Escaping The Green's Talons [Plot!]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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In the sevendays after the merciless executions and the small group that fled their deaths, unrest settled further among Walled. There were some that fully supported the Leadership, believing the Mother was doing what was right and only executed those that had deserved it. The Mother couldn’t possibly be so corrupt she’d kill her own people just because, right? Others though, quite a few in fact, felt much differently, any remaining loyalty to their Mother cracked or shattered after the raid and executions that had been conducted in the dead of night. A line had been stepped for them, sense of morals and principles shaken so deep that what had been done could not be forgiven. Some dared to join the remaining resistance groups, others, however, quietly, secretly packed up their things, their homes, their families. It was time to leave, for it was no longer safe here for them if anyone could be ripped from their homes and executed in private.

Even some riders that had remained loyal through the previous events found their loyalty to their Leader broken now, after witnessing innocents marched to hang, people that were no more than suspected of giving a meal to a rebel, or circumstantial evidence of rebel involvement at the most. So many lives taken just because the Mother thought she could. So while some of their rider comrades doubled down in support, these ones did not, secretly contacting friends and family beyond the Dragon Ward to urge them to leave.

Plans were made, and quietly, so as not to raise too much suspicion, groups bit by bit were taken out of Walled, the riders supporting those that wished to leave ferrying them out to a camp that gathered more and more Walled refugees as the days passed. It was a fine balance though to keep from raising suspicion, but not everyone could be carried at once by dragons. Some people even chose to leave with caravans leaving the Hold, either sneaking into their wagons or stating they were going with them for business reasons. Others just slipped out on their own in the night, trekking their way to the growing camp or a meeting point where like minded riders would take them to the camp, risking so much given their dragons’ lack of night vision, but it a worthy risk to save people and bring them to safety.

Time was of the essence though, for the Mother and Legion weren’t stupid, and were already catching on after just a few sevendays of this. Their camp couldn’t remain, they realized when a Legion dragon swept over their camp and they all stood in dead silence and fear of being found, only the cover of trees and camouflage tents keeping them from being seen that time. Others would be sent out as time went on though, stronger attempts to find those leaving Walled. They didn’t want to find out what the Mother would do to people she viewed as deserters, so they knew they had to move along eventually, and soon… but where would they go?

”Come with us, to New Atricis Weyr”

Greenrider Nimuriel explained to the camp’s impromptu leaders when he found them one day, having been conducting sweeprides to find the camp he had gotten messages about. He’d brought with him his old friend Tovalia, and together them and their greens had searched, and eventually, found what they had been looking for.

”New Atricis Weyr,” someone asked in disbelief. He nodded.

”They already know something is going on in Walled, a group of us already left and we told them Walled was entering a state of internal war. The Leaders have already prepared to welcome more refugees in. You’ll all be safe there, protected.”

Eventually, it was decided what the camp would do...
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