Free the Flame - OFFICIAL FALL

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:23 pm

Date: Por 15, 2047
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Weather: Cloudy, chance of showers

The weyryard looked painted from all of the dragon bodies that were now gathered there. Bronze, blues, pewters, and the easily spotted garnets were all that could be seen from those watching from the weyr's heights. For as impressive as it was to see all the wings of the weyr gathered in one spot, this was a fairly common sight. Today Atricis would perform her ancient duty of once again protecting Pern of the menace of Thread. As always the weyr would come out triumphant, but victory didn't always equal victory. Those so inclined would say an extra prayer that morning to the goddesses, wishing for their protection, but not even those prayers could prevent all wrong from happening.

F'lin stood by the head of his brilliant blood-bronze and fed him stone after stone of the flame producing rock. His stomach was in knots, but then they generally were. It didn't matter how many turns he had been a dragonrider, there was always something terrifying and equally as exciting about going to meet thread. Today...those feelings were intensified ten times by the fact that he and his Mnenomth would be the ones leading everyone. Fox liked to think he was settling into his new role, okay, but this...this was big. We will lead the weyr well today, Fox. I know it, therefore you should know it. This is what we were meant to do. Face it! Own it! Today will be a good day. His bronze spoke with conviction. Fox nodded and took heart in his bronze's words. He knew he was capable, even if he wasn't proven yet. Today was the chance to prove that he was.

Once he fed Mnenomth the last piece of firestone he would need, Fox moved to the different wings and their leaders. Thread charts were in all of their hands that laid out the path their ancient foe would take that day. Wing formation and placements had been discussed the night before, but Fox wanted to speak with each of the leaders and their seconds in case there were any final questions or concerns. He also went and spoke to the queens' wing to see if they were all set. Before he went back to his bronze, he stopped to check on J'on and gave him a kiss.

It wouldn't be long now before the wings of Atricis rose together and then went to meet Thread. Fox returned to his bronze and quickly mounted. A hand held up to catch all of their attention while Mnenomth gave a mighty bugle. "Alright everyone! You all know what to do. Your leaders have the plans to meet today's fall. We will stick to it. I know the rain, as it is now, is an asset for us, but keep sharp. If the wind should start to pick up or it rain harder we will have to adapt to it. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch out for your fellow wingmates. Communication is key, ladies and gentlemen, the more we talk to each other the less injury we'll see. I'm proud of each and every one of you. Now, let's go face our enemy. Mount up!" While he spoke, Mnenomth repeated the words to those too far away to hear him.

One by one the riders all mounted onto their beasts. All eyes were on Mnenomth, who couldn't imagine a better moment in all his life. Fox waited until he heard the all go from his wingleaders. Then, he let his fist fall in symbol to take off. In a dragon-made whirlwind all of the wings were up, keeping in perfect formation.
This is the beginning of the Official Fall. What I want for all of you who wish to participate now to do is respond both IC and OOC. Fox is going around and speaking to all of the Wingleads, this includes seconds and thirds. If you have one of those please feel free to address him if you want. For those with just wingriders or ground crews feel free to rp out whatever your character would be doing before taking off.

For the OOC part, if you would, at the end of your post, list what wing your rider is in (if it is a grounded or ground crew say that). This way we will know who all is participating and from what wing. For those of you with wher/weyrfolk/any non-dragonrider characters, they are more than welcome to act as ground crew. Since this is a day fall, night whers can't participate, but their handlers can.

Candidates and Weyrlings. Obviously, you all aren't allowed to leave the weyr, but you can do something. The healers are always in need of extra hands to help with the injured. There are also chores like bagging firestone sacks, running said sacks to those taking them to the wings. Feel free to add them in to the Official Fall, but again be sure to list what they are doing OOC at the bottom of their post.

We're going to leave this part up for a week so anyone who wants to participate has enough time to get in. After that, we will progress the fall further.

