The Mother's Wrath [Plot!]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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Days after For The Fallen Queen!

It was mere days, just a couple, barely enough time for the stories of yet another attack on the Dragon Ward to leak to the rest of the Hold. Few knew what had happened, and even fewer knew it was time to flee Walled Hold. However, fleeing Walled took longer than just a day or two for many that tried, and while some tried to slip away the dragons came to the other Wards.

There was no stealth about it, no sneaking in and whisking people away in silence or in the night. It was done in broad daylight, dragonriders yanking people out of their homes, clamping chains on their ankles and wrists and throwing them aboard their dragons or into wagons with others in chains as well. Some people were even snatched up suddenly by the dragons themselves, taken away in an instant on the wing and deposited unceremoniously before jail cells and others like them.

Mothers and fathers wept as their older children were ripped from their home, young children screamed as their parents and siblings were snatched up by dragons. Those that struggled too much were knocked into a daze to make them cooperative, and a few others hit too hard across their skulls to make it to their waiting cells.

Only some blood was shed, but homes were destroyed and torn apart all over Walled, with a legion of riders even entering the Bottoms, wrecking places of illicit work, carting off anyone even remotely suspected of siding with the Mother’s enemies. Even slaves and brothels weren’t safe, with workers yanked from their livelihoods and treated like struggling wherries as they were tossed with the rest.

The number of people snatched up in a place such as Walled Hold was unfathomable. The cells that held every suspected person were packed full, and even a few adolescents, perhaps still children more than adults, wept among the cramped prisoners.

If anyone demanded what they were being detained for, the same speech was given to each one.

”You are under arrest for treason.”

Even those that begged and insisted there must have been a mistake were carted off and added to the cells, all until Walled’s streets and Bottoms were left in disarray and confusion long after the last of the riders and dragons had returned to their Ward.
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