten in a while, she was ravenous. She didn’t bolt to the feeding pens though, she knew better. Instead she trotted, faster than a slow walk, but not a run either, something more akin to the natural pace of a daywher, warming her sleep stiffened muscles, getting them ready for the event ahead of her.

Once at the feeding pens she jumped in and snatched up a wherry, jumping back out of the feeding pens with the creature in her jaws and taking it away a few lengths. She then settled onto the ground with it, holding it between paws, ready to eat, when a reminder came to her.

*Blood only. Meat will make you too slow.*

That was right, she needed to be fast today, not full of food and unable to move. She wanted to gorge though, but resisted, settling for the blood she was permitted to have. She could have gone for a second wherry, but there were males here already, some killing their own, some watching her with their undivided attention, ready and waiting. She growled at them, abandoning her wherry to the ground as she stood to her feet again. One male dared take a step toward her. She growled again, and then, she took off.

The sounds of daywher paws and bays of excitement and announcement rose through the Weyr, announcing the start of Dolcekil’s Run at last. As the Weyr’s only Rose Daywher currently, she drew in a lot of attention from the males of their large pack. They were drawn in by her rosy hide and large body. She was a daywher made for offspring and naturally designed to draw attention from as many males as possible. Her entourage of males would be large, but only one could be the one, and it was on her to make the best choice. They would have to prove themselves to her though, and right now, none of them were worthy.

*How dare any of you think you can approach me so soon! You are unproven, all of you! If you want to sire my offspring, you must prove every ounce of your worth.*

She tore off across the Yard, a parade of Daywher colors led by a pale Rose with glistening hide impossible to miss. Many daywher patrols would have to be delayed today, or swapped out with available pairs as a few more interested males joined the Chase before the Chasing pack left the Yard or got too far out.

South she led them, away from the cliff and hills of the Weyr and mountains. She led them first toward the inland sea Atricis had first camped near. They ran past a private small cabin, paying no attention to the one who lived there as Dolcekil led them to the waters of the large body of water. Of course though, she didn’t lead them in, only just letting her paws get wet, running through the shallows, kicking up droplets of water that sprayed around her and the males behind her if they ran too close. Once past the waters, leaping away from the wet shore, Dolcekil dripped as if she had run through rain, though the gloomy clouds above had yet to drop the looming rain.

Dolcekil ran on, leaving the Weyr and old camp behind, running into the more wild areas of Atricis’ protectorate. The trees of the forest south of the Weyr proper came fast at them as Dolcekil ran to them full force. She couldn’t just run over plains and hills and lakes, she would take them through the forest. There were so many Chasing her, she needed to weed some of them out, and the lesser males would trip up among the trees, slowing down or getting tangled in underbrush. The quick thinking and swift reflexed males would be able to keep up, at least in theory.

Dolcekil weaved between trees and lept over bushes and brush. Paws hit a game trail and ran along it a ways, giving them a quick break and a bit of a challenge when she leapt from it at a bend and tore off back through the foliage. At least one male had thought themselves clever though, and truly they were, when they came right at her as she leapt from the curving trail, but Dolcekil wasn’t a young Rose, and she wasn’t ready yet as they still hadn’t proven themselves.

With reflexes one wouldn’t expect from the rotund Rose daywher, Dolcekil spun away from the male that made his way right at her. She heard his claws scrape on the ground and slip on the foliage as he missed her just barely and tried to turn himself to follow her in the new direction she now set them toward. Soon though, she couldn’t rely on her hearing to pinpoint where the males were, as the rains above finally fell, bringing more noise to the world around them as droplets hit the leaves around them. She would have to get out of the forest, turning her path to do so while trying to make sure no males got the drop on her.

A few got lucky, getting close to her as she turned her path to lead them out of the trees, but not lucky enough to Catch her yet. She feinted one way, tripping the leader of the small group up when he thought she would go one way around a large tree when she really went another way. The poor fellow hit the trunk and another almost did, but they would be at the Chase quickly she sensed. She’d be impressed if they did, at least.

The end of the forest could be seen soon, grassy land ahead, and she was beginning to really feel the exhaustions of the workout she was putting the males through. The forest had been tough on all of them, even her, but when she burst from the foliage and into grassy plains, she looked back and saw her ploy worked. Some had been left behind or given up among the trees. She was tiring though, and she could only imagine how the males likely were as well. So she let out a bugle, wishing to encourage them all on a little bit for one final straight sprint across the wet grass through the rains of winter.

