That Which We Hold Dear ~ Tag: K'uavaen/I'ent/Kent/Isolde

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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Hearing the voices had I'ent tense then he considered sending Shimmer off to check on the source but realized a Fancy Flitt would likely be too noticeable. Instead he kept his friend close and watched for Locke's signal. When he saw the signal to follow he moved in behind Locke as quietly as he could, remembering everything he was taught. When the voices were too close and Locke tugged on his arm to drag him behind some boxes, I'ent moved without resistance.

I'ent nodded after Locke gave his whispered instructions then waited. Soon the source of the whispers came into view and it was clear they weren't guards. Once they passed he saw Locke's nod and waited till he made his move before jumping up and grabbing the other man, wrapping his arm around his neck like he was taught and squeezing just enough to cut off any shouts. He pulled back to keep the man unbalanced and make it harder for him to break free.

"Don't struggle, don't make a sound and you'll live," I'ent hissed in his man's ear. It was fortunate the man I'ent grabbed was about the same height and weight and more inclined to obey than fight despite the warning. I'ent hadn't drawn his knife but he did have a firelizard on his shoulder hanging on tightly to the padded leather who could bite and scratch an eye out if I'ent commanded. The soft hiss Shimmer added to I'ent's words certainly helped.

Seeing his buddy also restrained seemed to have taken the fight out of the man I'ent held but I'ent kept himself ready just in case it was a trick. I'ent glanced over at Locke's prisoner when he talked about being part of the Rebellion and was here to rescue their members. I'ent thought they must be real amateurs given how noisy they were. He then noticed Locke had put his blade away and nodded when he was told to relax.

I'ent let the man he was holding go slowly, giving him time to regain his balance before backing away. Only then did he glance at Locke again when he told the men they had to be more quiet. He also agreed best to let this noisy pair off on their own, hopefully to another section of the cells to where Isolde was being kept so they could draw off any guards because of how noisy they are. When the man suggested they join forces however I'ent didn't like the idea at all.

"I don't know....depends where their friends are being held," I'ent said just loud enough for Locke to hear. If the others wanted to hear what he said they would just have to move closer. "If kept in the same area where we need to go, best they watch for guards while we free the prisoners...I doubt they can be quiet as us if we hae to deal with any guards still up ahead."
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