The Mother's Wrath Pt 2 [Plot!]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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Public Execution, Death

Late Summer

After the raid on Walled’s people, sevendays were spent questioning certain prisoners, especially those captured from the rebel attack. They had to find out more, who all was involved, which of those that they mercilessly raided were actually involved? They needed to know, before they even considered their next step. What remained of the broken Legion did questionings of various people in their cells, taking them out for private conversations sometimes, but in secured rooms with guards at hand in case anyone was stupid enough to try something. No one was allowed near their dragons.

Some of their own riders that had turned on them had been questioned gruelingly, and even offered mercy should they give the information the Mother needed to know about who her enemies were, who was part of the rebellion, and what other groups such as the abolitionists were part of this whole thing.

They didn’t get far, however, few who likely knew anything giving up their information so willingly. After several sevendays, the first set of people were set free from their cells, actual innocent people who truly had no connections to the rebels. Over the next few sevendays, a few more would be released as well, but the brunt of those rounded up remained cellbound. Nearly two months passed, and the season was reaching it’s late stage of when it would start to ebb into autumn.

”I’ve had enough of this… it’s time to make an example of them all.” The Mother finally demanded one day, tired of the questionings getting nowhere… not even with force used.

Those that had been captured in the initial attack before the raids were pulled from their cells, shackled, and taken to a central area of the Living Ward where the most people would bear witness. The Mother was present, mounted atop her green Selsidenth who sat with her head high, presenting herself as royally as any Gold dragon might before her people. The Mother looked on coldly as a representative Greenrider she had selected spoke on her behalf.

”These people before you stand guilty of treason against Walled Hold and the Triad. They have sought to tear apart the powerful Walled Hold, murdering Pedagogue Vi’van of Green Niyolth in cold blood, and killing Harbinger Nakoma of Blue Rustomth in her own home. Many others have lost their lives to these criminals, and now today they shall be punished for their crimes.”

It was then that the rebels, a small group, here pulled forward, ropes looped about their throats, standing on a precarious platform that would give at the yank of a lever. There was a moment of silence, tense, and agonizing. Then, out of the silence, the sound of a simple mechanism yanking away what held the middle of the platform up, and food falling. Even the ropes snapping taught could be heard by many who bore witness to this public execution, though plenty averted their eyes, having no stomach for such a sight, as public executions were not common for even Walled Hold.

When the execution was over, the bodies taken away, later that night, those still held in the cells would be privately executed, hung in a similar fashion, but with no fanfare, no announcement. Their own riders would be left for last, being spared public execution likely to save face for the Legion.

For all of their planning though, it seemed the captured rebels were far too smart to go down without a fight. Carefully planned and executed, a small group of rebel-Legion riders broke free, with bleurider B’zon leading the plan and charge. Riders were reunited with their dragons, and some even scooped up some of their fellow prisoners, trying to save the lives of innocent civilians that had gotten caught up unfairly in all of this. Dragons were mounted full of people, and three took off before they could be captured, betweening quickly to escape.

The fourth rider though, wouldn’t follow them. B’zon stood strong against them all with his blue, holding them back so the other three could escape. Garnet Satith and Bronze Dazzeth fled with a Blue companion and several saved lives each, able to get away thanks to the sacrifice of B’zon and Blue Adrelath. He knew he wouldn’t likely escape, but put up his best fight with the Legion, even if he and Adrelath were ultimately taken down and killed in battle, but even so, B’zon could die proud that he helped save several lives at the cost of his own, though not all could be saved.
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