Dolcekil's PC Run has begun! This will be single round, hence why so much is described, because I kind of wanted to do a multi-round Run, but didn't want to burn anyone out either. My muses also got excited to write this out, and I wanted to give the players of the Chasing males plenty to work with and interesting opportunities to grasp at and run with. So have fun with it! The winner will be picked using the Simplified Method, so things like Size Class, Age, and effort in writing will be considered when randomizing the final male list.
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Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:26 am

Gray Daywher Vivace

The pack was large, and thriving, but that didn't mean there wasn't a necessity for eggs and young. Vivace was one of the eldest among them, and even he knew this fact. He loved having the babies around, enjoyed playing with them, pulling pranks with them - sometimes even on them - but most of all, the gray daywher thrived on the knowledge that his family was growing by leaps and bounds whenever a new generation was joining them. What better way to announce to the world that another was set to do so in the near future than the announcement in the air of beautiful Dolcekil's impending run?

He had participated in her run's several times in the past, and each time he'd been found wanting. Did that disappoint him in the slightest? Absolutely not! He had been sad, and maybe a little disappointed in the time, but now that he thought back on it, each had been a learning experience for him, and he didn't regret a single one of those participations he had committed himself to; in the end, it had meant the same thing as it always had - new and thriving blood to the pack, and that's all he really cared about in the end.

When the time drew ever so near, he made sure that he was prepared for it. He knew there was a chance he wouldn't succeed, and he wasn't holding out too much hope that he would manage to get to where he wanted to be. But he was going to give it his all, and he was going to do what he could to prove himself worthy to Dolcekil this time around! If he were lucky, perhaps she might look at him and find that special spark in him he knew was there and if not, there would always be other chances to try and attract her attention, other runs to try and woo pretty females.

But Dolcekil was the prettiest of them all - at least he believed that now, and would for the longest time after - so why would he want any of them? He watched her in the days leading up to her run, making sure he kept just enough of a distance, ensuring he didn't cause too much of a disturbance so he wouldn't have her ire directed his way. He kept himself rested, ensured he slept and ate the right amounts, and was even a proper gentleman to his handler instead of the normal trickster that he displayed himself as to them.

Yet some of that changed the day of the run. He became distant, didn't appear his normal, jovial self. It worried his handler, but in the end, it turned out to be just an effect of the feelings coursing through him, feelings that soon transferred and were shared to and with his handler. They gripped them both so fiercely that the pair growled and snarled as Vivace made his way to the feeding pens, intent on blooding his kills, taking what the rose beauty did for meat, and listening to his handler when told to only blood. It was difficult at first, considering he hadn't eaten yet, but he kept hold of himself and drank it down with eagerness.

I have tried, more than once, to prove myself to you, oh cherished Dolcekil. I shall try once again, and should I succeed, I shall give you the strongest of children on this day. He could have said more, would have said more under normal circumstances, but this was a run, and runs were not meant for chatter - that was something he'd long ago learned and he'd been quick to realize that was something you didn't repeat more than once no matter what your personality demanded of you.

It wasn't long before she was off, leading them through the Yard, beyond the boundaries of it, towards the old camp and away from that too. There were copse of trees and fields of grass that came and went between them and the great beauty, and yet one thing remained the same the entire time - the males gathered were all strong contenders, each of them determined than the last to try and win her affection. And yet none of them were Vivace, none of them had the experience quite that he had. He would succeed where they had failed, he was sure of that.
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Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:28 pm


It had been quite some time since the last day wher Hatching. Natara was probably supposed to be professionally concerned about this, but she really did not believe there was a problem. The pack was large enough to sustain itself, and did not have to manage alone. The support of humans, dragons, and whers surely meant that the pack of day whers could afford to be a little small - or a little large - for that matter, without it causing disaster. In a very real sense the pack was enormous, if all those who supported them, and whom they supported in turn, were included.

That did not keep her from noticing when Dolcekil began showing the signs of an approaching run, and feeling a certain amount of relief. While she could not really be held responsible for a pattern of slowing runs that had started before Atumra won those challenges, she still thought that the arrival of new cubs was a good sign at the beginning of their leadership.

Especially since they will be my cubs, Atumra told her smugly, and Natara shook her head fondly. Neither his leadership nor his previous success with Dolcekil was anything like a guarantee of that, but Atumra was always so confident.

Atumra was not offended at Dolcekil's statement that they were all unproven. Certainly, every male there had to prove his worth to the rose to have a chance, even he, though he had already proved it once before. You are wise, and strong, he answered the rose. I know that you will make the best choice for our pack, Dolcekil.