(Feel free to tag people in this and by no means are you only allowed to respond once between progression. You may respond as much and with whoever you like, just make sure it is clear who you are tagging.)
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Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:47 pm

Tag Al'li and Whoever is now Wingsecond of Shooting Star

R'mia gave one last check of Siorbheth's straps before mounting up and gliding down to the Weyrbowl where the rest of Shooting Star was assembling. How he ended up being Wingthird still puzzled the man. It wasn't a position he had tried to get nor did he feel his performance exceptional since coming to New Acticis. In fact the constant shuffling from one wing to another over the past Turns he just assumed nobody was all that happy with him. Then again nobody actually mentioned it so R'mia never changed his behavior. Well not up to recently anyway.

Not that he didn't take fighting Thread seriously, he always did. But as soon as Thread was cleared from the sky all he wanted to do was drink, gamble, enjoy a night with a beautiful woman or man or both. Over the last several months however his constant persuit of the next great pleasure lead him to dark dens in The Bottoms where escaping from the unpleasanties of life continued to draw him away. Unfortunately the more he induldged the more he needed it.

Siorbheth was worried about his rider but every time he expressed it R'mia simply explained away his worries. What could the dragon do? He could report it to Norieth but it felt a betray to do so. Besides it wasn't like R'mia was failing to report to drills and for Threadfall. What R'mia did during his free time was his business.

Once landed at the assembly area he turned his head to regard his rider, who seemed focused and ready to fight. R'mia slid down from his back and thumped him affectionately on the shoulder.

"Lets get you some Firestone to chew while I check in with our fearless leader," R'mia said, his voice and manner cheerful as was his usual manner. If he had darker circles under his eyes than normal and his flight jacket a little looser on his body he was hiding it well under his usual demeanor. R'mia glanced around for his Wingleader.

OOC: R'mia is Wingthird of Shooting Star
Being a rider in the Weyrleader's wing was a challenge for I'ent. He didn't like to stand out but it was hard not to when one flew in the Weyrleader's Wing. Besides that he had long since adjusted to being a dragonrider, of destroying Thread and doing his duty. He may not take unnecessary risks, in fact any of the risky moves were due to Shireth's determination to defeat their ancient foe in any way she could. At times he expressed concern with her risk taking but the only answer he ever got was 'where's your sense of adventure?' which really left him not knowing what to say. He knew he had one but he just didn't like to intentionally put himself in harms way. Then again half the things he did with Locke was risky so he clearly wasn't completely focuses on self preservation.

The call came out and he mounted up Shireth and directed her to take them to the Weyrbowl were the rest of their Wing gathered. Once landed, I'ent gave the new Weyrleader what likely looked like a shy salute which was really I'ent trying not to draw attention to himself by not showing proper respect while at the same time not wanting to over do it and thus draw attention to him. That done I'ent focused on selecting firestone sacks which contained the right size of stone for his Shireth then attaching them to her harness.

He spotted the new Weyrleader making his rounds through the wings, checking with their Wingleaders and whatnot. I'ent didn't let himself be distracted for long, instead he focused on his own preperations. He was glad Locke wasn't in a Fighting Wing, at least he wouldn't have to worry about him getting hurt. I'ent just hoped Kent was fine, he knew if something happened to him Locke would be devestated.

ooc: I'ent is a Wingrider of Star Storm

Tag Ahimsa/Ainokesshou

It was disappointing but what could Lerina do? Her father was no longer Weyrleader, a state that at first worried her but given how different New Atricis was the change of leadership may not bring much change, at last nothing bad. Maybe some shuffling in the Fighting Wings but Lerina could handle that. She didn't know F'lin so had no idea what sort of Weyrleader he would make and from what she learned by asking around it seemed nobody did know as he never became Weyrleader before. One thing Lerina was certain, there was little chance F'lin would have much success changing New Atricis so much it would remind her of Igen. Besides, for all she knew he will be a fair and just Weyrleader like her father and there was nothing to worry about at all.

