Wills of Greens Alike [Plot!]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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A few days after the raid on Walled’s Dragon Ward & a sevenday before Fleeing What Is To Come
The Dragon Ward hadn’t been taken down, and the Triad was still safe… however… The damages were clear. Many dragons had betweened, two squad’s worth of dragons and riders, gone between the adept fighters that had descended on them and the fire they had bravely set about their buildings and homes. More than just fighters were lost, and Nakoma and Rustomth both had sustained more injury than she let on to her soldiers after her fight with the raid’s leader. But the Mother, the true target, still stood strong while the Harbinger was being treated and healing from her battle wounds. The Pedagogue, however… had been oddly scarce, though it was clear he hadn’t left Walled entirely, unlike some of her other underlings.

The Mother, Zerelda, was sure some had taken the chaos as their chance to turn tail and run out on Walled. The traitorous cowards, she thought bitterly. Today, however, something far more important loomed ahead of her, and she knew now was her chance, lest she never have it again. Niyolth, Vi’van’s beast, was within the ward, and her own Selsidenth had made Niyolth tell her where her rider was. It was now or never, she was sure of it.

”Vi’van,” she commanded as she entered the man’s office where he was organizing some files. She couldn’t help but wonder what it was he was organizing, what were those files? She had held little interest in the clerical work of the men greenriders here before, but now… perhaps she should have kept a closer eye on the Pedagogue all this time.

”Good evening, Mother Zerelda,” he said respectfully, not letting onto his surprise by her sudden appearance in his offices as he bowed his head respectfully to her. She didn’t wait for him to straighten fully before speaking again.

”I believe we can cut the formalities this time, Vi’van,” she answered him sharply. ”I’d really like to just get on with what I’ve come to you about, as I believe we are far past the point of politely dancing around for the sake of politeness.”

”I don’t think many would expect you to dance around a subject just to spare feelings,” Vi’van shot back, but with an innocent smile on his aging face. Zerelda stared at him blankly though, knowing better.

”You have been quietly supporting the rebels. And those… Those abolitionists,” she spat in frustration. Really, she had believed the whole thing would have died with Mul'rec, that blasted brownrider… and yet…

”Surely, I don’t know what you mean, Mother, after all, my loyalty is to those of Walled.”

”Enough of your lies, Vi’van! I have proof you have funneled money into their pockets, and provided them intel through your clerics. No doubt the ones that fled during the attack. Did you tell them to attack us when they did? What’s their next step Vi’van? Surely that can’t be it!” She snapped, done and wanting information. Vi’van remained calm.

”I won’t tell you anything, not after you had Queenrider Sonia killed,” he said coldly now, hands folded behind his back. Zerelda’s eyes blazed with rage at his accusation.

”I did us all a favor,” she snapped with simmering rage that Vi’van didn’t flinch at.

”You did yourself a favor. Your time has been up for a while, Zerelda, you should have stepped down gracefully while you had the chance. Your actions have flung our people into unrest. It isn’t as secret as you think it is that you had Sonia killed and attempted to have her last Queen egg culled. You’ve disgraced the whole Hold with your selfish want to keep power. You killed Walled’s rightful leader when you sent Queen Phoenith and Sonia to their deaths.”

The last of Zerelda’s rage flashed white hot. She lashed out at Vi’van at last, hearing the last of his judgements against her. He would pay for his traitorous actions and words against her and against Walled. The scuffle was brief, barely a fight, barely a struggle, and then it was over, with blood, a body, and an unassuming dagger left behind.

”He should have just kept to his scrolls like he was supposed to. He was never meant to be a fighter or a rebel.”

Then she left the room, closing the door behind her and leaving alone without even a guard with her, slipping away before anyone would rush in after Niyolth’s betweening to find Vi’van dead on his own floor. Nothing would point to the Mother, and the little that did would be covered up easily.
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