The fact that he believed that choice should be him? Irrelevant.

Atumra stayed far enough behind the rose that she did not splash him in the lake, and he avoided entering until he was certain it would be necessary. When she moved away from the water at that point, he was still dry, though several of the closer males were dripping water and mud.

When she entered the trees, it slowed all of them down, but again, Atumra was conserving his energy, letting faster and more eager males break down the brush ahead of them into a path, and following behind them. He was not as fast as some of the smaller ones, it was true. But he would surely outlast most of them.

As the rain began to fall, several of the males in front of Atumra began to slow down, move more carefully, while he began speeding up. Perhaps he would slide in the mud and crash through the undergrowth, or perhaps. . .

He did slide, dodging, when two of the males in front of him seemed to charge straight into a tree. He lost some time then, but most of the males did, and Atumra scrambled with claws digging into the ground, getting his balance back and turning awkwardly in the right direction.

He was one of the males that made it through the woods, anyway, and at Dolcekil's bugle, he put on one last burst of speed. It would not last long, if this was not enough to impress her, he would have nothing left, but he ran full speed into the grass, soaked thoroughly by this point. He did his best to close the distance between them, not reaching out to her, but offering himself to her.
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Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:11 pm

He smelled it on the air, the scent of a female in heat. The inviting odour lingered in the air, warning the copper of the event soon to come. It did not take the male long to the source. A rose, one he had once been so fortunate to catch in the past, was about to succumb to nature's call. Soon, Dolcekil would run.

From a distance, he watched the illustrious hide of the lovely rose, admiring her as her maternal desires got the better of her. It was an amusing sight to see her herd about the children. And when she dared to flirt with the tempting graze of her body, were her attentions ever unleashed upon him, he did not hesitate to answer her teases with a nip or nudge of his own. You grow bold, my dear.

But he needed to wait, and life still demanded his attention. His patrol still beckoned him, as did the requirements of his own daily needs, but he did so with his attentions always upon her.


The morning of her run, Cambys noted how Inakil took the rose out, helping her to spend that access energy. After turns of running, the daywher recognised the telling signs of Dolcekil's imminent run. Ears twitched in anticipation, but it was not yet time. Cambys would need to remain patient, waiting for the right moment to spend his energy in a chase. Until that moment came, he prepared himself with a light meal, painting his muzzle with the blood of a small goat. He licked his maw clean as he emerged from the corral, and purred and the pleasant warmth that swelled in his belly. By the time she shot off with those telling calls of lust, he would be ready for her.

Once he found a spot in the weyr yards, not far from the daywher of interest, Cambys proceeded to groom himself, licking away the access blood before it could congeal on his shimmering hide. He licked every inch of it clean, giving it an attractive sheen beneath the rays of sunlight. Satisfied by his appearance, he rolled in the grass and settled himself down for a light nap, the same as she.

Some time passed like this, waiting, resting, calculating how he would react in the run soon to come. As a seasoned creature by her own right, Dolcekil would know how to pace herself, thus he would need to make sure to do the same. His foot twitched at the thought, the pulls of anticipation from the run. It made him restless, begging him to stand to his feet and expel the excess energy. But he needed to rest. I must conserve my energy.

Were it not the arrival of a curious sensation, Cambys would have remained in his temporary grassy wallow. The familiar pull of a familiar mind took hold of him, drawing him from his lucid repose. I know this mind. From his bed of grass, he lifted his head and flicked his copper ears curiously. It took Cambys little time to recognise the source in the distance.

The pale man on his dark runner, rode into the weyr yards, making their way for the handler paviolion. Just the sight of him was enough to draw Cambys to his feet. Why he felt the pull to the man, he knew not. It unsettled the copper, making him careful around him, and yet... he neared just enough to get a better view of the pale man as he dismounted from the runner beast and tied the runner to a post. The man felt sad most times than not, a sense of loss Cambys was more than akin to. He had lost someone dear, and battled to overcome the loss, same as Cambys. He was bonded once, the same as me... To know someone else in the could understand his pain, Cambys could not help but feel beckoned to this man. He frequently visited him out in the wilds, spying on him from a distance. So often did the name Bowith float through his thoughts, accompanied by the greatest sense of sorrow Cambys had experienced himself. The name felt hollow and worn, while the very utterance of it caused the hole in his soul to burn.

Yet still, he lived.