With Threadfall due today she was focused on that task, double checking Issmormoth's harness to make sure the fighting straps fit perfectly, werent chafing at his hide anywhere or insufficiently tight. She had already inspected the harness itself for any stress to the leather, tears or other weak points the night before so knew it was fine. Dressed in her heavy Wherhide jacket, recently oiled to ensure maximum water repelling Lerina was ready for duty. Mounting up she flew down to the Weyrbowl and joined her Wingmakes for the final preperations.

The recent arrival of a new female Brownrider had been quite the shock to Lerina but a pleasing one. Just as Ay'li had been kind and now a good friend of hers, Lerina hoped to be a friend to Ahimsa as well. From the moment they met Lerina did her best to present a warm and welcoming face to the younger brownrider. Thus as soon as she dismounted she looked for her fellow female brownrider.

OOC: Lerina is a wingrider in Silver Dusk
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Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:45 pm

Wingrider Solai and Green Dragon Tyreth
Tag - Ao'mek

Filled with the excitement of youth, Solai could hardly contain herself as she readied Tyreth with a chunk of firestone. Ever since she understood what being a dragonrider meant, Solai yearned for the excitement of becoming one herself. Now, after turns of delay, she would finally fly in a wing of flaming dragons. As the firestone broke against Tyreth's efforts, the sour smell of it seeped into the air. Another might have found the scent offensive a best, but not Solai. Rather than bemoan the choking stench, she anticipated the heat and smoke that would soon follow.

Another, Tyreth requested with an open maw. Solai obliged her green, and fit a large chunk between the green's teeth. With a toss of her head, Tyreth chomped down onto the stone, breaking it to bits for her to swallow.

As the green did so, Solai cast a glance over her shoulder, and spotted Ao'mek. She gave the man a wink and smile, her quiet way of say I'm so out doing you this Fall. How could she not after the last few days that built up to this moment, teasing the man mercilessly with her prowess. Later, after proving him wrong, Solai would be sure to make him buy her a skin of wine to celebrate. He could have some, of course, but only if he asked nicely.

I think that is enough. When Solai closed her eyes, she felt the weight in her dragon's stomach, and realised Tyreth was right.

Yes, I think it is. she swung the bag around and latched it onto her straps. With a final tug of the leathers and rings, Solai pulled herself up onto her dragon, and strapped herself in. Time to fly.

Tyreth rumbled in agreement. Their fight against Thread was long overdue.

Solai is a wingrider of Shoot Star. Because of time restraints on my end, I am only going to focus on Solai for this Fall. Inez and Ambr are also present in Star Storm, and I might add them in if I have time to later.
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Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:11 am

It didn't matter how many Threadfalls they had been through, Vin'del always felt a certain amount of nervous tension at the beginning. All the preparing as individuals and a wing could only do so much, and could not completely eliminate the risk of serious injuries or fatalities. These moments before they took off were the last moments when Vin'del had complete control of the situation, and he had to hope hat everything they had done so far would be enough to get the wing home safely. White Dawn had been working together smoothly, but every new variable was a risk, and he didn't personally agree with the Weyrleader that the rain was working for them at all.

Still, that was something he would keep to himself. Or to himself and Folith, at least.

We have drilled in rain, Folith pointed out, no matter how much some grumble that they would like to be warm and dry.

Vin'del grimaced. He knew the difference between grumbles because his wingriders were uncomfortable and actual complaints, and unless the weather was cold enough to freeze Thread, the grumbles predominated. But Vin'del was worried that the storm would eventually be strong enough to hinder visibility in the sky. He returned F'lin's greeting, but returned to looking at the way his wingriders were positioned and moving before they took off. He didn't think any of them were hiding injuries, or already feeling ill before heading out into this rain, but he couldn't be certain.

