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The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Fuzzy timed to month 10 of training (ALMOST there!).

It had been such a rush, this thing called training and life with a dragon. Dirce was trying to look back upon it all from the very start, and found some of it at the beginning to be a little fuzzy thanks to the headaches and sickness she had suffered through in the early stages. Thankfully, that had all passed, and she able to go on to enjoy the rest of her bond with her dragon; she wasn't sure what she would have done had it all continued the way that it had. But Sandalphonth... oh, her Sandalphonth had been worth the pain and the ache, and she figured she would have gone through it all again if it meant being in the stands once more to Impress the zultanite all over again.

You're thinking strange, love. Why would you go back again? That's such a silly thing to think about when we're already together. She was nosing at Dirce, and that usually meant that she was hungry. And if she was hungry... Then we get to fly together. She was also pulling from her rider's thoughts, for Dirce was thinking heavily of training as of late, and how thrilling it had bee to start flying with her dragon. It is a very lovely idea, is it not? I do need to learn to hunt, and you are thinking of what you said - I have the makings of a delicate hunter.

She wasn't sure if she had worded it exactly like that, but she didn't argue. Instead, she smiled and didn't argue with Sandalphonth in the slightest. "Then a-hunting we shall." As she set aside what she was working on, she thought about it, and wondered if it would be nice to go with someone else this time, perhaps to try and take some things back for the Weyr. The kitchens would appreciate it, and perhaps they'd get some points from the training staff for it. It was going to be one of their duties as riders after all, so if that was going to be the case, it made sense to hunt their dragons first, and for the Weyr second.

But the situation, or the idea of the situation, made the zulatanite apprehensive. Not the thought of doing for the Weyr, she as loyal to it as her rider was. But the part about inviting someone along. Who though? She turned to stroke the young dragon, and as she found out who her rider meant, and discovered it was one of their classmates, someone that they knew, she perked up a little. I think that's a fine idea. Shall I speak to my sister, and see if she'd like to join us then?

Dirce nodded, gave her a couple of instructions, and then sett herself prepare for the trip, Sandalphonth on her heels as she spoke to Akath. Dearest Akath, would you and your rider care to join me and mine on a hunting trip outside of the Weyr? Please let me know if you would, and then join us in the Weyr Yard when you're ready!

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