Cambys dared a step closer to the man, a second, a third... following after the curious figure who lived as a walking manifestation of melancholy. He trotted into the stretch of cabins, flicking his ears curiously to see if he might see the man once more. Once he rounded a corner, he came to a halt. There before him, the human stood by a door, the one that belonged to Isamuyn and his bonded.

By the way the human looked to him, Cambys knew he felt it as well, the undeniable draw between wher and man. Who are you? he finally asked of the human.

The very voice of them noticeably startled the pale man, who took several steps back from Cambys. But he did not run. Instead, he looked back to the daywher with those round green eyes. Cambys felt his uncertainty, and yet...


The copper wher took several steps away from the curious man and flicked his ears in the direction of the rose. She was rising for her run. Only briefly was he conflicted, but soon, the desire to chase had overcome him enough to depart, forgetting for a time that for the briefest moment, he felt a connection he had not known for turns. Soon, the pale man was forgotten, for Cambys's legs began to pick up with excitement, sending him to canter off for the corrals where Dolcekil had already departed and made her haughty call. He answered with one of his own, bugling out with hopes of grabbing her attention as he neared. Before he could reach the pack of whers, the rose shot off, taking a well worn path Cambys knew all too well.

As the males chased after her, the copper deviated on the trail, taking a separate path well worn by him alone. He frequented it when he dared to visit his friend in the wilds. Today, however, he used it to his advantage to break from the pack and bring himself closer to Dolcekil. It served as a short cut, one unimpeded by the bumbling bodies of lusting males. The copper charged down the narrow trail, galloping through the bends and thickets, ready to return towards the pack, but before he could, he heard the thumping gait of the oncoming daywhers, led by Dolcekil herself.

The rose nearly surprised him, but Cambys was deft in his movements. He leapt over her to avoid collision, and nearly rammed into a second male in the process, but he found his footing fast enough to regain himself and run after her. Now he found himself closer to the head of the pack rather than the rear, which pleased him immensely as he let off a triumphant roar.

Past the pale man's cabin, they ran, and for but a brief moment, Cambys regarded it. The man was not there, but he heard the bay of canines call out to the intruders running across the surrounding grounds. But Dolcekil cared little for the dwellers of the cabin like Cambys. Instead, her eyes set for the lake just ahead of them. Driven by scent and calls of desire, Cambys did not hesitate to follow her along those shores, nor did he feel any sort of apprehension as he ran for the forests she led them into.

Where others struggled, Cambys proved victorious. He knew better than to let the lust blind him to the terrain around him. Trees towered about them as its roots tangled the ground underfoot, threatening to catch the daywhers with every step. Rather than stay on her heels, he followed his own path along side the pack, if only to prevent himself from ramming unto an oblivious male, or be deceived by the cunning Dolcekil. She wove erratically, making it difficult to plot her course, thus he ran around her, keeping a healthy distance between them that allowed him to observe her and alter his own course as necessary... without ramming into a log, or into a male. No male would catch her here. The forest was meant for fun and games meant to test the males who chased her. Thus with grace, he changed his own course with her like a flock of flying wherries that shifted with the wind. Better to save his energy for that final stretch when she burst forth from the treeline. He kept himself at a canter, rather than forcing his body through the riggers of sprinting, stopping, making tight turns around trees only to shoot off once again. He knew better than to join the bulk of the males who wound themselves up after her, injuring themselves in the process.

When she began to charge her path out of the trees, Cambys followed, picking up his pace once again. His body had only begun to ache, but his tactics helped him to conserve a chunk of his energy for the final leg. Therefore, when she emerged from the treeline, the massive copper form erupted from the brush, and galloped swiftly after her. As she bugled her encouragement, he called back in turn and chuckled, As if I would ever stop. So long as she ran, he would follow.

Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:08 am

Blood Daywher Pokadan
Pokadan turned his large head with calm interest as his handler adjusted the saddle upon his back. The inquiry into his comfort was answered with a kind word of thanks for the consideration shown. His hide, newly oiled, seemed to dance the sunlight across his dark burgundy frame as muscles rippled with his subtle movements. There was nothing subtle about the quickening of his heartbeat as a female's sensual scent teased his senses. His male form shuddered and grew tall and proud as his head and gaze left that of his handler. All thought of the casual trail ride his handler desired evaporated as carnal desire began to quicken through his veins.

Pokadan had not chosen a handler that was oblivious to the obvious. But what was obvious to him was still inquired about and repeated twice before the large blood daywher was bothered to answer. His distraction when his gaze had located the female was making itself known in his silence. Another repeat of the question was asked as the handler began to quickly undo the work he had done to get the saddle secured.