{OOC: Vin'del is wingleader of White Dawn}


Tag: Lerina/LdyPayne
Ahimsa and Milagroth had only flown Thread at High Reaches for a couple of seasons, so she honestly felt pretty inexperienced, and nervous about this first Threadfall with her new wing. In theory they had drilled often enough, and certainly no one here seemed inclined to treat her with the disdain she experienced at her previous Weyr. She still wasn't sure whether it was her delayed graduation (entirely reasonable given the severity of Milagroth's Hatching injuries), her status as a female brownrider, or her history of frequently bursting into tears at the slightest provocation.

Here, the first and third were hopefully unknown (except to Ed'wyn, whom she completely trusted not to bring it up), and the second was only unusual, not unheard of. There was another female brownrider in her wing, in fact, though Ahimsa had yet to really talk to the other woman. She was checking the fit of Milagroth's straps one last time when Lerina approached. The discolored hide on his belly was not truly scar tissue, thank the egg, but she was always extremely careful in case it was either more or less sensitive than the rest, and would make him uncomfortable or lead to him missing an injury.

"That looks just right," she murmured, and at Milagroth's snort of agreement, she started running her hands down the paler skin of his belly. This was an even more unnecessary habit, she knew that she had oiled his hide just that morning, it wouldn't dry so quickly, but she had become so accustomed to comforting them both by checking each inch of his old injuries that it was now part of her pre-flight routine.

{OOC: Ahimsa is a wingrider in Silver Dusk}
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Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:44 am

Tag: Kit, Mentions Solai

Dark eyes looked around at all of the dragons and riders gathered, and a deep breath was taken. As many times as he had done this, he still didn't like it. A'ric knew that no one liked it, but he just couldn't help but think it to himself. It was exciting, but very dangerous. Plus, he had Viktor now, and that made him even more nervous. Another deep breath was taken, and he tried to calm his nerves. If he got all worked up, it wouldn't be good for him, Behemoth, or the Wing. Right now, all he needed to do was focus on being the Wingleader everyone expected him to be.

Standing next to Behemoth, he put a hand on his bronze, trying to reassure himself, and his dragon at the same time. While his dragon honestly didn't need it, it just made him feel better. After a moment, he picked up a few more stones and fed them to the bronze. Feeding as many as he could was the goal, and Behemoth was taking every one that the young man gave him. After the bronze had had his fill, the rider gently laid his hand on him once again. In a non-Behemoth like gesture, the dragon nuzzled his rider, even if it lasted just a moment. A'ric, don't worry. We've done this before, and you are doing great as the Wingleader. Have some faith in yourself. A'ric was so shocked he couldn't, even say anything, all he could do was pat his bronze once again.

The Weyrleader spoke, and once again, the knots began to turn in his stomach, but he quickly pushed them down once more. Nodding, his fingers clinched around the plans he held in his hand.

Once the Weyrleader was done speaking, the man gathered the members of Silver Dusk and showed them the plans. "Right everyone, here are the plans. Just have each other's back out here, and be safe." For a moment, his eyes settled on Kit, almost wishing he could have her sit this out. If something ever happened to the both of them, and it left Viktor an orphan. Quickly he pushed those thoughts away. No, nothing bad was going to happen. Everything would be fine. They knew how to be safe. "I think it's almost time. Let's get ready to mount up."

Walking over to Behemoth he placed a hand on his dragon, took one more calming breath, waiting, Dark eyes caught sight of Solai, and he waved quickly to her, but that was all. He didn't want himself to get TOO distracted.

(Aric is the Wingleader of Silver Dusk)
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Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:15 pm

Tag ~ Duke

So'cles liked to think that he was not a cowardly man, but there was something about face threadfall that always turned his stomach into flutterbys. Even after so many turns of facing it he still got those feelings. Thread wasn't like facing an opponent in chess or something. It was mindless. That was what disturbed So'cles the most about it. That something that was mindless could be so bothered him deeply for whatever reason.

