For The Fallen Queen [Plot!]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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Early Summer

The news of the attack on the Dragon Ward spread like wildfire through Walled Hold. It was impossible to keep it hidden. Dragons had betweened keening for their riders and the losses of their comrades. That alone drew attention, but then the smoke billowed, and dragons could be seen urgently jumping to and fro to deliver water to the burning dragonrider buildings. More dragons betweened with riders caught in the blazes. It was chaos, and the people who saw watched on with mixed reactions. From there, news spread, but a lot of it not quite correct. At least, not at first. The stories were more akin to rumors, but after The Pedagogue’s Green betweened only a few days after the fires, the truth began to snake its way into the stories, planted there carefully by those that knew better and had a reason for the rest of the Hold to know.

The Triad had been attacked on the day their buildings set ablaze. Nakoma, the Harbinger… was injured, healing slow from her battle wounds, proving she wasn’t quite so invincible. But with news of Vi’van’s passing reaching rebel groups, an important piece of their cause was gone. However, the Dragon Ward was weakened now, likely still recovering from the damage done to their ranks and their buildings.

To help repair the damages from the fires, new supplies were being carted in almost daily. Wood, tools, and working hands and beasts. There was a lot of damage to be repaired, and among them they were even discussing when their next female might Rise. Perhaps one of their Zultanites, seeing as their only Gold had passed away tragically and her egg had been taken to Atricis. They needed to replenish their fallen ranks, but they could only do it so far, bound to the wills of their dragons. As it was supposed to be… And as the Mother had thwarted for her own gains.

”For Sonia and Gold Phoenith!”

The cry rang out as another wagon was brought into the Dragon Ward that day, presumably with workers and more supplies for repairs. However, it was rebels that jumped from wagons and beasts, armed to the teeth for a battle of a lifetime. The Legion had made it too easy to sneak in after carefully biding their time to ease any suspicion. Now they were here, fighting for their cause, fighting for the Walled Hold they believed had been lost under Mother Zerelda’s rule.

In the confusion, many Legion members fell to the rebel blades and arrows. Those first several minutes of battle were crucial to the rebels, taking advantage of the Legion not being prepared as they fought to take out as many enemies as they could. However, the Legion was a trained, organized force, and eventually retaliated, even when they were shocked by a few of their own turning to the side of the rebels. As it turned from a surprise attack to a full blown battlefield, a few key groups made their way through the chaos, avoiding dragon talon and enemy blade, slashing through those that stood in their way.

Normally the Harbinger would be on the battlefield to face these attackers and order her troops, but her fight with the greenrider from the attack before had left her still healing and perscribed with bedrest. So it was in her home she had been found in her quarters, clutching a weapon to defend herself despite her lasting injuries. She faced the rebels with a fierceness expected of a seasoned warrior chief like she was. Despite all of their planning, they weren’t quite expecting the Harbinger to be on her feet, and so they had to fight her, taking their own blows from her skilled assault.

”I’ll send you to the void to meet your beloved Queen,” The Harbinger bellowed at them in the heat of battle. But she was still injured, slower, healing, hurting.

Outside, the multi-toned beast of a blue, injured and taken with infection, suddenly snapped his wings open. He let out an anguished cry, a screaming keen of rage and loss like no other. Through the ache in his shoulders and back where he had been struggling to heal, he took to the air and keened again. Then, he was gone. Some dared to watch, holding their breath for the tri-toned blue to return to the air, but never would he. Rustomth was gone, lost between forever. The Harbinger was dead.

A cry of victory rang through the battlefield, even as dragons keened for another loss. The rebels surged on, feeling success within their grasp. The Triad would soon be no more, and Sonia and Phoenith would be avenged at last!

Increased morale inspired the rebel fighters, giving many of them another surge of energy, pushing back the Legion further. Closer, they crept to their final goal, groups trying to break through the enemy forces to get straight to the Mother herself.

However, even with Nakoma gone, Walled’s dragonrider warriors stayed strong, with dragons picking up rebels in their talons, taking them out of the battle and dropping them elsewhere mercilessly. Some rebels even feared as their numbers dwindled, losing their fight and giving up in hopes or escape or mercy.

By the end of two hours, the Dragon Ward’s courtyard was bloodied and ruined. What remained of the rebel attackers were shackled tightly and shoved into cells. Among them were even a few of Walled’s own riders, locked away in cave cells where their dragons would not be able to reach them to help them escape.

So far had they come, and yet many of their own lay lifeless in the Triad’s yard. Those that had not fallen in battle were bound in chains and thrown behind bars, fates sealed for whatever the Mother decided.

”This is clearly a much greater problem within our own walls than we thought,” The Mother said to her loyalists that remained, brows pinched together, her lips pressed into a hard line.

”My leniency has been worn. The Pedagogue and Harbinger Nakoma have both lost their lives. It is time to put an end to this at once.”
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