Dolcekil prepares herself to run. He told his handler without turning his gaze aside from her trotting form. He'd seen in which direction her quickening steps were traveling in. It was just as his handler had assumed. The feeling arising in Pokadan was becoming stronger and could not be dismissed nor denied.

Win. Was the whisper in his mind as a hearty slap upon his flank set him surging forward a few steps. A quick look to his smirking handler and then he was moving. The call of Dolcekil's challenge exciting his heated blood to a boil. When she took off, he did not hesitate to follow.

As she surged passed him, Pokadan pivoted sharply and bayed with excitement, joining the males in her wake. With an unheard beat, his paws beat the ground in a primal rhythm in his running. His head pushing forward in the same beat as it lead his great muscles forward. His tail acting as the rudder, the tip flicking periodically with his carnal desire. He did not take the easy paths. He did not try to cut her off. He did not take shortcuts. He followed. That was how he felt he could prove his worth the most. Where she would go, he would follow. He would not give up.

Rainbows of mist dancing in Dolcekil's wake shimmered briefly before males' bodies scattered them in their chase creating a larger one as a whole. Pokadan's blood red paws sank into the waters, the cooling splashes kicked up by the daywhers in front of him soaking his heated hide. Narrowing his eyes he kept going. Clawing the ground as she turned her path out of the water, he sought purchase and kept his feet. His shoulders were bumped on both sides as other males also shifted directions to follow too.

The mantra whispering in his mind kept him going, his stamina not being tested yet. His agility was put to a hard test in the woods Dolcekil chose to test them in. Males were scattered by obstacles and trees as she led them on a crazy chase. Her stamina and agility were the greatest of them all! Even he failed to see the tree. His vision was caught by her tail drawing ever closer as he tried to shorten the distance to her. Her nearness causing his excitement to get the better of him. Watching her every move he was not prepared for the clever trick she pulled.

A solid crash was inevitable when she went in the opposite direction he thought she'd go. The tree in his path could not be avoided. The only thing he could hope to do is duck his head and dig his claws in to lessen the blow when it came. Another male next to him nearly had the same fate. With the impact hard, he felt the ichor on his forehead beading upon his hide. One shake of his head to clear it and his determination was pushing his heated muscles on to push on. He would not give up!

Escaping the woods, he saw her surging onto the grasslands. Her bugle of encouragement was all he needed. It gave him the extra drive to give his all in this last sprint for her choice. He held nothing back. It was time for his worth to be shown. Her desires would be made soon. Pokadan could almost hear her calling his name even now. But not yet. Only she could call him worthy. Keeping his focus wide he surged with the remaining males, his sore head throbbing with every beat of his paws upon the rain-soaked ground.
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Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:40 am

Talen and Quartz Khonlen
Things had been quiet in the Pack lately, and to most people, that was a great thing. With everything that had happened lately it was just nice to know that things were starting to go back to normal. Even with the dominance fights, it was nice to be able to relax, even if it was only a little.

Talen considered himself lucky to even still be here after he was involved in the feline attack. At first, he did everything he could to try and forget about it, and even got a bit angry with himself when he couldn’t. Eventually, with Cas’ help, and the love of the brown rider and their children, he had become the man he had been before.

Like any other day, the handler and his Quartz has come back from their patrols, albeit it was earlier than normal, which was fine with them, and Talen had immediately taken care of Khonlen, rubbing him down and making sure everything was good with him. Just as he was finishing that up Khonlen got excited. Recognizing the signs by now, Talen couldn't help but chuckle slightly. Who is it Khonlen? To be quiet honest, if the man had been paying attention the past sevenday, he would have known exactly who it was.

It's Dolcekil., came the straight forward answer from the Quartz before he took off.

While Khonlen made his way to the pens, Talen made his way back home to the apartment he shared with his brown rider boyfriend. Inakil kept his door closed, so Talen knew Cas would already be waiting for him, especially since the twins were at the creche for the rest of the day anyway.

As the Quartz reached the pens, he couldn't help but stop and stare at the Rose for a few moments, before quickly gathering his wits about him once again and finding his own wherry and bleeding it, hesitating ever so slightly as he heard the Rose speak to them. I know I will never be worthy in your presence, but I promise I will do my best to prove myself to you.

It was then that Dolcekil took off, and after only the briefest hesitation, the Quartz went after her. While he wasn't right behind her, he was only a few back, keeping a bit of distance, but always staying close enough to be able to hopefully follow her moves. Into the water he went, giving a wolfish grin as he ran threw, splashing himself and quiet possibly some of the male suitors who remained behind him. Even if he didnt win, he always aimed to have fun.