At least thread does adhere to some rules, though, right? Of course, if this weather turns worse it could become quite unpredictable. The green stated as she could hear his thoughts as he fed her stone after stone to be ready for when the signal was given to take to the skies.

Thank you, Ylpeysth, that's really what I want to think about...thread falling unpredictably. So'cles said in a rather sarcastic tone. His jacket was already donned, but he'd yet to put on his goggles and gloves. It was hot enough as was with the jacket. The old auntie stirring the porridge this morning seemed to think that the weather would get better. I am inclined to believe her. At least he hoped that she was right. Those old aunties had a way of knowing sometimes.

Hopefully that is the case. Don't worry, though, we will be fine. Ylpeysth assured him, but her rider didn't seem to be paying attention to her at the moment. Her gaze followed his and immediately knew who he was looking at. Duke and Wojoth will be fine as well. She stated with a teasing tone.

I didn't say anything! I know they will be. They're good fighters. So'cles snapped perhaps a bit too defensively. Ylpeysth gave a draconic chuckle at her rider's expense. He was so obvious it was comical, but she didn't say that. She figured it was best to let him figure it out for himself.

Wojoth, me and So'cles wish you and Duke good flying. So'cles would also like to invite Duke for a drink once the fall is over. The green took the initiative to invite Duke for So'cles. It would be good for him to spend more time with his friend. The fact that So'cles didn't argue or say anything about her inviting Duke for him told her that he really liked the idea.

Soon enough she had her fill of firestone. So'cles mounted onto her and pulled his gloves and goggles down. His eyes were on Fox, the new Weyrleader, and when the signal was given Ylpeysth jumped into the air with the rest of their wing.

(So'cles and Ylpeysth are wingriders for Star Storm)
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:06 pm

Tag: Ay'li, Lerina

It was fall, the time when dragonriders were most alive, because they had no choice but to be. Alert and prepared, L'van had gone through the meetings with the Wingleaders and their seconds and thirds, spoken to the Weyrleader, and done his best to be as ready and set as he could be, given his new position within the Weyr, a place he'd been at once before within a not too distant memory. He smiled as he stood back and listened to Fox give his speech, nodding his head and quiet approval. He had to admit, he'd been uncertain of the younger man in the place of Weyrleader, if only because he himself was so passionate about the role, but as he'd been working with him, he was finding more he liked about him.

Admit it... a great deal of it has to do with the fact that he made you his Weyrsecond. Zenjarth said, his tone wry with humor and some pride over his rider's quick promotion after losing the Weyrleadership.

So you think.

So I know.

L'van snorted, and then the speech was over, and L'van mounted up. He glanced around him, and before they could take off, had one thing he needed to wish to two individuals flying today. Let Ace and Lerina know... The two woman, his best friend, his daughter, are some of the most important individuals in his life, and he wants nothing more than to let them know he wishes them well during this Fall. He hears the bronze snort, think that its his turn to do so over the soft sentiment when his rider should be hardened warrior right now. L'van gives his shoulder a smack and grins, because he knows Zenjarth isn't the asshole he's trying to pretend to be.

Wingleader Ay'li, Wingrider Lerina, my rider wishes you both well on this Threadfall we fly. Be safe, you and your dragons both. He sent them both waves of mental affection, what his rider was feeling for them both in the moment, and then turned back his mind to L'van. Pleased? The feeling he received was that his rider was, and so the two of them turned towards their Weyrleaders in preparation for the coming signal to rise. When it was given, they were ready to go.

ooc: L'van is Weyrsecond/Wingsecond of Star Storm.

Tag: So'cles

Duke looked to the sky, hoped beyond hope that the weather didn't worsen. He worried too much though, more than a man should on a day like today when Thread's were about to fall from the clouds and tangle with the people fighting against it. He sighed and did a final check of the straps on his dragon, then gave him a gentle pat. Looks like we're all set here, pal. Feel ready?

They're going to be just fine, Duke.