As they hit the forest, Khonlen found himself being moved towards the front because of his size. One of the other males tried to make a move at the Rose, who quickly maneuvered away from the suitor, making Khonlen give a daywher version of a chuckle as he continued to keep up with her, trying to keep pace with her, waiting until the time was right to make his move. Once he saw it, he did, and just hoped that she would pick him. If she didnt, it wasn't the end of the world, but he could always hope.

As the came to the clearing and tore across the grasslands, her words egging him on, Khonlen put everything he had into this final dash. While the Quartz knew he was getting tired, he was not going to let it stop him, not now anyway.

Devyn and Copper - White Isamuyn

Devyn had been through so much in the past Turns, that now that everything was settling down, it was nice. His life had started getting back into order. Everything didn’t remind him of Esca anymore, and as per the green handler’s wishes, he had found someone knew. At first, the chimera handler had been skeptical that he would ever be able to find anyone else after his boyfriend’s untimely death. It had taken quiet a while, and aloe of thinking, but finally, he had found someone who he cared deeply about.

For a few days, the handler noticed that his chimera seemed to be a bit agitated. At first he didn't really pay attention to it too much, until he finally dawned on him that it must be because one of the females was getting ready to Run. When he paid a bit more attention, he figured out that it was Dolcekil that was going to Run.

When the day came, Isamuyn could not wait to join the run. Without even waiting for Devyn to say anything, the chimera took off, heading straight to the herd beast pen and quickly blooded one, his eagerness starting to really get the best of him. After he was done, he couldn't help but watch he Rose for a moment.

Meanwhile, Devyn heard a knock on his door, going to answer it to see his boyfriend standing there. Well, this was good timing, was it not?

As the run started, the copper/white daywher ran after her eagerly. I promise you, beautiful Dolcekil, I will do my best to show you I am more worthy than any of these others!

Chasing her to the beach, he gave a short yip of happiness as he splashed eagerly through the water. Isamuyn loved water, and he loved coming down here when he head nothing to do too, and just checking out he scenery. Obviously. that was not was he was doing today. As he pranced continued on, he made sure his mind stayed sharped and focused. This was not the time to get distracted, not at all.

Once they left the beach, they headed into the woods, and that gave the chimera a reason to slow his movement, if only for a moment. While he knew this was going to be a bit difficult, he knew he had to continue if he wanted any chance at winning her heart. While he did slow down as he weaved through the trees, he managed to keep the Rose in sight at all times, a determined look set upon his face.

Once he was out of the woods, he gave another yip of joy at finally being free and being able to stretch out, taking off across the grasslands. Now, there was nothing holding him back, and he intended to show Dolcekil why he was the best choice for her.
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Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:53 am

Across the grasslands, Dolcekil gave her suitors a final glance as she panted, her eyes whirling red, but also whirling with flecks of excited greens when she saw the respectable grouping of males left. The ones that grabbed her attention the most were the persistent Gray Vivace, the strong Alpha Atumra, the seasoned Cambys, the beautiful Pokadan, the respectable Khonlen, and the unique Isamuyn. Somewhere in her mind she recognized which ones of them had mated her before, given her good clutches.

She looked forward again, hearing their calls, their responses, bugling and speaking to her. It gave her one final push, forcing her muscles to surge forward, making one last arching turn across the grasses, slowly turning the whole group toward another part of the forest they had been running in earlier, but this time, it would be for safety and privacy, not for testing.

*You are all proven. Strong, and clever. I can only choose one to sire my offspring though.* She slowed her pace, still moving swiftly, but not the breakneck speed as before to make them all prove themselves one last time and shake off the ones barely hanging on. Now the best of the best were left, and she had to choose between them. But who would she choose?

She tossed one last look back at them, one last chance for each of them. She looked them all over, their strong forms, their desire to prove themselves the best. Then it hit her, she knew who was the one for her and her offspring this time, the one who had proven himself to her this time. He had been impressive, smart, powerful. Yes, it would be him.

*Come to me, Cambys!*

And then she led him into the trees, finding a place shaded from dangers for them to claim their prizes for the taxing Run and Chase.
Thanks everyone! And congrats to Cambys! This was fun to read and write, and I really enjoyed it! Your posts were all great, and I probably wouldn't have been able to choose without the randomizer! Look forward to the upcoming clutch!
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