Wojoth rumbled, amused by his rider's reaction. So he repeated himself gently. Duke knew who he spoke of. They're going to be just fine.

He glanced in the direction of Cles and Ylpeysth while they were looking in other directions and found himself nodding at the bronze's words. He knew they would be, but that didn't stop him from worrying all the same. He turned back to his dragon and continued to work on him.

Does that mean I get to spend time curled up with on the pavilions? Because that sounds like a fine idea to me, my lovely green. He turned to his rider then, and crooned, delighted as always to have spoken to the beautiful Ylpeysth. Ylpeysth and So'cles wish us good flight and Fall, and you've been invited to a drink after by your greenrider.

Duke didn't even comment on the "your greenrider" part, but instead focused on the offer of a drink. Aye, tell them aye, and inform her that we wish them well too. He fed another bit of stone to Wojoth, dusted off his gloved hands, and mounted up.

Ah, my sweet, another chance to speak to you before we sweep the skies to burn Threads away. My rider wishes to have that drink, and we would very much like to wish you and So'cles both good Fall and Flight in return. With that said, he crooned in her direction, would have nuzzled her if he could have, and gave Duke a moment to lift a hand at So'cles before they took to the skies with the rest of the Wing.

ooc: Duke is a Wingrider of Star Storm.

Tag: Fox

The visit with Fox hadn't been long enough, but J'on knew he was a busy man now, with much that needed to be done. Pride filled his chest as he glanced in the man's direction. He'd been worried for a short time after he'd won the flight about whether or not he'd be okay with the position, but the opalrider had been foolish about it - of course his man was going to be okay with it. It was Fox, and in the opalrider's eyes, his bronzerider could do pretty much anything.

He smiled and finished up Desdomondyth's straps, then fed her another chunk of stone. It was going to be strange not flying with him in a Wing, but he would survive, they both would. But today, they would need to focus on more important matters. Threadfall, and from the reports, the weather wasn't going to be the greatest. In fact, it wasn't supposed to favor them at all, if that was to be believed.

The smile melted away, and he felt Desdomondyth nudge him when he started to drift away. She opened her mouth for another chunk of stone, asked him if he was going to be alright, and he nodded to say that he would be. It's just the weather, love. It's worrisome.

The opal, who had always been sensitive to the weather, dipped her head in agreement. Then we'll just have to keep an eye on it and be careful. That wasn't reassuring, exactly, but it wasn't the most difficult to accept either. I'm going to speak to Mnenomth now, wish him and his luck during Fall. She turned to the great bronze, and spoke quickly. Mnenomth, I apologize for disrupting you, but my rider and I would like to wish yours a good flight today. Please let yours know that mine will be thinking of him, and looks forward to seeing him after.

Thanking her, J'on patted her flank, dusted his hand, and mounted to strap in and pull down his goggles. Then they waited for the chance to rise up into the skies, ready for the trip between.

ooc: J'on is a Wingrider of Shootingn Star.

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Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:59 pm

R'mia pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose as the air filled with the sound of dragons chewing rock. It was a low constant rumble which filled his head and aggrivated the headache he had since he woke up. Fortunately it didn't take long for his fellow riders to fill their dragons with sufficient Firestone they had enough gasses stored to begin the fight againt Thread. Giving one last glance around to make sure none of his wingmates were flundering R'mia mounted up on Siorbheth and strapped himself in securely.

You need any more Firestone? he asked his blue. R'mia had focused on getting full sacks of Firestone secured to the fighting harness and at least given an appearance of doing his Wingthird duties. He didn't even understand why he accepted the offer, he was never big on leading. Truth was he losing interest in fighting Thread altogether. The South barely had Threadfall and what they did it was sparse compared to up North. It also could be due to the Pass entering it's last decade before once again the Red Star moved too far away to throw Thread their way for another 200 Turns. R'mia couldn't wait till it was gone, he was tired of fighting Thread, in fact all he wanted to do was curl up somewhere and lose himself to the dreams.

The signal went up and Shooting Star rose into the air then vanished Between only to reappear in formation at the altitude they will be fighting Thread at this Fall. R'mia didn't bother checking to make sure everybody in Shooting Star had came out of Between in proper position. Most riders would just correct their error if they did anyway, if they didn't then somebody else would call them to order.

Squinting into the light he noticed the grey haze on the horizon which marked the Leading Edge of Thread. R'mia sighed. "There it is, Thread, yea."

<Focus R'mia, now is not the time to let your enthusiasm for the fight wane nor your attention,> Soirbheth spoke firmly in R'mia's mind, trying to pull him out of the indifferent mindspace his rider was in.

R'mia gave his head a shake and realized Siorbheth was right. He may not really want to spend the next 4 or more hours fighting Thread but he didn't want to get Threadscored either. Alright lets get this show on the road, shall we.

Siorbheth didn't rely, instead he roared a challenge to the approaching rain of Thread and met it with a blast of fiery breath which seared their ancient enemy from the sky, leaving nothing but ash in his wake.

R'mia: WingThird of Shooting Star
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Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:33 pm

Siorbheth brought them in line with a twisting coil of Thread and exhaled the highly flammable gases chewing Firestone produced in his second stomach. As soon as the gas made contact with the oxygen in the air it ignited into a searing rush of flame, engulfing the Thread and turning it to harmless ash. He banked away to let the ash fly past before turning his head back to his rider, mentally requesting more Firestone.

R'mia tossed a firestone rock towards his blue's waiting maw then called for a restock. It was already half way through the 'fall and he was looking forward to the end. He reeked of firestone and his clothing underneath his flight leathers were soaked in sweat. All he wanted was to go back to his apartment and soak in a nice long bath then smoke some of his latest addiction and maybe ease his tired muscles with the tender ministrations of a fair young woman or man.

<Pay attention,> Soirbheth warned his rider. <The Restock Rider has arrived, be ready for the catch.>

He looked up and spotted the Weyrling and gave the signal he was ready for the toss. The Weyrling tossed the full firestone sack his way and R'mia caught it with practiced eased. He waved thanks and watched as the Weyrling vanished Between even as he secured the sack to Siorbheth's harness.

R'mia looked up when Siorbheth called a warning and hung on tight as the blue banked hard, avoiding a stray strand of Thread. There was no way to get back at it so Siorbheth sent warning to the lower Wing to watch for it. Then he was breathing fire at another clump. Suddenly a gust of wind pushed him out of formation but before he could return to his place another strand of Thread, this one hidden admit a cloud of ash and cinders fell right into his path. Experience and reflex honed from over a decade of Threadfighting had Siorbheth skipping Between to escape the cloud. Appearing a few second later Siorbheth scanned the sky for any more threats.

For his part R'mia tried to keep his focus but he hadn't slept well the night before, and had been partying hard pretty much every night since last Threadfall. Maybe that was why he failed to notice their Wingmate vanishing suddenly to escape a mass of Thread. Siorbheth was to busy flaming another patch so by the time the blue realized the danger it was too late.

Some instinct had R'mia look up just as the mass of Thread fell down upon him, eating away through hide and flesh so quickly he barely could choke off a scream. He had forgot to push his goggles back over his eyes, having pushed them off because they kept steaming up on him. Thread thus had a direct route into his face and it didn't waste time burning through tender flesh and defenseless eyes.

As soon as Siorbheth felt his rider's pain and heard his scream he took them Between, letting the cold of that between place freeze Thread and cause it to crumble away. He appeared once more only to realize his rider was screaming in agony, arms flaying at the ruin of his face. Then there was nothing and the next sound heard was Siorbheth's screech of panic and loss. Then there was nothing, only empty space where the blue had been. This time they never returned from Between and a rider and his dragon was lost.

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